A realistic representation of automobiles from 2030


With a side profile that looks less like any automobile you may have seen before and more like a Stormtrooper helmet, Alexander Suvorov’s ELLADA Cyberdrive is an uber-futuristic vehicle from 2030 that packs features in a unique aesthetic.

You’d expect a vehicle from 2030 to look starkly different from the ELLADA, which sticks to realism more than being imaginative and over-the-top… but that may just be the ELLADA’s strong point. Compact and rugged on the outside, the ELLADA was made to complement the harsh urban environment of 2030 where cities expand to the extent where commutes grow longer and tougher as people live further away from their workplaces. Not playing to the industry’s tactic of “Bigger is Better”, ELLADA’s small form factor works well in cramped environments brought about by overpopulation, and its rugged yet sophisticated design language still makes a style statement. Meanwhile, the infinite windshield that stretches from left to front to the right provides a clear view of the roads ahead while also being a great continuous surface for augmented reality, which by 2030 should be commonplace in automobiles.

Designer: Alexander Suvorov







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Autonomous driving is here to transform the lumber industry

If you thought the Tesla Semi was an impressive beast of a machine, Einride’s T-Log is sure to change your mind. Imagine a powerful electric truck… Now imagine it without a driver or even a cockpit. Einride’s T-Log, built for Sweden’s billion-dollar logging industry, features a design with practically no cockpit, as the truck comes with a platform for holding the logs, and a slim front that’s all autonomous. It even ditches the windshield for a display that is only outdone by the stunning, U-shaped headlamps below.

Einride’s autonomous driving chops come powered by Nvidia’s Drive platform, and the truck is built with a cornucopia of sensors such as radars, lidars, cameras, and intelligent routing software that helps optimize its performance, enabling it to deliver at faster times, using lesser energy and conserving battery life. The 300kWh battery sitting within the T-Log can power the truck for 120 miles on a single charge.

The T-Log isn’t completely autonomous though. It comes with a manual override that lets you remotely control the truck like a drone, using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation technology, allowing experienced drivers to maneuver the truck through sticky situations from hundreds of miles away using a low-latency cellular connection. However, the lack of a human operating the truck from within proves to be highly beneficial. It cuts down the risk of human error at the wheel, allows the truck to operate 24×7 without taking mandated sleep breaks (as humans would), while the absence of a waged driver itself helps cut down on a tonne of expenses.

With its edgy, future-forward design and the ability to transport logs without manpower, Einride’s T-Log aims at creating a cost-competitive transport solution that’s high on performance and low on risk.

Designer: Einride










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