20 Ridiculously Awesome Star Wars Shirts For Women

Star Wars is, no doubt, a legendary film series which brought us into a unique galactic experience. No wonder that its following has grown since the original trilogy, which started in 1977. It’s also no surprise that Star Wars geeks began looking for ways to display their love for this interesting series of trilogies. One […]

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YouTube Homepage Redesign Arrives for Desktop and Tablets

YouTube has just announced a brand new look and design for its desktop and tablet applications. The new YouTube homepage redesign comes with a fresh new look that is easy on the eyes and smart at presenting content. The reason why YouTube has launched the new design is to make finding videos people want to […]

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20 Awesome Hand Painted Shoes for Kids

Have you ever bought cool hand painted shoes for kids? You’re probably eyeing that certain model or brand of sneakers for a new pair of shoes for your kids (or niece/nephew or grandsons/granddaughters). For whomever it may be, why settle for the bland and ordinary ones when you can get them some very unique yet […]

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Top 10 Spooky Temporary Tattoos for Halloween

It’s mid-October and Halloween is just around the corner, hence, Halloween parties and trick-or-treats are about to happen soon. This also means it’s the time to decide on and find the perfect Halloween outfit for your upcoming parties and family events. To up your Halloween look, why don’t you try having temporary tattoos to compliment […]

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15 Geeky Crochet Doll Patterns

crochet doll patternscrochet doll patterns
Now, there are tons of crochet doll patterns you can get to create your favorite characters. This only means that geekery and your hobby in crochet can now go together!
Walyou has collected the best geeky crochet doll patterns that will be helpful in giving you a step-by-step process in creating a good copy of the characters you like. So, take out those yarns and get these crochet doll patterns that speak your favorites.

1. Homer Simpson Crochet Doll Pattern


The Simpsons has a certain charm that has made people laugh at every episode for years and years. If you’re one of the followers of this brilliant and funny cartoon show, why not work to create the funny patriarch of the Simpsons family? We all love Homer; he’s not very brilliant, but creative and hilarious.

This doll pattern is perfect for people with intermediate skills in crochet. If you are such and you love the Simpsons, start getting the pattern here.

2. Deadpool Crochet Doll Pattern

Our Marvel antihero, Deadpool, is loved by many because of his kickass moves and topnotch humor. Then why not make a Deadpool crochet pattern?
Deadpool, our immortal Marvel assassin, has all the time in the world to wait for you to finish the crochet doll pattern.
This Deadpool pattern includes detailed step-by-step process and photos, as well as other tips and tricks. The finished product is a cute six-inch Deadpool crochet doll with a removable katana sword.

3. Toy Story’s Bo Peep

If you’ve seen the Toy Story 4, you’ve seen the transformation of Bo Peep into a kick ass toy lady. You might’ve loved her then, but loved her more noe in her role in saving Woody and the other toys.
Now, you can own your own Bo Peep, and gladly, this one won’t have a broken arm. Get your Bo Peep crochet doll pattern, and don’t let her become a lost toy,  okay?

4. The Legend of Zelda

As a Nintendo gamer, you must have experienced Link’s adventures a multitude of times. More excitingly, a new Legend of Zelda game is set to be out really soon. To celebrate this, how about creating a Link doll through this crochet doll pattern?
The pattern gives you a cute copy of Link, complete with his gears and weapons. Take this as a different style of adventure and get Link’s crochet doll pattern here.

5. Star Wars’ Yoda & Leia

As Yoda would say: do or do not, there is no try. But if you know how to crochet, dare I say do it.
I bet crochet experts-slash-Star Wars fans would love to spend time in these Star Wars crochet doll patterns. This is a great deal since you just don’t get one, but two of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars series.

6. Game of Thrones’  Daenerys Targaryen 

We may have lost Daenerys Targaryen, but Game of Thrones fans will always have the memory of her courage. And also as the girl who bore the three great dragons.
By getting this crochet doll pattern, you get to own an 11-inch full-body Daenerys Targaryen crochet doll. This is perfect for Game of Thrones fans who are already skilled with crochet doll patterns. Get yours here.

7. Paw Patrol Dogs Crochet Doll Patterns

Loved following the adventures of the Paw Patrol? Why not embark on your own adventure by creating the Paw Patrol yourself through this crochet doll pattern? By buying this, you don’t get one one, but patterns for all eight dogs!
These crochet doll patterns will create a cute 8-to-10-inch dolls using yarn cotton Aran. Here’s a bonus, the seller is willing to communicate with you if you get lost in the way while making these patterns. So, reach out to her through this link now.

8.  Pokemon’s Pikachu Crochet Doll Pattern

Pokemon geeks no longer need to try to catch Pikachu. If you know crochet, you can make your own Pikachu by getting this crochet doll pattern.
Complete this with crochet hooks, yarns, sewing needles and stuffing materials, together with your crochet skills. End result is an at least 3.75-inch Pikachu crochet doll for yourself.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot 

This tree creature could potentially be the cutest Marvel creature, do you agree? Who doesn’t love Baby Groot anyway?
To make this Baby Groot crochet doll pattern, apart from the yarn, you will need acrylic, crochet hook, stitch marker, wire safety eyes and stuffing. Once it’s done, you’ll own a 7.5 x 5.5-inch Baby Groot doll with posable arms that you or the kids can display or play with.

10.  DC Comics’ Batman 

For those who are into crochet and Batman, the hero of Gotham City, this is now your chance to own a Batman crochet doll pattern
To create your own Batman crochet doll pattern, it’s preferred to use a 2.00-mm crochet hook with black grey and flesh yarns, felt, wool needle and stuffing — either cotton or wool.  The end product is a 5.5-inch tall Batman.

11. DC Comics’ Wonder Woman 

Or perhaps you prefer another kick ass member of the DC family, that is Wonder Woman. 
Wonder Woman is one of the bestselling crochet doll patterns of the seller. It’s no wonder why; Princess Diana of the Amazons is just so lovable, right? Get your Wonder Woman crochet doll pattern here.

12. Star Wars’ R2-D2 

Star Wars geeks could only wish they can have their own R2-D2 in real life.But if you know crochet, at least you can create your own R2-D2 doll with this crochet doll pattern. End result is an at least 7.8-inch R2-D2 doll (or bigger with a thicker yarn). Get your pattern here.

13. Nickelodeon: Spongebob and Friends Crochet Doll Patterns

We all had some laughs in watching the adventures of this sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Good news is, you can bring Sponge Bob Square Pants at home, you can even bring the whole Bikini Bottom gang along. 
By getting this package, you get seven crochet doll patterns to help you create your favorite Bikini Bottom characters.

14. Marvel’s Iron Man 

Iron Man has entertained us from the Marvel comics and in every Iron Man and Avengers film. If you love Iron Man, 3000, here’s the crochet doll pattern for you. 
To create this, you will need additional items, such as pipe cleaners, poly-fil stuffing and craft felt. When completed, your Iron Man doll will stand 13 inches tall and will have poseable arms and legs!

15. Rick and Morty Crochet Doll Pattern

Rick always comes up with out of this world ideas and science projects. This time, you could create your own version of this funny and weird mad scientist that is Rick, by getting this crochet doll pattern.
If you are looking for another geeky project check out these free cross stick patterns.  or get inspired by these cool projectssuch as plant vs zombies corchet dolls, mad men amigurumi ,and amigurumi firefly charcters

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50 Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Weeks from now, we’ll be starting to celebrate one of the most interesting and scary occasions of the year — Halloween! This is the time of the year that kids can collect tons of candies from trick or treating and when anyone can wear a geeky or scary (or both) outfit without being weird. But also, this is the time of the year when we start making our houses look creepy and spooky. Have you thought about your halloween decorations for the year? How about making DIY Halloween decorations to make the activity more fun? What’s best about this is, it’s something you can do together with family and friends!

Just like choosing a Halloween costume, looking for DIY Halloween decorations can be a challenge, especially if you’re (too) competitive and are looking to have the spookiest house in the street.

Are you having a hard time looking for the best DIY Halloween decorations? Fret not — or at least not yet — because we’ve put together a massive collection of DIY Halloween decorations you can choose from, offering various kinds of creepy ideas that may tickle your fancy.

Take a look at them here:

1. Crazy Bonez Skeleton Halloween Decor

Integrate a life-size skeleton into your home decor and surprise your visitors. You can let this skeleton stand or sit to let it pose with how you like it. You can display this spooky skeleton, which is part of the crazy bones skeleton line, together with other sketelon decorations you already have.

Start preparing for halloween and display this spooky skeleton by getting it here.

2. Spooky Skeleton Hands

Image via: tarynwilliford.com

If you want to integrate more creepy body parts into your DIY Halloween indoor decor, these spooky skeleton hands is another idea. These are not just any other skeleton hands, because it glows, too!

To create these glowing skeleton hands, you just need jars, latex gloves, a Sharpie and flameless LED tealights. Doing this DIY Halloween decoration is very easy and will only take a few hours. See how it’s done here.

3. Black Bats Spiders Window Clings Decals Stickers for Halloween

Don’t leave your windows behind in your Halloween decors. By placing these stickers, it will give the illusion of flying bats and webs with crawling spiders with these Halloween sticker decals. This DIY Halloween decor sticker set comes with 87 pieces of stickers to so you can give a haunted feel to all your windows.

4. Creepylicious Halloween Bottle with Eye

Do you want to have more of those unique DIY Halloween indoor decor to display? Here are home-designed wine bottles with creepy eyes, which you can integrate with your dining Halloween decoration. Why would you leave the dining area behind when it can aid giving a little spook to your visitors while dining.

5. DIY Creepy Hand Soap for Halloween

Image via: ernestka

Don’t leave out any part of the house with your DIY Halloween decorations. Bring the creepiness up a notch by creating your own creepy hand soap in the bathroom. All you need are plastic bugs and your good old bottle of hand soap. Display these in the bathroom and voila, you have a halloween display in the bathroom!

6. Halloween Ghost Creepy Skull Hanging Decorations

A huge ghost can be an interesting addition to your Halloween decor at home.This halloween decoration is easy to install, just tie this 14-feet ghost on a tree, your front porch, or even in your living room. The ghost decoration is made of polyester with a skeleton mask that completes the creepy effect. Place it in a dim spot for added scare.

7. Severed Head DIY Halloween Decoration

Image via: consumercrafts.com

How about adding a shocking and spooking severed head DIY Halloween indoor decoration? Imagine your guests entering the house and seeing this severed head, it could cause goosebumps, don’t you think?

Doing this DIY Halloween indoor decoration will even make you express your creativity by using your own ideas for the severed head’s face. You will only need a few materials from a DIY shop in your neighborhood and a little effort. More details on how to do it here.

8. Witch Halloween Decorations with Glowing Eyes

This is not your ordinary witch decor. It’s a life-size 6-feet tall scary witch. On top of being a life-sized witch, it also has glowing eyes for added effect. This witch is probably one of the best witch DIY halloween decorations you can find. You can leave her on the front porch or leave her a spot in the living room, it’s all upto you. Buying this will definitely give your family and visitors a scare.

9. Halloween Decorations Cocoon Corpse with LED Skull Eyes

Scare your neighbors with a dead corpse, or at least what seems to be a dead corpse with this life-size 72-inch corpse halloween decor. The corpse itself, with its realistic bloodstains and spider cover, might already scare most. But if that alone does not work, another surprise may come to them as it will flash its red skull eyes and bring horrible screams when the corpse senses sounds approaching.

10. Enchanting DIY Halloween Lanterns

Image via: adventure-in-a-box

Add a little color in your homes’ Halloween indoor decorations through these DIY lanterns. All you need are unused jars, spray paint, tea light candles and a few more materials for the design. There are various ways on how you can make the design on these jars, find out more here.

11. Halloween Zombie Face and Arms Lawn Stakes

When decorating your home, it would be nice not to leave out your lawn area!. Why? It presents an untapped opportunity to surprise your visitors before they even get on your doorstep.

Here’s one way to do that. Get one of these green zombie head and arms, which can give the camouflage effect to your lawn. A surprise awaits if they suddenly see or feel the head and arms close by their foot. It’s a perfect way to spook your visitors that come walking towards your front door, right?

12. DIY Tortured Candles for Halloween Decorations

Image via: cfabbridesigns

Light up your living area with this bloody tortured candles. All you need is some white candles, drip some wax from red candles and maybe pin up some tacks for added dramatic effect. See more details here.

13. Faceless Dark Hanging Grim Reaper DIY Halloween Decoration

If you think Casper and ghost designs are now overrated, how about opting for a floating faceless grim reaper instead? Yes, the very personification of death can give a good scare when included into your Halloween decoration.

This grim reaper decor stands (or floats) five-feet tall and comes with this scary hand that can give the haunting effect to those that come close to it. These hands are adjustable, too, to allow you to make the effect that you want. For best results, place it at a dim area of the house for a more spooking surprise.

14. DIY Pumpkins Papercraft SculptureHalloween Decorations

Jack O’lanterns are the stars of the Halloween season. And since they’re almost anywhere during Halloween, you can make yours stand out with these DIY pumpkin papercraft scupture. These are not your typical Jack O’lantern plastic buckets, these are modern-looking Jack O’lanterns that you can create by yourself through the provided printable pattern.

On top of the pattern, you’ll just need a few art materials, such as paper, scissors, cutter and glue. As long as you carefully follow the instructions, you’ll be successful in making these cute DIY Halloween decoration crafts. For added accent, choose a uniquely designed paper and add an LED tea light when you display it. Get your pattern here now.

15. Ghost Garland Fall Decor

Opting for a light and a cute spook? Then, this Halloween ghost garland might be a great addition to your DIY Halloween decorations.

This handmade Halloween decor includes six burlap ghosts tied using jute twine. You have the option to move the ghosts to bring them together or to allow more space between each cute ghosts to make it fit to any space you want to put it in.

16. Halloween Skeleton Yard Art Set

Thinking of what to design in your front yard for the Halloween? How about letting skeletons emerge from your front yard, or at least make it appear like that with these skeleton yard skeleton set.

This DIY Halloween decor set comes with life-size skeletons and skulls, as well as mini dinosaurs and dogs. These skeletons are made of while plastic and wooden stakes that are durable to allow you to reuse it for the upcoming years. The package  also comes with installation instructions to make the spooking easier for you.

17. DIY Hanging Cage Halloween Prop

Image via: thenavagepatch

Looking for more ways to use your artistic skills in your Halloween decorations? Instead of going for displaying those Halloween props you bought, you can step up your display by making these DIY hanging cages. You’ll only need old laundry baskets, together with a few inexpensive items, such as zip ties and plastic chains, from the Dollar Store. More details on how to do this creative DIY Halloween decoration here.

18. Halloween Table Decor

If you want to display more cute DIY Halloween decors instead for a kid-friendly Halloween, these Halloween decorations fits the bill. Choose among the five designs — Jack O’lantern, Frankenstein, white ghost or Dracula. Another option is to purchase them a set. You can either display these 4×4 designed tiles on a table or prop it on a wall. Good news, these tiles are also waterproof, chip proof and fade proof, allowing you to reuse them for other upcoming Halloween events.

Get these cute DIY Halloween decorations here.

19. Black Bats  Wall Decoration for Halloween

You can also transform your home into a creepy bat cave and place these 3D bat stickers on your walls. Yes, they’re in 3D, which means these stickers have elevated wings and not just stick to the wall surface.

This sticker set includes 120 pieces of bats in different shapes that intends to provide a realistic look on your walls. You can also stick them on other furnitures or areas in the house, like the refrigerator door, stair case and curtains among others.

20. Scary Halloween Ghost Hanging Decoration for Indoor or Outdoor

This ghost hanging decor could serve as a nice backdrop to your indoor or outdoor halloween party. Or even if you’re not hosting a Halloween party, you can also use this for your Halloween design at home. This decor, which will stand 13 feet tall, is so huge, it won’t go unnoticed.

21. Spider Web Halloween Party Banner

Having a Halloween party for the kids? This 8-feet spider banner can be a nice and cute addition to your DIY Halloween decorations. Not too scary, but still allowing you to have that Halloween spirit in the room or house. The spider banner can also be customized to allow to fit in the space you intend to put it on.

22. Hanging Lighted Glowing Witch Hat Halloween Decorations

Halloween does not always have to be dark and scary. This Halloween, we can magically turn hats into lighting decorations if we want to.

These lightning hats could possibly be the most unique DIY Halloween decorations on display on your front yard. You can make Halloween bright and fun with this 33ft 48-LED string lights in front of your home. And it comes in four alternating colors!

23. Pumpkin Water Tower Figurine Halloween Accessories for Village Collections

Are you someone who collects Halloween figurines or you’re simply looking for some nice additions to your indoor Halloween decorations? Whatever your purpose is, this pumpkin water tower figurine is a good purchase for the Halloween season.

Look at how it blends with the other Halloween decorations; that looks like a pretty good addition, won’t you agree?

24. Life-Size Hanging Talking Witch Decorations

We’re not done with the witches just yet. This scary purple witch can watch over your house and effectively scare your neighbors. If the appearance of the witch doesn’t scare them enough, there will be a surprise once the witch has been touched. It would surprisingly light up its eyes, scream and say a few scary words.

25. Fun Express Realistic Feathered Crows

Crows have become associated with Halloween due to its creepy howls and stares. Having said that, adding a few real-looking crows can be a great accent to your DIY Halloween decorations. Maybe perch it on a corpse ( a fake one, hopefully) on the lawn for some dramatic effect.

26. Spanish Moss Apothecary Jars

Image via: joann.com

Aiming for one of those classy DIY Halloween decorations? These Spanish moss apothecary jars could fit in the requirement. Whether you’re aiming for the Jack O’lantern, witches or skeleton theme, these jars can help give the Halloween vibe to your living room!

27. Three Realistic Looking Hairy Spiders with Giant Halloween Spider Web

Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s arachnophobe friend won’t be pleased to see this.

Get ready to surprise the kids sneaking around the house with these realistic-looking hairy spiders lounging on the 11 feet of web. This DIY Halloween decor would be a great compliment to most of the general Halloween theme you may introduce to your house. You can also put it on a tree for your outdoor decoration.

28. DIY Stand-Alone Ghosts

Image via: modernparentsmessykidsmodernparentsmessykids

Make your own cute standalone ghosts in your home in preparation for the Halloween. You’ll only need a fabric-stiffened cheesecloth, water balloons (or any other round object) and a cup or a bottle. Add some googly eyes (or draw more creey-looking eyes) for your ghosts and you’re all set. Find the complete instructions here.

29. Cool DIY Jack O’Lanterns with Candles for Halloween

Image via: orangenmond

How about creating your Jack O’lanterns out of papier-mâché, put it in a prime spot in the house and light up a tea light candle inside and you’re now ready for Halloween.

30. Cool DIY Skull Vase Decor for Halloween

Image via: persialou

Your Halloween display can be more than just a decoration. You can create your own skull and pumpkin decorations that can also serve as a vase and a candy display for your visitors. Check it out if you want to see more about how it’s done.

31. Plastic Pumpkin Arch Entry Way

Image via: craftymorning

Collect tons of Jack O’lantern buckets and bring them together to make an arch for your door for this coming Halloween. Craftymorning gave tips on how you can add lights to this pretty door design.

32. Glowing Plastic Jack O’lantern Totem

Image via: scratchandstitch

Or here’s another creative take in bringing together Jack O’lanterns: build a totem! Probably something you can display by the door step or even indoors, at a spot in your living area, perhaps.

To create this, collect five Jack O’lanterns, a witch hat (you can find used ones or buy them at the Dollar Store), garden stakes and white lights. This project would also require you to have or borrow a power drill, as well as skills to us it.

In a nutshell, the idea is to stack the five Jack O’lantern pails and place them steadily together, and install the lights inside them for a glowing effect. Complete details on how to put this together can be found here.

33. Boo Pumpkins DIY Halloween Decor

Image via: adiamondinthestuff

Why go for the regular foam pumpkin displays when you can have something better? Add a twist to those ordinary pumpkins to make an extraordinary design such as these Boo pumpkins. See how it’s done here.

34. Easy and Fast DIY Balloon Pumpkin Patch

Image via: hwtm

Here’s a fun way to add DIY Halloween decorations in your home while creating a fun way to offer candies to kids joining the trick or treat.

So these are not just any Jack O’lantern balloons. They are stuffed with candies and treats, too! All you need are orange balloons, some candies, a Sharpie and green party fringes for accent. You can find the very easy process here.

35. Spooky Bush Eyes Outdoor DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor

Image via: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Have you considered adding some Halloween flair to your garden? Yes, this is an opportunity you can tap into for your DIY Halloween decorations. This could work best on your front lawn for visitors and passers-by to see.

One idea is to personify your bushes and add googly eyes to them. One idea to do do this is by purchasing some of those Jack O’lantern buckets and use some paint and creativity to make it spooky. See how it’s done here.

36. DIY Halloween Wreath with Crows

Image via: twelveonmain

While wreath decorations are mostly associated with the Christmas holidays, that doesn’t mean you can’t do one for the Halloween. After all, it would be nice to have some welcoming Halloween decor on your front door, right?

This Halloween wreath won’t cost you much. You just need to look around for twigs, hunt down some crow toys at the Dollar Store and get some glue. Complete directions to do this wreath are here.

37. Easy Fabric Scrap Halloween Garland

Image via: swoodsonsays

Since Halloween is also about candies and treats, how about making some cute candy garland as part of your DIY Halloween indoor decorations?

This would be cute and fun especially if you have kids or are welcoming kids in the house. You just need a few sewing tools, aluminum foil and a Halloween inspired fabric, along with some basic sewing skills. It’s something cute and timely for the season that you can prop up the wall or hang on the stair case. More details on how to do it here.

38. Spooky DIY Halloween Yard

Image via: dearhandmadelife

If you have a lot of space to work around on your yard, it could be an interesting idea to utilize this space and make a full blown DIY Halloween outdoor decorations. This could be a nice activity for the family, too!

I’m talking about turning your yard into a graveyard-looking space, at least for the Halloween season. You’ll mostly work on sheets of ply wood and wood beams, so some basic carpentry skills would help. Other creative members of the family can help with the painting and the scribbles and drawings, too! See how this can be done through this link.

39. Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Image via: princesspinkygirl

If you’re looking for more options, here’s another take on Halloween jars. This time, mason jars will be used for these indoor DIY Halloween decorations. See how these can be done through this link.

40. Mercury Glass Halloween Mason Jar

Image via: apumpkinandaprincess

Here’s another cute DIY Halloween indoor decoration project you can probably do with the kids. Just look for mason jars around the house, get some mirror spray paint, vinyl stickers for the design and some tea light candles, preferably the flameless ones.

It’s pretty easy to do and you’ll find out more about it here.

41. DIY Halloween Punch Bowl

Image via: nobiggie

Here’s another cute and fun DIY Halloween idea that’s very simple and easy to do: vinyl bat designs on your punch bowls and glassware. Adding Halloween accents into the kitchen would be a really fun way to celebrate the Halloween season, especially if you’re decorating the house, it could chime in with your Halloween house theme. Could be fun for your guests, too!

This would be easier if you own a Cricut Explore, which lets you print your own vinyl stickers. Another option is to buy those vinyl stickers. If you’re keen to do this, here’s how.

42 . DIY Halloween Candy Jar

Image via: apumpkinandaprincess

We’re not over with the jar ideas just yet!

Preparing for trick or treat and/or decorating your house for the Halloween? You can actually prepare your treats with this DIY Halloween candy jar. You’ll need a teracotta pot and saucer, a glass bowl, a small knob and a few accents to design your candy jar. Find out how it’s done here and prepare your candies for the trick or treat.

43. DIY Halloween Spell Book

Image via: Matthew Ashman/EHOW

Creating your home as a witch’s house this Halloween could be a workable idea. To complete the witch house theme, why not create DIY spell books to display indoors? You may have a book shelf in the common area or a table top that you can use to show these off.

To do this DIY Halloween decoration, you can look for old books stacked in your attic, maybe, tissue paper, and some art materials, like paint brushes, glue and scissors. You can also buy some accents to help with the effect. The idea is to create a creepy-looking book cover for the books to easily associate it with the Halloween theme.

If you want to know the step-by-step process in achieving this, check this out.

44. Halloween DIY magnetic spiders

Image via: deliacreates

These little spiders can give a little more detail to your DIY Halloween decoration at home. You can place these on the door or refrigerator and other areas you find fit.

To do this, you’ll need some tiny plastic spiders, some magnetic sheets, glue and a little creativity. Need some help in doing this? Get more details here.

45. Easy 5-minute DIY Halloween Toilet Roll Bat Buddies Craft

Image via: mollymoocrafts

Before tossing out those toilet roll cartons, make them useful  by making cute DIY Halloween indoor decorations with those. For this Halloween, you can turn these toilet roll cartons into cute bats as decorations. The process will only take three step, through simple cutting and glueing, which means you can do these with the kids. Find out more about the easy process here.

46. DIY Halloween Witch Apothecary Potion Bottles

Image via: magiamia As you might have learned by now, unused jars and bottles can be useful tools for your unique Halloween decorations. You can again tap those unused containers to make these creepy-looking potion bottles.

How these apothecary potion bottles will be entirely dependent on your creativity. To bring these together, you’ll need some hot glue, sand paper, black and brown paint colors and brushes. The process is fairly simple and you can find out more about it here.

47. Cool Front House DIY Halloween Decor

Image via: niftythriftythriving

The front of the house is an opportunity to scare of people during Halloween. Because apart from getting candies and treats, scaring everyone is also the main goal for Halloween, right?

In this DIY Halloween decoration project, you’ll be turning the front of your house as the face of a huge monster. Once accomplished, this will make your house looking like a huge monster. The process won’t be difficult: the idea is to paste scary set of eyes and teeth on top of your front door. To do this, get some foam board, acrylic paint and screws from a nearby hardware store. Use your creativity to design the eyes and teeth on the foam board, cut them and screw them onto the front part of the house. Get the complete step-by-step process here.

48. Skeletons And More Skull Chandelier DIY Halloween Decorations


Up your Halloween indoor decoration game by getting this skeleton chandelier. This chandelier has 12 skulls each with LED candles. This carefully made home furnishing will definitely make a good accent in your Halloween decoration.

49. Scary Head in a Jar Halloween Decoration

Image via: instructables

There’s a lot of fun in throwing pranks in the household especially during this Halloween season. Would you agree?

If yes, here’s an idea, if a family member opens the fridge in the middle of the night while trying to look for some midnight snack, how about surprising them with what looks like a decapitated head in a jar.

Doing it won’t be so hard. You just need a bit of photo editing skills, a printer (or have it printed with a friend), a huge jar and some food coloring. Doing this won’t take long. See the instructions here.

50. Decoupage DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars

Image via: fynesdesigns

We’ve shown you how to make apothecary jars earlier, but we’d love to give you more options. Fynedesigns shared another version of doing apothecary jars, which you can include in your indoor Halloween decorations. These apothecary jars puts it a notch higher by adding some elements inside the jar, like eyeballs, rats and other insects and pests. This makes your apothercary section more like the witch’s lab.

To do this, choose the container of your choice, ideally a glass or transparent container, and a few art materials, such as decoupage glue, printed labels with creepy designs, food coloring and some plastic insects. See more about how it’s done here.

We hope this varied list of DIY Halloween decorations will help you decide on the theme and projects to work on for the upcoming Halloween season. If you have your own DIY Halloween creations, we’d love to hear from you! Please share it in the comments.

To compliment your decorations, don’t forget to check our list on awesome handmade Halloween costume aprons, or our top amazing star wars costumes, to fully complete your Halloween vibes.

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25 Awesome Handmade Halloween Costume Aprons

Captain America pinup halloween costume apronCaptain America pinup halloween costume apron

Halloween is just around the corner. With that said, it’s that time of the year that we start looking for fun outfits to wear for the occasion. Why not start looking into Halloween costume aprons that would show your geeky side.

These Halloween costume aprons can even turn into your daily kitchen outfit after the costume parade.

Start planning for your costume this early and take a look at these wonderful Halloween costume aprons here:

1. Star Wars-inspired handmade R2-D2 Halloween costume apron

Do you fancy looking like the fun droid that is R2-D2?

This Star Wars apron is not just one of those typical Halloween costume aprons. It is designed with a full circle skirt, it’s close to passing as a nice dress. Here you can find more Star Wars Halloween costumes ideas. 

2. Toy Story: Forky Halloween costume apron

If you loved Forky from Toy Story 4, you might want to consider wearing this Forky Halloween costume apron to your October party. This outfit is nicely-created with a full circle skirt and comes in various sizes. Find your fit here.

3. Girly Captain America pinup Halloween costume apron

Be Mrs. Captain America for a day (or even more) by scoring this Halloween costume apron. This outfit is crafted to look similar to Captain America’s, which is cool! There are many Halloween costume aprons of this style available and comes in XS to plus sizes.

4. Super Mario Halloween costume apron for geeky girls

Are you a Super Mario kid (or kid-at-heart)? If yes, you might want to consider wearing this Super Mario outfit. Only that, instead of the jumpsuit, you’ll be in this Super Mario apron. Only that, it’s a fancier apron with this pin upskirt.

5. Miss Spiderman Halloween costume apron

Come in the Halloween party representing the Marvel superheroes with this Spiderman Halloween costume apron. This outfit is webbed with layers of skirt that forms together as an awesome costume for your October event.

6. Wonder Woman Halloween costume pinup apron

Prefer DC instead? How about going as the princess of the Amazons, no less than Wonder Woman. This star-spangled outfit is one of the best Halloween costume aprons you can consider if you’re aiming for the superhero look. It’s even complete with Wonder Woman’s rope!

7. Ghostbusters Halloween costume apron

Love to go ghostbusting this Halloween? Instead of going in the classic jumpsuit attire, why not wear this Halloween costume apron to give a different take to this classic 90s show. Get yours here.

8. Hello Kitty Halloween cosplay apron

Into Sanrio? Be the face of Sanrio — literally — by wearing this Hello Kitty Halloween costume apron. It comes with a heart-shaped design to add to the girly feel of this Halloween outfit.

9. Pokemon Pikachu Halloween cosplay apron

Meanwhile, if you’re a Pokemon geek, you can opt to go to Halloween wearing the most popular character of them all. Wear this Halloween costume outfit bearing the cute face of Pikachu by buying here.

10. Deadpool Halloween cosplay apron

Or, if you opt to become a kickass superhero, Deadpool is a great pick. Give a female take to this spunky Marvel superhero and wear this Halloween costume apron.

11. Doctor Who Tardis Halloween costume apron

Doctor Who geeks may want to travel back to view the best episodes of this fun long-running show. But for the Halloween, you can get to be the time machine by getting this Tardis Halloween costume apron.

12. Legend of Zelda handmade Halloween costume apron

Yes, Nintendo geeks, there’s also an outfit for you! Become the female Link in your Halloween event and show off your love for the Legend of Zelda. Get this outfit here.

13. Aladdin’s Genie Halloween costume apron

You can also become a magical character this Halloween by being Aladdin’s genie. This Halloween costume apron’s design matches Genie’s wacky look with the very magical lamp. The best part is, you don’t need your own genie to score this outfit.

14. Zombie Driver Halloween costume apron

Be a hot chic in your upcoming Halloween party by getting this flaming hot red outfit. This could be a great way to display your love for video games and the Zombie Driver game.

15. Joker Halloween costume apron

If you think superheroes are a bit mainstream, you can try to be a villain for a day. One of the Halloween costume aprons you can choose from is this Joker outfit.

16. Freddy Krueger Hollywood costume apron

Or perhaps, this Freddy Krueger Halloween costume apron? Apart from a Friday the 13th, you can also become villainy during your Halloween event and wear this.

17. Domo Kun Halloween costume apron

This crazy but cuddly and cute character from Japan, that is Domo Kun, can be you on Halloween. Get this Halloween costume apron and be that crazy and cute character on your upcoming costume party.

18. Pokemon’s Squirtle Halloween costume apron

Here is another one of those Halloween costume aprons for the Pokemon fans. Get this cute turquoise Squirtle outfit for your costume party here. Don’t forget to check some cool Halloween customes ideas for dogs as well.

19. Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween costume apron

Be as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog is getting this Halloween costume apron.

20. Pokémon Jigglypuff Halloween costume apron

Be the adorable Jigglypuff that will appear in your costume party by buying this apron outfit. You’ll be that girly Pokemon geek in that party with this dazzling Halloween costume apron.

21. Mrs. Incredible Halloween cosplay apron

Choose your superpowers and represent the Incredibles family by wearing this apron costume.

22. Star Trek red Halloween costume apron

Depart from the USS Enterprise and join the party wearing this captivating hot red Star Trek Halloween costume outfit.

23. Superman Halloween costume apron for ladies

Why be Lois Lane when you can be Supergirl. Yes, you can be the female counterpart of DC’s fighter of justice by wearing this Supergirl Halloween costume outfit.

24. Toy story’s Jessie Halloween dress-up apron

Bring a horse along and wear this outfit from Toy Story’s Jessie. You’ll definitely be that pretty cowgirl when you don this apron costume to your Halloween party.

25. Despicable Me’s Minion Halloween costume apron

Minions are fun, cute and smart, but so are you. So why not go for this Minion look this Halloween? For all you know you might find your other Minion friends at the party and have a good time together.


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15 Fashionable Star Wars Dresses for Women

Stormtrooper Star Wars dress for toddlersStormtrooper Star Wars dress for toddlers
Are you looking for something to wear for a special occasion or party? Or perhaps, something unique to add to your wardrobe. Hear ye, Star Wars geeks, you can find a lot of Star Wars dresses that will speak your style, favorite character, and allegiance to the Force. After all, the best way to show your geeky side is by wearing it.
Also, you may be glad to know that cool Star Wars dresses are now available for most age groups! You may be a 20-something adult who wants to flaunt your Star Wars geekiness or a Star Wars geek parent (or a grandparent) who wants to dress a baby or a little girl with fabulous Star Wars dresses.
Well, that’s is not impossible.
Walyou has collated some of the most fashionable Star Wars dresses across various age groups to help you find what you need. These Star Wars dresses could be nice gifts, too!

1. Space Ship Battle Star Wars dress for adults

Stars Wars geeks have always seen the action in The Galaxy, but how about wearing it this time?
This Cool Star Wars dress is not like any other as it brings together prints of X-Wing, Y-Wing and Tie Fighter spaceships in a pretty black dress. This beautiful star wars dress comes in plus size too. sizes available from XS – 5XL. You can buy it here.
The dress comes in various styles based on your preference and in sizes available for you.

2. Little Blue Droid R2-D2 Star Wars dress

You can come as our favorite droid R2-D2 in a Star Wars-inspired party with this dress.
But also, you don’t need a special occasion to get this Star Wars dress. It also comes in different styles and sizes. Take your pick here.

3. Little Round Droid BB8 Star Wars dress for adults

If BB-8 is your preference, here’s the perfect Star Wars dress for you.

4.  Star Gazer dress for kids: printed Star Wars characters

This classy Star Wars dress can be a nice addition for your little girl’s wardrobe. Look at those cartoon looking Star Wars characters. They’re cute, right? This design is a truly unique handmade artwork, with an elaborate process to bring this design into a dress.

5.  Star Wars dress for babies, toddlers, kids, and tweens: BB-8 droid

Dress up your daughter with this BB-8 droid Star Wars dress for toddlers so she can join the Star Wars fun club.
A myriad of sizes are available, so whether you have a newborn baby, toddler, a kid or a tween, there’s a size that would fit. Find a suitable size for your little girl here.

6.  Iconic Star Wars dress for girls

Give your girl a retro look by buying her this iconic Star Wars dress. Look at how its design brings Star Wars’ original characters together. This dress is available for three-month-old babies up to 10-year old kids.
Since it’s made of cotton, this dress will make your daughter feel nice and comfy for visits to the mall or park, or for a retro party.

7. Star Wars Darth Vader dress for adults

Are you on the dark side of the Force? You can show that by wearing this Darth Vader Star Wars dress.
With the design preprinted on the fabric, rest assured the Darth Vader in you (and on this dress) will not easily fade. Can’t wait to get your hands on this dress, start taking your measurements, pick your size (This cool Darth-Vader star wars dress is available in plus size too)  and add to cart now.

8. Stormtrooper Star Wars dress for toddlers

Are you looking for a dainty dress for toddlers, but also speaks geek, too? This pink floral Stortroopers-designed Star Wars dress may be the perfect match to your requirement.
This dress is available for toddlers between 1 to 3 years old.

9. R2-D2 Star Wars dress for adults

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind dress for a special gathering? This volume dress with an R2-D2 design could be the perfect dress for every lady who’s a full-fledged Star Wars geek.
The maker offers various size options (including a plus-size star wars dress) and allows customization, so there’s definitely one for you! Get yours here.

10. Colorful Star Wars skater dress with belt for kids

The design of this dress adds a touch of girliness to Star Wars: comic-like drawings, plus shades of pink and purple! Pretty, right? It also comes with a pink plastic leather belt.
This colorful Star Wars dress is available for kids between 4 to 6 years old. Buy it here.

11.  Star Wars Storm Trooper dress with back bow for girls

Or maybe you want something simpler and a toned-down shade? Get this gold-accented Star Wars dress with the Stormtrooper design. This black dress speaks so much of the dark side, you may want to get it for your tween.

12.  Pink Star Wars dress with a back bow for girls

Another preference is this girly pink Star Wars skater dress. It even comes with a glittery Star Wars logo to add some character into this outfit.

13. Christmas themed Star Wars dress for girls

To avoid the holiday rush, prepare for the Christmas season in advance by buying this holiday-inspired Star Wars dress for babies and kids ASAP. This way you can share your Star Wars geekiness with babies and kids during family gatherings and events during the Christmas season.
The sizes are made for newborns to size 6 kids. Get yours here.

14. Retro Star Wars dress for adults

Are you having your own retro party? Or perhaps just looking for a new dress that would stand out? Then, this Star Wars dress will definitely make you stand out among the crowd.
This colorful Star Wars dress is available in medium and large sizes. If you think this speaks your style and fits you, maybe you should get yours now.

15. The Dark Side Star Wars dress for kids

You know what they say: start them young. Let your kids fully embrace the dark side by flaunting this  Dark Side Star Wars dress. On top of the Star Wars design, it brings a nice black, red and white combination.
This dress fits toddlers as young as two years old, up to kids aged 14.
We at Walyou hope you liked the Star Wars dress collection. Don’t forget to also check our Star Wars kitchen gadgets collection, Star wars backpacks, delicious Star Wars cakes, and geeky Star wars bed sheet sets.

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15 Best Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

The greatness of the Star Wars film series has no doubt created a great number of fans and geeks worldwide. For some, it has created a hoarding frenzy of various Star Wars collectibles, why not add some more, by getting some of the best Star Wars kitchen gadgets.
These Star Wars kitchen gadgets will serve as decor to your lovely home while serving a purpose in your kitchen.
Now, Star Wars geeks can choose from a diverse collection of Star Wars kitchen gadgets online, through Amazon, and receive it right on your doorsteps. To help you out, we put together some of the best Star Wars kitchen gadgets and star wars accessories available today. Take a look at them here:

1. Darth Vader toaster

Do you want your bread warm and crunchy? Take your slices of bread to the dark side by buying this Darth Vader toaster. This cool Star Wars kitchen gadget literally has a knob to the dark side (or you can choose the light side, too) at the back of Vader’s head. Funny and fascinating.

2) ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set

Just like the ever helpful and reliable droid, that is R2-D2, this Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set will definitely make your kitchen processes much easier.
Each part of this R2-D2-designed set has its purpose in the kitchen: its body is composed of four measuring cups, while its arms turn into measuring spoons. When not in use, it could also make a nice display to your kitchen.

3. Star Wars Pizza Cutter: R2-D2 and Rogue One pizza wheel with sound effects

Buy this R2-D2 pizza cutter to complement the measuring cup set.
Or perhaps, you’d prefer the Rogue One-inspired design of this pizza cutter.
As a bonus, both have interesting sound effects while being used. Have fun slicing your pizzas the Star Wars way!

4. ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star waffle maker

While Death Star is in a different galaxy, it can be within your reach with this Death Star waffle maker. Join the dark side and create as many Death Stars as you like … and eat them!
This Star Wars kitchen gadget creates seven-inch Death Star waffles that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

5. Star Wars Death Star popcorn maker

We all know that Death Star that houses Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. Dear Star Wars geeks, you can now have your own Death Star, too! But instead of the dark side troops, it will toss out the popcorn for your snack time.
I’m sure you would love to enjoy re-watching the entire Star Wars saga while having popcorn from this Star Wars kitchen gadget. Why not get your Death Star popcorn maker to complete the Star Wars experience.

6. Star Wars R2-D2 bowls set

How about enjoying your cereals or soup with these R2-D2 bowls? It comes in four, so your family and friends can join in your galactic meals.

7. Rebel Alliance Star Wars Millennium Falcon metal bottle opener

If you support the light side of the Force, you may fancy adding this Millennium Falcon bottle opener to your Star Wars kitchen accessories collection.
This bottle opener, made of zinc alloy, has impressive intricate details of the Falcon, don’t you agree?

8. Star Wars droids salt and pepper shakers

Many Star Wars geeks love hoarding collectible Star Wars items for display in their homes. Are you one of them? If yes, why not bring that same idea into your kitchen?
You can start with these two droids, R2-D2 and R2Q5. But unlike your other Star Wars displays, these two droids, made from ceramic, come with the purpose of adding spice — literally, to your meals. You can bring this into your kitchen soon by buying through this link.

9. Star Wars Celebration 2019 billboard serving tray

Flaunt your Star Wars geekiness by serving snacks to your visitors with this Star Wars serving tray.
This Star Wars kitchen accessory preserves the Star Wars Celebration 2019 billboard design with a tempered glass top. This can also serve as a cutting board and presentation board.

10. Star Wars Deluxe Millennium Falcon waffle maker

No, Han Solo will not come out of this starship. However, this Millennium Falcon can help you create yummy breakfast waffles. Mind you, this Star Wars kitchen gadget does not produce just any waffle, but a Millennium Falcon-designed waffle. Get yours now!

11. Star Wars burned wooden spoons utensil set

Regardless of which side of the Force you belong to, there’s a spoon for you in this bamboo-made Star Wars wooden spoon set.
This Star Wars wooden spoon set can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. It can serve as an added Star Wars decor into your kitchen or as a geeky approach to cooking.

12. Star Wars Death Star Circo Cheese Set with Cheese Tools

This Star Wars Death Star circo cheese set would definitely serve a lot of purposes in your kitchen. The four cutting tools, together with the cutting board, will help you cut cheese in different ways. Which when not in use, the flip side of the cutting board can also serve as a beautiful decor. Look at the details of the laser-engraved Death Star design on the cover. Spectacular, right?

13. ICUP Star Wars apron

Of course, cooking in the kitchen would be better with an apron. Much more if it’s an apron that shows your geeky side.
Dress like Darth Vader through this Star Wars apron and use the dark side of the Force in making delicious dishes.

14. Star Wars Darth Vader Oven Mitt Set

Complete your Darth Vader look in the kitchen by complementing your apron with this pair of oven gloves to protect you while you make your excellent dishes and pastries.

15. Star Wars Darth Vader limited collection premium leather apron

Or you can also move it up a notch and fashionably join the dark side by getting this premium leather-made limited edition apron. This apron, which is made of waxed canvas, leather and metal hardware, definitely can make your cooking experience fancier.

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20 Best Geeky Tattoo Ideas for 2019

Look into geeky tattoo ideas and choose a theme or character you are enormously interested with.

This is potentially one of the best options when deciding to have yourself inked. Why? Having a tattoo is cool, but it’s a serious decision to make. There’s no taking back once you’ve been inked.

Now, are you looking for geeky tattoo ideas to consider? We can give you some ideas from tattoo artists around the globe, who have made to life some of the people’s own geeky tattoo ideas.

Geeky tattoo ideas start here:

1. Star Wars geeky tattoo ideas: Chewbacca tattoo


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A post shared by Death Star Tattoos (@deathstartattoos) on

Tattoo artist @mambotattooer has a peculiar attack to tattoos and displays it with this Chewbacca tattoo. If you are a Star Wars geek check also these cool Yoda tattoos.

2. Pokemon geeky tattoo ideas


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A post shared by LAURA IMPURO ?? (@lauraimpuro) on

Love Pokemon? How about having a tattoo with your favorite characters in it? Here’s a geeky tattoo idea showcased by @lauroimpuro which offers a great copy of Charmander, Evee and Bulbasaur.

3. Up-inspired tattoo


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A post shared by GuilleRyan.Arttattoo (@guilleryan.arttattoo) on

Who did not love Up? We all do right? That great Disney animated movie, which teaches us no one can stop us from dreaming, despite age and stature. One of the interesting ways to remember that aspiration is to have this geeky tattoo idea inked onto your skin.

4. Game of Thrones geeky tattoo ideas: Stark sigil


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A post shared by Izzy G (@izzyc3pa) on

Game of Thrones is the type of unforgettable series that will forever be in our hearts. To signify that, having a tattoo that shows your allegiance with your favorite house could be an option, too. Such as this electrum stencil of the Starks’ sigil with the “not today” phrase, which Game of Thrones fans will easily associate with the dexterous Arya Stark.

5. The Night Before Christmas geeky tattoo ideas: Sally


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A post shared by Gabriel Monteiro (@mont.ink) on

Tim Burton and The Night Before Christmas geeks would probably agree that Sally is just an interesting and softhearted ragdoll. You don’t have to wait until the night before Christmas before getting this geeky tattoo idea. @mont.ink showcases his skill in sketch tattoo in this work. Pretty cool, right?

6. Dragon Ball Z geeky tattoo ideas: Vegeta


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Those who had their childhood in the 90s would agree that Japan has not failed to give us one of the best animes, such as Dragon Ball Z. If you’re looking for a colorful geeky tattoo idea, having a Vegeta tattoo design could be a great option. Impressive details from @audrafe_!

7. Rick and Morty tattoo


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A post shared by Júnior Ganesh (@junior.ganesh) on

Just like Rick and Morty’s fun and crazy ideas, you have had your own adventurous endeavor, too. Like maybe, having this colorful Rick and Morty tattoo.

8. Joker cartoon tattoo


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A post shared by Izzy G (@izzyc3pa) on

Do you have a bit of craziness inside you or you just love Joker from Batman’s cartoons? Either way, you can show your inner Joker — literally — through this cartoon Joker tattoo!

9. Sonic the Hedgehog tattoo


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A post shared by lynnf27 (@lynnf27) on

Somewhere in Scotland, someone has this Sonic the Hedgehog tattoo. Be as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog in having this geeky tattoo idea for yourself.

10. Super Mario tattoo


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A post shared by Vagner Azevedo (@vagnertattoos) on

Of course, there’s always that gamer who has never outgrown his/her love for Super Mario. You can have your own version of this geeky tattoo idea, too!

11. Star Wars geeky tattoo ideas


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It won’t be surprising to find out that a number of Star Wars geeks might already have their own tattoos. How about having a comical take on Star Wars, such as this cool star wars inspired tattoo?

12. Guardians of the Galaxy geeky tattoo ideas: baby Groot


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Baby Groot is one of the cutest and most adorable characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, isn’t it? For those Avengers geeks who agree, this Groot tattoo could be your great geeky tattoo idea.

13. Colorful Darth Vader tattoo


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Bring color into Darth Vader through this pop art-inspired tattoo.

14. Gaming keys tattoo


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A post shared by Alexandria (@redridingnerd) on

Every gamer knows the power of these keys! If you want to get a tattoo that signifies the gamer in you, this gaming keys tattoo may be the one for you.

15. Star Wars-inspired cat tattoo


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Cat lovers-slash-Star wars fans can make the best of both worlds with this geeky tattoo idea!

16. Alice in Wonderland geeky tattoo ideas: Cheshire cat


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Yet another cat-inspired geeky tattoo idea? Go for a classic Disney tale with a tattoo of this Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland!

17. Atari-inspired joystick tattoo


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Long-time gamers can also opt for the classic joystick tattoo and relive the early gaming days with this Atari joystick-inspired design.

18. Tom & Jerry geeky tattoo ideas


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A post shared by Rody Lemus (@rodolfo_hl) on

Are you naughty and witty? Or perhaps you just want to show your fascination for the aTom & Jerry show? If your answer is yes, then, probably this Jerry tattoo is for you!

19. Sailor Moon wand tattoo


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A post shared by ?????? ??????????? (@natasha_destroy) on

“Moon crystal power make up!” Sailor Moon geeks know that the magic happens when we see this wand from the Sailor Moon cartoon show. You can have a magical tattoo as well with this Sailor Moon wand tattoo.

20. Vegetables tattoo


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Of course, there’s a tattoo for everyone, even the vegetable or kitchen geeks. If you’re part of this team, why not opt for this geeky tattoo idea?

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