Turtle Beach buys Roccat to create a gaming accessory empire

Competition in the gaming gear space might just heat up -- Turtle Beach, best known for its gaming headsets, is buying game accessory maker Roccat for $14.8 million. The company isn't shy about its plans. it's snapping up Roccat to add keyboards, mic...

Microsoft is launching a white Xbox One X console and controller

Today, Microsoft announced that, for the first time, its Xbox One X console and Elite Wireless Controller are available in white. You can pick them up as a part of the Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle, which comes bundled with...

Turtle Beach’s new headsets have solid audio and won’t break the bank

With the rise of games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, headsets have become essential gear. Like any other personal audio purchase, there are a range of options, offering loads of features and levels of sound quality -- depending on...

The best VR headsets and accessories for dorms

We'll be the first to admit that a virtual-reality session isn't terribly conducive to bonding with new friends in the dorm. But, hey, a few of us here at Engadget are introverts, so you don't need to explain to us the value of strapping on a headset...

Turtle Beach’s glass speaker fires a focused ‘beam’ of audio

Turtle Beach's HyperSound Glass is one of the most impressive tech demos I've seen in years. The broad pitch used to sell the concept is pretty easy to grasp. With traditional speakers, sound travels out like light from a lamp: It's directed, for su...

Turtle Beach outs Xbox One headsets, Call of Duty: Ghosts- and Marvel-branded cans

Turtle Beach outs Xbox One headsets, Call of Duty: Ghosts- and Marvel-branded cans

In May, Turtle Beach shouted from the hilltops that it snagged Microsoft's blessing to craft Xbox One headsets, and now it's ready to show off the actual hardware. Based on the outfit's Seven Series, the pair of XO Ear Force cans will be available at the console's launch and feature 3.5mm jacks, detachable boom mics and deliver surround sound through wired connections to controller adapters. At $149, the XO Seven boasts a "premium finish," on-ear cups with noise-isolating memory foam cushions, interchangeable speaker plates and a breakaway cable with an in-line mic for use with mobile devices. Liberating $99 from your wallet, however, will net you the more budget-friendly XO Four, which can also be used with devices outfitted with 3.5mm ports.

Bringing other platforms into the mix, Turtle Beach unveiled a trio of Call of Duty: Ghosts-branded headsets, but remained mum on pricing. The wireless Ear Force Phantom boasts dual-band WiFi, rechargeable batteries and compatibility with the Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile devices. The wired Spectre and Shadow are presumably less pricey, and play nice with PC and Mac as well. Sure, E3 may be a video game bonanza, but comic fans are getting some love with an Ear Force Seven headset embellished with Marvel branding, a red accent and swappable speaker covers with different characters.

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Turtle Beach gets Microsoft stamp of approval to build Xbox One headsets

Microsoft's new Xbox comes with a console, controller and Kinect, but even if you pre-order One for yourself, you may choose to go elsewhere to pick up a matching headset. And, Turtle Beach will be one of the first next-gen headset providers, as it's just signed a license with Microsoft to build them for the One. Turtle Beach isn't sharing any more info on the forthcoming headsets, but we'll be telling you all about them when they're revealed at E3 in a few weeks. Oh, and before you go thinking that you can save yourself some cash by using your trusty Xbox 360 cans, remember that the One's controllers have a new proprietary port on them that's incompatible with your old gear. You were looking for an excuse to upgrade your over-ear gaming audio anyway, right?

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