This 3D-Printed Metal Guitar is Absolutely Indestructible.

A lot of moments in rock history are defined by the iconic guitar-smash… and while I personally don’t think it’s particularly nice to smash musical equipment, what if you designed a guitar that, if you look at the image immediately below, couldn’t be smashed?

That’s what Sandvik decided to do. Designed to show off their advanced titanium additive printing techniques (and also their engineering prowess), they designed the world’s first guitar that can’t be smashed. Literally. Many have even tried, including rockstar Yngwie Malmsteen, who managed to wreck his stage amps and monitors, but couldn’t get the guitar to even as much as deform.

Sandvik partnered with guitar-designer Andy Holt over what sounds like a pretty unusual design brief… Designing an electric guitar that was virtually indestructible, but also sounded incredibly good. The design process included hours of analyzing footage of guitars being smashed (many by Malmsteen himself) to analyze the biggest points of weaknesses. After creating a design that they deemed was the strongest guitar ever made (they ran their own crash-test simulations too), Sandvik built the guitar out of titanium dust using an additive manufacturing process called Direct Metal Laser Sintering. The neck and the body of the guitar were milled together from a single piece of Sandvik’s ‘hyper-duplex’ steel to ensure absolute strength at what is considered the guitar’s weakest point. The result? A guitar that looks fabulous, with its virtually hollow design, sounds great, thanks to Andy Holt’s expertise, and is potentially as unbreakable as the hammer of Thor. Maybe not the strings, though…

Designers: Andy Holt & Sandvik.

The world’s tiniest bottle opener and multitool is deceptively small

The TiBO is small enough to be underestimated. Roughly the size of your thumbnail, it’s easy to dismiss the TiBO as something that’s too small to be useful… but it’s also a wildly inaccurate thing to do, because at just 21.5mm in length, the TiBO is the smallest multitool, packing a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a prybar into its deceptively tiny footprint.

Conceived in 2016, the TiBO went through its share of design iterations before it reached what it looks like today. Optimized for performance, compressed to perhaps the smallest size a bottle opener has ever been, and made from Grade 5 Titanium, the TiBO sits on your keychain, barely occupying much space. With a name that’s a portmanteau of exactly what the product is, the TiBO is your handy, easily accessible Titanium Bottle Opener that’s sure to make its appearance at parties, out on the beach, or at the campsite when one of your friends invariably struggles to find the bottle opener they’re pretty sure they had. The very tip of the TiBO works as a flathead screwdriver too, allowing you to become an instant handyman when you want to tighten a loose screw around the house, or you want to pry open that can of paint, or even use as a makeshift box-cutter.

Weighing less than a gram (0.9g to be accurate), the TiBO is best paired with WynLABS’s Kii RING, a novel keychain ring designed for easy key-switching, and as a perfect partner to the TiBO. At just 21.5mm long and strapped with your keys, the TiBO is the most convenient way to have a bottle-opener/multitool on you, and with a Grade 5 Titanium construction, it’ll quite easily be on your keychain for generations, outlasting practically every key it hangs beside!

Designer: WYN LABS

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TiBO – World’s Smallest Bottle Opener and Multitool. Be always ready with this Grade 5 Titanium EDC with bonus Kii RING – An Effortless Keyring.

TiBO is a Micro Titanium Bottle Opener and Multi Tool. It virtually disappears on your keychain but comes in handy when you need it most. Use Your Thumb As Leverage To Pull Off The Cap

TiBO and Kii RING is the coolest everyday carry (EDC) combo everyone should have!

The design includes a flat screwdriver and it became more useful in so many situations. It required special milling operation but it was all worth it.

1-2-3 Lift Off!

Adding or Removing a Key is Effortless!

Kii RING has a small protrusion to allow easy separation of the loops for adding or removing a key.

Add six keys at one go!

Organize Your Keys with Kii RING System (1 Large + 4 Small Kii RINGs).

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Apple’s latest product/service is designed to disrupt the banking industry

I’ll just list a few features that Jennifer Bailey, the VP of Apple Pay, had to say about Apple’s latest offering… Apple Card. Designed to be the most efficient, useful, transparent, financially beneficial, and well-designed thing to happen to the banking industry, Apple Card is both a physical and digital credit card for Apple users to make payments through. The card works universally, encrypting all your payments and related data, it records all your transactions in a way that’s more easy to understand than looking at your bank statements and trying to figure out where the hell you spent all your money, it breaks down all your payments into easy-to-understand blocks, and even uses map data to remind you where you made what payment. The card works all your life and never expires, it allows you to make credit payments in a way that helps you save on interest, Apple doesn’t charge late fees on your bill payments, ever, and even does you the benefit of giving you a 2-3% cashback on all your transactions… ALL of them. Signing up for the Apple Card takes all of 10 minutes, unlike banks that require days to process your applications, and the card service can be used internationally without incurring any international fees. In every way, this is Apple saying that it cares about its customers and promises to do good by them, and is pretty much a mic-drop moment for Apple as it transitions from products to services. The card resides within your phone, and can be used anywhere Apple Pay would… but in the event that you’re required to make a payment at a place that doesn’t support Apple Pay, Apple even supplies its users with a solid titanium credit card. Designed to be used all your life, the card is simplistic, and has your name etched into it. No card number, no CVV, no expiration date, and no signature. It’s literally the iPod of credit cards…

Apple Card comes as a result of Apple’s collaboration with Goldman Sachs on the banking front, and with MasterCard on the tech-enabled payments front. With how popular Apple Pay has become over the past few years, Apple finally thought it was time to show banks how it should be done. Apple Card as an interface is incredibly intuitive. Rather than listing down various irrelevant details, it organizes all your payments data in a way that’s expected of Apple. The interface is absolutely beautiful, and Apple’s littered it with a whole bunch of incredible features, including payments that are secured using TouchID or FaceID, encrypted payments that don’t even allow Apple to know what you’re buying, where you’re buying it from, and how much you’re buying it for, along with a cashback rewards system that’s instantaneous. With every transaction you make using the digital Apple Card, you get 2% of it as cashback (actual cash that you can use as money, or send to friends as payments), while using the physical Apple Card yields a 1% cashback reward.

With over a billion users across the world, Apple’s card service is an instant feature that helps you make any payment, anywhere, anyhow, just with your smartphone. Designed to provide value to its users, Apple even promises to provide lower-than-usual interest rates. The card service, in return, will never expire, will yield rewards, will be internationally compatible, will never incur late fees… and perhaps the most important part of this entire experience, will remain absolutely secure and private… even from Apple.

Designer: Apple

An easy-to-carry every-day-carry!

The KLIP is one of those EDC products that doesn’t try to take on too much. It does one thing and does it right. Made with a robust titanium body, the KLIP is a convenient little blade housed inside a compact pocket clip, allowing you to fasten it to your pocket or your belt. Its tiny size and portable nature make it not just an EDC but an EEDC (an easy-to-carry everyday carry). The size of a single key, the KLIP works as a keychain too, allowing you to carry/fasten your keys to your pocket while you travel.

The KLIP measures a mere 60mm when closed, and not more than 85mm when opened. It comes with a question-mark design that serves as a suspension hook/clip, but also allows the blade to sit in a recess in the back. The KLIP’s blade measures just over 27mm, comes made from 440C stainless steel, and sports a pointed tanto-style cutting edge and tip that’s great for slicing as well as piercing. The blade’s housed in an incredibly resilient Grade 5 Titanium body that promises to last not for years, but for generations.

“KLIP’s versatility and unique design make it ideal for your everyday adventures”, say the guys at Dapper Design, the California-based studio behind the KLIP. The small form factor enables the KLIP to be the kind of EDC you’d mindlessly carry with you everyday. The blade’s constant presence is what makes it so incredibly useful… and that Titanium construction means the KLIP will be your trusty partner for the rest of your life.

Designer: Dapper Design, LLC

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KLIP is a Titanium Pocket Knife and EDC suspension hook. An awesome everyday-carry suspension key hook with built-in pocket knife, KLIP is crafted from Grade 5 Titanium with a stonewashed finish. The first combination of its kind, KLIP neatly carries your keys and features a built-in precision blade.

KLIP has the perfect balance of tension and flexibility; not too tight, not too loose! Safely put it on your belt loop, put it in your pocket, put it wherever. Carrying hard keys in our pocket can potentially scratch our smart devices. If your keychain has accessories like microlights or a utility knife, this only adds to the discomfort and awkward clump at the bottom of your pocket. KLIP solves this problem.

KLIP takes the conventional suspension clip to a whole new level of functionality.

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or you carry more keys than the average person, KLIP is the ultimate everyday carry hook option for you.

Expertly engineered using grade 5 titanium, KLIP is designed to withstand serious abuse, making it a durable companion for the most demanding cutting needs.

Open letters, packages, remove staples or cut paper with the KLIP!

While KLIP works with most standard split key-rings, the twist-lock steel cable rings are best for strength, security, and style.

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Watch Bugatti test the first 3D-printed brake caliper

Back at the start of 2018, Bugatti revealed that it was working on the first 3D-printed brake caliper. Now that the year is winding to a close, it's finally ready to show the caliper in action. Bugatti has posted a video (below) of a test that simula...

The world’s smallest, most versatile multitool can sit on your fingertip

The first time you lay eyes on the Claw, it’s bafflingly small. What’s more baffling, however, is its incredibly vast feature list. It opens bottles and jars, unscrews screws, cuts open taped boxes, undoes staples, works as a flint-scraper, and acts as a tiny, nifty, jimmying tool. By design, it fits all those features into a frame that’s basically the size of your thumbnail, and by construction, it does so tirelessly, because the Claw is made entirely from titanium.

At less than an inch long, the Claw (an apt name, given its claw-shape and concealed nature) is smaller than a 1¢ coin, making it officially the world’s smallest multitool. It sits on your keyring, weighing a forgettable 2 grams, so you can have your EDC with you without even feeling its presence, until you need it. Use it to crack open bottles at parties, to unbox gifts you got during the holidays, jimmy open lids on jars of paint that are stuck shut, or even use it as a flathead screwdriver to tighten rogue screws around the house or outside. When not in use, it sits among your keys, perpetually accessible to you (it’s even TSA approved, so you can carry it on flights too). The grade 5 titanium build ensures it’ll last long enough to be passed down to your great-grandchildren… which would be infinitely cool if we had bottled drinks or flathead screws in the year 2100. Go ahead and grab a Claw for yourself now (with free international shipping!)

Designers: Malboro & Kane

Click Here to Visit Store: $22.49















Click Here to Visit Store: $22.49

Nitecore NTK10: The X-acto knife’s bad-boy cousin


Nitecore makes some stunning flashlights, but ever so often, it makes some mean EDC gear too. Take for instance the NTK10, quite literally a mean piece of EDC, with its anthropomorphized bottle-opener that looks like the jaws of a vicious predator.

Machined entirely from high-grade titanium, the NTK10 comes with an OLFA CKB-2 blade on the inside that makes for a perfect multi-purpose knife, with its long body and 30° slant, allowing you to use it for slicing, slashing, carving, piercing, and even precise X-acto style cutting. A precisely machined sliding mechanism on the handle allows you to deploy and retract the blade with incredible precision, thanks to the stunning 0.001mm machined tolerance. Aside from its blade and its bad-boy attitude, the NTK10 also comes with a bottle-opener and even a glass-shattering tip, making it a powerful, practically unbeatable piece of EDC.

Designer: Nitecore

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The HM9 Flow is less of a watch and more of a time-telling kinetic sculpture


Clearly taking inspiration from the streamlined aerodynamic body of an airplane, the HM9 Flow by MB&F is a sheer pleasure to look at, with its unconventional, curvilinear body and luxury steampunk aesthetic.

The movement within the HM9 Flow is developed in-house and is produced from 301 parts being manually-wound with 45 hours of power reserve. Three exhibition windows on the top give you a clear view of the enchanting movement of the twin balance wheels on each flank, accompanied by a planetary differential that averages their output, giving you an accurate reading on the dial that’s located on a vertical surface that faces you when you have your hands around the steering wheel, allowing you to casually glance at the time as you navigate your automobile.

The case is made entirely from titanium, with as many as five curved sapphire crystal windows (three on top, one on the side, and one on the back) giving you a view of the time and the bespoke movement that’s responsible for it. MB&F plans to produce only 33 of these remarkable timepieces, albeit with a hefty price tag of $182,000. These stellar jpegs, however, are for free.

Designer: MB&F