The most expensive car you “can’t” buy

Not all of us are rich enough to have a Rolls Royce automobile parked in our garage… but this stunner of a car isn’t for sale. The Rolls Royce Sweptail isn’t a concept, but rather, it’s tailor-made for one RR patron who wanted a luxury car that was comparable to that of a yacht.

Designed with Rolls Royce’s signature styling on the front, you’ll notice a rather large overhang on the back, and a styling that almost resembles the hull of a racing yacht. It even comes with the number 08 on the front and back, giving it more of a racing yacht touch. Despite its large, dominating, extravagant build, the Sweptail only has room for two on the inside. How’s that for lavish?

The video above gives a beautiful demonstration of exactly how bespoke the car is. Aside from designing work being done with utmost care, the entire car is built and put together almost by hand, in a move that brings the brand back to making bespoke luxury coachbuilt cars.

Rolls Royce has been pretty hush-hush about the price of this beauty. Upon being asked, CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös replied that the Sweptail was “substantially expensive”. Coming from the CEO of a company known to make the most expensive luxury rides in the world, that probably means a LOT!

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The Zero-Emission BMW Mission

Just hours ago we were introduced to this mean machine, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link. Fresh from its reveal at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017 in Italy, the Concept Link is BMW’s concept scooter aimed to usher in a new era of urban mobility.

The design of the Concept Link is by far the most interesting. The e-scooter is broad, dominating, low-slung, and you immediately notice the majority of horizontal straight lines making it feel like the scooter is zipping forward. Looking like it was picked right out of a transportation designer’s sketchbook, the scooter’s aesthetic and silhouette are immediately striking and novel. Showcasing BMW’s absolute love for the black/gray color combination, the Concept Link features electric orange highlights that stand out beautifully, almost like war-paint, giving the bike a sense of dynamism.

The sleek e-scooter doesn’t just showcase a different aesthetic, it boasts of a connected approach to transport. The Concept Link “knows what’s in the rider’s calendar and therefore his next destinations.” This allows the two-wheeler to plan the fastest route or even the most scenic. The design features two displays, a windshield HUD display shows vital stats like battery, speed, navigation, while a lower touch-capable screen is reserved for other functions.

The Concept Link is envisioned to be a fully electric, zero-emissions ride and even features a reverse gear. The seats are adjustable length-wise and we can’t get enough of the way the below-seat storage opens up! What’s more, BMW plans to launch a range of connected clothing that are compatible with the Concept Link. A specific touch-gesture on the sleeve of the connected-jacket, for instance, opens and closes the bike’s sliding cargo door! I’m so excited for the future!

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Images via BMW Motorrad