Justice League Nesting Dolls: Flash Is Fast, Flash Is Cool, Flash Is Tiny

Justice League hits theaters this Friday, and while it sounds like it’s far from perfect, early reviews are that it’s a step in the right direction for the dark and dreary Snyder-verse take on DC Comics’ superheroes. I sure hope it has more humor than Batman v. Superman. I felt like I needed to knock back a couple of Prozac after watching that one.

For me, the Justice League was a lighthearted Saturday morning cartoon back during my childhood, so there’s a pretty dramatic divide between those two worlds for me. If you prefer the bright and colorful cartoon version of the Justice League, then check out these fun collectibles that recently turned up at ThinkGeek.

This set of Russian-style nesting dolls includes likenesses of the five original members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash, with sizes ranging from 6″ tall down to 1-3/4″ tall. I guess their sizes sort of correspond to their popularity in the DC universe, though I was always more of a Batman guy than a Superman guy. Regardless, it’s a fun addition to any toy collection, and barely takes up any space when they’re all stacked inside of each other.

You can grab the set over at ThinkGeek for just $25, which is cheaper than a ticket to the theater with popcorn and a drink these days.

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