How the creators of ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ showed two sides to life online

Warning: May contain light spoilers. "Everything is for sale on the internet." Phil Johnston, the director/co-writer of the Oscar nominated Ralph Breaks the Internet, isn't holding back. "From the pop-ups to the videos you watch, commerce is a part...

Wreck-It Ralph Will Wreck the Internet in Upcoming Sequel

It’s not easy to do video game-centric movies right. Sometimes they turn out good, other times they just create a well intentioned flop. Wreck-It Ralph is one video game flick that many people loved. The good news is that a sequel is coming in 2018.

wreck_it_ralph_1zoom in

Walt Disney Animation Studios directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston hit Facebook Live on Thursday to announce that an internet-centric sequel to Wreck-It Ralph is in production, and will be released March 9, 2018. The internet should be ripe ground for the gang to explore. The comedic possibilities are endless. Ralph will have plenty to wreck on the web, and at least some of your other favorite characters will be back as well. So far, both Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are definites.

The trick will be to balance the video game aspect with the web stuff. This should be a fun movie. I can’t wait. Too bad we have to wait until 2018.

[via io9]

Fur technology makes Zootopia’s bunnies believable

Zootopia is a world where humans don't exist. It's a big, crowded metropolis where anthropomorphic animals drive cars, fight crime, eat ice cream and ride trains. Prey and predators of varying shapes and sizes coexist in harmony until their prejudice...

Must See HDTV (March 4th – 10th)

Must See HDTV March 4th  10th

We begin this week for a vital PSA aimed at the fan of ABC's Zero Hour -- that show has been cancelled after airing just three episodes. In other news, fresh iterations of SimCity and Tomb Raider arrive this week for some old-but-new-again gaming. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Wreck-It Ralph
In addition to Academy Award winning animated short Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph promises enough classic videogame references to alight nostalgia in pretty much anyone. Ben-o-vision certified, this story of an 8-bit villain who wants to be a hero instead seems a good fit for kids and adults alike.
($27.99 on Amazon)

King of the Nerds
TBS' reality competition wraps up this week with one contestant ready to be named King of the Nerds. We haven't been keeping up with the series around these parts but reviews have been shockingly positive and it's already been renewed for a second season.
(March 14th, TBS, 10PM)

Saturday Night Live
Sure some (ok, most) would agree the show has fallen off a bit, but if there's one thing you can count on to revitalize SNL, it's an episode featuring Justin Timberlake. Hopefully we can count on yet another Lonely Island collabo alongside followups to classic skits like Come On Down to Liquorville, but who knows.
(March 16th, NBC, 11:29PM)

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Disney Promote Wreck-It Ralph in London with 8-bit Lane

Wreck-It Ralph has been released in a lot of places worldwide, my country of residence included, and I really found it entertaining and enjoyable. If you like video games at the very least and played a couple of games when they were still all pixelly and in 8-bit form, then chances are you’ll like the movie, too.

The film doesn’t come out in the UK until February 8, 2013, so Disney is going the extra mile – or is it the extra lane? – to promote the movie by setting up 8-bit Lane in London.

8Bit LondonIt’s basically a street art exhibit where, if you look closely, you’ll spot a few things that aren’t as they should be. For example, water flowing out of a pipe looks suspiciously pixelated. Two pigeons on a pipe also get treated to some 8-bit action.

All of the sculptures on 8-bit Lane were created by Aden Hynes, who is Disney’s film production sculptor. Check out more of the exhibit in the gallery below.

8Bit London1 175x175 wreck it ralph dog 175x175 8Bit London4 175x175 8Bit London3 175x175 8Bit London2 175x175 8Bit London 175x175

Photos taken by Michael Reeve.

[via it8bit via Laughing Squid]

Disney announces Wreck-It Ralph will arrive for download before DVD, Blu-ray

Disney announces WreckIt Ralph will arrive for download before DVD, Bluray

Following the lead of other studios like Fox with its Digital HD push, Disney has announced its first movie that customers will be able to buy on download and streaming services weeks before the disc is released. Wreck-It Ralph is a worldwide hit, bringing in $277 million and counting at the box office, but the first time you'll be able to snag it (legally) for home viewing in the US is February 12th in HD and 3D on supported services. The four disc Blu-ray 3D combo set is priced at $39.99 and will ship nearly a month later on March 5th, along with the 2-disc Blu-ray ($31.99), DVD and standard def video on-demand versions. Disney hasn't tipped its hat about any digital efforts itself to replace the Online streaming site it shut down in November, but clearly it's preparing for a multi-format future -- we'll see if we hear any more interesting details during CES in the coming week.

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