Investment in renewable energy drops as fossil fuel use rises

Global investment in renewable energy is on the decline, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The energy watchdog says there's a significant contradiction between the statements governments make regarding their attitudes to renewables,...

Wireless Audio for the World’s Favorite Gaming Console is Here!

As the world of mainstream consumer electronics has made a casual, 2-year transition into wireless audio after killing the jack, it seems odd that Nintendo’s Switch, one of the most advanced handheld gaming consoles, capable of sheer versatility courtesy their Labo kits, isn’t compatible with wireless audio. The Switch can do quite a lot. It can work as a handheld unit, or with a television; can be used in single and multiplayer modes; and most importantly, can be transformed into pretty much anything, including instruments like the piano… but at the end of the day, the fact that it still relies on wired audio seems primitive and limiting.

The Genki, designed specifically to solve this nagging problem, adds to the already-laden feature list of the Switch, giving it the ability to go wireless in the audio department. Its design beautifully complements the Switch, with an all-black outer casing, a soft rectangular form, and two buttons on either side, colored blue and red to match the Switch. These buttons literally are the only interface you need, and to connect to a wireless headset or earphones, just press the button and you’re all set. Using Bluetooth 5, the Genki pairs with headphones, delivering high-quality audio with zero latency, up to a distance of 60 feet!

Turning the Switch wireless doesn’t just upgrade the console, it makes sense. The Switch was designed to be more than just a handheld device, made to be used with televisions as well as multiplayer gaming, so providing an aux input literally feels being bound by a chain. The Genki’s wireless-audio dongle for the Switch doesn’t just make gaming from afar (as one would with a television setup) easy, its design also lets you route audio to two headsets, making the multiplayer experience easy too. The two colored buttons at the base of the dongle match perfectly with the colors of the two controllers, intuitively allowing you to pair with two Bluetooth headsets and turning the multiplayer audio experience wireless too. Besides, let’s not forget the great things it does for the Labo kits too, allowing you to engage with the Switch without the primitive hassle of wired headsets… or better still, broadcast the audio to a powerful wireless speaker to make your gaming experience larger than life!

Designers: Christopher Yue, Eddie Tsai & Andrew Geng

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Together at last, GENKI gives you the freedom and convenience of using your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones when you’re gaming on the go.







GENKI is the first and only Bluetooth audio transmitter built to the USB Type-C standard. Why USB Type-C? There have been some workaround solutions that we’ve tested but none of them were a satisfying solution for the Nintendo Switch. These workarounds introduce extra latency, static noise, lower fidelity and volume and many do not support newer devices such as the Apple AirPods.


This led us to create a better solution – through the USB-C port we’re able to simply remove the redundant audio conversions providing gamers the best latency and audio quality.



One of the things we love is detaching the Joy-Cons for an instant transformation into a two-player portable console. But chances are you’re waiting around in a pretty noisy place so one of the coolest features we have is multiplayer support.


So maybe you’ve noticed that the two buttons on GENKI are labeled 1P and 2P. With this setup we actually stream stereo audio to two separate headphones, neat huh. So you can better enjoy SnipperClips or Hulu with loved ones.


Supporting the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, GENKI is compatible with all the Bluetooth headphones out there today (and tomorrow).

But what if you wanted to unleash the full potential of your Bluetooth speakers? We know those built-in speakers are pretty weak so we got you covered.


If you’ve ever experienced audio where voices don’t seem to synchronize with what you’re watching you know it can be quite distracting. This is even more important in games where your reaction to a sound can mean success and game over.


To combat this, they made sure GENKI included the fastest industry leading audio codecs. With aptX Low Latency we can achieve sub 40ms latency. Typically, the human ear can not distinguish below 100ms so rest assured you’ve got the best.



The dock adapter is a simple USB adapter enabling you to use GENKI with your Nintendo Switch docked. Just plug it into any of the three USB ports in the dock; it can even be safely tucked inside the back panel to be hidden.


Playing late into the night without disturbing others.



First Time Pairing:

– Plug in GENKI to the Nintendo Switch USB Type-C port
– Hold the 1P button to pair with your audio device
– Activate pairing on your audio device
– Enjoy wireless Nintendo Switch audio

Reconnecting Next Time:

– Press the 1P button to reconnect with your audio device
– Enjoy wireless audio, again

Multiplayer Mode:

– Hold the 2P button to pair with your second audio device
– Enjoy wireless audio, with a friend



Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $50.00 (22% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left and over $450,000 raised!

When Creativity Calls


It’s hard to imagine needing any other device that your smartphone these days, but for anyone who enjoys jotting, journaling, or simply putting pen to paper to scratch your creative itches, this one makes perfect sense. It’s called the Memomate and, as the name suggests, it’s been designed for all types of writing enthusiasts.

Using a stylus pen, users can write fluidly on the e-ink screen. It’s oddly similar to writing on paper – only you don’t ever run out! You can doodle or take notes with precision thank to the pressure sensitive screen. Unlike your phone, you also won’t run out of battery in such a short amount of time. Better yet, it’s efficient 10000mAh power bank can double as a supplemental charger for your smartphone.

Designer: Lepow











Most Buzzed Designs of June 2018


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in June 2018.


Funny enough, this is the camera concept that had the photography world buzzing when numerous sources believed this was truly the next Canon G7X Mark III.


From the clever minds at Metafora Design Team, this is their interpretation of what a home brewing system might look like if Dyson created one.


Technically classified as a trike (a contraction of the word tricycle), the Nobe 100 electric trike looks retro and feels futuristic.


Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is the world’s first luxury hybrid smartwatch with Fitness tracking, UV Radiation tracking, NFC Contactless Payments, Security features, smart notifications and controls, all with a 1-year battery life (no charging needed).


The Snarl has two ways of gripping it. Traditionally, holding the area behind the blade like a handle, or using its finger-hole for far more dexterity and control.


This power drill is intended to be used in… water.


The BB Network isn’t just a phone, its your enterprise communication solution. Built to work as the RFID card that you would use to swipe into our out of your office, the BB Network is exactly that size too, and can be hung around from your neck or clipped to your pocket, much like your office ID. It’s even optimized to work keeping your office schedule and needs in mind, giving you access to your tasks, reminders, mails, flight tickets, etc. all accessible from within the home screen.


The accessories transform the Flashlight into a night lamp, a reading lamp, as well as an extremely stylish desk lamp that uses a reflector to diffuse and scatter the light in an exquisite manner.


This ultramodern twist on underwater specs, called D-Mask, addresses many of the issues divers currently encounter. Secured around the forehead, jaw, and chin, the design may cover the full face, but the result feels less restrictive than traditional goggles.


The realization that some people want style and substance in equal measures dawned on Justin Kwong, driving him to found ISM in San Francisco, a company dedicated to creating a backpack that satisfied the needs of the consumer as well as the wants.


This small container that attaches to the side of the desk and allows the user to collect the pencil shavings and rubber residue that is strewn across the work surface.


Streamlined and aerodynamic from front to end, the Ethec Electric Motorcycle’s body transitions wonderfully from headlamp to the tail, rarely breaking form anywhere in the middle.


At first glance it’s hard not to notice the tiny proportions of this phone; the 3-inch display is just big enough to allow a keyboard to be used comfortably, and as it maintains the commonly used 18:9 screen ratio, any mobile apps that are on the market are compatible with this quirky device!

This shelf comes with a LED embedded Nylon woven ropes, with magnetic ends that conveniently snap to the metallic shelf. When they do, they light up with a beauty that’s pure and inspired, turning a flat, unassuming storage area into something much more.

The Find X quite literally is all screen. With a stunningly high screen to bezel ratio, the Oppo Find X has only pixels on its front and a slick plain surface on its back. But where are the cameras? Oh, they’re hiding within the phone.


This fan replaces the head of the pet, and the smooth oscillation brings an element of life and character to the ‘animal’.


The COMB bench is constructed from blown out bike inner tubes and plywood leftovers. The bike tubes form the stretchy surface for the honeycomb-shaped sections that sink in to create a comfy, form-fitting seat when one drops down.


A collaboration between Stockholm-based Note Design Studio and Korean brand Lagom Bath, this collection of bathroom object is a nod to the Scandinavian and Asian cultures’ mutual appreciation for design purity and simplicity.


The Playstation V’s most apparent feature is a mesa-like surface protrusion on top. Its circular form mimics that of the disc. Interestingly, this is also where users insert their game CD.


The Edge is Android’s answer to the set-top box. Users can connect to a treasure trove of content and entertainment from the comfort of home with one sleek, powerful package.


Its designer set out to create a calculator that is always in use and this has been achieved by introducing a secondary function into the design, which in this case, is a clock; a clock was chosen as it is always in use in the background and utilizes the same display as a calculator.


This light’s most unique feature, and one that brings great function to the product; the donut-shaped dish can be used to hold small items, while the smaller sub-section can keep items separate.


It’s unlikely that companies like Apple or Facebook will ever foray into designing home interiors, but a little wishful thinking never hurt anybody. In this post we look at conceptual bedrooms, designed with the language and characteristics of 6 of today’s technology giants.


A socket is housed within each of the four balls, these sit neatly in the tray and are held securely in place using magnets. Power is transferred to them using wireless charging, and it’s this that allows the socket to rotate in almost any direction, reliving the cables of the strain that would otherwise be put on them!


Unusual, fun, and perfectly timed with the Jurassic World movie, the Raptor Lamp 2.0 is a playful adjustable lamp modeled to look like a Velociraptor.


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A Truly Intelligent Lock

The KeyWe Smart Lock is one that actually lives up to the name! It offers a myriad of thoughtfully designed ways to secure and access your home or office.

It can automatically lock and unlock on a timer to ensure your premises are always secure. NFC tech means unlock or lock when you (and your identified smartphone or other devices) approach or depart. It can be unlocked using a secret passcode. Better yet, it can store up to 20 unique passcodes for different users so you know who is entering and when. A one-time passcode can be equipped remotely via your smartphone to let in couriers, dog walkers or other visitors. It’s even compatible with a guest key that works much like the card locks on hotel room doors. Of course, there’s also a traditional twist/key lock for those times when doing it manually makes the most sense.

While some worrywarts will be skeptical about any digital lock, they can rest assure their codes and connection are secure. It uses 128 bit AES encryption for the connection between the KeyWe App and door lock – that means that even the signals between the app and hardware are encrypted and are being constantly updated to ensure constant security. If there is any attempt to jailbreak or any rooting is detected, the app will block logins and delete all data.

Designer: KeyWe

Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $199.00 (50% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left and over $460,000 raised!




Imagine – as you approach your front door, it unlocks automatically and after you enter, it will lock itself. KeyWe can do this for you.

Sounds too easy? Feeling unsure about the Smart Open?

The KeyWe has been tested in high rise buildings with many Bluetooth connections around and we are confident it is still fully functional in under these conditions.

The amazing part is that this is just one of many options of the KeyWe, you can try the Magic Touch – one which you can activate the touchpad with your smartphone and the door will open.

The KeyWe has the ability to store up to 20 passcodes per door lock, enabling each user to have their own unique code.

Expecting deliveries?

Why not try the One-Time Passcode (OTP) options for the courier? It’s only valid for 2 minutes and can’t be reused.

However, some people prefer the traditional way and some prefer high tech but some of us are on the fence.

This is why the KeyWe offers functionality through your smartphone’s NFC function, a physical key and even a key card (it’s included – we’ve got you sorted).

If you’re an Airbnb host or have guests staying – there’s also the Guest Key function which works just like a hotel key! (They don’t even need to register to KeyWe!)

There won’t be any confusion as the KeyWe will send you real time push notifications and will save records for up to two months.






Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $199.00 (50% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left and over $460,000 raised!

Apple Store Robbed Of $27,000 In Products In 30 Seconds

Some criminals don’t care if it is broad daylight, or how many people are around. They just want to steal things. And with the open concept and lack of real security at Apple Stores, I guess it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how many people are around. An Apple Store was recently robbed of $27,000 worth of products in just 30 seconds. Of course given how expensive Apple’s products can be, that likely just means that someone stole Three iPads and a MacBook Pro.

Seriously though, These thugs made off with a lot of stuff. The robbery happened on July 7 at the Fashion Fair Apple Store in Fresno, California. The robbery was quick. At around 0:26 mark in the video below, the store surveillance captured a group of hooded robbers rushing into the store, where they quickly scooped up laptops and other items from the display tables. By around 0:45 mark, they were out of the door. It was a lightning-quick heist. Well, Apple did make it very easy for them.

It might be a good idea to actually invest in some real store security – at least some locking cables – just in case others try to mimic this crime. The important thing is that no one was hurt. Except for Apple’s pride.

[via Gizmodo]

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