The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

Cavalier’s approach to audio is best described as classic. It uses classic materials and styles to create audio devices that don’t look particularly uber-tech. The Air, Cavalier’s latest offering, much like its ancestor, the Maverick showcases an absolutely retro-hipster attitude by ditching the boring plastic for knit fabric, wood, and leather.

The Air is essentially a combination of three things. A smart-speaker, a clock, and a wireless charger. Its unique shape allows it to be all three, as the speaker grille also contains a concealed LED matrix that tells you the time, and the surface above the Air serves as a Qi-compatible wireless charger for your phone. The Air comes enabled with Alexa, so you can talk to it, commanding it to play songs, modulate the volume, and much more. Packed with a very capable 20W speaker system on the inside, the Air just goes to show how obsessed the guys at Cavalier are with their hi-fidelity audio. The wireless charger just builds on the functionality of what I’d say is already a pretty kickass smart-speaker… and if that isn’t enough to convince you, the Air comes with two USB ports at the back to charge more of your gadgets while you groove to music from the 80s, because that’s how the hipster Cavalier do…

Designer: Cavalier Audio

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The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

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A wireless charging and smart light that carries a humble aesthetic

If you are like me, then you’ll love the idea of seemingly inconspicuous devices holding smart capabilities. This type of seamless design allows devices to subtly integrate into our lives, without needing to shout about it. This can be said for Pedora, a wireless charging and smart light that carries a humble aesthetic.

There is no denying that this family of products carry the same beautiful design language; soft, friendly forms have been paired with subtle surface detailing to create honest and approachable products. Consisting of two lamps and three charging stations, there is bound to be a product that suits you; whether you are after the gentle, atmospheric glow of a mood light, or the almost-limitless capabilities of a smart light, this range has you covered!

Designer: BKID co for Samsung

Wireless Square Charger & Mobile Pad

Mobile Pad & Light


The best Qi wireless charging power banks

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Twelve South made this discreet looking picture frame that also charges your phone

Turning a pleasant, memorable piece of home-decor into a useful product seems to be this year’s general consensus. Twelve South’s PowerPic is, outwardly, a photo frame, but it also happens to hide a wireless charger within it. The PowerPic sits on side tables, mantelpieces, workdesks, or coffee tables, and can hold any 5×7 photo of your choice within it. When not in use, the PowerPic is just another photo frame with a picture of your dog, parents, kids, siblings, or favorite artpiece. However, place your wireless-charging-compatible phone into the PowerPic’s thick-lipped frame and your phone instantly begins charging. Twelve South even went the distance by programming your phone’s screen to stay awake and display your wallpaper while charging, so your photo frame doesn’t get covered by a blank, black smartphone. The frame even uses authentic black or white New Zealand pine to look absolutely dapper, and conceals all unnecessary wires and cables into the photo frame’s footstand at the back. The things people think of these days!

Designer: Twelve South

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Fever Wireless Charger Has Smooth Lines


No Idea why the designer calls it the Fever wireless charger, however I understand that the bare-bones design has a purpose of minimalism backing it. The focus of this charger is to charge your phone as efficiently as possible, and keep the frills of ‘added functionality’ out of the frame. The distinct silhouette of lines is to help better ventilation and prevent from over-heating. The fact that it enhances the looks of the charger, is simply incidental.

Designer: Yeon Soo Kang (Joyce Kang)







This playfully unique wireless charger isn’t a pad or a dock


Designed with a toyish charm that totally makes charging much more entertaining as an activity, Mr. Charger isn’t shaped like your usual pad or phone-dock. In fact, it looks like a simple-minded lad sitting on the pier with his legs dangling above the water. Place your phone upside down and Mr. Charger on top, and he simply whiles away his time, while your phone gets charged. You’ll almost not want to lift him up to use your phone, lest Mr. Charger get disturbed.

However, if you DO want to go ahead and use your phone, the Mr. Charger can be flipped on his side and used as a prop-stand. Not quite as entertaining, but it provides the dual purpose you need. Mr. Charger is clearly emotional design done right, and this achieves a couple of rather interesting things. It humanizes the charger, making you perceive it as an entity in itself rather than just an accessory… and it also makes charging your phone a lot more entertaining, as you watch Mr. Charger sit quietly, content in his own little world, as the smartphone underneath him gets charged. Besides, Mr. Charger packs a clock into his tiny two-legged body too. Available as both an analog clock (that uses the watch face as Mr. Charger’s face) and as a digital clock that turns the seven-segment display into a set of happy little eyes, Mr. Charger is a rare wireless charger that actually makes charging your phone less of a drag and more of a playful pastime!

Designers: Dawn by SJ & Ki-Beom Hwang








The wireless gadget that can charge your phone through the table

An effective wireless charger is a wireless charger that does its job without being around your phone. Imagine sitting at the table, just placing your phone on the counter and it begins charging. No pads, no branding, no products. Just the promise of invisible charging. That future isn’t far off, especially with the Archon promising to do just that. The Archon works like normal wireless chargers, but rather than having you place it on the table and then put your phone on top of it, the Archon gets fixed under the table. It then passes wireless energy right through the table and to your phone.

The most obvious benefit of the Archon is its invisibility. It transforms any counter-top into a charging station, and more importantly, doesn’t occupy crucial table-space with pads, docks, and wires. The Archon works with most countertop materials, be it glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic, or quartz (it doesn’t work with metal countertops). The Archon mounts to the bottom via an adhesive pad and can project wireless energy for distances of up to 35mm, covering the thickness of even the thickest of counter-tops. The second, and more important benefit of the Archon lies in this 35mm metric. Since it comes with a 35mm buffer zone, unlike other chargers that need to be as close to the phone as possible, the Archon works with phones that have thick cases or pop-sockets on them… and with a 10W output, it fast-charges your phones too.

Invisible, yet effective, the Archon charges without being there. It doesn’t occupy space on the table, or obstruct your decor with unnecessary tech/wires/lights/branding. It works behind the scenes, and through thick and thin, allowing your regular, covered, or even bedazzled phone to charge completely, because that’s the point of wireless charging! It shouldn’t be ‘tied up’ by constraints!

Designer: Archon Charging





Give the Gift of Wireless Charging and Organization with the BentoStack Charge

Waited too long to do your holiday shopping? Rest easy, as we have the perfect last minute gift for the guy or gal with all the gadgets. BentoStack Charge is a wireless charging station that eliminates the need for messy tangles of wires. Not only does the charger case wirelessly charge all your Apple devices, but it also acts as a neat and convenient carrying case.

Thanks to a Qi-certified wireless charger and 5,000 mAh battery built right into it, your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices can stay charged – with absolutely no need for an outlet. The portable size makes it easy to take this on the go! Give the gift of wireless charging this holiday season for $89.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Smartphone Stand Meets Wireless Charger


With wireless smartphone charging becoming more widespread, it can be expected that we’ll see more multifunctional gadgets that integrate the new handy tech. One example is this design by Areum Gu.

The compact design can be carried anywhere and doubles as both a wireless charging base and a phone stand. Use it to prop up your phone and charge simultaneously or simply leave it laying down as a pad for your device. Covered in a tactile yet soft material, it ensures stability without risk of scratching.

Until this bad boy is available, you can get your hands on something similar here!

Designer: Areum Gu



















This is the wireless charger that should have been made years ago

The consumer electronics industry is all about oneupmanship between large companies and ever so often, a small time player will release a product that’s so revolutionary, it deserves to be applauded. The Unravel is that product.

The Unravel is a trio of charging pads, packed in a slick foldable design. Designed to be plugged into either a power outlet or a power-bank, the Unravel can be used with your phone, watch, and even wirelessly charging earphones. The triple-pad layout puts convenience above everything else, giving you the ability to charge all your products using just one cable and one power outlet. When done, the Unravel folds up into a slim profile and slides right into your backpack.

The genius of the Unravel lies in a lot of things, the first one being the fact that not one single large player thought of this before. As companies increasingly push out products that charge wirelessly (Apple and Samsung, my eyes are on you), it only makes sense to create a charger that can simultaneously charge all your accessories (although three separate chargers make more sense from a capitalist standpoint). The Unravel is, in that sense, revolutionarily convenient for giving you a slick, portable one-stop solution to wirelessly charge your devices. The Unravel takes this convenience a step further with its ability to be propped up as a docking stand. The charger folds into a triangle, and a kickstand at the base of one of the pads opens up to allow your phone to be propped up while charging, giving you the ultimate convenience of having your phone oriented vertically so you can make calls, conduct video conferences, or just watch movies.

With three 10W charging pads for fast charging, a hinge detail that has complete 360° of freedom, and a format that is convenient in many more ways than one, the Unravel is the wireless charging solution that should have come out back when the Apple Watch released, or at least when Apple announced AirPower (although it’s fair to say that the Unravel was in its developmental phase then). More importantly, it’s a product that ought to teach large companies a lesson in innovative, consumer-centric design, for where else will you get three wireless chargers combined into a foldable bar that props up into a charging dock when needed, and folds down into a wonderfully small, pocket-friendly brick when you’re on the go!

Designer: Ampere

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