Deadpool 2 Score LP Won’t Jam on a Boombox

When I was growing up, I always loved those vinyl records with pictures on them. I had all the Disney music from those kids movies, along with the Dukes of Hazzard photo LP and one for E.T. too. I was the only kid in elementary school that could sing the entire Dukes’ theme song. If you have a penchant for vinyl and Deadpool, have I got an album for you…

This sweet picture disk isn’t the soundtrack for the flick mind you. Instead, the 37-minute LP has features composer Tyler Bates’ instrumental musical score. Each side of the disc has its own picture and it’s made in 180-gram single disc. One side has DP doing his “oh” face and the other has him floating on a swan. It’s cool.

ThinkGeek will sell it to you for $24.99, and it comes with a free 27″ x 40″ movie poster that looks suitably retro.

Chain Mail Dice Bag Adds +5 Protection

One of the things that goes along with a spirited game of Dungeons & Dragons is a bunch of dice. Sometimes a DM needs to protect said dice from the minions he is lording his power over during a game. I’ve been involved in some rather “spirited” games before and it wasn’t at all uncommon for a 20-sided die to get hurled at someone’s testes. Be on your guard.

If you want to protect your dice, and thereby protect your parts from hurled objects this chain mail and rubber gaming dice bag is the ticket. The bag is sized to hold 2 to 3 dozen polyhedral dice, depending on their shapes and sizes. It’s made from rubber and aluminum rings, and closes with a fake leather cord. It measures 5″ tall and has an 8″ opening to let your Cheetos stained fingers inside with ease.

ThinkGeek offers the bag for $12.99.

I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever, And The Only Cure Is These Boxer Briefs

Do you have Pac-Man fever? Is it driving you crazy? Well, calm down my arcade loving friend. Wear these Pac-Man Boxer Briefs. They’re perfect for when things get too hot and you just have to play Pac-Man for hours in your shorts. The rest of us will just enjoy them under our pants.

Even though I’m not aware of any actual documented cases of Pac-Man Fever, it’s obviously a withdrawal symptom from not playing the game. I can only assume that the victim runs a fever and starts burning up. So they take off all of their clothes, stripping down to their skivvies while making WAKKA-WAKKA-WAKKA noises. So now you have something appropriate to wear when it hits you.

You get three pairs of button fly boxer briefs with contrasting buttons and a stretchy elastic waistband. They come packed in a tin because it’s the future.

Man, we are living the dream in 2018. Best timeline. You’re telling me I can buy 3 pairs of boxers in a damn tin? With Pac-Man all over them? Sweet. The set of three will set you back $39.99 from ThinkGeek. I’m waiting for a Galaga set myself. Or maybe Space Invaders.

LED Space Fleece Blanket Keeps You Warm and Blinky

It’s starting to get cooler here in Colorado already. Mornings at altitude already require a jacket. That means that before you know it I’ll be channeling my dad and yelling at people about turning the furnace up too high and urging them to use blankets instead. Maybe if our blankets weren’t the itchy crap my wife tends to buy, people would actually use them. I’d definitely use this blinky space blanket.

It’s not the silver reflective sort mind you. This is a plush fleece throw that has an astronaut on it, along with 18 LEDs around it that flash intermittently. The LEDs are supposed to make it seem as if you are looking at a night sky.

The LEDs glow and flash tanks to a trio of AA batteries, and you must remove the battery compartment if you plan to wash it. It measures in at 45″ x 60″, so it should cover most of you. ThinkGeek has this blinky blanket for $39.99 right now.

Deadpool Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug: Happy Little Caffeine

I’m a big fan of the Deadpool flicks and I also love Bob Ross. I will one day learn to paint and acquire the leet painting skillz Ross made look so easy. And I’ll wear an afro while I paint. Not long ago we talked about the Deadpool Bob Ross Funko figure. This mug is the perfect complement to that toy.

It’s got Deadpool’s face on the front and his name on the other side. When you pour hot liquid into the mug, Deadpool’s face is becomes surrounded by an afro, and a 1970s style shirt appears on his body. On the back of the mug under the logo appears a Bob Ross quote that says “Let’s get crazy, what the heck,” which sounds like a very Deadpool thing, other than the lack of profanity.

The mug sells for $12.99 on ThinkGeek. Keep your coffee or tea in it while you paint your next masterpiece.

Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Onesie: Your Gut Is Bigger on the Inside

Who here knew that TARDIS stood for for “Time And Relative Dimensions in Sleep?” Just wear this TARDIS hooded onesie before bed so that when you drift off, your circuits might kick in so that you wake up in a new time and place. Good luck fitting in while wearing this. You might stand out just a wee little bit… even on the alien planets.

It is for serious geeks who want to actually BE the time machine that the Doctor tools around in. This full-zip fleece hooded onesie has windows and a door sign appliquéd across the front, custom Police Box neck tape, black ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and it is made of 100% polyester. Warm wash in the time stream only.

It’s perfect for lounging around the house, for cosplay, or just because you want to focus really hard and try to time travel with your mind. I’m not judging. That’s what I would do too. The bad news is that there’s only room for you. There’s no room for bringing a companion with you on your journeys. Though I’m guessing if you had a companion in your life you wouldn’t be wearing this in the first place.

Look, Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!.. It’s Superbats!

Look at this thing. It may be the cutest Superman and Batman figure ever made. We all know Batman is a grump, which is odd considering he is a billionaire by day and a ninja crimefighter by night. Superman has no reason to be sad, he can fly and is virtually un-killable.

This adorable statuette from Quantum Mechanix shows Superman hauling Batman through the sky as Batman scowls with a total lack of enthusiasm. I like it.

The 5″ tall PVC diorama was inspired by the Rebirth versions of the characters, in case you know who they are. ThinkGeek will sell you one for $29.99.

Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag is the Camping Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed

ThinkGeek is knocking out of the park with its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items this year. Yesterday we talked about the obscurely cool Star Trek mood rock light thingy. Today, we have a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick sleeping bag that you know you want.

It’s a 1-2 season mummy-style sleeping bag aiming at summer camping. You can wear it as a full body costume too, if you want to be an immobile pickle with a cartoon face. It has a double zipper closure and measures 86″ x 29″. That means you freakishly tall nerds might not fit all that well.

It also comes with a backpack-style stash bag with Rick’s face on it bugging out because he is now a pickle. The sleeping bag is $24.99 and is available today at ThinkGeek.

Star Trek Rock Mood Light Won’t Keep You Warm

If you ever watched the original Star Trek TV series, you might remember an episode called “The Enemy Within.” I’ve never seen that episode, but apparently, it involves Kirk and crew using phasers to superheat rocks until they glow to survive a planet where the temperature drops to 120-degrees below zero. ThinkGeek turned up at San Diego Comic-Con this week showing off a sweet light-up rock based on that episode.

The hand-painted “rock” comes with a remote control that looks like an original series phaser. It has two modes, with one that “heats” the rock making it slowly glow brighter and another mode called “atmosphere,” which produces a variety of colorful lighting effects. The rock can even dim slowly over ten minutes as if it’s cooling down from its intense heat.

Trekkies looking to get their rocks off can do so at ThinkGeek for $69.99.


Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Has 1-in-20 Chance of Keeping You Warm

It’s only June, but you don’t have to travel very far in Colorado to find snow still on some of the taller mountains. If you head to a higher altitude before noon on any morning and it feels like winter never left. Before you know it, kids will be in school and snow will be blowing in and you need a good chance of keeping yourself warm. Like a 1-in-20 chance.

This Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Set will keep you toasty when the cold weather arrives. It comes with an 84″ long double-sided scarf with eight red D20s on each side and fuzzy tassels at the end. The beanie, or toboggan hat as we call them where I’m from, has a single D20 on its folded-up brim. Sadly, these one-size-fits-all hats rarely cover my ears thanks to my case of cranium enormous.

Dungeon masters, you can get your D20 beanie and hat at ThinkGeek for $29.99.