Fish Play Street Fighter: fSport

I guess this is a thing now. After seeing the hilariously boring Fish Plays Pokémon, software developer Andrew Hill wondered if he could make the same setup but for a fighting game. The result is Fish Play Street Fighter. Thankfully, it’s just as funny as its inspiration but is a billion times more exciting.

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Fish Play Street Fighter is a lot like Fish Plays Pokémon – the aquarium is divided into zones, with each zone corresponding to a command in Street Fighter. But because this is a two-player game, Andrew used color detection so that the movements of his orange goldfish Aquarius are turned into key presses for player 1, while his black goldfish Robert the Bruce sends key presses to player 2. Andrew’s arrangement of the commands leads to some tense moments, although right now Dhalsim and Blanka are just jumping.

Grab your popcorn and head to Twitch to see what our forefathers died for. The next step? Fish Play Simulator, a game where you play a goldfish in a Fish Play aquarium. Naturally that will be followed up by Fish Plays Fish Play Simulator. This is probably how the Matrix starts.

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Fish Plays Pokémon, All Arguments Are Invalid

If fish can drive, then they sure as hell can play Pokémon. And that’s exactly what a goldfish named Grayson Hopper is doing – not that he knows he’s doing it – thanks to its owners Patrick Facheris and Catherine Moresco. The pair built Fish Plays Pokémon as part of their HackNY fellowship.

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Apparently, Grayson has been playing Pokémon for about 135 hours. That must be only 5 minutes in fish time because so far all he’s done is acquire his first Pokémon – Charmander – and defeat his rival’s Squirtle. Oh right. He’s a fish.

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on

Use Browse and head to Twitch to catch Fish Plays Pokémon. I bet Grayson’s better than I am at Hearthstone.

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75,000+ People Are Playing a Game of Pokémon: MMOkémon

Pokémon are elusive creatures. If you want to catch them all, you better bring an army. That must be their thinking on, where right now more than 75,000 people are in a chatroom controlling a single game the Game Boy version of Pokémon Red.

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The users are entering controller input into the chat window (up, down, left right, B, A, select, start) and that is how they are playing the game. It’s just a bunch of crazy chaos. Scroll down or hit the link and watch it for a while. It is strangely engrossing.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on

I just watched for several minutes as they tried to enter a name and got nowhere. Clearly, they are never going to catch them all.

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Xbox One gameplay broadcasting delayed to ‘the first part of 2014’

It sure is good that Microsoft's Xbox One controller doesn't have a "Share" button dedicated to pushing live broadcasts of gameplay to the internet, because that functionality is being delayed beyond the console's November 22nd launch date. Microsoft confirmed as much this morning in a cursory footnote in a larger piece about the app, which reads, "We are working to ensure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community." It sounds like, as it stands now, broadcasting via Xbox One isn't up to snuff for release.

"While this feature won't be available right away, we'll let you know as soon as it is ready," the note continues. "Our goal is to deliver it during the first part of 2014." We've yet to use the Xbox One's broadcasting since first hearing about it during the console's debut event last May. To be clear, the app is different from the ability to broadcast gameplay through Twitch.

In addition to the delay news, Microsoft released a video of's app in action, which enables viewing of gameplay broadcasts (it's below the break). Hilariously, this will allow Xbox One players to watch live gameplay from other game platforms, just not the one they're using. Womp womp.

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Twitch update for iOS more than triples live channels, revamps chat

Twitch update for iOS more than triples live channels, revamps chat

Twitch streams a lot of events these days, and it's improving its iOS app to keep up with the flood of new content. The just-posted 2.3.5 update more than triples the number of accessible live channels from 200 to over 750, giving viewers a better chance of seeing a local tourney or a "let's play" feed. Chat has also received a thorough makeover that brings both a simpler design and support for Twitch's unique take on emoticons. And if you're a dedicated Dota 2 player, you'll definitely want this upgrade -- link your Steam account and you'll earn item drops in Valve's arena battler when watching certain streams. There's no word of corresponding updates for Android or other platforms, although Twitch says it's improving channel capacities across all its apps.

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Twitch Android app updated with persistent login, followed channels

DNP Twitch Android app update adds followed channel viewing, still no search or chat

An update for the app on Android is finally letting users log into their accounts, providing easier access to their personal favorites out of the top 300 live streaming channels. Features still not accounted for include search and chat, however Community Manager Jared Rea mentions they're in the works. According to Rea, development of its Android app -- until three months ago it had gone a year without being updated -- received "yet another incentive" with the launch of the Ouya gaming console. Hit the links below for the new app, info on its development and the top-300 channel restriction that applies whether you're watching on a console or handheld device.

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Twitch TV is Currently Down

Microsoft's new partner for live video streaming of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, Twitch TV, is currently down. On the landing page of the website of, a message appears for users with title... is down, users will need to reset their passwords when it’s restored (update: it’s back)

Videogame focused live video streaming platform (and new Xbox 360 / Xbox One partner) is down at the moment, but even once it's restored users will have to reset their passwords and stream keys. That information comes directly from the site's official blog, which blames the issue on a caching problem with its web CDN partner. Some users are worried the site may have been hacked since prior to its shutdown, many suddenly found themselves viewing accounts that belonged to other people and now all the login information has been cleared. The company continues to state that isn't the case and belief to the contrary is related to an outdated outage message featuring a logo tied to its company hack week. It should be back up shortly, but apparently "10s of millions of accounts resets takes quite a bit of time."

Update: It's back!

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