Epic Games will receive a BAFTA Special Award next month

Epic Games will add another award to its trophy cabinet next month, when it picks up a BAFTA Special Award for its contribution to game development. Not only has the company created several hits of its own, including the all-conquering Fortnite, but...

Epic Games has 250 million ‘Fortnite’ players and a lot of plans

When Tim Sweeney built ZZT in 1991, he didn't know how to program graphics. Instead of coding actual characters and objects into his game, he used text symbols, and the main character was simply a smiley face trailing across the screen. "That includ...

Watch Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 event in 13 minutes

If you missed Microsoft's big MWC event yesterday, we've distilled all of the news down to 13-minutes to get you caught up quickly. There's plenty of HoloLens, mixed reality, Kinect and more, so here's a brief rundown of what you might've misse...

Unreal Engine 4 Augmented Reality Plugin: Unreal4AR

Epic’s Unreal Engine is mainly used to create video games, but now it can also be used to create augmented reality apps, thanks to Adam Horvath and his plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

unreal4ar_unreal_engine_4_augmented_reality_plugin_by_adam_horvath_1zoom in

Adam’s Unreal4AR is based on the open source augmented reality SDK ARToolKit. It works with Windows, OS X, iOS and Android devices. It uses markers like most AR apps but it also supports Natural Feature Tracking (NFT), which means any image can be turned into a marker. Imagine making card art come alive, or hiding the marker within the display surface’s design. The video below shows the Unreal Engine tutorial cinematic Matinee playing on a desk:

Here’s another example, a color preview app for a motorcycle:

Here’s the NFT support at work:

Its responsiveness is almost too good to be true. You can buy Unreal4AR for $99 to $249(USD), but you can also download its demo for free. Check out Adam’s post in the Unreal Engine forum for more on the plugin.

[via Gadgetify]

Super Mario 64 Running in Unreal Engine Truly is Unreal

3D artist Aryok Pinera posted this video of Super Mario 64 using the Unreal Engine. Basically it is the Super Mario game that you love, but in hyper-real environments. I guess that means Yoshi is gonna be very frightening.

mario_unreal_1zoom in

What’s interesting about this is peoples’ mixed reactions. I thought everyone would love this, surely. Nope. Some people don’t like Mario in a realistic setting. Most of the environments you see here are from the Unreal Engine marketplace, just to show what can be done until the team creates their own levels. Mario’s animations were built from scratch too.

Personally, I would love to play a Mario game in a realistic environment, but I guess it isn’t for everyone. Check it out for yourself. Looks like fun to me.

[via Nerd Approved]

Extract & Print 3D Models from Unreal Engine Games: STLen OBJects

Here’s a seemingly no-brainer for 3D printing enthusiasts. If you’re looking for 3D files to print, your Steam library may already hold the files you seek. YouTuber Angus Deveson of Maker’s Muse recently shared a way to convert the files in Unreal Engine games into printable formats. So you can go from this…

unreal engine 3d model extraction by makers muse 620x346magnify

to this:

unreal engine 3d model extraction by makers muse 2 620x347magnify

Angus’ method involves using several Windows programs to convert an Unreal Engine model into different file formats, until you arrive at a .obj or .stl file. However, as you’ll see in his walkthrough, more often than not you’ll also have to do a bit of editing in order to repair or stitch a model together . There’s a bit of NSFW language in the video below, but considering Angus ripped a freakin’ mace out of his video game, I’m surprised there wasn’t more cussing set to symphonic music.

Head to Angus’ video on YouTube for the links to the programs that he used. A couple of Hack A Day commenters also pointed out that you might be able to do the same with games that use DirectX using a program called Ninja Ripper, and with World of Warcraft using WoW Model Viewer.

[via Hack A Day]

New Unreal Tournament Will Be Free, Crowd-Sourced and could have Oculus Rift Support

True to their tease, Epic Games is beginning development on a brand new Unreal Tournament today. The game will be free co-developed by Epic and their community. “Let’s do something radical and make...

NVIDIA, Epic Games bringing Unreal Engine 3 to Windows 8 and Windows RT (video)

NVIDIA, Epic Games bringing Unreal Engine 3 to Windows 8 and Windows RT video

NVIDIA and Epic Games have successfully ported the full PC version of Unreal Engine 3 to both Windows 8 and, more importantly, Windows RT. Demonstrating the achievement on a Tegra 3-powered ASUS Vivo Tab RT, it played a buttery-smooth version of Epic Citadel, suggesting that developers of both PC and Xbox games should have no problem in bringing them over to the new operating system. It also casually mentioned that both Gears of War and Mass Effect were built on the engine, heavily implying that we could see titles of that caliber coming to Microsoft's low-power OS once it makes it debut on October 26th, but we'll let you decide for yourself after the break.

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Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 now working on Linux through Google Chrome, more or less

Epic Citadel tech demo

A Holy Grail of Linux gaming has been an Unreal Engine 3 port. Getting one for the OS would unlock a world of games that has been the province of, well, just about any other mainstream platform. Thanks to Google preserving Flash on Linux through Chrome, that dream is alive in at least a rudimentary form. Experimenters at the Phoronix forums have found that Chrome 21 has support for the Stage 3D hardware acceleration needed to drive Epic Games' Flash conversion of UE3. Tell Chrome to enable support as well as ignore a graphics chip blacklist, and suddenly you're running Epic Citadel from your Linux install. When we say "running," however, we're taking a slight amount of poetic license. Performance isn't that hot, and certain configurations might not show the medieval architecture in all its glory. We've confirmed with Epic that it works, but it's still firm on the stance that there's no plans for official UE3 support on Linux "at this time." It's still promising enough that maybe, just maybe, gamers can embrace an open-source platform without having to give up the games they love.

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Gameloft announces its first Unreal Engine game, you figure out what it is

Gameloft announces first Android Unreal Engine game, you figure out what it is

Parisian gaming company Gameloft has pulled the wraps off its first Unreal Engine Android game, but is being rather coy about what it actually is. The teaser image -- which was released on the company's Facebook page -- reveals little more than a bloody sword and skull along with a cryptic message, saying that a clue was hidden in the artwork. Viewers were also invited to vote for the next hint, which will either be another image or a YouTube teaser trailer. Whether the macabre-looking game itself will create as much suspense as its marketing tease remains to be seen.

Update: Some sources have reported the platform as Android, but that has not been officially announced.

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