Modest Mobility


Exoatlet may not be the first skeletal support system, but what sets it apart is thoughtful aesthetic paired with a motorized frame that goes the extra mile to assist the user in the basic requirements for mobility that most of us take for granted. Whether it’s sitting, standing, or walking, the motorization works in tandem with the users initial movements to make maneuvering a natural, non-robotic process.

So the user looks more human and less cyborg, the structural part of the exoskeleton is also hidden behind a fabric cover that makes an otherwise high-tech looking device look like a subtle, casual piece of clothing. Additionally, a standard looking backpack hides the lumbar corset that supports the back, further minimizes the robotic aesthetic.

The result – a positive improvement for those with musculoskeletal disorders that affords them not only the health benefits of being active but allows them to move freely and enjoy life’s simple pleasures!

Designer: Art Lebedev









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