Orb mini arcade machine $25

The Mini Arcade Machine by Orb is a tiny arcade cabinet offering 240 games to choose from in a small desktop form factor. Priced at £25 the de minimarket machine features a tiny joystick and dual button controls together with three even smaller menu navigation and power button.The arcade casing is finished with retro style […]

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Papalabs LEGO compatible electronic building blocks

Viritual Acoustic has designed and created new Lego friendly electronic building blocks in the form of the Papalabs entry-level modular kits. Starting from $49 the kits have been launched via Kickstarter this week and are available in three basic models offering a mechanical spider, robot and electric car. Watch the demonstration video below to learn […]

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Sphero Specdrums musical rings transforms colour into sound

After acquiring Specdrums back in June 2018, Sphero has this week unveiled its first product from the company in the form of the Sphero Specdrums musical rings which are capable of transforming colours into music using a companion application. Check out the video below to learn more about the new musical rings which are being […]

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This Beautiful Custom LEGO Douglas DC-3 is a Classic

There are two kinds of LEGO kits that I have always liked. I go for anything with wheels, like the slick new LEGO Corvette ZR-1, and also anything with wings. The cool part about LEGO aircraft is that you can pretend to fly them, then drop your plane and watch it explode. LEGO builder Vaionaut’s detailed DC-3 model looks way too nice to smash, though.

His custom Bavaria DC-3 aircraft is based on an earlier design that he tweaked for more accuracy and greater stability than the original. It features compound curves for the fuselage and a German flag on the tail that is made from bricks. The builder even made a suitably retro service truck to go along with it. This is a truly beautiful LEGO build. Great work, Vaionaut!

[via Brothers Brick]

LEGO Technic Corvette ZR-1 Doubles as a Hot Rod

We like our LEGO around these parts. Usually, when we are talking about a LEGO Technic car kit, we are talking about an insanely complex and expensive bag of parts. The $350, 3599-piece Bugatti Veyron kit is an excellent example of how extravagant LEGO car kits can be.

Good news for LEGO car fans who don’t have the budget or time for Bugattis. The LEGO Technic kit 42093 is of an American supercar, the Corvette ZR-1, and like the real deal, it’s a fraction of the cost and complexity of a Veyron. Priced at just $49.99, this 579-piece kit is much cheaper and is easier to build.

The car has lots of neat details, including a big wing out back, quad exhaust pipes, black-spoked rims, a working steering wheel, and a V8 engine with pistons that move. The finished model measures 3″ high, 4″ wide, and 11″ long.

The ZR-1 kit also comes with a set of instructions that allow you to build a classic Hot Rod with the same parts. Best of all, it’s available right now from the LEGO Shop.

[via The Drive]

Battlestar Galactica Viper MK II Collectible Is Frakking Sweet

As a kid, I loved the original Battlestar Galactica, and had some of the toys that went with the show. I particularly remember the Viper spaceship, and I would routinely play with the triangular fighter during commercial breaks. If you feel more nostalgic about the 21st century Battlestar, check out this collectible toy.

This is Apollo’s Viper MK II the newer BSG. Toymaker Eaglemoss says that it worked closely with members of the modern Galactica visual effects team to ensure the model was as accurate as possible. The 10.6″ long model also comes with Collector Magazine #6 that details the ships in the series.

The Viper Mk II will set you back $59.99 and can be pre-ordered now for delivery in March 2019. I miss this show and need to find it to stream.