LG’s ET83 touchscreen Windows 8 monitor, fingers-on

LG's ET83 touchscreen Windows 8 monitor, fingerson

We heard about it some time ago and managed to get some fingers on time with LG's new 23-inch Windows 8 optimized monitor at today's CES press conference. It's a nice looking peripheral, for sure. The IPS panel is cocooned by a black bezel, which meets a white shiny plastic rear at its tips. Along the bottom bezel are a number of touchscreen controls, including things like Menu, for adjusting picture quality and the like. The screen sits on a leg with a large hinge for adjusting your viewing angle. Unfortunately, the single leg support shake a bit when you tap the screen, so you're going to want go a bit easy when tapping on those Metro tiles.

All in all, its quite responsive. We were able to tap and slide through the Microsoft UI in a breeze. As long as you're not too aggressive with you're touchscreening, it looks to be a pretty nice compliment to Microsoft's latest desktop operating system.

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LG announces 23-inch Touch 10 monitor with Windows 8 optimization

LG announces 23inch Touch 10 monitor with Windows 8 optimization

With Microsoft's latest operating system officially official now, we can certainly expect a massive wave of Windows 8-tailored peripherals to be ready to meet most consumer needs. Naturally, Korean electronics giant LG is expected to be one of many manufacturers leading the way, and thus it's no surprise the outfit has announced its Touch 10 ET83 monitor. According to the Optimus G maker, this 23-inch, touchscreen-enabled IPS panel will be a perfect choice for folks utilizing Windows 8, allowing them to take full advantage of Redmond's hefty implementation of gesture-based controls within the OS. The Touch 10's set to be available in Korea in November (mum's the word on pricing), while availability in other markets around the globe is expected to be sometime shortly thereafter.

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