Smoking Hot PlayStation Classic Deal Gets You the Retro Console for $40

If you wanted a PlayStation Classic retro console for Christmas and didn’t get one, here is your chance. Walmart has the best deal we have seen on the small retro console that normally lists for $99.99.

During the Walmart sale, the console is up for $39.99, $60 off the normal price. If your local Walmart has the console in stock, you can order online and pick it up in the store today.

The console has 20 different games installed on it out of the box, and while your favorites might be missing, for the price this retro console can’t be beaten. It ships with the HDMI cable needed for TV connectivity and a pair of wired controllers. That means you can beat down your brother or sister like you did back in the day with some local two-player action. Grab one now before they’re gone.

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