Northerners Need This LEGO Snowblower

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of shoveling snow every year. Even when you use a snowblower, it requires you to push the thing, while you freeze your butt off. Definitely a first world problem. What I need is this LEGO Technic 42070 6X6 All Terrain Tow Truck that was modified into a functional snowblower by The Brick Wall.

Sure, it’s not super powerful and it isn’t the most effective snowblower, but it’s made of LEGO! And you don’t even have to push the thing around. Who cares if it looks like it would take forever to do its job? That’s what robot slaves are for.

It took three weeks to build this impressive LEGO beast. I’m not sure how many weeks it takes to actually clear the snow. Sorry, that was mean. I’m trying to be nice to all of the machines so that when they take over the world, hopefully I’ll be spared. Seriously though, this is a pretty cool mod. If it just threw the snow to the side, it would be perfect.

What I really need is a snowblower that collects the snow inside of its body, and makes snowballs that can then be launched at children when I’m finished clearing my driveway.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]

Robots Go Skiing, Fall on Their Shiny Metal Asses

Many of us are on the lookout for the impending robot uprising, but once you see this video of skiing robots falling on their butts, you may not be so worried. The footage comes from the Ski Robot Challenge in South Korea outside of PyeongChang. The event was held at the Welli Hilli resort in Hoengseong, about an hour away from the 2018 Winter Olympic games.

Eight teams competed against each other and the rules state that all robots have to be at least 20 inches tall, have two legs, and operate on an independent power system. Sure, there were a few robots that had impressive runs, but as you can see, there were a lot of fails here. The winning robot was TaekwonV from a company called Minirobot Corp and it took home the $10,000 prize, navigating the course in just 18 seconds with no falls.

This video is sure to make you laugh. I mean, what’s better than robots falling again and again while trying to look cool and do awesome things? This wasn’t an official event at this year’s Olympics, but it should be, so we can watch highlights of robots failing and laugh at them as a society.

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YD Talks: Define the problem first, not the brief

There are a lot of ways to approach this post, but I guess the best way is to paraphrase a mentor of mine. Clients lack the power to communicate effectively. That’s why they rely on designers to do it for them. Clients often come to designers with a solution ready in their mind, hoping the designer will help them just with the execution, but oftentimes a well-defined problem is a solution in itself. One often forgets that design thinking is the truly valuable service we provide, and not just designing itself… and that starts with discovering the purpose of the project through proper questioning. There’s a lot to gain from asking “Why do you need me”, rather than “What do you need from me”. A Why-based question leads to a bilateral conversation, whereas a What-based question makes it sound like you’re looking for simple, direct orders from your client. No points for guessing which approach forms a better dynamic between designer and client, and earns you more respect as a design professional…!

Chris Do’s video above talks about focusing on the problem before focusing on the solution. Asking the right questions doesn’t just help you build a more detailed idea of what needs to be done, it also helps build credibility and appear invested, involved. “Your value is determined by the quality of questions you ask”, says Do, and that stands true across pretty much every design discipline.

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, executive producer of The Skool, and the Founder of The Futur — an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creative thinkers.

Super Mario Cat Bros.

Nintendo recently revealed that it’s giving Hollywood another chance to get Super Mario right with a full-length animated feature from Illumination Entertainment. It’s gotta be better than that first movie right? The bar is definitely set very low. But if you ask me, there’s only one way to go for a Super Mario movie. Cats! Duh! Something like this new fan film that captures the fun of the original Super Mario Bros. game and adds a kitty. Specifically, it stars a cat as Mario.

There’s no creature better suited to climbing, jumping, wedging itself into pipes, and getting hard to reach coins. Super Mario Cat Bros. was directed by Russian filmmaker Mike “Mr.TVCow” Tivikoff; who co-stars in the video as Luigi. Luigi is a human, so not sure how they are brothers. Luigi quickly follows Mario on his quest to save Princess Peach. The pair face all of the usual obstacles of the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is the cutest thing ever to see a cat performing all of the jumps, entering warp pipes, throwing fireballs and more. This is a very well done video and now I want to see more of their adventures.

[via Nerdist]

This Rubik’s Cube Candle Is Only for True Masochists

When I was a kid, solving a Rubik’s Cube was considered an extremely difficult task for most. These days, there are armies of kids who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds. So now they’ve moved on to increasingly more complex cubes to add to the challenge. But puzzle guru Tony Fisher has another idea to make solving even a standard 3x3x3 cube far more difficult. Light it on fire.

What you’re looking at here is an unusual Rubik’s Cube which has been made from candle wax. It’s got wicks in many of the cubes, but also some which are unlit so you at least have a slight chance of being able to solve the puzzle without burning the skin off of your fingertips.

Even with just some of the wicks lit, I’m amazed that Tony was able to solve the puzzle before it melted down into a pile of mush, and that he still has all of his fingers intact. Needless to say, don’t try this at home.

Logan Paul forced YouTube to admit humans are better than algorithms

YouTube is no stranger to controversy. Many of its top stars have been in hot water recently: From PewDiePie making racists remarks, to a "family" channel with abusive kid pranks, the company's been under fire for not keeping a closer eye on the the...

LG Demos 65-Inch Rollable OLED TV

Last week we showed you LG’s latest TV that rolls up like a poster and now we have some video to share of the company giving a demo. At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, LG showed off their 65-inch rollable OLED television, and folks were appropriately wowwed.

The 16:9 screen can be remotely rolled down and stored into its base, and now we see it can stop at different heights to display different aspect ratios like 21:9 and hide those black bars. It can even display as a small strip to display the weather, streaming audio information, and more. The whole thing makes a lot more sense when you see it in action:

This design makes sense for a whole lot of reasons, the best reason being that a design like this will allow us to get larger TVs in our home and roll them up when they are not being used. That way they take up practically no space at all. I really like where LG is going with this and I seriously hope that they get something like this out to the market sooner rather than later.

[via Digital Trends via The Awesomer]

Flying Bathtub Drone: Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Six Rotors in a Tub

Well here’s a new one. Below are some videos of The Real Life Guys constructing and testing a manned hexacopter drone which happens to be made from a bathtub. You might ask yourself, why choose a bathtub? I say why not? The only things in the sky that get my attention these days are UFOs and people flying around in magic bathtubs.

The guy in the bathtub is not flying it by the way. That’s the other guy’s job. Since a flying bathtub seems pretty dangerous, I would want to drive if I were in it.

Weird and cool as seeing a flying bathtub is, they would get some serious bonus points if the thing was actually full of water and the guy was bathing. That’s what I really want to see flying over my head. Some guy just sudsing up and scrubbing his back as he waves down at me. Am I on drugs? No way to know for sure, but that’s not something you see everyday, so probably. Then when the guy is done bathing and soaking during his flight, he can just drain the tub and let the water go where it will.

These guys are some very cool You-tubbers. Am I right? Their next stunt involves a flying bed. Once they accomplish that feat, they plan to name themselves “Bed, Bath, and Beyond”, but they have to find a third member first.

I’ll be here all week.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Watch The Omnicopter Drone Play a Game of Catch

Fathers and sons do it, people do it in the park with their dogs, and Baseball players do it professionally, so why not let the robots get in on a fun game of catch? They want in on this human pastime too. And guess what? They are doing it. The Omnicopter drone is pretty good at it. It won’t be long before robots everywhere are tossing the ball to one another and forming their own Baseball teams.

It’s happening thanks to Swiss mechanical engineer Dario Brescianini and ETH Zurich professor Raffaello D’Andrea, who worked together to create this unique aerial vehicle. This drone is a super agile omni-directional drone that can fly in any direction, at any time, meaning it can change flight vectors much faster and more reliably than traditional quadcopters. That tech is the key to its success at this game. The drone is able to play a game of catch by adding a “computationally efficient trajectory generator.” So basically, it’s able to watch where the ball is being thrown, rapidly calculate its flight path, and make its way to where the ball will be in time to catch it.

The Omnicopter never fails to catch the ball, and never drops it. It is the perfect outfielder since it knows where the ball will be ahead of time. Sure, it’s impressive, but talk to me when it can swing a bat and hit a home run. We will probably see that next week.

[via Laughing Squid]