Apple’s new USB security feature has a major loophole

Apple's new USB Restricted Mode, which dropped with the iOS 11.4.1 release yesterday, may not be as secure as previously thought. The feature is designed to protect iPhones against USB devices used by law enforcement to crack your passcode, and works...

iOS update adds security-focused USB restricted mode

Apple just released iOS 11.4.1 with an improved Find My AirPod feature and some stability fixes. It also appears to include USB Restricted Mode, a feature that was part of the 11.4.1 and iOS 12 betas. The feature was originally discovered by The Verg...

HAL 9000 USB Drive: Open the Drive Bay Doors, HAL

We’re big fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey around here. There isn’t nearly enough 2001 merch available for fans, so when we see something nifty, we’ve gotta post it. This sweet Hal 9000 USB Drive helps to rectify that situation.

Kubrick’s dystopian masterpiece is one of the greatest sci-fi films ever and one of the most influential films in history. Many of the film’s predictions have come to pass in the 50 years since it first hit movie screens, most specifically talking computers that don’t do what you ask them to.

The limited-edition HAL Mini USB drive from Master Replicas Group is a great way to show your love for the murderous computer from the movie. The drive looks just like the face of the HAL 9000 computer from the second act of the film. The red lens that represents HAL’s camera eye lights up on the USB stick, so that is already pretty eerie. I’m really hoping that this USB drive doesn’t go insane like the original HAL. It might just deny you access to your own computer.

“Let me in HAL!”

“I can’t do that, Dave.”

Let’s just hope that this drive is sane. It’s definitely worth buying, but watch it closely. Very closely. I’ll just use it for show. No way am I plugging this thing into my own computer.

A Swiss Army Knife for the Urban Jungle


From the makers of the very multitool knife-gadget that took the world by storm comes an iteration of the classic Swiss Army Knife built with today’s techies in mind. They’ve named it the Jetsetter@work Alox for its file-carrying component that every working professional will appreciate. In addition to the knife’s six practical functions, it features an integrated 3.0/3.1 USB with 16G of storage. Not only can you cut, strip, and screw, but you can save your files and then pop a bottle after a hard day’s work! Get it here!

Designer: Victorinox

Click here to Buy Now: $70.00




Lamborghini’s 650HP Urus is equal parts muscle and infotainment

Lamborghini's Urus is more than just an absurdly overpowered SUV, it's packed with technology both on the entertainment and safety sides too. That means along with its 650 horsepower twin-turbo aluminum 4.0 liter V8 (whew) you also have the option fo...

Charge Your New Devices Fast and Cheap with this HyperCharger Deal

So you’ve got all the gadgets you wanted for Christmas, but you know all of their batteries are still going to run out too soon. You need a battery pack to keep all your new toys juiced up. The Graphene 5K HyperCharger should do the trick, and it’s on sale for just $22.99!

The Graphene 5K Hypercharger is an ultra-thin, lightweight charging pack. This battery is easy to take with you anywhere and offers up 5,000mAh of extra juice whenever you need it. Thanks to HyperCharging Generation 3 technology, you can get a power re-up at super fast speeds. The sleek and low-profile design with high gloss finish will look great on your desk, and it features two USB charging ports for simultaneous charging. Plus, you’ll get a 3-in-1 Triton charging cable, which lets you charge microUSB, Lightning, or USB Type-C devices with the same cable.

You won’t believe how quickly your devices will get juiced up. Get the Graphene 5K HyperCharger + Triton Cable for just $22.99 in the Technabob Shop.

The Charlie Outlet Adds 9 USB Ports to Your Wall

If there’s one thing most of us can use more of these days, it’s USB ports. After all, just about every rechargeable device made ends up connecting to a USB-powered charger. Chances are, you’ve got one or two USB chargers plugged into your outlet and that’s all you’ve got room for. With the Charlie Outlet, you can connect up to nine USB-powered devices to a single wall outlet, and charge them simultaneously.

In addition to three USB ports on each of its sides, its triangular design allows you to plug in up to three other AC-powered devices, including those big AC adapters which rarely fit into a conventional outlet without blocking the other one. The perimeter of the Charlie outlet also packs an array of LEDs, so it doubles as a nightlight as well.

The Charlie outlet is available now over on Amazon for $38, which works out to just over $4 per USB port, so if you think about it that way, it’s a total bargain!

DIY Any Kind of Controller with the MagicKey Input Board

Turn your world into a creative extravaganza. With this little controller board, you can use anything conductive as the keys for your creative works – be it your computer or fruit. The MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard has the power to do that and more.

The SunFounder MagicKey is a multi-function controller board based on the Atmel ATmega32U4. You can use it to control games, MIDI music applications, and much more. Connect buttons, keyboard keys, conductive paints, or more to create unique and fun input devices. Simply connect the board to a PC or a Raspberry Pi board to get started.

Ready to experiment? The MagicKey is currently 17% off the regular price for just $32.99 in the Technabob Shop. Use code GIFTSHOP15 for an additional 15% off this awesome present for the DIY-nerd.