Apple is trying to make web ads truly private

Apple's privacy push is extending to an area where you might not expect it: web ad tracking. The company's John Wilander has outlined a new system, Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution, that would help marketers track the success of ads without t...

Google will remove its name from fast-loading mobile URLs

Google's fast-loading, data-saving AMP sites help you mainline morning news on the train to work, but they come with an undesirable side effect. As you will've noticed, the URL for an AMP site looks something like this:

OS X update fixed ‘simple’ bug that could leak your iMessages

Researchers explained one large security hole in Apple's iMessage app that received a patch last month, but until now we didn't have details on another vulnerability fixed at the same time. By tricking users into clicking a specially-crafted link, ha...

Microsoft Edge Browser Marketshare is Tiny

With Windows 10 comes a brand new browser from Microsoft. Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer. It has a long way to go to do so.When reviewing several browser market share analytics...

Microsoft is making a Novel Lighter Browser called Spartan for Windows 10

A brand new browser alongside its Windows 10 platform is what Microsoft has among its long term plans. Internet Explorer will be extant though. The rumors pointed towards some radical changes in...

Opera’s Android browser gets dedicated support for bigger tablets

After jumping aboard the WebKit train and launching a dedicated browser for the iPad, Opera's now turned its attention to Android tablets. With the release of Opera 18 for Android, the company is quick to note that it didn't just update and scale up its smartphone browser: navigation and menu buttons have been strategically placed to where your fingers naturally rest and its improved Discover feature lets you swipe between newspaper and magazine content that has been matched to your interests and location. Like with all its browsers, Opera's Android tablet app comes complete with data-saving capabilities. Off-Road mode is designed to help you stay online when you're on a public Wi-Fi connection or trying to reduce your data usage, basically when connectivity is less than ideal. Underpinned by Google's Chromium 31 framework, Opera's big-tablet app is available on Play Store right now -- check the source to grab it.

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Source: Opera for Android (Google Play), Opera Press

Google Chrome 28 Stable with Blink Support is Available for Windows and Mac

Google Chrome 28 finally comes out of beta on Tuesday. The official version number 28.0.1500.71 of Google Chrome Stable is being released in the stable channel for Windows, Macintosh and Chrome OS....

Opera 15 Chromium-based browser officially launched for PC and Mac

Opera 15 WebKit-based browser officially launched for PC and Mac

While the non-final build of Opera's new browser for PC and Mac was simply called "Next," today it's chosen the more formal title of Opera 15 for its official release. There aren't any features of note that we hadn't seen in the desktop preview of the WebKit-based software (or should we call it Blink-based?), but to jog your memory, it sports a fresh design, a Discover feature for catching up on the latest news and a tweaked Speed Dial menu for quick access to your favorite corners of the internet. Also, the web-clipping Stash feature, predictive address-cum-search bar, new download manager and "Off-Road mode" for extra compression on lousy connections are all included in the final version. We ran a quick SunSpider benchmark on the Mac build of Opera 15, in which it scored 167ms, compared with 171ms in Chrome. If you're not already allied to one of the many competing browsers and feel like giving Opera 15 a try, head to the source below for the download links.

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Source: Opera (1) (download), (2)

Opera desktop preview brings web clipping and other tools, splits from Opera Mail

Opera preview for Mac and Windows brings extra browsing tools, splits from Opera Mail

Opera for desktops may be a couple of steps behind the recently finalized Android version, but it's coming along nicely. A preview build of the now WebKit-based browser (or, technically, Blink-based) is available to try on Windows and Mac with a bunch of features which in some ways look similar to other browsers and add-ons, but which also do things a bit differently:

  • Speed Dial -- a home tab that brings large tiles and folders for quick access to favorite sites
  • Stash -- a web clipping tool that follows a similar big-tile aesthetic (shown above)
  • Smartbox -- a search box that not only predicts what you're looking for but also offers to hunt for it on different search engines, such as Google or Twitter.
One thing you won't find is an integrated Opera Mail client, since that's been split from the desktop browser (due to "popular demand") and is now available as a release candidate for a forthcoming standalone product. You'll find full download linkage below.

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Source: Opera Next for Windows, Opera Next for Mac, Opera Mail

Opera for Android comes out of Beta Today

Opera Software, founded in 1994, has ended the beta testing period of its Opera for Android browser today. Opera has now over 300 million consumers that use the Opera web browsers for computers,...