A handsome, handsfree wireless hairdryer!

We put so much thought and consideration into our homes interior design, that it’s just not acceptable for it to be aesthetically compromised by the unsightly appearance of an abandoned hairdryer and the abundance of cable that comes with it. The Fondre Hairdryer addresses this issue, whilst also bringing with it an additional layer of functionality. Storing hairdryers isn’t always an easy task, their awkward form doesn’t make them a draw-friendly device, so why not allow their form to harmoniously compliment the exciting décor of the room.

The wireless design can be used both when it is docked on its base or when it’s held in the user’s hand. I bet your hairdryer can’t do that! There is no denying that the aesthetics have been considered in great depth; from the beautifully simplistic form down to the carefully considered CMF elements. It certainly makes for one desirable hairdryer!

Designer: Sunghyun Kwon

AI is hitting the streets!

AI is rapidly integrating itself into our home-life; from smart speakers through to smart ovens, and its dramatically changing how we go about our lives. However, the Human Integration Support Robot takes this a step further, as it brings the technology out of the home and into the streets! Designed to provide assistance to lost commuters, this futuristic concept gives us a glimpse into the future of our cities. It isn’t just another big lump of metal either, the bold exterior carries a welcoming persona that makes this device approachable; this has been achieved through the introduction of a human-like hand that protrudes from the central body!

The cylindrical form not only gives it a contemporary aesthetic, but also gives it a 360 degree user-interaction zone, allowing it to be communicated with from every angle!

Designer: Youngwoo Lee of STORYFORM for KIST

Piece of art or an air purifier?

Forget about its completely justifiable functionality, we want a Coway FAB purely to admire! This undeniably attractive and beautifully considered example of design has been created to provide the domestic environment with a supply of clean, fresh air, as well as a fresh aesthetic! Designed with the sole aim of fitting harmoniously within a room, FAB carries a wonderfully unique aesthetic that forces it to stand out from its more conventional competitors. The clever combination of the soft fabric finish and sharp linear lines leads to a visually dramatic juxtaposition that we can’t help but love. Aesthetics aside, the fabric finish also brings with it a functional benefit; the air inlet that is concealed behind it sucks the uncleansed air through the material and into the filter!

Another aspect of the design which must not be ignored is the attention to user experience; a clear and accessible carry-handle, tactile buttons and simplistic interface are just a few features that ensure a pain-free operation!

Designer: Hyunjin Park of OFFOF

It is designed using the basic elements of dots, lines, and surfaces. In a neat and unique form, it becomes an object in its own space.

The vivid orange-red color gives you a vintage feel, Blue suits you everywhere and the Light Green Color gives you a soft feel.

The handle in the center of the product increases the mobility of the product. The operating button is white, the same color as the body of the product, and is designed to contrast the fabric color.

It also uses soft rubber materials to provide not only visual comfort but also tactile comfort.

The angle of the air outlet blades of the air purifier is 45 degrees, so air comes out along the wings and breaks into the walls to deliver a wider range of fresh air.

The fabric is an air inlet and has two filtering effects. A structure designed to allow air to be inhaled by a fabric can be easily replaced by stripping the fabric.

Choose the color you want to and match to make your own air purifier.

When historic Italian Velocino bicycle meet modern technology

With electric scooters and skateboards rising rapidly in popularity due to their unrivaled ability to carve their way through our over-populated streets, we have seen an influx of unique concepts being generated. However, none of them have quite compared to this remake of the Velocino Bike! Designed to be as light and compact as possible, without compromising the comfort of the user, this unique mode of transport carries an aesthetic that is far different from anything we have seen before! This individuality has been enhanced further with the retro design style that has been applied to the concept. Oversized integrated lights, off-white tires and a tubular construction have been tied together with the traditional color scheme that is black with brown accents. This certainly makes a change from the over-engineered alternatives that we are used to seeing!

Designers: Haemin Kim & PDF HAUS

History of Velocino. Velocino was originally commissioned by Benito Mussolini around the early 40s. He wanted to offer Italians a compact, light and handy vehicle that people could store at home or anywhere else it might take them. Although this model seems like a very convenient option for city cycling and carrying on public transportation, it never took off in the old days. The project was canceled around the time that Italy decided to join World War 2.

Sketch. A remake of Velocino bicycle to electric kickboard with a saddle fold structure designed to be light and portable.

A friendly portable speaker with a sticky gecko pad feature

Simplistic design is quite often the most successful, and the Gabby Smart 360 Speaker proves this perfectly. With an insane amount of detail being paid to the color, material and finish of the device, the final result is a strikingly simple yet extremely attractive device! A sand-like texture covers the cylindrical form, which is broken up by linear lines and sharp edges! The underside of the Gabby Smart speaker reveals its party-trick; the sticky gecko pad allows the speaker to latch onto a variety of surfaces. This adds to the device’s fun and friendly personality, as well as setting it apart from its more conventional counterparts!

Designer: BEPOP Design for Mymanu

The wall-mounted air purifier and clock for compact apartments

The Air Hole is the wall-mounted air purifier that has been designed to live within even the most compact of studio apartments! Space can be limited within inner-city accommodation, but this should not restrict people from accessing clean air, especially when the air outside can be filled with toxins. The wall-mountable air purifier demands little space within the home, making it a desirable alternative to the floor standing variants we have become accustomed to. Airhole also has a rather subtle secondary feature that has been incorporated into the design to elevate its functionality even further; a digital clock has been seamlessly integrated into the face of the unit!

Designer: Lee Hyo Min

Make coffee now, enjoy it later

Everyone enjoys their coffee being made in a very particular and unique-to-them way, so is a coffee lover really able to enjoy an espresso made by a different person? Well, this question stemmed the creation of COSSO, the coffee machine that gifts the user with a capsule of coffee! Prior to leaving the comfort of their homes, COSSO enables the user to prepare the expressos that they will require to get them through the day-ahead! Once prepared, the user can store the capsules in the warm case that carries a beautifully sleek and clean aesthetic, which is shared by the coffee machine itself!

There is no denying that this concept advances the coffee making experience a few steps further, so could you see yourself using this?

Designers: John Park & Fountain Studio


Mock Up

2 Way Espresso Outlet

Cosso comes with espresso up and down. When it comes up, it fills the capsule, and when it comes down, it enters the espresso cup.

Take Out Espresso in a Capsule

Bottom Up Espresso

When the capsule is plugged into Cosso, the magnet inside the capsule rises up, filling the gap with the coffee.

Capsules can be stored on the coffee machine.

Coffee Storage

Coffee beans are stored safely from the heat of the espresso machine.

A wall light that’s out of this world!

A child’s imagination is a powerful thing, so why not encourage this by surrounding them with sources of inspiration? The Mystic lamp carries a witty and characterful form that looks right at home within the playful surroundings of a child’s playroom. The quirky UFO gives the child an entirely new world to explore, where their imagination leads to limitless creating! The lighting emits as an eerie beam that gently illuminates the room! Operation is a simple as flicking a switch; a button located on the underside of the device makes the battery-operated light a breeze to turn on and off!

Designer: Jonggun Kim

Is this a sink or a sculpture?

The inspiration for a product’s form can come from anywhere, this leads to beautifully unique and strikingly elegant forms that demand our attention, to be created. That’s exactly what the AVID sink achieves, as its form encourages the viewer to touch, caress and explore its form, right from the first moment their eyes make contact with it! Inspired by the deformation of a plush surface when we apply pressure with our fingers, the organic indent forms the vessel for the water to be held within!

You’d struggle to find a sink that carries a sculpture-like form anywhere near as elegant as this!

Designers: Nacho Fontelles Arnau & Carlos Granell

Restoring Apple’s iconic design language to the iPhone 11

Despite the undeniably powerful photographic capabilities that the newly released family of iPhones has brought with them, we can’t help but miss the iconically minimal and design that its ancestors were famed for carrying! This case aims to restore some of this clean design language, whilst simultaneously offering a welcomed level of protection!

On the reverse of the case is a metal cover that conceals the mind-boggling cameras; the gentle and smooth slide of this component not only reveals the lenses, but using the case’s embedded NFC technology, it automictically turns on the camera. This considered operation leads to a beautifully simplistic user experience!

Designer: cloudandco for aaby