This Sun-seeking Robot Flowerpot Will Keep Your Plant Alive

The Vincross Hexa is a programmable six-legged robot that looks all creepy walking on its bug-like legs, but now it has found its purpose thanks to Vincross founder Sun Tianqi. Now, the robot’s one job in life is to make sure that a single plant always get the sunlight it needs.

Tianqi got the idea for the Sharing Human Technology with Plants project from a sunflower exhibition where he noticed dead sunflowers near other plants and also observed how the plant could have survived if only it could move into the sun to get nutrients.

He replaced the original shell of the robot with a two-layer flowerpot large enough to hold a small succulent. Using sensors, the robot can move the succulent into the sun when needed. So with one of these, you will never kill your plant from lack of sunlight.

When the plant needs to be watered, the robot will even do a little dance to let you know. It is a very cool robot that could help anyone who has more of a brown thumb than a green one. Though it is a bit creepy to watch your plant walk around via six-legs. Good thing the plants and the robot can’t communicate or we would have some mobile plants taking over the world.

[via CNet]

The Rocketeer Pack Keeps Dogs (and Cats) Safe – While Humiliating Them

People love dogs. This fact is never more evident than in Colorado where every fourth car is a Subaru Outback carrying at least two labs in the back seat. My daughter has a dog named “Jet.” He is 25 pounds of pure, fuzzy evil. He’s a mini Australian shepard and he uses his cuteness to lull you into handing out pets whereupon he pounces on your balls. In the car he’s even more evil.

He runs all around getting fuzz everywhere and trying to constantly kill us all by climbing into the driver’s lap. He’s a little devil. If you have a dog that you want to take with you somewhere, but is kind of a dick in the car, you need The Rocketeer Pack.

Sadly this isn’t a sweet jetpack, but a special harness for driving with small dogs. The seatbelt isn’t the sort that allows your dog to claw at the seat trying to escape either. The Rocketeer suspends you dog on the back of the seat so they can’t move or fly around the car in an accident. It also works as a wearable harness so you can carry your dog (or cat) around on your chest if you can’t be bothered to walk them on a leash.

If your dog weighs over 25 pounds, you’ll get no help here. It’s not cheap at $175, but it is on sale now for $132 and you can get it direct from Zugopet.

The images in the product listing are legendary. Even if you don’t own a pet, you should look at the “Da Fuq” on their little doggo faces. I wondering if those wiener dogs that killed a lady had been subjected to this humiliation, because that would explain a whole lot.

PUBG 1:1 Foam Frying Pan Won’t Stop Bullets or Cook Bacon

I’d assume if you found yourself on an island packed with a hundred other people all bent on killing you so they can survive that you would take whatever armor you can get. This is why I have no problem with the infamous bulletproof frying pan that people wear in the game PUBG. I’d wrap myself in tin foil and those nearly unopenable packages they put Slim Jims in if that was all I had.

Cosplayers or PUBG fans that wanting their own frying pan, but don’t want the weight of a real one can get this officially-licensed full-scale (~14″) foam frying pan replica.

Since its made from foam, it weighs practically nothing, but you can’t cook in it or deflect bullets with it, mind you. It also costs $29.99 and you can get a real frying pan for less. But a real one isn’t stamped with that big PUBG logo in the middle, right?

ThinkGeek will be peddling this fake frying pan come the holiday season. You can pre-order yours now so you don’t forget to buy gifts for the game on your list.

You Merely Adopted the Garden, I Was Born in It

Bane may have been born in darkness, but his pacifist brother, Fane, was born in the garden. If you want to roll around in his field of flowers, but have allergies, you can use the cool tech in this Allergen Filtration Mask. However, we expect you to talk in a deep and ridiculous accent whenever you wear this.

Yes, the mask looks really stupid, but it promises to let you breathe naturally through the nose and mouth while capturing, neutralizing, and decomposing 99.3% of the bacteria and particles larger than 0.4 microns. That means pollen, dust mites, mold spores, tobacco smoke, and pet dander won’t make it to your nose or mouth.

The mask is made of cloth that is waterproof and has an integrated exhalation valve and elastic ear bands to keep it on your face. It sells for $79.99 and is available on Hammacher Schlemmer. Perhaps once you put on the mask, somebody will care who you are.

Artist Turns Car into a Pizza Oven on Wheels

New York style… Chicago style… California style… everyone has their favorite kind of pizza. I personally like a super-thin and crispy brick oven pizza like the ones they make in Italy. Now, thanks to one enterprising artist, you can have a delicious thin-crust pizza cooked up inside of a car.

Photos via designboom

Master of absurdist art Benedetto Bufalino took an old Ford Mondeo (aka Ford Fusion here in the states) and converted into an 800 degree wood-burning pizza oven. The artist gutted the interior of the car, and replaced its windows with sheet metal. He built a brick-covered platform inside the vehicle perfect for making delicious pizza in a flash. He simply loads up the back of the old station wagon with wood, sets it ablaze, and gets to cooking.

Sadly, the car no longer drives, but I guess that’s a good thing since this would be a serious hazard on the road. Can you imagine watching flames through the window of the car in front of you and smoke pouring out of its sides? On the other hand, this would make for a pretty awesome food truck… er food car.

This isn’t the first time that Bufalino has done something whimsical with a vehicle. Check out his Instagram page for a swimming pool trailer home, and his upside-down car ping pong table among other things.

[via designboom]

Norman is The World’s First Psychopath AI: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes…

Why? Why would anyone do this? Researchers at MIT have developed an artificial intelligence psychopath named Norman. You know, named after the guy from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Don’t we have enough crazy people in the world?

So now they have a psycho that does image captioning; a popular deep learning method of generating a textual description of an image. They trained Norman using captions that are dedicated to the reality of death. Naturally, because we are talking crazy after all. Then, they compared Norman’s responses with a standard image captioning neural network on Rorschach inkblots. This is a test that is used to detect underlying thought disorders. Lovely.

You can see some of the comparisons below. It’s a psycho alright. Where a standard AI sees a vase of flowers, Norman sees “A man is shot dead”. Where a standard AI sees birds sitting on a tree branch, Norman sees “A man is electrocuted and catches to death.” That’s just peachy. It even sees a man getting pulled into a dough machine while the standard AI just sees a small bird. What’s up with that? Why dough? Dude has some problems.

Do us all a favor and keep this thing under lock and key, and whatever you do, never connect it to the Internet.

[via Extreme Tech via Geekologie]

This Drone Umbrella Follows You to Keep You Dry

Imagine pulling into your driveway and getting out of your car while your umbrella is already hovering there to protect your from a downpour as as you get out. Imagine one hovering over you as you walk down the street. Soon enough, you may never need to hold an umbrella again. Drones teaming up with umbrellas. That’s the future I want.

A Japanese company called Asahi Power Services is making it happen. It’s not just for rainy days either. Drone umbrellas can help you beat the heat on a sunny day too. While the prototype requires manual piloting, the Free Parasol will eventually use a camera and AI to register, track, and autonomously follow a user’s head to keep them covered. This is technology that’s already in use with autonomous drones, so the concept isn’t entirely new, but they have to work out the kinks before everyone is walking around with a drone umbrella.

Right now, the prototypes have a flight time of just 20 minutes, which isn’t a whole lot, but enough to get you between buildings or to your car during a rainstorm. The Free Parasol could be available as soon as 2019 for around $275. That’s when you’ll be seeing umbrellas crash into each other on every street. I hope not. It’s a cool idea. I really hope this happens.

[via Gizmodo]

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Bank Account

These days, there are luxury versions of everything. And such schmancy products usually come in rose gold color, which has been popular with the well-heeled for a little while now. Well, it looks like the rose gold craziness may have officially jumped the shark with this rose gold vermeil crazy straw from Tiffany & Co’s Everyday Objects collection. Everyday object my arse.

So now the high-end jeweler is also selling straws for rich dumbasses. That is the last straw for rose gold items. No, really. When you start to see stuff like this, you know that the trend is on its way out. This straw will cost you $350. I can get a whole truckload of straws for that price, plus some drinks to go with them. If that’s too pricey for you, Tiffany has other options. You can get a silver version for a much more “affordable” $250. I’m glad they have an option like that for those of us whose toilets are not made of gold.

At that price, I can finally upgrade my peasant stainless steel straw. It took me years to go from plastic to stainless steel and now it looks like I have finally arrived. Silver straw here I come!

[via Luxury Launches via Mike Shouts ]