The Best Deep Fryer

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2017’s Top Medical Designs & the Future of Healthcare


We’ve been very vocal about how much respect we have for designers who take up challenges in the medical domain. There’s always a lot at stake and with such a small margin for error, Design for Medicine or Design for Special Needs may just be one of the most challenging (and if done right, rewarding) design disciplines out there. Fast.Co lists Inclusive Design as a trend that will shape 2018, and our favorite posts from 2017 have only been a testament to the rise of that trend.

Whether it’s technological advancements to make better and more accessible medical products, or just redesigning medical and special-need products look more fashionable and inclusive, our top Medical Design posts for the year 2017 are pretty indicative of how big health care in 2018 is going to be!



This hospital bed can be folded and transformed into a wheelchair in a matter of minutes without disturbing the individual.



This wheelchair enhances mobility thanks to its scissor-inspired structure. It sports an innovative adjustable seat-height feature for better ergonomics. It also has two distinct riding positions: one that is ideal for cruising and maneuvering and the other for putting the user at eye level with standing individuals.


OH is at once a hearing aid and a fashion accessory. It allows the user to customize the product by changing the external ring’s range of textures and colors. It can also be used as an earring or attached hearing pin.


This smart thermometer is the embodiment of portability and compact design being just 5cm long and weighing a total of only 13g. The thermometer simply plugs into one’s smartphone audio jack.


Clevu is a wearable system that can not only work as traditional reading glasses but is capable of enhancing a variety of other sight situations. Enjoying the outdoors? There’s a setting for that. Watching TV? There’s a setting for that too.



This ergonomic smart cane comes as just a joystick handle with an automatic telescoping stick that shoots out when switched on. However, the walking stick doesn’t stop there. It connects to an app on the smartphone, actually guiding the user to destinations they set.


Simple and desirable, these black and white inhalers don’t just break the stigma of carrying an inhaler, they also look striking enough that you’d instantly spot it on the shelves (helping the brand reach customers).


This new EpiPen design, called Epipi, really makes things as simple as unscrew, press, and go! Just twist to arm it, hold against the skin, and press the button to release. A clear window into the medication reservoir will indicate that the contents have been emptied which enhances the confidence of the user that they performed the function correctly.

The Hue inhaler is completely 3D printed (note the transition from mottled color to transparent) and comes with a dazzling set of color combinations that are bound to break the monotony of medical product design. There’s even a woven paracord for easy access, or clipping/strapping to your bag/pants.


One Drop is a completely exhaustive diabetes fighting system that could easily be a part of any diabetic’s EDC kit.


The Kardia is a tiny ECG (or EKG) reader that works in conjunction with your iPhone to give you heart-rate readings. Simple in its design, with just two textured sensor-pads for your fingers, the device takes readings and its partner-app guides you through the process, showing you your current heart rate.



Meddsy isn’t as much a first aid kit as much as it’s an emergency aid kit. It contains dedicated units for everything from medical goods to any instruments one may need to treat themselves.


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The best probe thermometer

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The Tiny Thumb-sized Thermometer!


Thermometers have taken a giant leap in design with the popularity of Withings Thermo last year. Ever since then, thermometers have come leaps and bounds in their abilities, aesthetics and especially sizes – however none of them have been as compact as the DolPhin Smart Mini Infrared Thermometer. This smart thermometer is the embodiment of portability and compact design being just 5cm long and weighing a total of only 13g.

The thermometer simply plugs into one’s smartphone audio jack (sorry everyone who owns the new wave of jack-less smartphones). Thankfully, due to the noninvasive, non-contact nature of this thermometer, it can be used again and again while staying safe and sanitized. With the thermometer comes a helpful app to read and store the temperatures being taken. Not only this, the accompany app has useful searching capabilities for nearby facilities such as; neighboring hospital, internal treatment, university hospital, otolaryngology, health center, pharmacy or the emergency room. This little guy is perfect for a vast range of applications and taking up only 5cm in your pocket; it’s safe to say it’s an easy decision bringing this with you in your travel/medical kit everywhere and anywhere because you never know when you just might need it.

Designer: DolPhin





This Meter Will Tell You When Your Indoor Climate Is Perfect

Are you always feeling too hot, too cold, or just not comfortable in your home or office? What if I told you there was a gadget designed to help you find just the perfect indoor climate? That’s exactly what the Lufft Comfort Meter is for.


This nifty looking meter combines a thermometer with a hygrometer to display the current temperature and humidity levels inside. The neat part is that there’s a sort of butter zone where the gauges intersect where the climate is the most comfortable to most humans. Assuming you have a decent thermostat, an HVAC system, and and either a humidifier or dehumidifier, you should be able to fine-tune your environment to get the needles to meet in the right spot.

I really like the design of this chrome-trimmed analog comfort meter, but at $149 (USD) it’s quite pricey. If you just want the data, and don’t care about the looks so much, there’s a much cheaper electronic comfort meter available over on Amazon for just about 10 bucks.

The Touch-less Thermometer

Gone are the days of sticking an awkward, pointy thermometer under your tongue for 60 seconds! Introducing, Thermo – the Smart Temporal Thermometer! In just 2 seconds, its 16 infrared sensors take over 4000 measurements to determine temperature from the temporal artery (considered the most accurate place to take temperature). You don’t even have to make contact with the skin, making it the most sanitary and least scary method for kids available! Measurements sync automatically with your smartphone. Based on age, fever history, and symptoms, the Thermo app gives immediate results and advanced health advice depending on stats.

Designer: Cédric Hutchings









Baby Bathtime for Dummies


The right water temperature is largely subjective depending on the individual, but it’s imperative that parents get it just right when it comes time to give baby a bath. The Tubcare thermometer takes the guesswork out of baby’s bathtime temperature by displaying not only the exact degree, but also indicating whether its too cold, hot or just right with colored LED indicators. Red means the temperature is too high, blue means it’s too cold, and green means it’s good to go! Waterproof and durable, little ones will also love to play with it in the water!

Designer: Gary Chang

temperture measure

“There are forty little concave holes on the surface for gripping purpose,” says Gary.


“The temperature induction only takes seconds to send the temperature to the top of the screen.”






The best thermometer for kids and adults

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