Facebook tests paid video subscriptions, starting with CollegeHumor

Facebook is testing a new video subscription service in Watch. You'd be forgiven for confusing this news with the announcement of "fan subscriptions," which Facebook made last month, but no, video subscriptions is an entirely separate thing.

This clock creates ripples in sand for the first half of the day… and then erases them

Think about the way you are in the day. You spend one half of the day working, interacting, eating, filling your mind with thoughts, and the second half disseminating, relaxing, and sleeping. The SAND clock by Studio Ayaskan is a beautiful representation of our time in the 24 hours of a day. With just one hand that makes rounds around the clock’s sand-filled bed, the SAND clock’s hand creates ripples in the sand as it moves along in the first 12 hours of the day, and then erases them over the next 12 hours, resetting itself just the way the human body and mind does.

The SAND is just conceptually and in execution, a brilliant installation that tells time. It sits horizontally, with a sand-filled base, and a steadily moving hand that has rake-like spokes on one side, and a flat edge on another side. For the first 12 hours of the day, from midnight to noon, the rake-edge of the hand faces downwards, gently creating a ripple in the flat sand for 12 straight hours. Once the hand reaches the 12 o’clock position at noon, it flips over to have the flat edge pointing downwards, erasing the ripples in a calming, meditative way, not only telling the time but also acting as a metaphor for how we are active for one half of the day and passive for the other, as well as the repetitive nature of each day being followed by the next!

Designer: Studio Ayaskan

The Puro watch is a no-frills, minimalist, time-telling piece of art on your wrist

With its pristine, bubble-like aesthetic, Puro’s quite literally calming to look at. “Free of superfluous and decorative elements. Evocative of the essential geometry of the solar sundial, in which the time is indicated by the shadow, that a stylus exposed to the sun projects on a suitably designed dial”, say the designers behind the Puro and they couldn’t have been more accurate.

Puro looks like plastic and minimalism met the sundial. With its bubble-esque form and the glass that sits on top of it, and pastel-ish color scheme, Puro is meditative and instantly evaporates any tension you may feel as you nervously glance at your watch. It only features an hour hand, because it doesn’t want you counting the minutes and seconds, and does a decent job of telling you the time, while absolutely melting away the stress of a busy day.

Designers: Fabio Verdelli, Manuel Frasson, Alice dal Verme, Hande Ozuysal & Sofia Citton.