Apple’s new TV app is a work in progress

Apple's approach to digital video can best be described as slow and steady. While iTunes and the iPod effortlessly transformed the way we purchased and listened to music, it took the company years to figure out how to position the Apple TV. For the m...

These Instant Noodle Warriors Are Anything But Soft and Chewy

Some people really love Japanese instant ramen noodles, but these people have been missing out by just eating them. Did you know that you can sculpt with them? Taishi Arimura does just that, making instant noodle warrior sculptures. Yes, this guy creates humanoid sculptures from the noodles and then outfits each figure with armor made from instant noodle Styrofoam packaging. The finished figures look awesome.

Naturally, these noodle warriors have weapons too, like forks or chopsticks. One even has some kind of egg-based shield. It looks to me like these noodle warriors were tired of the constant threat of being eaten, and now it is time for some payback.

They look pretty badass and tough, although I’m not sure how well they would stand up in battle. Hopefully, they wouldn’t just unravel and fall apart as they charged onto the battlefield. If their enemies are smart, they would just pour hot water on them to make sure that happened. That’s pretty much their kryptonite. Hot water equals death to a noodle man, no matter how cool you look.

They remind me of the Michelin Man, but more fit. I’m not sure if the artist is selling them, but people would buy these for sure if he did. I would definitely display these on my shelf.

[via Mike Shouts]

Imagination Tech CEO: ‘The industry needs MIPS as much as MIPS needs the industry’

Imagination Tech CEO 'the industry needs MIPS as much as MIPS needs the industry'

At an earlier press event in Shenzhen, Imagination Technologies' CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie delivered a clear message: his company's $100 million acquisition of MIPS isn't a short term strategy. Additionally, he has ambitious plans with the latter's chip architecture -- a well-known rival of ARM and Intel's x86.

In his presentation, Yassaie boasted that there are currently over 300 SoCs based on MIPS. And out of the five billion devices shipped with Imagination Tech's IP to date, three billion of them use MIPS. These include phones, tablets (especially in China), wearables, printers, networking devices, storage devices and more.

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