Amazon’s ‘The Romanoffs’ teaser shows desperate claims to fame

Amazon is finally ready to show more of The Romanoffs than its all-star cast. The internet behemoth has posted a full-fledged teaser trailer for the Prime Video anthology series, and it's evident that the show is equal parts serious and irreverent....

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has its Spock

CBS just cast one of the most important roles in Star Trek: Discovery's future. The network has chosen Ethan Peck to play the iconic Spock in its streaming sci-fi series. According to the broadcaster, the In Time actor "effortlessly" reflected Spoc...

I’ll take ‘Jeopardy’ on Hulu for $400, Alex

Jeopardy has been a mainstay of the TV landscape for 35 years, but you wouldn't know it if you didn't have conventional TV service. Thankfully, it's joining the modern era -- Hulu has announced that it's the first streaming service to carry the lege...

Vizio Adds Free TV Channels to Its SmartCast TVs with WatchFree

These days, when you buy most TVs, you get some sort of smart TV functionality built in so you can stream content. But the vast majority of these streaming services require an additional subscription fee, adding to the cost of your broadband connection and the TV itself. In their continual efforts to offer great value and functionality in its products, Vizio has announced that many of its TVs will now get more than 100 channels for FREE.

In partnership with Pluto TV, most Vizio SmartCast-enabled TVs can now view dozens of live and linear channels of content without any cost at all. The new service offers a variety of streamed content, including movies, news, viral videos, music, and lifestyle programming, all for no money.

Among its many channels, Vizio’s WatchFree streaming service includes include Pluto TV Movies, Action Movies, Black Cinema, News 24/7, NBC News/MSNBC, Fox Sports, Frontdoor, Cats 24/7, Crime Network, MST3K, and The Surf Channel.

All of this content is in addition to the free over-the-air content enabled by the built in digital tuner in every 2018 Vizio SmartCast TV, further enhancing access to free programming. I’m excited to have access to this service, since I have a Vizio M-series display in my living room, and plan on starting to watch it right away.