The all-in-one USB adapter that’s bursting with personality

We love it when products with a functional purpose carry a characterful and quirky aesthetic; it brings an element of playfulness to what would conventionally be a rather boring and uninteresting product. This is exactly the case with Cable Pets, where humor and personality have been placed at the forefront of the design requirements, therefore greatly influencing the design!

Cable Pets function is a rather handy one; it is an all-in-one USB adapter that allows power banks to charge all types of smartphone. The cables make up the friendly-creature’s arms and legs, giving them an out of proportion and dynamic appearance. It’s certainly a wonderfully simple yet functional accessory that is just bursting with characterful design!

Designer: Suki Lee

A Wee Bit of Genius

Ryo is proof that big things come in small packages! This tiny adapter takes the hassle out of fumbling to plug your USB in correctly. It fits any standard USB cable and provides instant relief from playing that ridiculous guessing game again! According to the designers, the average persons wastes 30 MINUTES a year trying to get it right. So take back control of your life and get a Ryo!

Designer: ryo tech

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Apple Warns Some USB Adapters Sold in Europe May Not Be Safe

Apple has issued a warning to European iPhone users telling them that the USB adapter they are using may pose a safety risk. Apple says that affected USB adapters were sold with the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S smartphones from October 2009 until September 2012.

apple usb 620x242magnify

All of the affected adapters have model A1300 on them. The adapters are being redesigned and all new adapters have model A1400 on them and the CE symbol is outlined in gray. Apple is replacing the adapters for users at no cost.

Apple says that these affected adapters have the potential to overheat and “pose a safety risk.” What Apple means is that they might catch fire. The replacement program is underway now. Users who want to replace their adapters can request a replacement here.

[via 9to5Mac]

Amped Wireless releases two new USB adapters to cure internet blackspots (video)


Is your computer positioned just that little bit too far away from your home router to get consistent internet access? Amped Wireless is here for you with a pair of USB adapters that promise you'll never have to tilt your machine to maintain signal again. The UA1000 pushes out 500mW of power over the 2.4GHz band, will clip to your laptop screen and, if you connect it to two USB ports instead of one it'll be even more powerful. Meanwhile, the UA2000 can switch between its high-range 2.4GHz and low-interference 5.0GHz radios to ensure the best reception in the darkest corners of your home or office. The former will set you back $80 while its dual-band cousin retails at $100 and you can pre-order both from today.

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