Mind-bending Cutlery!

This mind-bending illusion may just result in your food going cold, as you attempt to separate the intriguing sculpture in order to release your cutlery!

Designed to be an engaging decoration for the table, JOIN presents the cutlery in an engrossing and truly unique manner. Constructed from a long-life, high-tech plastic, it can be used to leave your guests confused and frustrated for years to come, as they witness you ‘magically’ free their cutlery before their very eyes!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been staring at this unique form for an embarrassingly long amount of time and I’m still no closer to understanding the solution to the frustrating puzzle! Are you able to enlighten me?

Designer: Rudolph Schelling Webermann

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

There’s a particular short film in the Netflix anthology Love Death and Robots that’s about yogurt taking over the world. Scientists somehow managed to make yogurt sentient, and gave it incredible problem-solving abilities. A jar of yogurt began solving complex problems humans couldn’t, and eventually became president of USA.

Jaro Kose’s Invader whisk has little to do with the story above, but I often wonder how our world would look if another sentient being (not necessarily milk-based) looked at our lifestyle, our products, and our ways of problem solving and came up to us and said “You’re clearly bad at this, let me handle it”. The Invader whisk looks almost as if it was designed with a similar outlook. More organic and less complicated than your regular hand-cranked whisk, Kose’s Invader whisk doesn’t look particularly man-made. With a weird alien-octopus-ish form, and a radically different hemispherical radial gear, the Invader whisk looks great, and probably performs better than its dull, metal, man-made counterpart. I wonder what this alien-species will re-design next…

Designer: Jaro Kose

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

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The Gerber ComplEAT puts an entire cutlery set into your pocket

Gerber’s ComplEAT looks at food in the outdoors more holistically than you’d imagine. Designed to take care of literally every food-related need you’d have, the ComplEAT lets you open, cook, serve, eat, and even clean, putting every single bit of kitchenware you’d need into something that slides right into your pocket. The name ComplEAT just perfectly complements its abilities, because the kit is quite literally capable of handling all your eating needs.

The ComplEAT fits the entire culinary experience into four parts that nest within each other to make them easy to carry. Separate these elements and you’ve got yourself a two-sided spatula, a spoon, fork, and a kitchen-prep multitool. The spatula comes made from glass-filled nylon, and packs a silicone edge on one side as well as a serrated edge on the other side. The flexible glass-filled nylon construction makes it sturdy yet pliable and even makes it heat-resistant, allowing you to cook and serve with it. The silicon-edge on one side helps scrape and clean your dishes and utensils efficiently, while the blunt serrated edge makes cutting through food easy.

The opposite end of the spatula features the docking area to nest your spoon, fork and multitool… however, nest your spoon or fork in the opposite direction and you’ve got yourself a pair of tongs that makes grabbing, tossing, and flipping your food easy. The aluminum-punched spoon and fork look and feel like steel cutlery, but provide an additional corrosion-resistance. Lastly, you’ve got the ComplEAT’s crown jewel, its multitool. Packing a package opener, can opener, bottle opener, and a veggie peeler (or a vegetable opener if you will), the multitool gets you started, allowing you to open your kitchen supplies and get cooking. Designed to be easy to use and maintain, the ComplEAT goes from a small, portable set of nested tools to a veritable cutlery set that lets you prep, cook, serve, eat, and polish your food clean!

Designer: Gerber

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A perfect slice of minimalism!


Made from a single piece of flat stainless steel, the One-Piece Knife is exactly that. Minimalism at its best, the knife is strong and features a flat blade that curls into a pipe to form a handle that’s good to hold onto. The full-tang design (where the blade extends all the way from the tip to the end of the handle) gives the knife great maneuverability too, making it aesthetic but incredibly useful too. The knife comes made entirely out of a 1.5mm thin sheet of stainless steel, with not one single rivet, screw, or glued part. In that regard, the One-Piece Knife is a hallmark of true minimalism!

Designer: Johanna Gauder



These spice shakers embody the literal beauty of seasons and seasoning!

The Four Seasons shakers are quite literally perfection. Capturing four different types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Design’s Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and adorable at the same time. Not only are they well designed, the absolutely witty wordplay makes the product even more lovable!

You’ve got four shakers that embody four different seasons, and hold four different seasonings. Designed for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and chili flakes, the shakers come with plants on the inside that pair well with the seasoning. The salt shaker has a fir tree, making the salt crystals look like snowflakes forming a rich white layer on the floor. The pepper shaker comes with a cactus inside, turning the shaker into an arid desert scene (make sure you use white pepper for proper effect!) For the dried herbs, you’ve got a regular fern, while the herbs look almost like a bed of aromatic grass, and lastly, the chili flakes shaker comes with a barren tree, making the flakes look like shed leaves in autumn. Sheer genius, isn’t it?!

Designer: Qualy Design

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The Ortwo ‘singlehandedly’ changes how we crush pepper!

From the minds that brought you the Nutella Spatula, the Levoons, and the Levoop (which is a part of our Black Friday Gift List) comes the new innovative way to crush your peppercorns! The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices. It can be literally worked with one hand, if your other hand is occupied or messy (all pepper mills require two hands), and if you’re looking for speed and quantity, the Ortwo can be run with two hands too, giving you more crushed pepper in less time!

Its unusual build makes it easier to use (not to mention it works your hand muscles too!), and a spring within the Ortwo returns it to its opened position after you press down on it. It comes with a redesigned 95% Alumina ceramic grinder that finely grinds your salt, pepper, and even herbs to a nice, coarse, flavorful dust that gets evenly sprinkled across your food, and has six levels of adjustable coarseness that you can choose based on your preference. Like everything from Dreamfarm, the product is designed to be a beautiful, no-hassle solution. It comes with an easy-fill borosilicate container, and even includes a crumb-collecting lip so that spare particles of pepper or salt don’t fall on your kitchen counter or tabletop when you keep the Ortwo down to rest.

Designer: Dreamfarm








Behold the knife that comes with a stone-coated blade!


Designed with looks and a performance that quite literally set it a class apart from other knives, the Kyowa Super Stone Barrier Knife comes with a blade that’s hand-finished to perfection by craftsmen who have preserved the traditional techniques of Japanese sword-making, which have existed since the 13th century… and oh, the unusually un-metallic texture around the knife’s blade stems from the fact that the Super Stone Barrier Knife comes with a stone coating around the metal blade.

Coated meticulously with 6 different layers of stone, the Super Stone Barrier Knife’s blade is just literally a 0.01mm sheet of metal in a stone armor. The metal is exposed just at the edge of the blade, giving it substantial sharpness that allows the knife to slice cleanly through food with little to no resistance or friction. The stone coating adds precision and durability, but also offers a strikingly unique look, and a textured surface that acts as a natural non-stick. It also makes sure the blade will never rust, tarnish, warp, or dent, allowing the unique-looking and uniquely built Super Stone Barrier Knife to last MUCH longer than traditional steel blades.

Designer: Kyowa

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A Fish Friendly Straw!


Plastic straws take a staggering 500 years to fully decompose, which is a lot for saying they are only used for around ten minutes at a time! But arguably something that is far worse than them ending their life on a landfill, is the fact that many find their way into our oceans and become a significant risk to our fishy friends and their sea-dwelling companions!

A solution for this is of course to use reusable straws, but unfortunately a lot of people are put off these due to their fiddly cleaning process; this is the issue that designers Chu Hiu Ching and Cheung Wa identified, and their solution came in the form of the rather ingenious Icicle Straw.

Icicle can be split into two separate parts when it comes to cleaning time; the extrusions in the metal body allow the user to easily slide the two parts apart and clean inside, without the need for cleaning tools!! And when it’s time to enjoy another beverage, simply snap the two back together!

The Icicle is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designers: Chu Hiu Ching & Cheung Wa





One for Cheese Lovers


Cheese is notoriously picky when it comes to being stored, under the wrong conditions it will begin to alter its texture, dry out and deteriorate, or it can even become the home to harmful bacteria. While storing it in a cool environment, such as a fridge is advised, when placed in such a thing, it can be lost and forgotten about. Cupola is here to assist in both the storage and service of cheese, and it does so in a neat way!

Cupola takes the cheese out of the fridge and onto the countertop, where it provides a cool, temperature regulated environment for the cheese to be stored. A small door with a quirky, asymmetrical handle can be found on top of the device, which is ideal for quick access to the cheese! Or alternatively the entire dome can be removed for sharing with a group!

Designer: Taekwon Yeon








First You Flip, Then You Sip!

Shateso’s Tea-Flip Brewer, although rather playful in its demeanor, has its roots in traditional Oriental tea brewing. The tea was brewed in a slender, long cup, and the brew was then transferred to a shorter, stouter cup by simply placing the overturned short cup above the tall cup, and flipping. The idea was to drink Oolong tea from the wide-mouthed cup, but have the lingering aroma emanate from the taller, slender vessel.

Tea-Flip uses a playful-yet-culturally-relevant flipping action to brew tea. In an effort to make loose-leaf tea brewing quite as easy as tea-bag brewing, the Tea-Flip vessel replaces the silken tea-bag, and acts as an infusion/brewing chamber. Armed with two mugs, the Tea-Flip lets you A. rinse your tea-leaves before brewing them (using the opaque, bamboo fiber mug), and sip your brew from a separate, transparent glass mug. All along, the tea-brewing chamber holds the leaves in it (after you empty the brew), giving you a nice wafting aroma of the tea, and making a significant olfactory upgrade to your brew.

Tea-bags are the fast-food equivalent of the art of tea-brewing. The leaves you find within the virtually opaque tea-bags are usually the refuse, the waste tea leaves that don’t find themselves passing the qualitative standards to be sold in loose-leaf boxes. Giving you the advantage of convenience, these tea-bags don’t taste anywhere close to what good tea should taste like, and the Tea-Flip wants to change that by extending that convenience to loose-leaf brewing.

Brewing tea in the Tea-Flip is almost as easy as dunking a tea-bag into water, and probably more fun too. The Tea-Flip comes with a brewing chamber (with a sieve-top) and two mugs. Put the leaves into the chamber and pour some cold water in and give it a slight stir. This opens up the leaves for proper brewing, as well as cleans out any impurities or dust. Place the opaque mug on top of the brewing container and flip it over, emptying the water out. Discard this water, and pour fresh hot water into the brewing chamber, this time allowing the hot water to get infused with the tea flavor. This time, use the second, transparent cup to transfer the brew, using the signature flip. Sip tea from the cup, while the brewing chamber instills the air with the aroma of your tea, elevating your tea experience, while keeping the process true to its heritage and culture!

Designers: Didier Quarroz, Luis Martinez, Camille Blin, Jean-Phillippe Bonzon & Anthony Guex

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T_Flip is a new kind of teaware that helps anybody to make and explore loose leaf tea in a simple and playful way. Inspired by the concept of the tea ceremony, T_Flip makes brewing a performance, literally “ flip it” around to make a delicious tea.


T_Flip’s design creates a minimal neutral look to take away the stigma of “another culture”, being afraid of doing it wrong or “ it’s complicated to brew loose tea”. These are big factors that make people chose the “fast food” version of tea, tea bags.


Waking/Rinsing the tea is a central role in tea making, by cleaning the leaves of dust and small particles. This allows the leaves to unfold and open up the pores for the perfect flavor. Integrating this step in the design with the “Rinse” cup educates you on how to make the best use of your leaves. No other western tea ware design in the world has this unique feature.


The formal language and style originated from Camille Blin, head of Industrial design at ECAL and Anthony Guex. During further design process Jean-Philippe Bonzon, a former ECAL Student that works and lives in Shanghai adapted and refined certain design parts of the object. For the final stage of testing and prototyping, Mexican Industrial designer Luis Martinez was contributing knowledge and finalized the design for the working and fit for production object.


How It Works

Add tea leaves and Filter.

Add water and rinse the tea leaves.

Add Rinse Cup and flip it.

Put the Rinse Cup away

Add water and the Drinking Glass.

Flip your cup of tea.


And enjoy!


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