LGBTQ+ creators file lawsuit charging YouTube with discrimination

In a federal lawsuit filed yesterday, a group of LGBTQ+ video creators claims YouTube discriminates against their content. The group alleges that YouTube suppresses their videos, restricts their ability to monetize their channels and enforces its pol...

Facebook releases tools to flag harmful content on GitHub

Facebook wants to rid the internet of garbage. But it can't do that alone. So today, it's making two of its photo- and video-flagging technologies open-source and available on GitHub. It hopes the algorithms will help others find and remove harmful c...

YouTube Premium can automatically download your favorite videos

YouTube is reportedly offering automatic downloads to its Premium subscribers. The opt-in feature should make it easier to watch content offline. As Android Police notes, some Premium subscribers now see a pop-up banner offering to automatically down...

Google researchers trained AI with your Mannequin Challenge videos

Way back in 2016, thousands of people participated in the Mannequin Challenge. As you might remember, it was an internet phenomenon in which people held random poses while someone with a camera walked around them. Those videos were shared on YouTube...

YouTube lets you hide channels from your recommendations

No matter how advanced algorithms get, none will understand your YouTube viewing preferences better than you. With that in mind, YouTube is adding a few new features that will give users more control over which videos appear in their homepage and Up...

How NOT to Create a User Interface

With more and more smart devices in our homes, the need to occasionally reset or troubleshoot them comes along with that. But how do you interact with a device that has no keyboard, mouse, or other input mechanism when it can’t connect to your network? Well, don’t do it like GE did with its C “smart” lightbulbs.

This video which is designed to show how to reset your C by GE bulbs is like a textbook lesson in what not to do in user interface and usability design. I could explain it first, but it’s way funnier to watch the video for yourself:

Apparently, they couldn’t be bothered to include some kind of reset switch, or a simple on/off sequence, and instead, resetting your C by GE light bulb is more complicated than learning the Konami code. Seriously, these are the OFFICIAL directions posted on their YouTube channel:

Your bulbs are running on firmware version 2.8 or later (you can find your bulb firmware version by tapping on the device in your C by GE app).

We recommend counting with Mississippi (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc.).

Start with your bulb off for at least 5 seconds.
1. Turn on for 8 seconds
2. Turn off for 2 seconds
3. Turn on for 8 seconds
4. Turn off for 2 seconds
5. Turn on for 8 seconds
6. Turn off for 2 seconds
7. Turn on for 8 seconds
8. Turn off for 2 seconds
9. Turn on for 8 seconds
10. Turn off for 2 seconds
11. Turn on
Bulb will flash on and off 3 times if it has been successfully reset.

TIP: If the factory reset above was unsuccessful, you might have an older version of the C by GE bulb. Please follow the instructions below to reset.

Bulb Reset Sequence – for firmware version 2.7 or earlier:
We recommend counting with Mississippi (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc.).

Start with your bulb off for at least 5 seconds.
1. Turn on for 8 seconds
2. Turn off for 2 seconds
3. Turn on for 2 seconds
4. Power off for 2 seconds
5. Turn on for 2 seconds
6. Power off for 2 seconds
7. Turn on for 2 seconds
8. Power off for 2 seconds
9. Turn on for 8 seconds
10. Power off for 2 seconds
11. Turn on for 8 seconds
12. Power off for 2 seconds
13. Turn on
Bulb will flash on and off 3 times if it has been successfully reset.

They forgot to mention the part where you just toss the bulb in the trash and buy a Philips Hue bulb instead.

[via Reddit]

Google will work with LGBTQ+ groups on harassment policies

In the wake of YouTube's controversial decision not to pull videos containing homophobic and racist attacks, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote an internal email acknowledging that "the LGBTQ+ community has felt a lot of pain and frustration over recent...

Credit Card Machines Perform Super Mario Bros Theme

Yep, you’ve heard the Super Mario Bros. theme a million times. Now make it a million and ONE with this rendition performed by a couple of credit card terminals by the Device Orchestra.

It’s pretty cool and sounds authentic. One problem though. I would have programmed them to only play the thing after someone swipes their card. That’s just good capitalism. You have to pay up if you want to hear it, nerds.

It would be cool if this happened every time I went shopping. Sadly, it does not. Also, is it too much to ask that those receipts would print out a picture of a Super Mario level that you can keep as a souvenir? Come on man, step up your game. I’m just kidding. I couldn’t create something like this, so I shouldn’t judge. Credit where credit is due. Get it? Ha ha, I’m gonna deny I ever said that so that some dude on Twitter can pull up a screenshot and say, “Yes you did. I have the receipts!” Get it? I’m on fire today.

This should at least happen at the register every time you buy a Nintendo Switch. Am I right? Of course, I am. Hire me Nintendo. I’m an idea man. My next idea is lunch because I’m starving. Talk to you later.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Plays Dead

We’ve seen Boston Dynamics’ animal-inspired robots perform some impressive tasks over the years, from stacking boxes, to doing backflips, to performing sick dance moves, to pulling an airplane. But you can’t expect robot perfection 100% of the time, can you?

During a recent on-stage demo of their soon-to-be-produced Spot Mini robot, something went horribly wrong, and one robot basically keeled over and died in the middle of a presentation. The problem child came out on stage to demonstrate its payload handling abilities during Amazon’s re:MARS conference, and just when we thought it was going to do something nifty, it freaked out and collapsed.

I’m assuming it was some kind of technical glitch, but it’s also possible the little guy got stage fright in front of all those spectators, and just froze in his tracks. Watch the poor little quadruped fail spectacularly in the videos below:

I don’t know about you, but this gives me some hope for humans to find a fatal flaw in these robots when the inevitable robot uprising takes hold.

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Keg-A-Droid Is a Remote Controlled Beer Keg

Finally, a robot that can bring me a fresh beer on tap. What you are looking at is the Keg-A-Droid from SuperDroid Robots. Yes, it is a remote-controlled beer keg and tap on wheels. Who needs R2-D2? Sure you can help fly an X-Wing, but where’s my beer?

The R/C beer-delivery robot can be steered to wherever beer is needed. Which just happens to be wherever I’m standing. The Keg-A-Droid can carry a slim 1/4th barrel or 1/6th barrel keg inside a 1/2 barrel sized keg shell which can be filled with ice to keep the inner keg cold. When the ice melts, just unplug the drain to let the water out, and refill it. The prebuilt Keg-a-Droid also comes with a tap mounting post, keg tap system, and drip tray. Sure, $2,400 is a bit steep, but we are talking beer delivered to you whenever you need it. You can’t put a price on some things.

Just wait for the bot to arrive and fill up that empty pint glass and enjoy. 2019 is finally becoming the amazing modern world that was promised to us. Seriously, this is the droid I’m looking for.

[via Dude I Want That via Geekologie]