Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ earns the lone streaming win at the SAG Awards

With each new awards season, more streaming series and movies make their way to the list of nominees. In fact, one category at tonight's 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Female Actor in a Drama Series, was comprised entirely of nominees from H...

Facebook hires TV network CEO to land worldwide sports deals

It's clearer than ever that Facebook wants to become a leader in live sports streaming. Variety and the Guardian have learned that Facebook has hired Peter Hutton, the CEO of Discovery-owned TV network Eurosport, to lead its negotiations for worldwi...

Facebook taps Jada Pinkett Smith for new talk show series

Facebook has been pushing into original television for a little while now. It launched the Watch section as a platform for TV shows last year, and has since teamed up with the creators of True Blood for a new drama called Sacred Lies. Now the company...

Facebook teams up with ‘True Blood’ creators for new series

Facebook's Watch tab won't just be chock-full of sports shows and gaming culture. The social site has ordered 10 episodes of Sacred Lies, an adaptation of the Stephanie Oakes novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly (which, in turn, is an adaptation of th...

LG’s TV lets the good times “roll”


“Bigger is better” seems to be the common consensus with televisions, with Samsung literally making a television the size of a wall… but the ‘bigger’ question remains, when does size start becoming a hindrance? The large phone market stopped at around 6 inches because any bigger and the phone is literally too large to use, so the question remains, how big must a TV be to be the biggest it should be?

LG doesn’t really have an answer to that question, but it has a solution. Flexible displays. LG’s Rollable TV concept features a 65-inch mammoth of a screen that’s actually as flexible as fabric (and as a result, super thin), as it rolls into a housing that’s a fraction of its size. What’s more interesting is that this ability doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on quality because the Rollable TV features a 4K UHD display. Did I also mention, it rolls up into a cylinder?!

Designer: LG Electronics







Antler-inspired Entertainment Awesomeness!


When you treat yourself to a fancy new TV, you’re only option besides hanging it on the wall is to prop it on a bulky, aesthetically-invasive stand! How does that make any sense when TV designs are constantly evolving to be more minimal?! Designed with this in mind, the ELK stand is a barely-there compliment to your entertainment system.

Optimized for QLED Samsung televisions, its fluid geometry and tough aluminum alloy material make it ultra-lightweight and capable of supporting and securing the TV effortlessly. Better yet, an integrated attachment on the back provides different orientations for viewing. This jointed system allows the user to turn it 30° left or right so users can watch from anywhere in the room! So, unless you’re hanging it on the wall (which is generally a costly and time-consuming process especially when hiding wires), this is the best option yet!

Designers: Simone Alborghetti, Luca Brazzale, Simone Chiani & Andrea Pedulli





TV with a Twist

비헨스 티비

There’s no quicker way to kill your aesthetic vibe than with an unsightly TV and, unfortunately, that is most TVs. Next to “ceiling fan”, it’s one of the words interior designers hate to hear! We love a creative way of masking these entertainment appliances and the Inkel Reinterpret TV concept does just that.

Instead of disappearing into the wall or disguising itself as something else, it simply doubles as a modern shelving unit. When it’s not in use, it looks more like a modern, perhaps even artistic and sculptural shelf, so you might not even notice that it’s a TV. The flat top-mounted surface (which is also a speaker unit) is the perfect place to perch your picture frames, remotes, books and more. The 20-degree swivel feature ensures you can view it from almost any angle in the room.

Designers: Seo Joung Yu & Yea Seul Kim

비헨스 티비

비헨스 티비

비헨스 티비


NBC brings two Winter Olympics preview shows to Netflix

You won't have to stay glued to NBC to watch all of its Winter Olympics coverage -- although it won't necessarily be the coverage you want. The network is offering a two-part PyeongChang preview series, Go For the Gold and Meet Team USA, that will b...

The new ‘Cosmos’ returns for second season in spring 2019

You won't have to wait nearly as long for the second season of the new Cosmos as you did for the first. Fox has announced that Cosmos: Possible Worlds will premiere worldwide in spring 2019, with Fox itself airing the show in the US and National Geog...