If Indiana Jones Used a Keyboard


You’ll look like the office bada$$ if you gear up with the latest design from Anton Rickmon, simply called the Ergonomic Keyboard. This wearable (or not) QWERTY with integrated trackball adapts to the human body by utilizing a flexible connecting pad. The result is enhanced ergonomics while you work at your standing desk. Should you choose to sit, you can keep it in your lap or move it to your desk to use as you would a normal keyboard. In 3 cool colors including BLACK MOON, DEEP SPACE and CAMO, there’s a style for every taste of office aesthetic!

Designer: Anton Ruckman


Smart hinge on the back hooks is providing rotation of the keyboard for 20 degree each side. Flexible “belt” to support any body shape and size.




CAMO – military inspired finishes. The rubberised frames, matte buttons and metal looks like details
DEEP SPACE – most sophisticated monochrome solution with stainless steel look like keyboard frame. Rubberized keys are providing best tactic feel and grip.
BLACK MOON – will attract attention of the users with classic color preferences The new monochrome combination of shiny and matte plastics and anodized Black Moon aluminum will be a perfect choice for them


Designed to be an effective mounting solution, the clip is adjustable in the two axis necessary for completed positional control. Simple height and rotation adjustment allows for a wide range of ergonomic profiles in order to allow the user total control over their size preferences. The clip is also designed to seamlessly retract into a stored position when out of use allowing the keyboard to cleanly sit on any workspace environment.

trackball attatchment

When it comes to connecting the trackball, a couple of options are available. It may be possible to connect the trackpad in a similar way to the iPad Keyboard – by making use of a magnetic snap system. It would allow quick, easy and intuitive attachment.


Considering the nature of both input options, they could be seamlessly integrated into the product or even made detachable. That provides added value to the user when using the keyboard on a desk. They could continue to use the pad as the primary input device. Alternatively, they could quickly switch to a mouse and incorporate the pad as a secondary controller option, to be used where they see fit.


It was also crucial to consider a desktop use.  Adding an inbuilt trackpad or touchpad takes up more space than would be desired. The benefit of integrating a detachable trackball in the design above – the user can choose to work with the trackball as a primary or secondary mouse to suit their needs, positioning it out of the way if not required or close by to suit their preferences.


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AR glasses Steve Jobs would be proud of


Even though this product doesn’t exist (yet), the Apple Glasses Concept is as Apple-esque as it gets. Taeyeon’s observations and execution help make a product outside Apple’s catalog (yet) appear so innately Apple, you probably wouldn’t question any of his design choices.

The Apple Glasses are a conceptual pair of AR glasses that marry AR technology (an area Apple is a pioneer in now) along with product design that’s truly representative of what Apple stands for. Simple, sophisticated, and stylish, the Glasses truly make Apple look like the fashion tech brand it is. The circular lens shape and minimal styling is hipster and also pays tribute to the spectacles Jobs wore. It employs a play between matte and gloss, using colors iPhone users are familiar with, while also borrowing the detaching-templepiece detail from the Apple Watch. While Apple has made no indications to move into the headset space, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t make something that looked like this… but if anything, the Apple Glasses are truly a culmination of the body of work Apple has produced in the past few years!

Designer: Taeyeon Kim