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Now that the iPhone finally joined the wireless charging bandwagon, we can finally see this space explode with products… like the Avido WiBa. Most wireless chargers aren’t truly wireless, because they do need to be connected to a power outlet, but the Avido WiBa doesn’t even need that. The WiBa is a wireless charging power bank, which means you can carry it around with you wherever you go and just snap it to the back of your phone to juice your gadget up without having to worry about cables or even power outlets! The WiBa’s 500mAh capacity lets you give your phone a full charge while a USB port on its side lets you charge a second device using a charging cable.

How do you charge the power bank then? Simple! The WiBa comes with a wireless charging dock too on which you can just place the power bank. The power bank charges wirelessly too, and you can go as far as stacking the WiBa on its dock, followed by the phone on top of the WiBa, allowing the dock to charge both the power bank as well as your device. It may look weird at first, but it’s a small price to pay to have the convenience of truly wireless charging wherever you go!

Designer: Avido

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MIT’s truly wireless charger!

No. Wireless charging isn’t great. I’ll tell you why. Because you need to rest your phone on the charging plate at all times! That’s so limiting that it’s a deal-breaker for me. I like moving my phone around while it’s charging, and that’s fine if it’s tethered to a plug-point via a cable. Make that wireless and my phone will have to stay exactly in one position to charge. Lift it off the charging plate and it stops. To me, that’s a downgrade.

However, the guys at MIT (It’s always the guys at MIT) cracked the impossible! The over-the-air Pi Charger can charge your devices as long as they’re in a 1-foot range! The Pi sits on any desk, looking like a lampshade crossed itself with an Amazon Echo. However, what it does is truly ground-breaking. Without wires, or even contact, the Pi charges your devices by sending magnetic waves through the air. All Pi requires is a specialized charging case that receives signals from the Pi and you’re good to go. The case not only charges your device, but also protects it from accidental falls too. Go ahead and place the Pi in any room and it will charge all devices within a 12 inch radius. The Pi is safe to use, and guess what… you can pretty much do anything with your phone/tablet without having to worry about cables or ports being blocked by them. Wireless charging at its true potential!

Designer: Enlisted Design for Pi.







All hail the Wireless Power Bank!


Well, this is exactly what the smartphone industry needs. Better chargers! While we’ve completely gone to trash on battery advancement (we’re literally carrying around dynamite in our pockets), there’s a lot we can do in the charger department. We never really embraced wireless charging, but we’ve completely adopted the power-bank into our daily lives. How about a power bank that just charges wirelessly? Not only would that kill the Android vs. iOS argument, it would also mean you can charge your phone with incredible ease. The Huggl’s design definitely builds a clear image of where charger technology should be headed. It comes in a power bank avatar that allows you to dock your phone into its soft cushion-y upper component. Once your phone is nestled into the pillow, it begins charging. You can place multiple phones stacked one behind another and the Huggl will charge all of them… without cables! Why are we devoting our lives to self-lacing sneakers when we can easily make THIS?!

Designer: Gianni Teruzzi













IKEA To Incorporate Wireless Charging In Many Of Its Offerings


Wireless charging is being increasingly included in more and more devices, and it’s about time furniture manufacturers took advantage of this reality. So it’s with great pleasure that we find out about IKEA’s plans to do just that. They’ve endorsed the Qi Wireless Charging standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, and will be rolling out home furnishings with the functionality in the coming months. This means bedside tables, lamps and desks will have a special area on which you’ll be able to simply put down your phone and start charging. No more cables to plug in at night. Considering IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, this move will likely put pressure to make wireless charging ubiquitous, and hopefully one day convince Apple to include it in its handsets, a move it should have made years ago. Of course when they do so, they’ll act as if they invented the thing and call it something different, but in the end it doesn’t matter: cables need to disappear.

“IKEA said the wireless charging home furnishings will be available in Europe and North America this April, followed by a global rollout.”

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New wireless charging technology reduces charge time by three


Wireless charging technology has finally become viable, although not yet widespread as it’s rather slow. That’s where Freescale’s new gadget comes in.

Most wireless charging gadgets today are great for charging smartphones and tablets overnight, but really fall short when we’re in a hurry and need charge fast. Most of them have a charge rate of 5 watts, which chip manufacturer Freescale claims they’ll be able to triple with their new charging unit.

These chargers (which will release in early 2015) will recharge devices at a 15 Watts rate, effectively cutting charge time by three, getting our gadgets back to 100% in just a couple hours. In Dennis Cabrol’s words, who is Freescale’s Director of Global Marketing and Business Development:

Today’s mobile products offer a broader range of features, functionality and form factors than ever before, requiring developers of wireless charging systems to accommodate larger batteries and enable faster recharge speeds. Freescale’s industry-first 15 W solution is engineered to address these evolving market requirements, while helping to streamline product development and unleash design creativity.

This new technology is already underways and it’s expected we’ll see the first consumer devices using it midway through 2015. Freescale has already mentioned their intention to keep researching, getting the wattage higher and charge times smaller, so this is only the beginning.

Via Android Authority

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Fonesalesman Llaunches QiStone+, First Truly Wireless Charging Device

Fonesalesman QiStone+

Wireless charging is becoming really popular, especially because of the growing market for wearables. To meet this demand, Fonesalesman has been offering wireless charging accessories for quite some time now, but in order to up the ante, it has launched the QiStone+. A one-of-a-kind solution, the QiStone+ is truly wireless, i.e. it can charge and be charged wirelessly.

The power bank is compatible with all standards for wireless charging, and can be used with all device that can charge with a Qi Charging Pad. The mere look of the QiStone+ appeals to the onlooker – it wears a unique stone texture and is designed in such a way that it fits really comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Powered by a 4000mAh battery in the heart, the QiStone+ can charge any smartphone fully. While being used to charge a device wirelessly, the power bank can be attached to another gadget via USB. While there are many phones that are compatible with Qi Wireless Charging, but in case yours isn’t, Fonesalesman Wireless Receivers can let you phone act as one.

QiStone+ is available for pre-order for $79.99 from Fonesalesman and Amazon. And comes with a 20% discount for customers who own a Fonesalesman product already.

Fonesalesman QiStone+

Fonesalesman QiStone+ wireless charging

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Fonesalesman QiStone+ USB

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Yes, We Love iPhone Concepts

Perhaps this is the reason why we feature so many of them! Check out this really ultra slim iPhone 6 Pro with Wireless Charging and iView Cover. Sporting a metal body construction and Sapphire Glass bezel, the innovation here is the much-awaited wireless charging accessory. Check out the video after the jump.

Designer: Vishal Bhanushali

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A4WP Cuts the Cords, Brings Wireless Charging to Laptops, Tablets and More

Alliance for Wireless Power - Wireless Charging

When wireless charging made its way to smartphones a couple of years ago, the world sighed in relief at the thought that at last we’re getting rid of at least one cord.

The Alliance for Wireless Power, which includes such big players as Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Logitech and Panasonic, claims that the resonance charging model it has been working on has now 50 W of power. This is enough for charging laptops, tablets, and other devices that are not extremely power hungry. The jump from smartphones to laptops is quite noticeable, and we hope that Rezence, the wireless charging brand of this alliance, will get its products on the market in the not so distant future.

Peter Hortensius, chief technology officer, Lenovo, stated: “The ability to easily wirelessly charge a laptop, smartphone, or accessory marks a powerful shift, untangling us from the wires that have become a part of our everyday lives. In evaluating the different wireless charging technologies, we determined that the A4WP system operating at 6.78 MHz best meets our customers’ needs because it delivers the power and convenience necessary to easily charge all your devices.”

Marcel Stolk, senior vice president, Logitech, detailed the advantages of a universal charging solution from the perspective of a manufacturer of various types of hardware: “Logitech makes consumer electronics that span the power gamut, including computer and mobile accessories, gaming and music products. Having a universal wireless charging solution that is both flexible and scalable is important as consumers buy more devices that require charging. Rezence is the logical fit to enable us to deliver a superior customer experience.”

Kamil Grajski, President, Alliance for Wireless Power, concluded that “As highlighted by A4WP member companies at Computex, wireless power is about more than charging a phone on a pad. Flexibility, in both power and placement, are key to expanding wireless charging beyond a niche. A4WP member companies are driving the expansion of the Rezence specification to enable new usage models. Extending Rezence to include laptops, tablets and peripherals is a necessary step towards a wire-free and universal charging experience for everyone.”

I must admit that I like the idea of living in a world without wires, and I hope that Rezence’s solutions will be available soon. If the price is right, we might get to say goodbye to laptop and tablet chargers forever.

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Slimo Lightning Charging Patch for iOS Helps You Quit Cables

There are two reasons why I’m not a fan of most wireless chargers for mobile devices: they make it awkward to use your device while it’s charging and they require bulky cases for your mobile device. Slimo easily takes care of my second complaint. The first one? Not so much.

slimo lightning wireless charging patch for iphone ipad ipad mini ipod touch 620x648magnify

Unfortunate name choice aside, Slimo is indeed slimey slim. Instead of a bulky case it takes the form of a conductive patch that’s just 0.014″ thick. The patch delivers power to newer iOS devices via a Lightning connector. This means that you can attach Slimo without removing your iOS device’s case. You can even keep it underneath a case, as long as the latter isn’t made of metal. Slimo will work with any charging base that complies with the Qi Wireless standard.

Place your browser flat on your computer and try using it without lifting it off. Then pledge at least £22 (~$37 USD) on Kickstarter to get a Slimo patch as a reward. Pledge at least £39 (~$65 USD) to get a Slimo and a wireless charging base combo.

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