Google will work with LGBTQ+ groups on harassment policies

In the wake of YouTube's controversial decision not to pull videos containing homophobic and racist attacks, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote an internal email acknowledging that "the LGBTQ+ community has felt a lot of pain and frustration over recent...

Credit Card Machines Perform Super Mario Bros Theme

Yep, you’ve heard the Super Mario Bros. theme a million times. Now make it a million and ONE with this rendition performed by a couple of credit card terminals by the Device Orchestra.

It’s pretty cool and sounds authentic. One problem though. I would have programmed them to only play the thing after someone swipes their card. That’s just good capitalism. You have to pay up if you want to hear it, nerds.

It would be cool if this happened every time I went shopping. Sadly, it does not. Also, is it too much to ask that those receipts would print out a picture of a Super Mario level that you can keep as a souvenir? Come on man, step up your game. I’m just kidding. I couldn’t create something like this, so I shouldn’t judge. Credit where credit is due. Get it? Ha ha, I’m gonna deny I ever said that so that some dude on Twitter can pull up a screenshot and say, “Yes you did. I have the receipts!” Get it? I’m on fire today.

This should at least happen at the register every time you buy a Nintendo Switch. Am I right? Of course, I am. Hire me Nintendo. I’m an idea man. My next idea is lunch because I’m starving. Talk to you later.

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Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Plays Dead

We’ve seen Boston Dynamics’ animal-inspired robots perform some impressive tasks over the years, from stacking boxes, to doing backflips, to performing sick dance moves, to pulling an airplane. But you can’t expect robot perfection 100% of the time, can you?

During a recent on-stage demo of their soon-to-be-produced Spot Mini robot, something went horribly wrong, and one robot basically keeled over and died in the middle of a presentation. The problem child came out on stage to demonstrate its payload handling abilities during Amazon’s re:MARS conference, and just when we thought it was going to do something nifty, it freaked out and collapsed.

I’m assuming it was some kind of technical glitch, but it’s also possible the little guy got stage fright in front of all those spectators, and just froze in his tracks. Watch the poor little quadruped fail spectacularly in the videos below:

I don’t know about you, but this gives me some hope for humans to find a fatal flaw in these robots when the inevitable robot uprising takes hold.

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Keg-A-Droid Is a Remote Controlled Beer Keg

Finally, a robot that can bring me a fresh beer on tap. What you are looking at is the Keg-A-Droid from SuperDroid Robots. Yes, it is a remote-controlled beer keg and tap on wheels. Who needs R2-D2? Sure you can help fly an X-Wing, but where’s my beer?

The R/C beer-delivery robot can be steered to wherever beer is needed. Which just happens to be wherever I’m standing. The Keg-A-Droid can carry a slim 1/4th barrel or 1/6th barrel keg inside a 1/2 barrel sized keg shell which can be filled with ice to keep the inner keg cold. When the ice melts, just unplug the drain to let the water out, and refill it. The prebuilt Keg-a-Droid also comes with a tap mounting post, keg tap system, and drip tray. Sure, $2,400 is a bit steep, but we are talking beer delivered to you whenever you need it. You can’t put a price on some things.

Just wait for the bot to arrive and fill up that empty pint glass and enjoy. 2019 is finally becoming the amazing modern world that was promised to us. Seriously, this is the droid I’m looking for.

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iOS 13 makes it easier to browse, view and edit photos and videos

Aside from the introduction of that system-wide dark mode in iOS 13, Apple is also making it easier to browse, view and edit your photos and videos. At WWDC 2019, the company showed off a new version of its Photos app that's designed to "remove dupli...

Just Some Hot Wheels Cars Playing Music on a Xylophone

If you are a fan of both the xylophone and Hot Wheels cars, check this out. The guys from 5MadMovieMakers launched a bunch of classic Ford Mustang Hot Wheels into xylophone bars that are hung over parallel tracks, each playing a note as they crash into them.

So there you go. Hot Wheels are now a musical instrument. Pack up your set of cars and hit up your music teacher kids. See how far that gets you.

As cool as it looks, it did not all happen in a single take, and the video was edited together to play all 374 notes. If you are really digging it, you can listen to it without car sounds here. Now we just need someone to set up a continuous track that makes music all day without having to edit it. It’s a pretty nice sound, but it wouldn’t take long for that music to drive me crazy though.

Maybe Hot Wheels can package some cool new sets that make music. Not a bad idea, but again, they would probably drive parents nuts, and the sets would mysteriously disappear from their kid’s rooms.

[via Geekologie]

Guy Restores Crusty Old Game Boy to Factory Condition

Video game systems and computers from the 1980s had a bad habit of coming in light-colored plastics which all aged quite horribly. Even just sitting out turned many of them yellow, and usage just made it worse. Take for example this grubby Nintendo Game Boy that Odd Tinkering put his hands on.

He bought the Game Boy online after it had already had a very full life, with all of the wear and tear that goes along with it. Not only was it in terrible cosmetic shape, the display was faded and had lots of vertical lines in it. His mission was to turn it into a factory fresh model and restore its sexiness. Return them to their prime. Give them a face-lift. Resurrect it like a zombie, then shoot it in the screen when it craves your brains. To accomplish this, he had to first disassemble all of the electronic bits, then managed to repair the vertical lines using a trick that heats the connectors with a soldering iron. The case needed extensive cleaning, and got a new bezel too.

You can check out the full restoration process in the video below:

I have to admit, this dude did a great job. Hey, send me your number, I have like five Game Boys and an old Atari handheld that look like they’ve been to war. I probably shouldn’t throw them every time I lose. Now he can play Tetris in style and pretend that this technology is brand spanking new. Besides, someone has to help keep the AA battery companies in business. They can’t depend on Walkmans anymore.

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This McDonald’s Is Staffed by Bees

Sweden now has the world’s smallest McDonald’s restaurant. It may be tiny but it is packed with workers called drones, and has room to serve thousands of guests. They don’t make burgers and fries though. They have just one item on the menu: honey. That’s because it is filled with bees.

This fully-functional beehive is designed to look like a McDonald’s. I mean it looks exactly like the fast food restaurant, only in miniature. The McHive has all of the details of the real deal, including the iconic Golden Arches standing on the removable miniature rooftop, glass doors, full pane windows complete with promotional posters, railings, and even a couple of drive-thru windows.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz, I’m lovin’ it.

Of course, now there’s going to be a Burger Queen beehive that opens up across the street and the competition is going to be fierce. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it. Then there will be a Wendy’s, and before you know it Sweden is going to be overrun with fast-food beehives. Then the fattened-up bees and their miniature restaurants will take over the world, with no humans left to eat their honey.

[via Mike Shouts]

Robotic Band Performs Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

As robots continue to take our jobs, at least rock bands know that they are safe from… wait. What the? Nevermind. Yep, what you’re about to watch is an all-robot band named Compressorhead performing Nirvana’s classic Smells Like Teen Spirit. Smells like a robot uprising to me.

It actually sounds pretty good, but kinda robotic. There’s no soul. No emotion. There’s also no lead singer. They added that guy later. Not sure if they named him Kurt Ko-Bot. One commenter on YouTube points out that the lead singer committed Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I have no idea, but that sounds about right.

I really like how the programmers went the extra mile and programmed them to headbang. Adds authenticity. You might recognize the drummer as Star Wars’ own General Grievous, making the most out of his retirement. He has traded in his lightsabers for some drumsticks and hopefully has stopped with the constant coughing. He’s much better in this role.

This video is from 2014, so these robots have been taking music jobs for at least that long. Anyway, it won’t be long before robots are paying to see other robots perform, while we stay home and do their chores. And this is the music we will have to listen to.

[via Laughing Squid]

Tetris Played on an Mechanical Display: FlipTris

Most of us know Tetris from the Game Boy version and that theme song is forever stuck in our heads. But when you play the game on a mechanical display, the sound it makes also very satisfying.

A geek going by the name sinowin rigged up a small computer with a joystick and connected them to an old school elongated flip-disc display. These screens were used before LCD screens were large and affordable, mostly for signs, like arrivals and destination times at airports or train stations.

Listen and enjoy as as 210 small plastic discs flip back and forth to recreate the falling tetrominoes. It’s pretty calming, like ASMR.

This is an awesome way to play one of our favorite classic games. Who needs millions of tiny pixels that silently turn on and off every second, when you can have these things making sounds instead.

Sit back and relax to the sounds as those tetrominoes fall, but don’t get too relaxed or you won’t get the high score. They should definitely make this an hour-long video so that people can enjoy the tippity-tapping sounds for longer.

[via Boing Boing via Gizmodo]