Irrigation robots could help grow wine grapes in California

We all know by now that robots are the future of farming, and things are no different for winemakers in The Golden State. Faced with the shortage of water and workers, they asked researchers from the University of California to create an irrigation s...

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers

You know the best way to keep your wine fresh? Well, yeah, you could choose to never open it, but the wine must flow, so forget that idea. The best way to keep wine fresh is with your favorite celestial bodies from our very own solar system. Forget the usual boring cork or plastic bottle stoppers. These space themed bottle stoppers are awesome. Wine lovers and astronomy lovers find them out of this world.

These handcrafted bottle stoppers not only look great on top of your bottles, but they also glow in the dark thanks to luminescent powder mixed into the molten glass. These spheres represent The Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn. They will look great when you use them at home, and will also make quite an impression when you give them as a housewarming gift along with wine.

They are handmade in China by glass blowing artists, so each piece is unique. So open up that wine, drink up and blast off to your favorite heavenly body. These bottle stoppers are classy and artsy. Good luck finding bottle stoppers that are as cool as these anywhere else on this planet.

Postmates’ speedy booze delivery begins drop-offs in NYC and Texas

Postmates' on-demand alcohol service is now available well beyond California's borders. On top of an expansion to Miami in May, the internet delivery mainstay is now making its Drinks feature available in New York City (in Brooklyn and Manhattan) as...

T-Rex Wine Bottle Holders Go Prehistoric on Your Pinot Noir

You can get any wine holder you want, but the best choice is obviously this T-Rex wine bottle holder from Atlantic Collectibles. This beast comes in both dead or alive versions.

What could be better than displaying a drunk T-Rex in your home, as he upends a bottle of your expensive wine? A skeletal version that is doing the same thing. That’s what. Tiny little arms are not going to stop these guys from getting wasted on your wine supply. That’s because they use their feet creatively and just chug it all down.

At least they don’t just toss the empty bottle on the floor afterward. They do have some manners after all.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]

Special Wine Glass Lets Your Nose Get All Up In That Wine

We’re sure you’ve seen it: wine snobs sniff their wine. There’s a reason for that, of course, but if you’re the type to buy $5 twist-offs, you might not care. That’s fine. The more discerning folks however might actually take a liking to this Wine Glass Mask, a wine glass designed specifically to enhance the bouquet of a wine and make it possible for you to get as much of it in your nostrils as possible. It’s shaped kind of like a facemask with some ventilation holes to allow for better airflow, which should go a long way to maximize that oxygen/wine scent mix. And yes you’re right, it does look stupid and we’re hoping that what it lacks in the looks and class department, it at least makes up for in taste and aroma.

It’s currently getting crowdfunded, and a $15 pledge will get you one… but only if it funds, which seems doubtful at the moment. Still, with 22 days to go, anything is possible.

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