The Sealander trailer doubles as a boathouse too!

There are two ways to look at the Sealander Trailer/Boat. A. As a romantic getaway from land, and B. As an apocalypse-vehicle. Whether it’s wanderlust or the fact that rising sea-levels have practically swallowed civilizations, the Sealander is quite a convenient travel-accessory to have.

The Sealander is a 13-square-foot, 1,100-pound camper trailer combo that doubles up as a boat too, with the ability to travel at a cool 5 miles per hour in regular waters (it clearly isn’t meant for high-tides). With a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body, the Sealander is particularly light and strong, working well both on land as well as water, and the inner space comes with a table and bench that can be tucked away to turn the inner space into a reclining area that takes full advantage of the foldable roof to let you gaze at the sunset, and then the stars thereafter. If you’re looking to spend a day or two on the Sealander, it comes with wide set of optional accessories, like a kitchenette (as well as an outdoor grill), a fresh-water toilet, and even an on-board shower. Perfect for a getaway, romantic or otherwise!

Designer: Sealander







Transparent suitcases are finally going mainstream!


We covered the Rimowa X Off White transparent suitcase earlier this year, exploring the pros (and maybe a few cons) of a suitcase that’s absolutely see-through. The idea of covering the Xiaomi 90 Points transparent suitcase (which honestly is quite a rip-off) is to address an aspect other than product design. It’s to address the mainstream-ification of this design, and how Xiaomi, a trend-setter in the east, could help make this trend more popular and accessible to the world.

Designed by 90 Points, a Xiaomi sub-brand, the suitcase comes with a complete transparent outer body molded in PolyCarbonate. With 360° wheels and a TSA lock, the suitcase has the makings of a nice, mid-range carry case. With a price of 599RMB ($86), the 90 Points suitcase (available exclusively on TMall) has a large competitive advantage over Rimowa’s $1,200 transparent suitcase, which makes a great ‘case’ for it among the masses, who’ll definitely be motivated to buy the unique looking piece of luggage. A transparent suitcase, although it really doesn’t scream privacy, is most certainly a much more uniquely visible item. Its transparent nature allows your belongings to be visible from the outside, making different from each and every suitcase, primarily because its belongings are different. It also lets you know if you’ve packed everything without having to open the case and rummage through your things!

Designer: 90 Points (Xiaomi)

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How to Use Your Existing Phone Overseas

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TSA outlines its plans for facial recognition on domestic flights

The Transportation Security Administration is determined to make facial recognition and other biometrics a regular part of the airport experience, and it now has a roadmap for that expansion. The effort will start by teaming with Customs and Border...

The Renault EZ-ultimo isn’t a car, it’s a glorious self-driving palace

Seldom do you come across a design that practically challenges everything you know about the category it belongs to. The Renault EZ-ultimo concept is that design. Sticking to the basics, the car comes with doors, wheels, seating, and the ability to transport you from A to B, but everything else about the EZ-ultimo is refreshing, and unfathomably beautiful.

Almost feeling like a palace on wheels, the EZ-ultimo is a magnificent melange of black and gold, and uses glass, mosaics, concentric patterns, and interiors that are more reminiscent of a luxury hotel than a luxury car… showing what one would consider to be clear architectural inspiration cues.

The interiors seat up to 3 people, and are designed to reflect French elegance and luxury. With wooden floors, leather upholstery, and even marblework (an automotive first, I believe), the car’s insides truly feel like a room. The seats come with a marble table running along the side, and an actual hanging lamp that illuminates the car’s insides. A latticed pattern along the sides (clearly an architectural detail) give you a grilled view of the outsides, as a glass mosaic on the outside translate to a carriage that looks almost like a gemstone on wheels. Speaking of which, even the wheels boast of ornamental detailing that simply captivates, even when still, giving the car the appearance of a carriage. The doors slide open like one too, allowing you to embark and disembark with flair.

Equipped with level 4 autonomous driving (which means you’ll need a driver on board), the EZ-ultimo is envisioned to cover a wide range of use cases… one of them being upscale ride-hailing because limousines are so last century!

Designer: Renault
















The Yacht that combines luxury with eco-friendly

Owning a yacht is often a complete power-move, and if you’re the kind to buy one, you’re likely to be unaffected by the price of fuel. However, if you’re a billionaire that’s invested in the future and the health of this planet, the SolarImpact Yacht’s for you.

Designed to be an all-electric yacht, the SolarImpact, like its name suggests, draws power entirely from the massive array of solar panels on its roof. Its electric build means the yacht isn’t just much more sustainable than a fuel yacht, but its quieter too, plus with a hull featuring SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) construction, you’ve got yourself a catamaran that’s much more stable in the water, so you or your guests are less likely to get sea-sick.

The yacht comes with an exceptional top-speed of 20 knots, and even has an AI on board that automates most of the key systems, allowing it to be driven by no more than one person… its owner. Now that’s definitely a power-move.

Designer: SolarImpact









Hey, Ford built a self-driving truck too!


With the F-Vision, Ford too jumps onto the autonomous-truck bandwagon, and why shouldn’t they? Autonomous trucks, if done right, benefit everyone. They’re safer, they can work day and night (bringing down the cost of logistics), they work on holidays too, and autonomous trucks don’t unionize (yet).

The F-Vision, unveiled at the Hanover Motor Show, however, won’t be completely autonomous. The silver, curvaceous vehicle comes with Level 4 autonomy, which means there’s a human overseeing the truck’s decisions, either within the truck, or remotely. This explains why the F-Vision comes with a cockpit, a windshield, and a very discernible human-sized door. I’m not a fan of the halftone detail on the windshield, personally… but it’s the prospect of self-driving logistics that excites me more than anything else.

Designer: Ford








The Vuz Moto Tent shelters the rider and the ride


Imagine heading out for a weekend in the wilderness. You’ve packed your bag, strapped your helmet on and mounted on your ride. GoPro docked on the side of your helmet, you’re capturing the journey there, and you notice something. Gray clouds above you, the sky’s overcast, and it’s getting a little windy.

Soon it begins to rain and you’re at the campsite. You’ve set the tent up for yourself, but your motorbike’s out there in the rain, getting completely drenched and possibly even covered in mud and grime. Now that’s what I call an undesirable experience… which can be easily avoided by the Waterproof Motorcycle Shelter by Vuz Moto. Designed to be 12 feet long, the tent has a dedicated shelter for up to 3 humans, as well as one for your motorcycle, allowing you (and anyone accompanying you) and your ride to escape the elements. With a completely waterproof construction, the shelter keeps both rider and ride dry, even giving you a dry floor to sleep on. Four access points allow you to enter and exit from any direction, as well as park your bike in any way you see fit, given the circumstance. When the weather’s good enough to hit the road again, the entire shelter folds up neatly into a carryable package that weighs no more than 14 pounds. And that’s what I call a desirable experience!

Designer: Vuz Moto

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