10 Best Teacher Appreciation T-shirts Ideas

They say, teaching is the noblest profession as those who take this path take part in cultivating the minds of the young; they take part in what kids learn and who they become. Would you agree this is true? If you do, you can join the many people who show appreciation for their kids educators through teacher appreciation gifts. Thinking of what to give your kid's teacher's to express your appreciation? One idea is to give them teacher appreciation t-shirts with cute, funny and/or cool designs. This way the teachers can have a nice reminder of their craft that they can add to their wardrobe.

These teacher appreciation t-shirts are great to give for the last and first day of school to show appreciation to your kid's teachers.

Take a look at these 10 interesting teacher appreciation t-shirts here:

1) I Am Your Teacher Star Wars Shirt

You happen to know a teacher who is a Star Wars fan? Or probably you just want to rub off your geekiness for Star Wars to teachers, then this is a good choice. Regardless, this is a fitting gift to teachers; could be a perfect outfit for teachers to remind their students who's authority in a Darth Vader fashion.

For added variety, you can also opt for v-necks, tank tops, long sleeves and hoodies. Order here.

2) Love Unisex Teacher Shirt

Teachers do not only share knowledge and skills, as part of their day to day, they also spread love to their students. Having said that, the "love" text made put together through office supplies drawings in the t-shirt's design could be one of the cool and interesting choices for teacher appreciation t-shirts.

If you'd like to buy a number of shirts for a few of your kid's teachers, these love t-shirts are available in dark and light gray, black, as well as white. It is also offered in v-necks and in long sleeves. Buy here.

3) Retro Rainbow Teacher Shirt

Just like how teachers make your kid's days in school colorful, make theirs, too, by giving them something to appreciate their good work, such as this rainbow teacher t-shirt.

4) Teach, Love, Inspire Teacher Appreciation Shirt

Teachers are working their day to day to teach kids, your kids. But more than that, they also share and spread love around in class and all around; they can inspire and affect inspiration to your kids, too!

These kinds of teachers are a blessing to kids. And if you want to show your appreciation for them, this teach love inspire t-shirt can be a good choice. It looks cute with the drawings, too, don't you agree? Cop a shirt or two here.

5) I Teach Super Heroes Shirt

Teachers are great because they take the role of parents in school and give time to your kids while you, the dear parent, takes her time to work for your family. It's the teachers' job to do that, but also noble to take good care of them and genuinely help your kids to grow as intelligent and kind beings. Well, your kids can't be part of the Avengers or become a Marvel or Justice League super hero, but a hero in their own right, through proper guidance from the teachers.

Give the teachers the boost they need in a fun and cute way through this I teach super heroes shirt!

6) Teacher Shark Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo Shirt

We all remember this Baby Shark hit song. Well, at a time, it played evrywhere. Surely, teachers also played that song for the fun of your preschool kids, among the other fun things they did for your little ones. To show appreciation for these teachers, here's a fun and cute reminder of that song, with a little reminder -- both for the teachers and the kids -- to do (and doo) your best.

As a bonus, this shirt allows you to choose a custom color for the shirt and font. Nice to give variety to the teachers right? Grab this shirt here.

7) Teach, Love, Inspire Shirt

Looking for more designs? Here's another classy option for a teach love inspire shirt that you can give to your kids' teachers. This shirt is available in the women's and unisex variations in small to 2XL sizes and in a multitude of colors, too! Take your pick here.

8) See You Later Alligator Shirt

When talking about songs preschool children learned at school, the See You Later, Alligator song will definitely be part of the list. It's that fun song teachers use to end the class on a fun and bright note. You can remind your kids' beloved teachers of that nice song they taught your kid through the shirt that explicitly tells that story.

This shirt is available in black and in various sizes and made through quality heat transfer vinyl process. Grab this cute See You Later Alligator shirt here.

9) Teacher Off Duty Summer Vacation Teacher Appreciation Gift T-Shirt

Everyone needs a break from what they do, even teachers. Their lives are very busy honing and teaching your kids, and maybe even creating lesson plans or preparing activities for the kids from their homes. Remind them that while you, as a parent, appreciate the work they do, they also need a break. While they're at it, you can allow them to remember you, the appreciative parent, through this Teacher off duty shirt. Looks really cool and fit for the summer break!

This unisex shirt is available in various sizes and colors, too! Get this cool teacher appreciation shirt here.

10) Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Shirt

There will always be unavoidable moments when kids get too rowdy or they become unattentive, among the many challenges teachers have to face when dealing with a group of kids. Admit it or not, sometimes kids can cause such stressful moments to teachers, which may lead to the need for teachers to become authoritative aka using her teachers voice to get the attention of the class.

To help the dearest teachers with that dilemma, is this funny and an itsy bit threat-inducing shirt, which they may wear in class just as a reminder to the kids who's boss.

This nice-to-wear shirt is available in various colors and you can also choose from black and white fonts, for the teachers. Get your customized teacher appreciation shirt here.

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13 Ridiculously Cool Face Mask Bandanas and Neck Gaiters

In a time of a pandemic and spread of a potentially deadly virus, we all have to be protected when we step out of our homes. With the decreasing available supply of medical-grade surgical masks, we all have to be creative during this time. So, how about using cool face mask bandanas instead?

With the use of cool face mask bandanas, you can get the opportunity to show your fashion and still look good and stand out while making sure that you are protected from getting the virus. On top of that, since this piece of clothing stretches from below the eyes to the neck, it would help a lot in avoiding touching our faces. Helpful, right?

Also, in other instances that you do not need protection (i.e. when you're at home) you can also use it as a bandana, as a wrist band, a neck wrap among other uses. Just makes this piece of clothing cooler.

Just take note that these cool face mask bandanas on Etsy, while a helpful piece of clothing, are not medical grade. Etsy gives more information about this on their site. Surgical and N95 masks would still provide better protection if you can

If you're still keen to take a look at the cool face mask bandanas on Etsy, here are some of them:

1) Cute French Bulldog Cloth Face Mask / Neck Gaiter

Are you a proud fur parent of a french bulldog? Or just a lover of dogs in general? Either way, this French bulldog design for a face cover or neck gaiter would be fitting for you. This French bull dog-designed neck gaiter is made of a breathable fabric that is 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It is also a four-way stretch fabric that allows you to stretch it crosswise and lengthwise.

2) American Flag Love Made to Order Men's All Over Print Neck Gaiters

Fancy displaying your love for America? Then, this is the face mask/neck gaiter for you! When used as a face mask, this American flag-designed fabric could help you avoid catching respiratory droplets onto your face. Check this out and other designs here.

3) Black with Red Hearts Cute Designer Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter

Want something girly and hearty? Then, this is the neck gaiter for you. This breathable fabric is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Get this heart-filled neck gaiter here.

4) Star Wars Vader Troops Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter for Men

How about having a neck gaiter that displays what you're geeking about. If you're one of the many Star Wars fans, this Darth Vader neck gaiter could be something you could consider. This Etsy seller also offers various Star Wars designs, such as stormtrooper, sith trooper, death trooper, Reven, and Kylo Ren.

5) Merino Wool Face Mask Neck Gaiter for Women and Men Black

Eyeing for something simple and plain? Here's a plain black neck gaiter. This protective clothing is made of merino wool, which quickly absorbs moisture from your face. For now, it would help protect you from catching the virus, but in the future, it can also be used for skiing and snowboarding.

6) Fiori Botanici Neck Gaiter

Are floral designs your kind of fashion? Then, you may want to consider this Fiori Botanici neck gaiter.

7) Video Game Lover Neck Gaiter

Are you a gamer geek? Even during this time of social distancing and limited socializing, you can still flaunt your love and geekery of video games with your protective wear. This neck gaiter for gamers is handmade and is made of a shrink resistant polymer cloth. You can check it here.

8) Traditional Japanese Patterns on Neck Gaiter for Men and Women

Meanwhile, if you're someone who's into patterns, maybe you would like this Japanese pattern designed for a neck gaiter?

This neck gaiter, which also doubles as protective clothing, is made of recycled polyester with added Lycra, that allows the fabric to become stretchable. The cloth is silky smooth to the touch and is treated with an odor-resistant coating and guarantees UPF50+ protection, too.

This Etsy seller also offers other various pattern designs, which you can check out here.

9) Super-Cute Kawaii Cat Pink Hearts Multi-use Neck Gaiter For Women

Cats are cute and sweet creatures and can't blame you if you love them. If you do, it's also a good opportunity to grab a neck gaiter with cute cat designs. This kawaii munchkin cat pink neck gaiter is made of polyester and can serve not only as face protection but can also serve as a hair wrap or bandana.

10) Baby Yoda Reusable Face Masks / Neck Gaiter

Are you a Star Wars fan who is now fond of Baby Yoda merchandise? Who can blame you, look at those eyes! If you do like Baby Yoda, you're in luck as you can wear this Baby Yoda neck gaiter/ face mask in the upcoming occasions that you'll leave the house.

11) Pink-Colored Baby Yoda Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter

Looking for a more feminine-designed baby Yoda design? Yup, there's one for that want, too. Check it out here.

12) Beige Reusable Bandana/Neck Gaiter

Again for those looking for simple and plain-colored face protective clothing, here's one: a beige-colored face-covering / neck gaiter. This bandana face mask is made of two layers of soft, lightweight fabric, which is a combination of elastane and viscose. This face mask is also available in black, gray, purple, and blue.

13) Pink Face Mask/Neck Gaiter

Want something bright and feminine? How about this pink raid dyed neck gaiter/face mask? The fabric of this neck gaiter is UPF 50+ rated and is soft, lightweight, and quick-drying. The seller also offers other designs and patterns, such as leopard tie-dye, rainbow tie-dye, floral stamp kiwi, retro floral, and tropical violet. You can check them all here.

Have you also copped face mask bandanas for yourself? If you have protective face clothing with interesting designs or those that are creatively made, we at Walyou would love to see them, too! Share in the comments below.

If you are looking for more masks check out our best face masks to help you avoid COVID-19.

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10 Best Nail Kits and Nail Clipper Sets for Women

Now that the coronavirus pandemic forced salons to close down for health and safety reasons, women have lost the opportunity to drop by to their favorite salons and do their normal nail pampering routine. But that's not a problem, really. Because guess what, you can actually beautify your nails at the comfort of your own home through nail kits and nail clipper sets for women. Yes, there are various nail kits and nail clipper sets for women that can easily be delivered at the comfort of your own home. Whether you are already experienced with nail art or just want to start this as a hobby, it's the best time enhancing your nail art craft.

Nail kits and nail clipper sets for women are a nice way to familiarize yourself with such kind of art given that we are now asked to stay at home in the meantime. To start reigniting yourself with this craft and get the best package there is, take a look at some of the nail kits and nail clipper sets for women here:

1) Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art

This nail design set is all about glitters: it comes with 12 different glitter colors and other studs for your nail designs. Of course, it comes with tons of design nails, too, that will be attached to your nails and eventually where you will apple the designs. Plenty of design nails will give you room for a number of nail design practices and changes every so often. It also  On top of that other nail tools are available to help you out. Check it out here.

2) Warm Girl Acrylic Nail Art Set

Looking for a more varied nail kit set? Here's one that includes tons and tons of acrylic nail paint, matched with a lot of glitter sprinkles. It also comes with a set of cute nail stickers to add to your nail designs. This warm girl acrylic nail art set also includes acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, brushes, tapes, and all the other nail tools you will possibly need.

3) Creamoon 42 in 1 Nail Art Set

Here's a set of 42 nail powder and glitters for you to try. It also comes with various brushes and tools.

4) Practical Portable USB Electric UV Lamp LED with Nail Tools

Do you want more than glitters and nail colors? This could be an interesting nail kit set you can buy — it comes with a UV nail gel lamp that helps with drying your beautifully designed nails. The drying equipment has three timers: 30s, 60s, and 99s. The device, through its automatic sensor, turns on when it detects users' hands.

Of course, this nail kit set also has the other tools you need: toe Separator, nail file, embossing rod, four side polishing block, dust brush, nail liner sticker, nail dotting pen, nail art brush, nail decoration set and even a nail drill machine.

5) Saint-Acior Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light 36W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

Here's another set with a different nail lamp and a different variety of items. Its nail lamp is at 36 watts. It includes 10 different colors of gel nail polish, plus a top coat and a base coat. It comes with other glitters and stickers and tools to get you started with your nail art hobby. Check it out here.

6) Nail Art DIY Decoration Tools

Here's another set with various nail powder and glitters. This nail kit set also includes nail flowers, rhinestones, french tips, and tons of other tools.

7) Portable Nail Clipping Tools with Snap-shut Case

Do you want a nail tool kit that's portable but has a lot of the items you need for your nail beautification and hygiene? Here is a travel-friendly manicure and pedicure nail toolset. This nail kit set comes with a nail clipper, diagonal nail clipper, nail file, and a dead skin fork. As a bonus, it also has eyebrow scissors, eyebrow tweezers, and ear pick. This nail toolset is all made of 100% stainless steel. Check it out here.

8) Stainless Steel Manicure Tools Kit

Meanwhile, this portable nail kit set comes with eight different tools, including a nail cutter, cuticle remover, nail file, and other tools that are all made of stainless steel. The tools are enclosed in a leather case, which is available in various designs and colors. Take a look at your design choices here.

9) 21 Piece/Lot Stainless Steel Manicure Professional Set

Do you wish for a portable nail kit but have a set of tools enough for your nail art? Surprise, surprise. Take a look at this portable professional nail set that comes with 21 tools. Yes, 21. These tools are all made of stainless steel that is enclosed in a creatively designed case. The case is designed like diamond chocolate and is available in different colors.

10) Minkissy 18-piece Nail Clipper Set

Are you looking to have your nail cleaning tools to stand out? Having a unique nail kit set is advantageous if you share a place with fellow nail art people who each have their nail tools set. If one-of-a-kind nail tools are what you need, this Minkissy nail set could be a solution for you. The tools in this set are still made of stainless steel, but to make the difference, the tools are in a rainbow shade. Interesting, right?

This nail set is also portable and also comes close to the previous portable nail kit set, having 18 tools enclosed within the equally colorful case.

We at Walyou are hoping this list can help you get introduced with a new artsy hobby, that is nail art. Or if you already experience in this front, may these nail kits and nail clipper sets help you enhance your skills in nail art. After all, the current stay in the home environment gives us all the time to improve ourselves. Have you copped interesting nail kits and nail clipper sets yourself? Feel free to show them in the comments section.

Have you copped interesting nail kits and nail clipper sets yourself? Feel free to show them in the comments section.

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20 Reusable Star Wars COVID-19 Face Masks

With a pandemic upon us, face mask has now become a necessary gear to protect ourselves from the virus. But while at it, you can display your geekiness through face masks, for example, through reusable Star Wars face masks.

Yes, that's right, there are tons of available designs of reusable Star Wars face masks that you can purchase on Etsy. However, these Star Wars face masks are not medical-grade. Etsy gives more information about this on their site.

But if you are still keen to check the best reusable Star Wars face masks on Etsy, here are some of them:

1) Black and Gray Star Wars Face Mask

Here's a classic Star Wars design for a face mask, featuring Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C3PO, with the Star Wars logo. This Star Wars face mask is made of cotton and its straps are soft, acrylic yarn, and can be tied either behind your ears or behind your head.

2) Yoda: Keep Distance We Must Face Mask

For Star Wars fans, this face mask is very fitting for the current pandemic: having Yoda remind everyone we come across to keep a distance. This Yoda face mask is made of a one-layer lightweight and stretchable spandex. Check it out here.

3) Darth Vader Retro Face Mask

How about a colorful Darth Vader face mask? It is made of cotton fabric for the front layer and a polyester cloth for the back layer. This Darth Vader face mask has sizes for adults, kids, and babies.

4) Comic Star Wars Face Mask with Filter Pockets

Or here's a fun and cute design of the various characters and elements in Star Wars, such as C3PO, Yoda, a Stormtrooper, the Death Star, among others. This cute Star Wars face mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton. It also has a pocket to put in filters. Sizes are available for kids three to six, seven to 12, for adult women and teens, as well as for adult men.

5) Colorful Star Wars design on a Two-Layer Reusable Face Mask

Here's another option for a colorful Star Wars face mask, with Darth Vader and a stormtrooper on the foreground. This two-layer Star Wars face mask is made of gauze cotton and is in standard adult size.

6) Darth Vader Style Filter Face Mask

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, show your geekiness for Star Wars and stay protected from viruses and pollution, this Dark Vader mask ticks all the boxes. Once you have this 3D-printed face mask, all you have to do is to is add a filter in the inner part of the mask. This mask, which printed from PLA plastic, definitely shows which side you are on. Check it out here.

7) Kids and Adult Size Face Cover Face Mask In Star Wars Characters Print

Looking for other colorful Star Wars face masks? Here's one. This Star Wars face mask has two layers of fabric and has a flexible nose bridge and ear loop. You also have an option to choose between a mask variant with a filter pocket and without. In addition, this Star Wars face mask is not just for kids, it also has a size for adults.

8) Orange and White Themed Triple Layer Star Wars Face Mask

How about this orange and white themed Star Wars mask, which displays some of the fun characters. This mask's outer layer is made of 100% quilt cotton and comes with a middle filter layer that is made of non-woven polypropylene fabric. Check it out here.

9) BB8 Droid Cotton Non-Medical Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops

Has BB-8 become your favorite droid? If yes, then this is the perfect Star Wars face mask for you. This cute BB-8 face mask has three layers of washable preshrunk soft 100% cotton fabric and integrated with a nose wire that is bendable for a snug fit. You can choose from sizes for kids, teens, and men's and women's adults. Options for the mask's strap are available, too.

10) Face Mask Star Wars Storm Troopers Red Face Mask

Fancy something red? Here's a red Star Wars face mask featuring the stormtroopers. This Star Wars face mask is made of cotton and has a double-layered non-woven lining and sewn with a bendable metal strip on the nose bridge area. It is available in various sizes for adults.

11) Black and Red Vader Handmade Face Mask

Are you on the dark side? You can show that through this black and red themed Darth Vader face mask. It has two layers of fabric and is reversible, too!

12) Star Wars Face Mask with Ties and Filter Pocket

Here's another colorful design for a Star Wars face mask that features a Stormtrooper and C3PO. The face mask is made of cotton and comes with a filter pocket. The seller is also offering other Star Wars fabric designs. Check it out here.

13) Three-Pack Darth Vader Star Wars-inspired Face Mask

Here is not just one, but three Darth Vader face mask if you fancy having a spare for yourself or share some with your family and friends. This Darth Vader face mask set is made of 100% soft polyester material and has sizes from small to large.

14) C3PO Star Wars Face Mask

Still, keeping the love for the classic droid that is C3PO? Then this is the face mask for you. This C3PO face mask is made of a single layer of cotton with flexible ear loops. Other Star Wars designs are available from the seller here.

15) Darth Vader Star wars Face Mask With Filter Pocket

Options for Darth Vader face masks have not run out yet. Take a look at this Darth Vader to face mask here.

16) Blue Star Wars Face Mask

Looking for a blue-toned Star Wars-themed face mask? Then, this is for you.

17) Baby Yoda Black Face Mask

If you've already seen episodes of The Mandalorian, you might agree that baby Yoda is just adorable, If you agree, this could be the Star Wars face mask for you. This one-piece face mask is made of ultra-soft jersey fabric.

18) Boba Fett Face Mask

How about a Bobba Fett neck gaiter that also could work as a face mask? Its cloth is made of breathable fabric: 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

19) This is the Way Star Wars Cotton Face Mask

And here's another simpler Star Wars face mask referencing to Bobba Fett. This face mask comes with a filter pocket. It also has a variant with two layers instead of one.

20) Reversible Star Wars Face Mask for Kids

Here's a galactic Star Wars face mask with the cute drawings of the Star Wars characters, specially made for the kids. This Star Wars face mask is made of two layers of fabric and is reversible, too!

Don't forget to check out these 16 stylish COVID-19 face masks and also this amazing and cute collection of stylish face masks for kids.

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20 Adorable and Stylish Face Masks for Kids

With medical-grade face masks running out in the market, stylish face masks for kids became in demand because we have to make sure kids remain protected from the virus.

This is why a lot of amateur artists, designers, and sewers have stepped up to create various stylish face masks for kids. However, as you look through these stylish face masks for kids, just do note that face masks sold on Etsy are not medical-grade, and their sellers cannot make medical or health claims. For best protection, you may still opt to use medical-approved masks, like N95.

Despite this, it would still better to have options for face masks. At this point, if you are still reading this and interested to grab some of the stylish face masks for kids, take a look below:

1) Pink Minnie Mouse Face Mask

This very feminine Minnie Mouse design on a face mask might suit your little girls who love Disney. These masks are individually handmade with three layers of breathable cotton and are based on standard surgical masks.

This Minnie Mouse face mask is reversible with stretchable elastic ear loops, too! While these masks do not have filters but you have the option to add some.

2) Reversible and Washable Cars Face Mask

How about a fun and colorful car design for your boy's face mask? This mask's fabric is made of two layers of 100% cotton.

3) Minnie Mouse Stylish Face Mask for Kids

Here's another Minnie Mouse pattern for the little girls. This cute face mask consists of three layers of 100% cotton material with a lightweight fusible interfacing inner layer. Also, this face mask is reversible and is even paired with a cute pink elastic ear hook.

4) Unicorn Cloth Face Mask with Filter Pocket

For kids who love unicorns, this colorful unicorn-designed mask is a great pick. It has a pocket where you can insert filters for added protection. The masks are available in three sizes: for kids aged three to seven years old, for kids aged eight to 12 years old and for teens over 13 years old.

5) Reusable Stylish Face Mask for Kids with Cute Cat Design

Lover of the feline creatures? This cat design could be something adorable for your kids. These cat-designed face masks are made with three layers of 100% cotton fabric. In addition, it also has a pocket that allows you to add additional inserts.

6) Gaming-Designed Face Mask with Filter Pockets

Looking for a face mask for kids who are into console games. You might just have found the perfect face mask. This gaming-designed face mask has a pocket allowing you to add filters into the face mask, and is available in sizes for kids between three to seven years old, for those aged eight to 12 years old and for teens over 13 years old.

7) Captain Hook Three-Layer Fabric Face Mask

Here's one of the classic Disney villains, that is Captain Hook, in a face mask design. This Captain Hook face mask used three layers of cotton fabric. So why don't you get one for your kids this cool mask? Get it here.

8) Elsa and Anna Frozen Stylish Face Mask for Kids

Opting for a more recent Disney character for the little girls? Here's a face mask designed with Anna and Elsa's faces from the popular Disney movie Frozen. Also, the seller allows you to choose from two different fabric designs, if you want it, making it a reversible face mask with two different designs. In addition, different mask sizes are available: for kids aged three to six years old, for kids aged seven to 12 and for teens. There is a size option for men, too.

9) Aristocats Children's Reusable Soft-Touch Cotton Face Mask

There are cats and there are the Aristocats. So, why not introduce your kids with the original 70s Disney film about cats, that is Aristocats, through this face mask. The Aristocats face mask is made of double-layered 100% soft-touch cotton, with a pocket that allows you to add a filter into the face mask.

10) Disney Cinderella and Assorted Princesses Washable Face Mask

Meanwhile, here's another classic Disney princess design on a face mask for the little girls.

11) Frozen's Olaf Child Face Mask

We all loved Olaf in Frozen. If your kids do, too, you can get this Olaf face mask that is designed like a surgical mask.

12) Paw Patrol Stylish Face Mask for Kids with Filter Pocket for Kids

There's an option for those who love dog characters, too of course. So, here's a Paw Patrol face mask, which is two-sided and is sewn with pleats.

13) Custom Car or Pony Handmade Reusable face mask for kids

Cute cars in a face mask? You can find it here. This car-designed face mask is made of 100% pure cotton fabric. Also, the face mask is available in two sizes: for kids under and above seven years old. The seller is also offering an option to buy four and get one free, or buy seven and get two free.

14) The Incredibles Kids Fabric Face Mask

For kids who love Disney superhero characters, The Incredibles print on a face mask could be a nice option. This face mask is made from 100% cotton fabric and uses a velcro strap as it's behind ear attachment, allowing the mask to fit various face sizes. Check it out here.

15) Paw Patrol Handmade Reusable Face Mask

Looking for more Paw Patrol designs? Here is one. This mask is made of 100% cotton fabric and silk cording. Personalization of this face mask is also being offered!

16) Disney's Jasmine Face Mask with Lining and Pocket

If Jasmine is your kid's favorite Disney princess, this is the mask for her. This Jasmine face mask is a made of three-layer cotton fabric with a pocket allowing an option to add a filter. This face mask, which would fit kids around two to eight years old, allows the kids to either tie a knot at the back of the head or to loop the strap and wrap it around her ears.

17) Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Set of Two Fabric Face Masks

Looking for a cute mask for both boys and girls? Fancy getting a set of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse-designed face mask pair? This mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton fabric and fits kids aged five to 12 years old. Other design combinations are also available.

18) Minnie Mouse Stylish Face Mask for Kids

Can't get enough of Minnie Mouse? How about this hot red face mask with Minnie Mouse design? The face mask is made of two layers of cotton fabric with an inside filter pocket. Masks are available for kids aged two to five years old and six to 12 years old. Additionally, the mask is available for adult women and men's too!

19) Frozen 2 Collection Fabric Face Mask

Here's another simple Frozen theme-designed face mask. This Frozen face mask is made of two layers of cotton fabric with an inside filter pocket. Masks are available for kids aged two to five years old and six to 12 years old. It is available for adult women and men's too!

20) Buzz Lightyear Face Mask with Pocket for Filter

Of course, Toy Story is one of the books for most kids. If this film series made the kids love Buzz Lightyear, it is possibly perfect to get them this Buzz Lightyear-designed face mask. This face mask is made of 100% cotton.

Looking for fashionable face masks for adults? we got you covered! Check out these awesome face masks.

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16 Fashionable Face Masks to Avoid COVID-19

In this time of COVID-19, we have to make sure we are protected and avoid contracting the virus. So why not look into fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19?

However, items sold on Etsy, such as masks and hand sanitizers, aren't medical-grade, and their sellers cannot make medical or health claims. While these fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19 are not medically approved and do not give the same protection like surgical masks and N95 masks, but would still be good protection than having nothing, right? Plus, you can get protected with style and staying fashionable. But, for best protection, you may still opt to use medical-approved masks, like N95.

Still keen on having fashionable face masks? Take a look at some of the interesting designs here:

1) Adult Reusable Washable Neoprene Face Mask

Do you have a colorful, bubbly character? Maybe you would fancy showing that by having a colorful mask. More to a colorful and nice design, this mask is also made of neoprene, which means it is flameproof, waterproof and oil and solvent resistant.

This Etsy seller is also offering this kind of fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19 in other designs and in plain colors. Bundle deals are also available so you can share face masks with your family and friends.

2) Five-Layer Linen Face Mask with Wire

In case you can't get ahold of the medical-grade face masks, this five-linen and wired face mask with a cotton fabric outer may be an alternative that's not so bad. The wire sewn into the mask also allows you to adjust the mask for a good fit. Speaking of good fit, the mask also use adjustable rubber bands to attach to your ears. This five-linen face mask is available in various designs and colors, too!

3) Floral Fabric Face Mask

How about a floral design for fashionable face masks to avoid COVID-19?

4) Superhero Comic Strip Fashion Face Mask

Are comics and superhero stories your thing? If so, maybe something which shows that could be a perfect face mask design option for you. This superhero comic strip face mask is available in red and in blue and is in two sizes for adults.

Need fabric face masks ASAP? This Etsy seller is offering a rush production for a fee. Check it out here.

5) Assorted Colorful Face Masks with Fleece Linen

How about getting a set of face masks with various designs and patterns? This face mask set is also sewn with fleece that serves as linen inside the fabric cloth.

6) Philadelphia Flyers Gritty Fashion Face Mask

Are you a Philadelphia resident who's a fan of hockey? This is the perfect face mask to show that. Cool, right? It's also available in XL size! Need your face mask ASAP? Request for a rush production here.

7) 100% Cotton Fabric Batman Face Mask

How about showing off your favorite superhero onto your mask? If you love Batman that's doable! This Batman face mask is three-dimensional (like an n95 in terms of shape) and has an option for the pocket. This Etsy seller also makes masks for kid sizes!

Apart from superhero designs, other designs are available from this seller, which you can check out here.

8) Elephant Nose And Mouth Mask

Do you like elephants? Dumbo? Circus animals? Or just into cute animal designs? If you fit into any of those criteria or all, this could be a nice face mask design for you. This elephant design face mask is made of 100% polyester and has a high elastic ear loop. For added choices, this mask is also available in white and black colors.

9) Colorful Patterned Face Mask

Are you into cool and funky patterns? Checking out these face mask designs: triangle, mustache, and star patterns are available among all the many others. You can also choose from three different mask styles, too! Check them out here.

10) Baby Yoda Washable Face Mask

Hello Star Wars and Mandalorian fans, you can come out now! But first, go get yourself a face mask. How about this Baby Yoda face mask as a way to show your geeky side?

The mask fabric is made of cotton and synthetics and is available for both adults and kids. Cool, right? Get yours here.

11) Cotton Fabric Face Mask With Smile

Yes, we know, in this time that we have to protect ourselves with face masks, it becomes challenging to express ourselves -- at least with facial expressions. Let people know you are smiling from behind the face mask. You can do that through this smiley-designed face mask.

The mask's fabric is made of 100% cotton sewn with two layers of cloth. You also have an option to request an additional filter pocket. The mask comes with an elastic earloop, making it easy to fit various face sizes.

12) Fashion Face Mask in Black Sparkly Glittered Fish Net Fabric For Adults + Kids

Are glittery clothing part of your usual fashion? Then you can continue with that through your washable face mask. This glittery face mask is made of a fishnet mesh fabric and is available for both males and females and for children and adults. You can choose from sizes small to XL with the measurement guide available in the listing here.

13) Leopard Reusable Washable Face Mask

Love leopard prints? You are in luck as we have found the perfect face mask for you. You can also share this beautiful face gear with your family and friends as the seller offers bundle orders, too. Get packs in three, five, 10 or 20 here.

14) Pineapples in Pink Organic Cloth Face Mask

Hello, pineapple lovers, here's the mask for you -- a pineapple patterned face mask design in a cool peach color. Cute, right. This face mask's outer fabric is made of cotton, while its inner fabric is an organic gauze in two layers. Check it out here.

15) Disney Tsum Tsum Fashion Face Mask

Of course, this list will not be complete without the cute Disney characters. Show your love for Disney with these Disney characters, such as Minnie Mouse, Tigger and Piglet, and Lilo! This Disney face mask for adults has two sizes for you to choose from.

If you started to work from home because of the coronavirus epidemic, don't forget to check out these great standing desks, best bread makers machines, and the perfect mouse for your laptop or computer. 

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25 Best Baby Star Wars Bodysuits and Onesies

Welcoming a new baby in the family? Good news, you can do that through Star Wars bodysuits and onesies! You read it right, if you're a Star Wars geek, you can clothe your baby your in the fun Star Wars fashion. Fun, right? Incorporating your Star Wars geekery with the new cute member of the family through the nicest Star Wars bodysuits and onesies.

We'll spare you the trouble and put together the best baby star wars bodysuits and onesies in the galaxy.

Here are the star wars bodysuits and onesies we found which may suit your new borns and babies:

1. The Force That Awakens You Baby Boy Star Wars Coming Home Outfit

In a Star Wars fashion, your baby, however cute he or she is, will be the force that will awaken you almost every night. Accept that fact and while at it, let your baby wear this very fitting The Force That Awakens You Star Wars outfit set to signify that. It comes with a matching pyjamas, hat, teething ring and a pair of moccasins, too

2. Daddy's Princess Star Wars Onesie

Every dad would surely consider her little girl as a princess. Why not show it in the Star Wars fashion. This Daddy's Princess Star Wars Onesie is available in various sizes -- from new born to 24 months -- and in tons of color options, too.

3. I Speak Wookee Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Onesie & Matching Bib

When your baby tries to speak, but you don't understand a word, just assume your little one speaks Wookie. While at it, grab this I Speak Wookie onesie. Comes with a matching bib, too!

4. Funny Villain Bow Vader Cute Nerdy Geeky Baby Romper Bodysuits

How about letting your baby wear this onesie that displays a unique Darth Vader design? This Star Wars onesie is available for new borns and for six, 12,18 and 24 month-old babies.

5. How I Roll Droid Nerd Sci-Fi Funny Cute Pun Baby Romper Bodysuits

Just like how BB-8 rolls, your baby probably has his own ways to roll in life -- figuratively and even literally, perhaps. This BB-8 onesie is available for new borns and for six, 12,18 and 24 month-old babies.

6. Star Wars Yoda Infant Baby Boys Bodysuit & Sleeveless Romper Clothing Set

Of course, baby Yoda won't be out of the list. Just like how everybody finds baby Yoda cute, so you (and they) will with your baby. Make your baby much cuter with this Baby Yoda outfit. As a bonus, it also comes with a romper printed with most of the Star Wars characters.

7. Rebel Star Force Nerd Sci-Fi Retro Gift Baby Romper Bodysuits

Do you see yourself raising a rebel? Or at least someone with the spirit of the Rebel Alliance, hopefully. This Rebel onesie is also available in pink and gray.

8. Small Dark and Handsome Star Wars Onesie

Are you supportive of the Dark Side? Share this affinity with the baby with this Darth Vader onesie, especially made for the young ones.

9. Baby Yoda Inspired Bodysuit Tee

Again, baby Yoda, because why not? He's the cutest! This Baby Yoda onesie is available for six, 12, 18 and 24 month old babies and in various colors, too!

10. Star Wars Icon on Baby Bodysuit

How about this cute and simple design for a Star Wars onesie? This Star Wars bodysuit is available in sizes for newborns up to 18 month-old babies and you can choose between short and long sleeve variants, too. You can choose from other colors, such as pink, white, black and navy blue, too!

11. Star Wars Baby Boys 5 Pack Bodysuits

One Star Wars outfit is definitely not enough, so why not get a Star Wars bodysuit set such as this and allow your baby to shift from the dark to the light side from time to time? Currently available for 0-3 month-old and 12-month old babies.

12. Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Onesie Creeper for Newborn and Infant Boys

Looking for more options for a Star Wars body suit set? Here are more design options for you!

13. Princess Baby Jedi Star Wars Baby Bodysuit

Will you rear you baby girl towards the light side? Prepare her for training, but first, get her this princess Jedi outfit. It's available for babies and for toddlers too!

14. My Star Wars AT-AT Pet Baby Bodysuit

In another galaxy, you could've raised a kid with a pet AT-AT. While this is not yet possible in this galaxy, we can have that thought in this AT-AT onesie instead.

15. Storm Pooper Darth Vader Bodysuit

For all you know you are bringing a new member of the storm pooper army into the world. This Star Wars onesie will show you the way to the dark side. Find out how here.

16. Feed Baby Yoda Onesie

Get yourself a reminder to feed your baby the Star Wars way. Here's a reminder from Yoda that you will go to the Dark Side if the baby is not fed.This Baby Yoda onesie is available for babies up to 24 months.

17. Baby of the Family Baby Yoda Onesie

Just like Baby Yoda had been well received, let your little one get his or her well-deserved warm welcome into the family. Get this Baby of the Family Star Wars onesie here.

18. Storm Trooper Pew Pew Pew Bodysuit

Bring that sound the Storm Troopers' guns make into a cute Star Wars onesie such as this. Longsleeves onesies are also available!

19. Dad, You Are My Father Star Wars Bodysuit

In case you, the dear father, would tend to forget, this cute baby is yours. And let yourself be reminded of that with this Darth Vader bodysuit. Sizes are available for babies and toddlers. There's a longsleeve option, too!

20. I Love you to the Death Star and Back Star Wars Onesie

We all love our babies a lot. Why use the typical catchphrase to say that, when you can do it the Star Wars way? Tell your baby you love him or her to the Death Star and back through this onesie. Available in black, too!

21. Storm Pooper Bodysuit

If there are storm troopers, there are also storm poopers. If your baby one of those, this Storm Pooper onesie would suit him or her. This Storm Pooper onesie is a funny way to show your Star wars geekiness, right dearest parents? It's available for babies upto 24 months.

22. Star Wars Baby Boy Star Wars Coming Home Outfit

Here's another AT-AT design for a Star Wars onesie you can pick for your baby. Can also serve as a gift set for your friends who just gave birth or celebrating a baby shower. It comes with a pair of pants, a hat, a teething ring and a pair of moccasins.

23. Star Wars The Force One Piece Romper

It's really undeniable that a baby will be a strong force that would awaken you. This cute design for the light side followers can be bought here.

24. Star Wars Baby Jedi Onesie

Another one for the light side moms and dads, who want to bring a baby Jedi into this galaxy. This Baby Jedi Star Wars onesie is available in both short and long sleeves.

25. Too Cute I Am Yoda Gerber Bodysuit

Of course, Baby Yoda is too cute, but so is your baby! Celebrate that fact by letting your baby wear this statement Star Wars shirt. Good news is, it's available for toddlers, too!

Don't forget to check out our amazing collection of fashionable Star Wars Dresses and Also beautiful Star Wars t-shirts for women.

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10 Small and Large Concrete Planters for Geeks

Cool star wars concrete planter

Plants are a great way to add life to your place, literally, and to provide you with healthier living in many ways. Some of those health benefits include offering you an improved air quality in your space, better humidity and reduced stress. More to that, plants can definitely beautify a space and provide accent to your living or bed room. While you're at it, why not bring your enthusiasm towards plants up a notch by letting it speak about the characters you're crazy about? How? Why settle for regular pots when you can find stylish and concrete planters for geeks?

Yes, there are various concrete planters for geeks you can bring home that will not only satisfy you love for plants, but also the geek in you. Walyou is putting together a number of these concrete planters for geeks in different sizes and designs that you can bring into your home for you to reap the benefits of having plants in a geeky way.

See the list of these concrete planters for geeks here:

1) Star Wars Concrete Planters

Cool star wars concrete planter

Are you one of the many who is positively crazy about the great adventures of the Star Wars characters? A lot of Star Wars fans love its characters, too, to the point of integrating Star Wars designs into their homes. You can do that, too, with this cool Star Wars set of 3 concrete Planters of Millennium Falcon, Death Star and R2D2. Nothing beats the original characters, right?

These Star Wars concrete planters come with air plants, which are low maintenance and easily manageable. This set definitely will make it easy for you to beautify your home with plants while bringing the Star Wars vibe.

You can also notice how these concrete planters for geeks set interestingly captures all the details of the Death Star, the Falcon and R2-D1. Such a work of art, right? This set is available to purchase on Etsy here.

2) Stylish Skull Concrete Planter

Skull Concrete planter

Are you into collecting skulls? You can integrate that, too, in your plant holders by opting for these skull concrete planters. These nicely designed abstract-ish skull planters even come in various colors to make your living space more lively. You can buy this cool skull concrete planter here.

3)  Concrete Trolls Planter

cool troll shaped concrete planter

Ah, trolls! These concrete planters remind not of internet trolls, but of those troll dolls that interspersed across toy shops and every kid's house in the 90s. Remember that trolls era?

This troll concrete planter holder, with an air planter, is not just that; it also has a magnet at the back, which could let you make these into ref magnet planters. Interesting, right?

If you're one that did not cease with the toy collection, or just appreciate the nostalgia that this troll concrete planters bring, you can get it here.

4) Guardians of the Galaxy - Baby Groot Concrete Planter

baby groot concrete planter

There's also a concrete planter for geeks of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Measuring 12 cm by 8.5 cm, this Baby Groot concrete planter has a hole on his head with a depth of 7.3 cm and width of 6 cm, allowing you to let Baby Groot carry a small air planter or a cactus. It comes in gray and white shades. You can buy the baby Groot concrete planter here.

5) Star Trek Borg Cube Concrete Air Plant Holder

very cool star trek borg concrete planter with magnet

For Star Trek fans, you can bring this Borg cube in your home, but not by riding on it. This Star Trek Borg cube miniature will not serve as your ship, but it can add beauty in your home by carrying a plant you can nurture. As small as it may be, it can offer a good representation of your Star Trek geekiness and add accent to your space. You can buy it here.

6) Pokemon Bulbasaur Large Concrete Planter

If you're a Pokemon lover, you can "catch" this Bulbasaur concrete planter on Etsy. Bring one of these into your homes and let Bulbasaur become the holder of a beautiful succulent, herb or house plant. This Bulbasaur concrete planter is 4.5 X 4 X 5 inches and has a 2.5-inch diameter well allocated for your plant. You can buy this cool Pokemon Bulbasaur concrete air planter here.

7)  Pentagon Concrete Planter and Tea Light Holder

modern Pentagon Concrete planter

Opting for something simple yet fancy-looking? Into collecting shape designs for your home? Either way, this  pentagon concrete planter, which is hand-poured with premium, fine stone-ground concrete, can be a good option for you. You can buy this cool planter here.

8) Star Wars Large Darth Vader Planter

darth vader concrete planter

If you're a Star Wars fan who has long since joined the dark side, this is the concrete planter holder for you: Darth Vader. This Darth Vader concrete planter measures 3 3/16 X 3 1/2 X 4 inches and has an allotted well of 1 3/4 inches in diameter and 3 1/4 inches in depth, giving space for your air plants to live in. You can buy this Darth Vader large concrete planter here.

9)  Concrete Flower Planter for Home Office Decoration

cool concrete planter

How about bringing together your desk organizer with your plant holder? Multipurpose and space-efficient, right? This is the possible case with this concrete planter, which allows you to pick the succulent of your choice. You can buy it here.

10) Game of Thrones - Night King concrete planter 

HBO's Game of Thrones is long gone but its memory and its characters will live on for the Game of Thrones geeks. For those who feel this way, one way to keep them in your memory is by collecting Game of Thrones merchandise. In this instance, you can have bring the Night King from beyond the wall into your home and let him become the holder of your air plants. You can buy it here.

Once you get to own one of these concrete planters for geeks, it's almost definite that your space will be more pleasant and healthier! Do you have your own geeky plant holder you want to share? Show us what you have in the comments. You can also see more of geeky items you can collect that Walyou has put together here.

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15 Best Dog Gadgets for National Puppy Day

We all do love our dogs, right? More than cuddling and spending time with them, there's another way to show their love for these cute little creatures. How? By getting them some of the best dog gadgets for national puppy day!

Getting the best dog gadgets for national puppy day is not just a gift for your dog, but for you -- their beloved pet owner -- too. Why? Because these dog accessories will definitely make life easier for you as a pet owner.

Take a look at some of the best dog gadgets for national puppy day here:

1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

Do you own a toy dog and looking for something that they can have fun with? This interactive ball launcher could be something you're looking for. As a plus, playing with the ball launcher will not need your supervision and your dog can play with it while you're out at work.

iFetch comes with three mini tennis balls you can use with the device as default. But similarly, you can use other similar sized balls, too! You can use it either indoor and outdoor and adjust the launch distance to 10, 20 or 30 feet.

2. Doggie Don't Device - Handheld Dog Repellent, Bark Control Device and Dog Training Aid

Looking for something that could help discipline your dogs (or any other dogs for that matter) while strolling along the park, maybe? This Doggie Don't Device could be your new best friend (next to your dog, of course).

This handheld device will help you stop unwanted behavior from dogs. Just press the button and say a command and the device will produce a noisy sound that would scare and distract the dogs and stop the unwanted behavior you want them to stop. This could span from anything such as aggression, unwanted barking and fighting, among others. Is this something you're interested to have? Buy here.

3. Furbo Dog Camera: Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

Do you want to see your dog's activities whenever and wherever you are? Here's a fun solution: the Furbo dog camera! This device carries a 1080p full-HD camera and night vision, which you can view with the associated Furbo mobile app. On top of viewing your pet's activities, the app will also notify you if your dog barks, so you can see what's going on with your dog. And as a fun addition, you can toss a treat from the Furbo device wherever you are, in just a click of a button from the mobile app. Gives you security and your dog a bit of fun, do you agree?

4. Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

Want to keep your dog within the vicinity without trapping it in a cage? This wireless fence could be the solution for you!

5. Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Here's another option for a pet monitoring device from Petcube. It has a 1080p HD video, with 138° wide angle view and night vision. It can also support a 3x zoom. It's two-way audio will allow you to "talk" to your pets and hear them bark back. It also offers a cloud feature that lets you store up to four hours of video. Buy yours here.

6. Wondurdog Dog Wash Kit

Looking for a new tool to assist you with giving a comforting bath to your dog? Take a look at this Wundurdog water sprayer brush. It comes with the entire water sprayer with an additional rubber shield that could help you clean your dog's fur really well, while making the bathing experience for your dog comforting.

7. Waterpik Pet Wand Dog Shower for Indoor-Outdoor Use

Or you can opt for this water comb spray, insted. It has an eight-foot long swivel hose that you can easily attach to your utility sink or outdoor hose.

8. Automatic Waterer Step-on Dog Gadget

More about water-related device, but for drinking this time. Make sure your dogs are hydrated. And you can let them do it on their own with this step-on outdoor water hydration system. It allows your dog to have access to cold drinking water all day and helps you do away with constantly cleaning and refilling a water bowl. Sounds interesting? Get yours now.

9. Portable water bottle and dispenser for pets

Meanwhile, if you want to go out with your dog, you can have something more handy, such as this portable water dispenser. Since it's leak proof, you can easily throw it in your bag when not necessary and pull out when you want to give your dog a quick drink.

10. Felix & Fido Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Gadget

Looking for other ball launcher options? Here's a ball launcher from Felix & Fido, which lets you choose three distance settings, with a maximum of a 20 feet throw. A great way to teach your dogs to fetch!

11. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Interactive Treat Dispenser and Companion Robot

You want your dog to have a new friend while you're away? Here's a robot that will let your dog remain active even when you're not home. This robot offers 16 different play modes to keep your dog interested. I twill also automatically spuit out a treat for your dog for interacting. You can even scheduling play times and treat dispensing. Fun, right? But it here.

12. Veken Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Have multiple pets at home? You can keep them hydrated with this Veken automatic pet water fountain. This device can be filled up to 2.5 liters. You can also choose from different modes of dispensing water, depending on which best fit your pets' needs.

13. Portable Dog Gadget for Muddy Paws

Do you have a really playful dog? Make sure it doesn't scatter muddy prints indoors with this dog foot washer.  To use, you just need to add warm water in the jug and put in your dog's foot in and out of the plunger and let the bristles do the job of removing dirt on your dog's feet.

14. Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer Device

Having issues when your dog is being unruly? Let this Frienda device be your new friend. With this device, you can activate an utrasonic sound that only your dogs can hear when your dog is starting to become naughty or undisciplined.

15. Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof

Do you frequently bring your dog along with your to your trips? Make it more comforting for your dog and less of a hassle for you by adding a layer of dog seat cover in your car's back seat. Get it here.  


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15 Best Pi Day T-shirts for 2020

Math buffs know that Pi is equivalent to an estimate of 3.14. These same people probably know that March 14 (or 3.14) is Pi Day. To celebrate this interesting of the irrationally long number that represents Pi, or the ration of a circle's circumference to a diameter, choose from these nice pi day t-shirts for 2020.

There are a lot of funny and cute pi day t-shirts being sold online to help you display your celebration for mathematics and pi.

Take a look at some of the nicest pi day t-shirts here:

  1. Chicken Pot Pi Day Shirt

Chicken pot pies are yum! For the baker X math enthusiast who wants to celebrate the Pi day with a cute pun printed on a shirt, here's one made for you. This shirt is available in eight different colors

This chicken pot pi shirt is also bella + canvas shirt, but is also available in unisex (and women's). You can even have this design in a fitted shirt, a tank top, longsleeves or a hoodie.

2) Super Hero Pi Day for Math Symbol Engineer Teacher T Shirt

Your math hero could be anyone like your teacher, a member of the family, or a friend you know who has helped you a lot on this (potentially) challenging subject. You could show appreciation this coming Pi day through a shirt that would represent their expertise and their ability to be a hero in their own little way.

This super hero pi shirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester and is available in five colors.

3) Apple Pi Shirt

The pi puns never end! Here's another one meant for the baker x math enthusiasts. Could also be fitting for apple pie (or even Mac) lovers who's into the Pi Day celebration. The Apple Pi shirt is available in 12 different colors and up to 5XL sizes.

4) Pi Day Pineapple T-Shirt

We had been talking a lot about pi and pies, so how about another fruit pun design. Here's a pineapple-designed shirt made of pi and tons of it! More to the edible pineapple pie we know, the pineapple pi can also mean something else -- in the tech world, it could also be a hacking tool!

Have someone in mind fitting for this shirt design? Grab one here now!

5) Funny Unicorn Pi Symbol T-Shirt

How about something cute for the upcoming Pi Day -- like this Pi-designed unicorn? This is for men, women and also the youth! This unicorn Pi shirt is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is available in five colors.

6) Pi Day Math Equation T-Shirt

Do you enjoy solving challenging math problems? Or you probably know someone who does. This coming Pi day, why don't you gift yourself or a friend with this Pi-inspired shirt designed with various numbers and equations.

This math equations shirt is available in various colors and is made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Meanwhile, those in heather colors is also partly made of polyester.

7) Plain Pi Design on Shirt

If you're eyeing something really simple and just a plain representation of Pi, here it is. This plain pi design, is available in various colors in Bella Canvas and gildan tees, and on unisex hoodies and sweatshirts, too! All are made of 100% combed ringspun cotton. You can also request customizations from the seller.

8) Funny Vintage "Live Every Day Like it's Pi Day" T-Shirt

Looking for a design with a vintage touch? Well, here's one giving you that while showing how you (or your friend) loves math and keen on celebrating the Pi day.

This Live Every Dat Like It's Pi Day shirt is available in various colors. Solid colors are made of 100% cotton, the heather gray variant is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, while the other heather variations are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

9) A Slice Of Pi Cute Pun T-Shirt

We are back with the puns with this a slice of Pi shirt, which shows you a -- drum roll -- shape of a slice of pie. It's made of numbers that make up the numerical equivalent of Pi! It's available in various colors and in sizes from small to XXXL.

10) Mathematician Captain Pi Superhero T-shirt

You can also be a Marvel -- specifically Captain America -- fan and love math. If you are that person or you know someone who is, this is the perfect Pi Day shirt to buy. Look at how the Pi equivalent is designed to look like the Captain America shield. But instead of the star, you'll don the Pi symbol as the focal point of this design.

This Captain America-inspired Pi shirt is available for adults and kids and in various colors.

11) Vintage Pi Day Shirt

Here's another vintage design, but rather a more colorful variant for you, if you please. This colorful vintage pi shirt, made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, is available in various colors and in sizes from small to XXXXL.

12) Pi Day Leopard Print Shirt

Lover of the cat family? Or you simply just want to somehow maintain your leopard fashion while celebrating Pi day? Well, here's the Pi day shirt for you. This leopard pi designed shirt, is available in various colors in Bella Canvas and gildan tees, and on unisex hoodies and sweatshirts, too! All are made of 100% combed ringspun cotton. You can also request customizations from the seller.

13) Peace Love Pi Shirt

Want a shirt that shows your commemoration of Pi Day? While at it, why not promote peace and love, in a fashionable way, too? This peace love pi shirt uses environment friendly direct to garment print. Meanwhile, the garment is made of combed ringspun cotton and polyester, have sizes for kids and adults. You can also for for longsleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies. Customizations are welcome, too!

14) Be rational, Pi shirt

Here's a plea for Pi to be rational, though we know that's not gonna happen. This punny Pi day shirt is available in black, white and in men's, women's, youth's tee. It's also available in v neck tee, sweatshirt and hoodie, and you can choose from different colors, too!

15) Star Wars Pi Day Shirt

Even Star Wars fans who like to celebrate Pi day have a shirt for them, too. Convince your friends to come to the math side for pi (not pie, sadly). This Star Wars-inspired pi day shirt is available in black, dark heather and navy, and in sizes from small to XXL. 

If you prefer to buy a PI Gadget instead of a t-shirt, check out these 33 amazing PI day Gadgets. 

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