Taxidermy Mouse Chess Set: These Meeces Are Pieces

Do you like chess? Do you like dead things? Today’s your lucky day. Etsy seller and TheCurious13 has combined lifelike deceased rodents with a classic game of strategy with their taxidermy mouse chess set.

Every single chess piece is a dead mouse that has been lovingly dressed up and decorated to match the pieces from the game. These mice are hand stuffed. You get 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice. The set also comes with a wooden handmade chess board and storage boxes.

You can even customize this set and request different costumes and colors. I’m thinking Star Trek set with mice as the Enterprise crew and Klingons with those tiny ridges on their mouse heads. Maybe Game of Thrones. That would be cool.

This mess of dead mice doesn’t come cheap though. The complete set will cost you a cool $750. Of course, you could always make your own for much less if you have a rodent infestation, but I doubt it will look this cool and creepy. Just do yourself a favor and don’t play a game of mouse chess if you have cats, unless you want to see your hard-earned money go down the drain.

D&D Mind Flayer Trophy Head Plaque Slices Wallets

If you ever played Dungeons & Dragons and came up against an Illithid or the feared Mind Flayer, you know what difficulty lies in defeating the beast. You don’t have to roll a 20-sided die to capture this Mind Flayer and mount its head to your wall. All you need is a wallet with about 400 singles inside.

This Mind Flayer trophy head is made of foam rubber and hand-painted latex, and looks like something a hunter would hang on their wall. It’s gigantic at 25″ tall x 20″ deep x 20″ wide. You’ll need a suitably large wall to hang it on, and it will decorate thine dungeon (or basement) in creepy and cool style.

You can get your hands on the D&D Mind Flayer trophy head from Amazon for about $402.

This Tauntaun Head Wall Trophy Will Dress up Any Space

So you’ve been freezing to death on the surface of Hoth, and spent the night sleeping inside of the smelly guts of your tauntaun pal to keep warm. Now that you’re done with your near-death experience, you’ve got to do something with that carcass, right? I’m not sure if tauntaun meat tastes good, but you could at least take its head and mount it on your wall to remember your frozen night in the belly of the beast.

The guys at prop shop Imagemotor make this epic life-size replica of a tauntaun’s head, ready to mount over your mantle piece. The furry guy measures in at a whopping 34″ tall by 19″ wide by 19″ deep, but weighs just 30 pounds. It’s made from cast high density foam, wrapped in faux fur, cast resin horns, and comes topped off with fake snow. While that might not be what a real tauntaun is made from, this one definitely won’t stink up the place.

All of this tauntaun goodness doesn’t come cheap, though. You’re looking at $1999.95 if you want to hang one on your wall. That may be expensive, but it’s way less expensive than a flight to Hoth – at least the last time I checked Travelocity.

Unicorn Trophy Head Doesn’t Think Your Crap is Funny

If you have ever known someone who likes to hunt, odds are they have at least a couple animal heads hanging in their homes. You know, those severed heads with the beady eyes that follow you wherever you go. Here’s something for the more whimsical among us, a unicorn trophy head.

This unicorn looks pretty pissed about hanging on your wall though. He doesn’t appreciate you having lopped his head off judging by the look on his face. Fortunately, no actual unicorns were harmed in the making of this thing. This 20″ tall trophy head is made from cast resin. The Unicorn Attack Plaque sells for $86.99(USD) over at ThinkGeek.

I bet the Lord of Darkness in Legend would have one of these hanging on his wall.

Kate Clark’s Human-Headed Taxidermied Animals: Zooanthropomorphism

Centaurs, who doesn’t love ’em? But chop off the torso and you get the entire spectrum of reactions. That’s been the experience of Brooklyn-based artist Kate Clark, who loves to make taxidermied animals that have realistic human faces.

kate_clark_sculpture_1zoom in

Artist’s statements are usually as incomprehensible as product press releases, but Kate is refreshingly direct in articulating her vision. She understands why some people might be shocked or horrified at her work, but for her they encourage us to reflect on the characteristics that we share with the rest of the animals.

kate_clark_taxidermy_sculptures_4zoom in

kate_clark_taxidermy_sculptures_3zoom in

kate_clark_taxidermy_sculptures_2zoom in

kate_clark_taxidermy_sculptures_5zoom in

Here’s National Geographic’s interview with the artist:

Head to Kate’s website to see more of her work.

kate_clark_taxidermy_sculptures_6zoom in

[via National Geographic]

Unique Papercraft Art for Your Home

Papertrophy is clever twist on taxidermy inspired by classic game trophies but a whole lot more animal-friendly! Constructed from just paper and glue, the designs are shipped flat-pack and arrive ready for users to put them together following a simple number pattern. From a geometric gorilla to angular antlers, there are 7 different animals and 80 color options to choose from! Jump to the vid —>

Designer: Holger Hoffmann

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Taxidermied Rat Quadcopter: Cyborg Bat

A couple of years ago we saw Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen’s Orville, a dead cat turned into a quadcopter. Earlier this year Arjen and Bart shared video of their new taxidermied animal quadcopter, this time built around a rat named Ratjetoe.

ratcopter by arjen beltman and bart jansen 620x361magnify

According to the BBC, Ratjetoe – Dutch for ratatouille – was owned by 13-year old Pepeijn Bruins, who sadly had to have his pet put down because Ratjetoe had cancer. Pepeijn saw videos of Orville and reached out to Arhen and Bart to see if they could do the same to his beloved pet. Here’s the result.

Here’s where we go into SyFy territory – the BBC says Arjen and Bart’s next project “has the working title of turbo shark.” Okay then.

[via Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen via BBC & Collegehumor]

A Moose of Many Mustaches

Moosetache is a man cave must-have! Perfect for bringing the wild inside, this modern, moose-friendly taxidermy also houses a light source for illuminating spaces with a soft, diffused glow. Each head comes with 4 different mustache styles that you can change out depending on your mood… or maybe just to match yours! Awesome stop-motion video after the jump!

Designer: Blue Marmalade

Moosetache Flat to Fun Stop Motion from Blue Marmalade on Vimeo.

Moosetache For Your Home Animation from Blue Marmalade on Vimeo.

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So This Exists: Mouse Taxidermy Kit


Things that come in kits are always intriguing; you have all the tools you need to accomplish a specific task all in one place. But it’s a little disconcerting when the task in question is the somewhat disturbing act of performing taxidermy on a mouse. Granted it would be even more disturbing if it was a cat taxidermy kit, for instance; while cute, less people will lose sleep over a stuffed mouse than a stuffed cat, we think. But we’re trying to wrap our heads around this product nonetheless. We suppose we should say “to each their own”, so if you have a beloved mouse on life support and are thinking of pulling the plug, maybe $50 and 4 spare hours (70 easy steps!) will let you keep it around… forever? The kit contains the following:

1 Mouse Taxidermy Workshop Manual, 65 mm of Liquacure Tanning Solution, 200 grams Borax, Surgical gloves, PVA Glue, Cotton wool, Wool String, Galvanised wire, Scalpel, Glass Beads, Linen thread and Needle nose pliers

Yeah, this is a bit of a sad product.






[ Product Page ] VIA [ Incredible Things ]

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Game of Thrones Three-Eyed Crow Taxidermy: Die or Die

Allis Markham is a taxidermist for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. She also owns Prey, a taxidermy shop and school. Allis’ friend Emily is a fan of Game of Thrones, so she decided to give her a unique gift: a three-eyed crow.

game of thrones three eyed crow taxidermy by allis markham 620x478magnify

After preparing the deceased crow’s body through procedures that would make Saw look like Teletubbies had the bird been alive, Allis cut a hole on the bird’s head, set a third crow eye on the exposed skull with clay and then made an eye ring using Apoxie Sculpt. As a final touch, she had the crow perch on a copy of A Feast for Crows.

game of thrones three eyed crow taxidermy by allis markham 2 620x409magnify

game of thrones three eyed crow taxidermy by allis markham 3 620x413magnify

game of thrones three eyed crow taxidermy by allis markham 4 620x503magnify

game of thrones three eyed crow taxidermy by allis markham 5 620x900magnify

Warg this way to Imgur to see Allis’ grisly photos of her process. If you don’t want to see the icky parts, work your way down the gallery slowly. You’ll know when to stop, because you’ll hear yourself screaming.

[via Geekologie]