This Candle Smells Like Chinese Takeout Food

If you want to enjoy Chinese takeout, but the MSG makes you all sleepy, then maybe the smell alone will be enough to satisfy you. I guess you could go to a Chinese restaurant and bother all of the customers by sticking your nose in their food, but trust me, there’s a better way; one that won’t get the police called on you. Simply try this candle that smells like takeout instead.

This funky candle is designed to smell just like Chinese takeout food. Each 16-ounce, 100% soy candle burns for 80 hours and captures the essence of Asian delicacies. Even if you are crazy about Chinese food, there’s no need to order a delivery every day. This is a more financially viable way to enjoy the experience. It has similar notes of soy, lemongrass and ginger so you can light the candle and just soak it all up. Please your senses without having to stuff yourself.

Or you could just leave some Chinese food out all week. That’s always an option, but that option comes with flies and mold, so it won’t smell nice for long. The candle is a better option.

I wonder if it makes you hungry again after an hour. Try one and find out over at the Cool Material shop for just $25.

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Texas Cowboy Moves to New Jersey and Builds an Electric Horse

Few things are less appealing to a cowboy from the rural wilds of Texas that is a real rodeo cowboy than moving to New Jersey. This is exactly what happened to Steve Bacque when he met a woman from Jersey and got married. The couple moved back to her home state, and that meant Steve had to look at life without his horse.

His answer wasn’t a new wife, a rural New Jersey home, or a new horse. He decided to build himself an awesome electric horse he named “Charger.” The horse is powered by an electric golf cart motor and is controlled using a pair of reins. This is the only horse I know with more than one horsepower.

Charger can go up to 40 mph at full gallop, which is too fast for an old cowboy, so Steve limited its speed to 15 mph. It even has a wheelie bar out back because being thrown from an electric horse just won’t do. As an added bonus, this thing won’t poop everywhere.

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Jaguar Land Rover Puts Googly Eyes on Autonomous Test Vehicle Not Named Mater

Autonomous cars are coming no matter what we all think or want. These rides will one day drive us around without us having to do anything but sit in the seats and stare blankly at our smartphones. The problem, at least according to Jaguar Land Rover, is that pedestrians and cyclists won’t have a driver to look in the eyes before crossing in front of the car, which could mean they don’t know if its safe to cross.

The answer, according to the British automaker is to put beady little eyes on the front of autonomous cars that look at the pedestrian or cyclist. The idea is that with the fake eyes looking you in the eyes more trust will be created. The video shows a creepy autonomous pod eyeing cars and people crossing the road.

The eyes on the modified Aurrigo autonomous vehicle follow the woman in the crosswalk, going full Sir Mix-a-Lot and checking out the motor in the back of her Honda. Yep, eyes on cars are weird. Can’t we just use lights, guys? Turn signals are yellow, brake lights are red, backup lights are white, and pick a color for “I see you, walk” for autonomous cars. I’ll even get you started – how about green?

At least give your pod with eyeballs a tow hook and redneck voice.

Learjet Limousine for Grounded Jet-setters

Look what we’ve got here. Is it a new stretched-out flying car? Nope. What you see is a real aircraft fuselage which has now been grounded. It’s part jet, part automobile, all plaything for the wealthy. This crazy stretch limousine was made from an actual Learjet. It goes by the name of Limo-Jet.

Since it was built on the long, narrow fuselage of an airplane, it had to use an open wheel design, which together with the vertical tail, makes it looks like the ultimate land speed contender. We don’t have much info about what is under the hood, but we do know that it is driven by a small block GM Vortec V8 engine, and its jets sadly no longer work.

The fuselage needed to be reinforced with steel and a steel chassis was added to make it roadworthy. It also needed a custom suspension and electrical system.

Instead of jets, the engine cowls have LED lights and speakers inside. Yep, this is a party in a plane that flies across the ground. The cabin is also all lit up for a party. It may not be capable of delivering a sonic boom in the skies above, but your party will supply the noise on the road. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see this party plane on the road passing you by one day.

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This Tiny Holographic Girlfriend Is Ready to Move in

Gatebox’s Azuma Hikari is a holographic digital assistant who doubles as a virtual girlfriend. She stands 8 inches tall and lives in a glass capsule, which you can put anywhere in your tiny dark apartment.

In this commercial for the creepy Japanese gadget, this guy actually leaves work early because his holographic girlfriend texts him. He then cooks her a special dinner because it’s their three month anniversary of living together. So basically this guy is going through his usual pretend girlfriend routine only now he has a tiny hologram to keep him in his mom’s basement forever.

This virginity keeper-intacter can text you and also act as a home automation control system, turning your lights on and off and more. I bet when you piss her off, she can turn evil, cut the lights, and make your smart gadgets kill you. Yep, you will be hers forever. Don’t work. Instead come home and cook me dinner that I won’t eat. Oh, so sorry you lost your job. Why don’t you get a job you slob? I hate you. I’m filing for holo-divorce! Pay for my holo-lawyer, you chump!

The Gatebox will set buyers back 150,000 yen (~$1356 USD), plus another $14 a month in subscription fees for the Azuma Hikari character (presumably other characters will be available down the road.) While this virtual girlfriend isn’t cheap, she’s about half the cost of the original limited-edition version we first saw back in 2016.

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Festo BionicFinWave Is a Creepy Robotic Fish

Biomimicry is the art of making technology and robots that mimic attributes of real-life animals. Festo is all about biomimicry. Take a look at this eel-like robotic fish called BionicFinWave. It swims like a cuttlefish and is mighty creepy to behold. Its fins go from head to tail and the wave-shaped movement of the fins allows the faux-fish to push the water behind it, creating a forward thrust. Creatures with this design can also swim backward in this way. Pretty weird, huh?

BionicFinWave can communicate wirelessly, transmitting sensor data, temperature, pressure, and more to researchers. It operates on the principle of a crankshaft, driven by servo motors, which facilitates the undulating fin movement. The robot is an experiment that allows them to see how this movement could serve as an effective propulsion mechanism.

It is effective alright, and is also eerily life-like. Why did they have to give it those creepy eyes? It already has a camera on the nose. Apparently, they want it to be as life-like as possible, not caring how it creeps out humans like me.

[via Mike Shouts]