A turntable with unparalleled beauty!

The overall quality of a product and the precision of its construction can be effectively communicated through its carefully considered form. This is certainly the case with the SC+P Turntable, which uses the combination of high-quality materials, precision engineering and a visually striking design to emphasize the state of the art components that reside within its body.

The undeniably beautiful device is made up of a striking framework that draws attention towards the vinyl that sits at the center. The result of this skeleton-like form is the exposure of the mechanics and electronics that allow the device to function. This has lead to every single component being designed with immense attention to design and a very sharp eye!

We challenge you to find a turntable that comes even close to the beauty of this one!

Designer: Arthur Martins

McCormick’s concept grill plays music based on what you’re cooking

As someone who won't turn down an invite to a barbecue, the one thing missing in my life is a grill. That's the part about living in New York City that saddens me. So, when McCormick invited me to check out its new concept grill, the SUMR HITS 5000,...

An unusual alternate reality where toasters and turntables have a lot in common…

If I were to redesign the toaster myself, the vinyl turntable probably wouldn’t be my first point of inspiration. It wouldn’t even feature in the top 5, to be completely honest. That being said, Yu-Hsiang Lin’s toaster draws a link between cooking bread with heat, and playing music from a grooved disc. Rather humorously named “Another Toaster”, this bread-toasting machine uses a turntable, and a rod-shaped heated coil that periodically, and uniformly, cooks a piece of rotating bread.

At its best, the design is unusual, and begs to be prototyped. A coil sits within what would be the turntable’s arm, while the bread rests on the rotating platform. The arm evenly distributes heat on one side of the bread (and even comes with a heat-adjustment knob to change toast-intensity). It’s a fun exercise in mashing up two products to create one, but I doubt anyone would want to use Another Toaster, especially since you’d need to flip the bread to Side B if you want an evenly cooked piece of toast!

Designer: Yu-Hsiang Lin

A turntable fitting for the 2020s

As a fitting companion to our favorite (and perhaps the most controversially popular) music playback device, the Elbow Cassette Player, Louis Berger’s oTon is a quirky playback device for serious design junkies and audiophiles.

With a design that’s audacious enough to get me to quit Spotify to listen to LP discs full time, the oTon is vertical, exposes most of the vinyl disc, and is practically completely transparent… a design choice that makes the album art on the vinyl discs visible during playback. The oTon works by wirelessly sending audio to a nearby speaker (it doesn’t come with an in-built speaker, as you’ll clearly be able to see), but another interesting little feature is the oTon’s ability to rip audio from the vinyl discs and export them to your phone, to listen to while on the go!

Designer: Louis Berger

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This Bathroom Sink Looks Like a DJ Console

What is it about people incorporating music into their bathrooms? First, we had the musical instrument bathroom, and now check out this bathroom that has a sink that resembles a DJ’s console. Time to wash up with Sir Suds-A-Lot.

Designed by Gianluca Paludi, these turntable-inspired sinks from Olympia Ceramica will be a hit among wealthy DJs. This collection of bathroom basins is simply called Vinyl, and features sinks that look like a turntable setup. Each circular basin resembles the platter, and the faucet looks like a turntable’s tonearm. The tonearm doesn’t raise and lower like a real one, but maybe it can swivel from side to side. I’m not sure.

This setup includes a countertop with control knobs that regulate the water pressure and temperature. The cabinet has a drawer with a Bluetooth music amplifier and speaker inside as well. Those small holes are just for the speaker. Then there’s the stand that has a lower tier which supports a tempered glass shelf for fresh towels and other stuff. The upper tier has a rigid leather bag to hold smaller things.

The sink is available in either single or double-vanity designs, and there’s also a matching equalizer mirror with LEDs to go with. All those wealthy DJs out there can now have a luxury bathroom to go with their trade.

[via Mike Shouts via Geekologie]

Yamaha’s latest turntable streams multi-room audio via WiFi

You can pair a turntable with a multi-room audio setup (Sonos even offers a bundle), but that usually means wiring your record player into that setup at some point. Yamaha thinks it can do better. Its newly launched MusicCast Vinyl 500 turntable uses...