ZephVR Adds Wind Simulation to Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever strapped on a proper virtual reality headset like an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive, you know how truly immersive today’s VR experiences can be. But there are still some things that break the illusion, like not being able to truly walk around, and the way things FEEL versus the way things LOOK.

In the interest of making VR experiences even more realistic, ZephVR is developing an inexpensive add-on for VR goggles that is designed to produce simulated wind while you make your way through the VR landscape.

The ZephVR adds a pair of lightweight fans to your goggles, and hits you with a breeze of air that’s synchronized with your VR games. Apparently, it uses audio from VR games and machine learning algorithms to listen for wind noise to determine when to blow its fans, rather than detecting player movements. I think that approach seems a little odd, but I’m guessing it’s easier to intercept the audio compared to trying to determine movements in 3D space.

In addition to the autonomous mode for gameplay, the fans can be turned on full time in case you just want to keep cool while playing. Plus, the system is compatible with all three major VR platforms, Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR.

The early bird deal for the ZephVR has the add-on priced at just $75, so it’s a reasonably inexpensive add-on to your VR rig. It’s an interesting idea, though I think you might want to wait to test one out before jumping into the Kickstarter fray on this one.

Design Your Own VR Games with AppGameKit

Want to create a virtual world of your own? The Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit will teach you how to create your very own VR games… and maybe even make money from them.

With AppGameKit’s scripting system, anyone can quickly code and build apps for multiple platforms. You’ll learn how to create VR experiences from scratch by detecting users’ movements, controlling their positions within a scene, and accommodating both seated and standing experiences. You’ll even learn how to properly incorporate sound to create an even more realistic gaming experience. Learn the AppGameKit programming language in no time – even if you’re a total beginner.

The Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit will start you on the road to game development for just $29.99 in the Technabob Shop.

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Take a Walk on the Mild Side


As far as virtual reality has come, the goggles haven’t quite caught up to speed. Unlike regular bulky VR goggles, MILD introduces a more friendlier, more familiar way to enjoy VR.

They’re designed to look similar to sunglasses so people can imagine wearing them in everyday life. Made of plastic and clad in soft fabric, they’re inviting, even soothing, to wear. Simply attach the ergonomic, one-size-fits-all strap, and BAM! You’ll be in a whole new world… and quite comfortably at that!

Designer: Heejin Youn




















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The Next Best thing to a Real Benz


Some of us may never get behind the wheel of a Mercedes, especially those on the raceway… but this might be the next best thing! This virtual reality concept platform puts you in the driver’s seat for the most authentic experience outside of the real thing. Throw on the helmet, step inside and let ‘er rip!

Designer: Yomoto Mirou












A Virtual and Augmented Reality Hybrid


VR experiences allow us to explore a fantasy world without regard to our real life surroundings, but what if our VR headset could adapt to our surroundings and the objects in it. This collaboration between Ahhaproject and Seoul University called VAR explores this possibility using a creative combination of integrated cameras and sensors on the goggles.

VAR, a mix of the words “virtual” and “augmented” reality recognizes preset objects in our immediate real life environment and reintroduces them as enhanced objects in virtual reality. A chair becomes a cockpit for a dramatic flight simulation… a pen becomes a sword… the possibilities are endless!

Designer: Jinwoo Han of Ahhaproject




This VR Exercise Equipment Lets You Fly like an Eagle

What you’re looking at here isn’t some sort of torture device. It the ICAROS VR, a unique piece of exercise equipment. It will help you get fit and make you feel like you’re flying at the same time. It’s designed to boost your reflexes, stimulate your muscles, and strengthen your core.

Basically you become a bird, but you have to work hard to keep flying. The exercise is great and all, but really this is just an excuse to soar through the VR skies. Getting fit is just a side benefit.

Sadly, it will workout your purse strings too, as it’s expected to cost about $8000(USD). So if you have the money to burn and the fat, go for it and fly like Superman.

[via Geekologie via Incredible Things]