Get a Lifetime of Internet Protection for Just $40

If you care about your privacy and security, you shouldn’t be browsing the web without a VPN these days. VPNs provide basic protection from hackers and government snoops and some go so far as to block ads and trackers to clean up your browsing experience. GOOSE VPN goes the extra mile with a strict no-logging policy ensuring that your browsing data remains completely private, even from them.

GOOSE VPN masks your IP address and routes your traffic through remote servers to keep you and your data safe on any network, and allows you to change your IP location so you can bypass geo-restrictions to access a broader internet. You can browse on an unlimited number of devices and enjoy peace of mind knowing all your data is under 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Best of all, GOOSE VPN now offers a lifetime subscription so you can be covered for good. This subscription is valued at $899.95 but you can get it for just $39.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Keep Your Online Activity 100% Anonymous with ProtonVPN

We’re all looking for ways to feel more secure online, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as the go-to line of defense. There’s no shortage of VPNs to choose from, but if you’re looking to prioritize your privacy above all else, ProtonVPN is one of the best choices.

Unlike other VPNs on the market, ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland and only routes browsing traffic through privacy-friendly countries. Other VPNs that claim to keep no logs can be legally obligated to keep logs due to laws in some countries. ProtonVPN avoids this fully and fulfills its commitment to keeping zero logs by carefully choosing its server locations.

In addition, ProtonVPN protects all your data with top AES-256 encryption and offers added security from DNS leak protection. It also has built-in support for Tor. If you’re looking for a VPN with the highest level of privacy protection, look no further than this deal.

Get a 2-year subscription to ProtonVPN in the Technabob Shop for $79.99 – that’s 66% off the regular price.

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Keep Your Personal Data Safe with a Lifetime Subscription to CyberGhost VPN

You’ve seen the news stories and heard the warnings: there are hackers and trackers out there trying to steal your personal data and spy on your web activity. With CyberGhost VPN, you can bid those fears goodbye for life. This service uses powerful encryption technology to make sure you – and you alone – are the only one who sees your personal data and web activity.

Never again will you have to worry that companies are tracking your moves between websites, or that an online thief is trying to steal your credit card number. You’ll also unlock geo-restrictions that allow you to access any sites from anywhere in the world, even streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix.

For $84.99, you’ll be protected for life while enjoying CyberGhost’s strict no-log policy: nothing you do online will ever be logged in their systems. Don’t forget to use coupon code CYBER15 for 15% off, bringing the total for a lifetime subscription to just $72.25 in the Technabob Shop.