Mega Fidget Spinner Made from Other Fidget Spinners

Man, I hate fidget spinners. They are so stupid. In fact, I’m only sharing this one to illustrate how stupid this whole thing is. Then I hope to never do a fidget spinner article again. Anyway, at least this guy did something creative with them, aside from just fidgeting like a moron.

This is a fidget spinner made from other fidget spinners, which now becomes some kind of Transformer-evolution-mutant fidget spinner. It was made by Louis Weisz, who needed only an order of fidget spinners and trip to Home Depot to pull of this crazy spinning toy. He combined them into one giant fidget spinner to rule them all. Honestly, as much as I hate this fad, this build is really cool.

He needs to add more. Then more. Then more, until he has created a monster spinner that will never be outdone.

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World’s Heaviest Weight Is Heavier Than Your Mom

Yo’ momma’s so fat, the only thing that weighs more than her is the world’s heaviest weight down at the NIST. Among its many wonders, the facility houses a stack of twenty precisely calibrated 50,036.27 pound masses. The massive stack can generate a maximum force of 4.45 meganewtons, or 1 million pounds, with an uncertainty of less than 5 pounds per million.

Check out Veritasium’s video for an explanation of how the massive tower of weights was assembled, and how it’s used to calibrate gauges, which are then sent into the field to measure extreme forces:

If you’re wondering what kind of things they’d need to test these sort of forces on, just think about jumbo jets and the force their engines can push out, or the incredible power produced by rockets.

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Guy Plays Electric Guitar Through a Tesla Coil

A guitar and amp? Pffft! Real men play their electric guitar using Tesla coils. Musician and engineer Nabzim decided to attach his electric guitar to a handmade solid state Tesla coil using an audio interrupter schematic.

I have no idea what that means, but it’s very cool. Nabzim was able to precisely control the sound of the coil by playing the instrument. In other words, all of the sound you hear is produced only by the sparks created by the Tesla coil, and not by the guitar being amplified.

The second video shows some larger sparks. Now I want to see him play on a huge Tesla coil in concert, with gigantic sparks flying everywhere.

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LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 Subjected to Real Crash Test

Growing up, I got into more than a few brawls at day care over wheels to make my LEGO cars. I would then proceed to crash them repeatedly until parts were everywhere, then leave the mess and blame that weird kid who ate glue all the time. Yes, I wasn’t the most civilized of children.

The guys at German auto publication c’t have taken the ultimate LEGO car kit, built it up, and then demolished it in spectacular fashion. They hooked the LEGO 911 GT3 RS up to the sled that ADAC uses to test real cars, then flung it into a 40% offset metal impact block. The slow motion video of the impact is particularly cool to watch.

Naturally, the result is a completely DEMOLISHED car. One can only hope that the actual GT3 RS fares a whole lot better.

Fidget Stick Gets Chopped in Half with an Axe to See What’s Inside

Sorry fidgeters, I don’t get the whole fidget thing and I think it’s stupid. So I was happy to see someone take an axe to one of these fidget toys to see what’s inside. If I could, I would destroy them all so that no one could ever fidget again. I’m evil like that.

If you feel the same way or just want to see what they’re made of, check out the video below where father and son Dan and Lincoln Markham of What’s Inside along with Stephen Headrick used an axe to chop one of those wobbly fidget sticks in half.

Turns out there’s really not much in this one. Seriously people, if you must fidget, just use a pen or something. This fidget craze is dumb.

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When Fidget Spinners Spin Too Fast

I will never understand fidget spinners and those who use them. Your lack of self control over your fidgety nature is making spinner manufacturers rich. At least for now. Anyway, check out this video of a guy using an air compressor to spin a fidget spinner to death.

He has clamped the spinner in a vice. Eventually, the spinner can’t take anymore and hits warp speed, and it self-destructs. It doesn’t appear he was wearing goggles or glasses, so this guy is damn lucky he didn’t lose an eye.

Too bad they didn’t clock it’s speed somehow, because this could be a new sport. Seeing how fast you can make a spinner spin before destroying it. That sound it makes is awesome, though watch the volume when you hit play.

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Giant Batman Fidget Spinner Cast from Bullet Casings

The Dark Knight takes one look at your dinky little fidget spinner and laughs. As always, his toys are much cooler. But you don’t have to be a billionaire to have one. PressTube shows you how to make one for yourself – assuming you’re comfortable working with molten brass.

This huge Bat-spinner was cast with melted bullet casings. It is a cool process to watch, especially the part where he’s casting it. There’s just something about a flaming bat symbol that satisfies my inner nerd. Quenching hot stuff in liquid nitrogen is pretty cool too

In the end this awesome brass spinner is ready for fidgeting on the streets of Gotham. If you are interested, PressTube is giving away the spinner to one lucky viewer. Good luck.

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This Sugar Skull Automaton Is Made Of LEGO Pieces

Sure, it’s about five months early for Dia de los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead), but that’s okay. It doesn’t matter what day it is when an automaton sugar skull made out of LEGO pieces shows up in your browser. When it does, you pay attention because it’s cool and also kind of creepy.

This machine was made by Darryl Friesen and has over 100 spinning LEGO gears. He looks like he’s going to eat you, but is still pretty mesmerizing. His mouth opens, eyes turn, and all of those spirals spin, hypnotizing you along the way.

It looks like it took a lot of time and effort to build this thing, and the result was worth the effort:

Is it wrong that I just want to put something in his mouth and watch him gnash on it with his LEGO teeth?

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville Is The Star Trek Spoof Series We’ve Been Waiting For

A Galaxy Quest television series has been rumored for some time, but nothing ever came of it. That’s okay, because this Star Trek spoof series looks like it could be even better. Seth MacFarlane and Jon Favreau have stepped up to give us The Orville.

The first trailer for this new show is here and it definitely looks funny as hell. It stars MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki as a divorced couple filling in for Kirk and Spock. The humor seems on point, the visual effects are pretty sweet and they have a cast of aliens that should provide extra humor. They should have more than enough Star Trek tropes to make fun of.

Personally I can’t wait for this one. I’m more excited for this than I am for Star Trek: Discovery. I mean Discovery hasn’t even given us a trailer yet, and has faced some big production hurdles, that it could be headed for trouble.

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