You can now buy Brilliant’s light switch smart home hubs

Brilliant debuted its smart home control system at CES back in January, and now it's finally available to buy. Unlike other smart home products, Brilliant's works by plugging directly into your home's existing light switch ports, and from there contr...

That fancy Cortana thermostat now supports Alexa and Google Assistant

If you've been eying Johnson Controls' slick, Microsoft-backed GLAS thermostat ever since it was unveiled in 2017, it's finally close at hand -- and you won't have to rely on Cortana for voice control, either. The $319 climate controller will ship o...

Don’t pirate or we’ll mess with your Nest, warns East Coast ISP

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Hilton plans to offer a smart hotel room system next year

From a Watson-powered concierge to in-room VR porn, hotels are getting more and more tech-savvy and connected. There's an Amazon Echo in every room when you stay at Wynn's Las Vegas hotel, and more destinations are adding ways to watch your own Netfl...

Engadget UK giveaway: Win a smart heating system courtesy of Tado

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Control Ecobee’s smart thermostats with Google Assistant

You no longer have to be picky about which voice assistant you use to steer Ecobee's smart thermostats. Google Assistant now offers control over Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 models, letting you tweak the temperature from your phone or an Assistant-equipped s...

The hottest/coolest thermostat!

Hottest and coolest being used figuratively, of course. The GLAS by Microsoft and Johnson Controls redefines what home appliances must look like, along with what they’re capable of. Made to look as pretty as a picture, the GLAS features a translucent touch-screen display that delights the heart with the way it showcases your wall behind it. Pair that with Microsoft’s minimal UI running on the new Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core and you have a product that performs as great as it looks.

The GLAS comes with Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, allowing you to interact with it using your voice as well as through your other Microsoft products. It comes with sensors that know when you’re in the room and when you’re not, working seamlessly to adjust air temperature and quality too so that it provides the optimal experience while saving on energy… but with a thermostat so beautiful, I doubt I’d ever leave the room!

Designers: Microsoft & Johnson Controls.