The Underwater Walkie-Talkie


As if a stunning underwater adventure with mesmerizing visuals and captivating sea life weren’t enough… now you can chat your way through it with you and your diving buddies! The SeaVoice FRS-radio headset is designed for use in all sorts of underwater experiences including scuba diving, snorkeling, or various types of water sports.

The design utilizes bone-conduction technology paired with laringphones (throat microphones) to transmit and receive speech even in high-noise environments. Completely waterproof and shock resistant, its integrated mic, speaker, sensors antenna and battery are safe for use even at low depths. It revolutionizes group dives and other activities with synced communication while enhancing safety and awareness.

Designers: Max Mysechko & Artemiy Drobyazko of Qvarta for SeaVoice













GameStop Sold SNES Classic Online Again

After over two weeks, the SNES Classic was finally in stock again online at The Tracker app spotted the SNES Classic inventory shortly after 3 pm ET. The $79.99 SNES Classic console was...

This Helmet is a ‘Riding Experience Device’

The helmet, ever since its use by warriors in ancient civilizations, has always been a safety device. The materials have changed through thousands of years, going from metal to leather, to different blends of plastics that help create headgear that’s lightweight and impact resistant… but at its outset, the helmet has always been protective headgear, whether in combat or in sport.

Today, the helmet gets its first true perception makeover as we know it. It retains its properties as protective headgear, but becomes more than just a safety device. It becomes an experience device. The PLY by EcoCell is the world’s first smart helmet designed for the modern day biking experience. Not only is it a resilient and aerodynamic helmet that keeps your head safe, ventilated, and your vision clear, it also integrates into its design a HD dashcam with built in Wi-Fi, and a hands-free bluetooth speaker and microphone set that allows you to communicate with fellow riders.

Click here to Buy Now: $399.00 $570.00


The PLY comes with an HD dashcam built into its design that allows you to capture your ride without having to mount external recording devices. The camera records at a capture angle of 120° at 30fps to ensure you grab everything in your crosshairs. The camera is mounted on the chin, making it more stable than most external mounts that would cantilever a GoPro off the side of your head. The recordings are therefore crisp, steady, and centrally aligned, giving you a better Point-Of-View video. Designed explicitly for your biking needs, the camera outperforms most generic action cameras by also using a GPS to geotag your videos and outlining the route you take! Designed to be more than just a media capturing device, PLY’s on board camera takes a more holistic approach, time-stamping and location-stamping your videos.


Also within the PLY lies its hands-free comms system. A strategically placed microphone, designed to cancel out wind noise and stutter along with left and right speakers, allow bikers to communicate with each other while keeping their eyes on the road. A simple button allows you to take and disconnect incoming calls while you’re encouraged to talk freely as you drive, making sure your conversation doesn’t distract you from your ride. The wireless speakers aboard the PLY can even be used for audio navigation or music playback if you choose.


The design of the helmet cleverly integrates the dashcam, hands-free comms unit, card slot, control panel, and a battery into its construction. What you’re left with is a helmet that looks seamless but hides a lot of smart technology under its hood! The CE and DOT certified helmet also comes built with a fog, scratch and glare resistant sun visor and multiple vents located on the front, top, and back to give you an uninterrupted and comfortable ride experience while always giving safety paramount importance.


The PLY by EcoCell is designed to be greater than the sum of its parts. While most helmets are still perceived as strictly safety devices that require external mounts for action cameras that only capture media or auxiliary communication units, the PLY looks at modern day bike riding as one singular experience that intertwines the need to commute, stay safe, keep in touch, and capture memories. The PLY to the modern day biker is more than just a helmet, it’s a riding experience device!

Click here to Buy Now: $399.00 $570.00







Click here to Buy Now: $399.00 $570.00

Get the Microsoft Surface Pro on an Incredible December Deal

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft Surface Pro

The weeks and days leading up to Christmas are filled with fantastic sales – it’s all about catching the right one. Today we feature the Microsoft Surface Pro December deal. 

So what is this deal? You can get the Microsoft Surface Pro for just $798.95 instead of $999. This refers to the newest Surface Pro version, and in terms of specs it includes the i5 Intel Core, 4GB of RAM and 128GB Hard Drive.

Other things worth mentioning: It can run videos for 13.5 hours before needing a recharge, it comes with four different colors of covers, and is vastly superior to the Pro 3 and Pro 4 in speed and battery life.

There are also limited-offer type deals on different specs: A $130 discount on the i5, 8GB Ram & 256GB version and a $270 discount off the i7, 16GB RAM & 1TB version.

There are an endless amount of tablets with an almost endless amount of sales and deals on their different versions. However, at least for the next 24 hours, you’re not going to get anything better than the Microsoft Surface Pro December Deal.

ThinkGeek Sells SNES Classic Online Today to Select Customers

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