Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Floating Feather Won’t Teach You Wizardry

One of the scenes I remember most in Harry Potter was when they were all young and learning their first spells. The scene where Hermione shows off by making the feather float is very memorable. Now you can buy a toy version of that magic wand and the accompanying floating feather for your next cosplay.

Muggles can play with this wand as it uses a high-tensile Aramid fiber threads connected to an Ostrich feather. The threads are invisible from 6-feet away, making it look like the feather is floating in the air at the command of the wand.

Sadly, this surfaced right after Halloween; it would have been perfect for people dressing up like Harry Potter and crew. The wand is $14.99 and available now at ThinkGeek.

Corgi Butt Heated Pillow Warms Your Buns with Dog Buns

Corgis are very cool dogs. They are super short, have big fluffy butts, and can run really fast. If you are a fan of the corgi and ever thought what you really need to keep warm in the office is a toasty corgi butt to sit on, here is your chance.

This is a Corgi Butt Heated Pillow that you can plug into your USB port to keep your back or butt warm. It’s a great way to warm yourself in the office without turning up the heat, making your co-workers want you dead.

The heating element doesn’t run directly from the USB port, it runs from a battery that charges via USB. A full 2 hour charge is good for 4-6 hours of toasty corgi sitting. ThinkGeek has the Corgi Butt Heated Pillow for $24.99.

Pokémon Poke Ball Waffle Maker: Breakfast, I Choose You!

Pokémon fans, or people who just love the slightly crunchy and sweet taste of waffles in weird shapes, check this out. This Pokémon waffle maker will cook you up a big round breakfast that looks like a Poke Ball.

It won’t hold all your captured Pokémon, but it will totally capture a bunch of Belgian waffle batter and turn it into a breakfast treat that will catch all your syrup. The waffles this thing produces are about 7-inches in diameter, and like all good waffle irons, this one has indicator lights to tell you when the iron is on and ready to cook.

Preorders are underway right now for $34.99 at ThinkGeek, with shipping starting in late November. That should mean you have it in time for a fancy Christmas Day breakfast of Pokémon champions.

Funko Rick and Morty Mystery Box is Only Slightly Mysterious

If you know a Rick and Morty fan and you need a gift idea, check this out. The Funko Rick and Morty: Blips & Chitz Mystery Box, is a gift box assortment that contains some cool Funko gear themed around the show. The mystery part is that you don’t know exactly which of the Pop action figures and pins you will get. So in a way, it’s like traveling to another spot in the multiverse – you never know what you’ll get.

The box comes with two of the three Pop figures shown (Rick or Morty and Roy), and all three of them are exclusive to this set. You’ll also get the Krombopulos Michael Pocket POP! keychain, four stickers, one of two Blips and Chitz enamel pins.


The included pair of Blips and Chitz game ticket socks are one size fits all, unless you are a pickle, in which case you’re screwed. The box set sells for $29.99, which is a good price considering all the goodies you get. It’s available at ThinkGeek now.

Fortnite’s Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica Will Harvest Your Money

Fortnite fans will want to get out their wallets and fork over the cash for this colorful Rainbow Smash pickaxe replica which looks just like the version from the game that you use for harvesting resources. Cosplayers can whip up a great costume with this prop from McFarlane Toys.

The unicorn pickaxe is 39-inches long and looks like a toy every 4-year-old girl would love. The stick has spinning wheels on its bottom, so you can ride it around if you want to. Those who like to keep their toys sealed safely in the package because they will damn well will be worth big money someday will appreciate the “premium glossy Fortnite-themed package,” which we have yet to see.

The Rainbow Smash pickaxe replica  will set you back $49.99 and will ship starting this December. Pre-orders are underway now over at ThinkGeek.

Bob Ross Christmas Stocking is for Happy Little Presents

It seems as if the Bob Ross licensing folks have gone crazy. We have a Bob Ross waffle maker and a Bob Ross calendar. Deadpool has even gotten in on the Ross love with a Deadpool Bob Ross heat-changing coffee cup. Now you can gear up for Christmas with Ross’ smiling, afro-wearing mug on this Christmas stocking.

The stocking says “The Joy of Painting” at the top and has Ross holding a brush in front of one of his iconic landscapes. The image is a dye-sublimated print, so it should last for years to come. The stocking measures 18″ tall and 7 3/4″ wide at the cuff. That’s plenty big for random oranges, lots of candy, and maybe a small set of paintbrushes. Get one at ThinkGeek for $14.99.

Mario Boo Ghost Bean Bag Chair: Boo Bean

If you are a fan of all things Super Mario, I just found the perfect seat from which to play your favorites games. This is the officially licensed Super Mario Bros Boo beanbag chair and it’s just the right throne for Super Mario fans.

Sadly it doesn’t play dead until you look away, then come up behind you so you can sit down. That would have been cool. The technology is almost there. I’m sure of it. This comfy ghost chair will cost you around $140, and measures about 38″ wide x 28″ tall x 38″ deep. Wait. That’s not big at all. How small is that child?

I was hoping this was a boo that I could sink into and relax. Oh well. If you are a tiny person, you’ll find this ghost more comfortable I guess. Myself? I demand a giant Boo bean bag chair. And not because I have to go on a diet either. I just like big Boos and I can not lie.

Boo is one of Mario’s cutest enemies. He’s supposedly a bad guy, but really he just wants to snuggle. And he’s shy. That’s why he freezes if you’re looking at him. This ghost is totally misunderstood.

WTF Prank Candles Go from Yummm to Ewwwww

Candles are good because they make your room smell nice… and because fire. But if you want to mess with people who like candles, you might want to get some of these to give your friends at the office Christmas party that will be here before you know it.

These prank candles start out smelling nice, and then as they melt they go straight to stank. The candles come in Cereal Killer and Mountain Doo Doo scents. Cereal Killer starts out smelling like that sweet glory that is breakfast cereal and then goes to stinky breath scent.

Mountain Doo Doo starts smelling like a highly caffeinated soda and then goes to a nasty body odor scent. The scent transition happens after a few hours of burning. The downside is if you give it in the box, it says clearly it is a prank candle, so consider taking it out before you give these to your Secret Santa recipient. Each candle will cost you $12.99 (and a friendship) at ThinkGeek.

This is One Happy Little Calendar

Bob Ross was a cool dude with a chill personal and ability to paint incredible landscapes and make it look easy. Bob might be long gone, but his Joy of Painting lives on in reruns and this sweet calendar.

This is a 2019 calendar, which you will need before you know it. Each month features seasonal Ross painting printed on it with the calendar underneath. Each calendar page also includes sage advice from the afro-rocking painter himself.

This would be the perfect kitchen calendar to put on the wall while you cook breakfast with the Bob Ross waffle iron. You can grab the happy little Bob Ross The Joy of Painting wall calendar for $14.99 at ThinkGeek.

Overwatch Loot Box Mood Light Guarantees You Light

I, like many other gamers, think that loot boxes and microtransactions are two of the worst things that have ever happened to video games. When you buy a game, it should come with ALL the stuff included.

Loot boxes are annoying as a parent because kids are constantly asking to buy them, hoping to get the coolest gear and weapons, yet much of the time, getting nothing of consequence for my hard-earned money. Loot boxes are such a crapshoot that some countries have started to consider them gambling. The only Overwatch loot box that will guarantee you anything is this loot box lamp.

You are sure to get light out of it each time you turn it on, assuming its three AA batteries aren’t dead. That’s ALL you’re getting though, as its LEDs emit the slightest amount of light, and shouldn’t be depended on as a source of illumination. The light measures 4″ tall x 4″ deep and weighs nine ounces with batteries in place.

It was made for ThinkGeek as a SDCC 2018 exclusive, but some are still available on their website for $14.99. You might also be able to pick one up at your local GameStop.