The BRICK Speaker can be easily be replicated by anyone for repair and customization

BRICK Speaker Details

Audio speakers were once considered luxury items, so people treated them with affection and care. And when their precious speakers broke, they often took them to repair shops. Over time, such devices have become more affordable and compact. People these days own one or more speakers at home, so when they get damaged, many would probably not care about having them fixed. Tossing them away and buying a new one may be easier to do. That’s what got a designer working on this conceptual speaker, which could “easily be replicated by anyone.”

Designer: AROMAL TR

BRICK Speaker

BRICK Speaker Design

There are plenty of modern choices available in the market, ready with the advancements technology can offer. However, some get easily broken and are not easily repairable. The BRICK Speaker is a concept that shows how a standard audio device can be customizable, repairable, and sustainable at the same time.

The BRICK Speaker uses only a few materials: engineered bamboo, laser-cut MDF, and the plasma-cut mild steel. The speaker grille, aka the mesh, is painted white. Both sides of the case feature the steel element as covers for the woofer and other drivers. The front part comes with diagonal slots of different sizes that run parallel to each other.

BRICK Speaker Features

BRICK Speaker Structure

The material of choice for mesh has a particular reason. The metal speaker mesh can be attached to the case, which houses eight magnets – one magnet for each corner, front and back – without any screw or adhesive. This easy mounting system gives you the allow to swap the speaker mesh to change the look of the speaker. The designer believes the speaker mesh is the defining piece of design and wanted to give the freedom to play with the mesh pattern and color.

The name Brick Speaker suggests the brick shape of the device. The rectangular shape is slightly sliced off on the two opposing corners for a design twist. One corner, particularly the part that connects the front and back steels, holds a long strap for easy carrying. On one side, there is a round nob, most likely for controlling the volume.

BRICK Speaker Concept

The BRICK Speaker offers a minimal and industrial design vibe, but the bamboo case adds a touch of warmth. The beautiful contrast between natural and inorganic metal is pleasing to the eyes. What this device demonstrates, as intended by the designer, is that you don’t have to throw gadgets right away. Instead, with creativity and basic crafting skills, you can refurbish a broken speaker.

BRICK Speaker Images

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The Arch Bench demonstrates how ranged arch structures work and carry a heavy load

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

Benches are common in public spaces like playgrounds, airports, and malls. They are a convenient place to sit while waiting for someone or rest after walking. Benches also serve a decorative purpose, adding a style to the surroundings or a room. They come in different types like a garden bench, indoor bench, storage bench, or planter bench. We have seen a lot of well-designed pieces and have a few favorites like those minimalist yet elegant and come with designs that will make you think. The Arch Bench here is an ideal example of that.

Designer: Shinya Oguchi

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

Benches are ubiquitous like chairs, but they can be more useful as they can sit more than three people. Industrial designer Shinya Oguchi revisited “what makes a bench a bench”. He experimented on different widths of the bench, using paper mock-ups. He found a solution for a new structure for a bench that would also look beautiful like a sculpture: the arch shape. This then resulted in a new furniture concept called The Arch Bench.

The Arch Bench’s design seems impossible to ordinary eyes, but making this a sturdy item is the arch structure. Arches generally work by transferring and distributing the weight through the arch to a supporting foundation. As a result, they can support mass placed on top of them. Used in this conceptual piece, the structural strength of the arches has allowed the bench to carry a heavy load and offer more support to the seat.

From afar, The Arch Bench appears like an arcade with two arches in the middle and one half-arch on each side. The converged points below serve as the legs, giving more support to the structure. There are a total of five divided parts screwed by short bolts, firmly holding the bench together.

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

So the bench can carry the load of three persons, but is it comfortable enough to use? It probably is because of the gentle curves on the seat compared to those with flat seats. According to the designer, the seats are curved in response to the arch structure, inviting people to rest and sit on the bench, even for a while.

The Arch Bench is a minimalist piece of furniture with thin lines and a lightweight appearance. It uses a very thin sheet of metal known for its lightness and durability. The metal sheet is cut and curved to produce the ranged arch structures. The bench comes with a white matte finish that looks like a sheet of paper.

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

The Arch Bench is one beautiful sculpture-like piece of furniture that takes advantage of the arch shape and a super thin but strong medium. Its minimalist design shows that balance and proportion in furniture design are essential. Everyday items with a streamlined style like this bench give a sense of calm, order, and strength in this stressful world.

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

The Arch Bench Shinya Oguchi

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The Sunbeam Side Table mimics that special moment when sunlight spills through the clouds

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 4

A side table’s main purpose is to keep small things at home within easy reach. We often find at least one in the living room beside the couch or in the bedroom by the bed. It is often neglected, but it can be helpful for the temporary placement of everyday items like remote control, a smartphone, a mug, or a book. Many side table designs are available, and some are also multi-functional (will add link to a YD side table listicle). Most options offer more than an everyday table, but not many may inspire people like the Sunbeam Side Table.

Designer: Mark Mitchell

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 3

The side table doesn’t have to be an afterthought as it can also be a significant element to infuse style into any room. It can bring balance and harmony to an otherwise bland corner. The Sunbeam Side Table is a primal example of that.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini

The furniture piece beautifully captures the natural phenomena called “rays of god” with its design and gives a peaceful, celestial mood. “Rays of god” are sunbeams that pierce through gaps in clouds resulting in sunlight shining in all directions. As the name suggests, they present ethereal and beautiful images in the sky. Like rays of god, the Sunbeam Side Table offers a sense of poetry and romanticism you don’t often see on other tables in the market.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 5

Sunbeam Side Table is created from a collaboration between designer Mark Mitchell and Serafini, an Italian company known for craftsmanship and tradition when it comes to marble production. This piece is made from a single block of marble, making it very sturdy and stable. The material is skillfully carved to hold eleven spruce wood “sun rays” extending from the top point, sans the need for any glue.

The “sun rays” of the table serve as the tabletop, casting radial-patterned shadows on the smooth, angled marble surface when lit from above. One drawback of this elegantly designed side table might be its functionality. Because there are gaps between the wood “sun rays” tabletop, if you put a small object on it, it might slip through.

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch

The Sunbeam Side Table evokes a distinct charm that can bring a ray of sunshine to your room and to your heart. It enlivens the space and leaves you an image of heaven with the clouds and sunbeams, at least for me. Of course, it has a bit of mystery, but it can inspire and tell people there is hope and that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch 2

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch 3

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Froli All-Purpose Holder keeps your bottles and plates from clinking and slipping in your trailer home

Mobile home living has become more popular across the country, especially during the past couple of years of the pandemic. Many people have started to consider this kind of lifestyle for its numerous benefits like affordability, energy efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility. If you have been considering this investment, you may want to list the disadvantages you will encounter. One perennial issue that must be solved is the constant clinking of plates, glasses, and utensils, especially when the trailer is moving. A solution that can keep stuff stowed away safely and quietly is called the Froli All-Purpose Holder.

Designer: Froli

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

The Froli All-Purpose Holder (Froli Alleshalter) is a modular system that holds small kitchen objects from rattling or slipping while stored inside a cabinet or a drawer. One packaged set features 16 individual plastic concave square parts that can be easily plugged in and connected to create a compact storage for your moving home or vehicle. The extra side connecting pieces can be removed to fit most cupboards.

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

The Froli All-Purpose Holder can be assembled to accommodate cups and glasses of different sizes and shapes. You can also stack the units at different heights to accommodate taller objects like bottles or wine glasses. Of course, the higher the tower you make, the better it can support the objects.

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

The FrolI All-Purpose Holder can be put together without any tool. It can also be reconfigured depending on your needs. With this modular solution, you can easily keep your cabinet or drawer organized.

This useful modular system not only helps you with storage and organization but also helps you with being environmentally friendly. It is made from 95% bio-plastic and is also 100% recyclable. This means the entire Froli All-Purpose Holder can be recycled at the end of its life, thus reducing waste and conserving our precious resources.

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

The Froli All-Purpose Holder securely houses objects prone to breakage even when there are unexpected speed humps on the road. It keeps everyday kitchen stuff safe from sliding, scratching, or chipping while the trailer home is moving. The modular setup lessens the stress of living a mobile and sustainable lifestyle.

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder 7

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

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Wood Bugle Cube comes with layers of hand-carved birch plywood to produce sound

If you are a musician, you may have already imagined building a custom instrument at one point in your career. It is not an easy dream because musical instruments are constructed around a precise form and accurate controls to produce the desired sound. You might be able to create a working version, but it will not be as good as the one made by professionals. Yet, this does not mean you cannot think outside the box, as the Wood Bugle Cube shows. The custom-made instrument comes in an unconventional shape but delivers the same sounds and functionality as a real bugle.

Designer: Henry Hanson

Wood Bugle Cube in Action

Wood Bugle Cube Details

A bugle is a trumpet-like brass instrument often used for sending military signals. It is typically designed without a valve or other parts for pitch control. The Wood Bugle Cube is a similar instrument in an unusual form for a musical device. This project by Henry Hanson is a follow-up to his previous one called the Concrete Trumpet, which is a similar-sounding object in an unorthodox design.

The Wood Bugle Cube looks like another portable, wireless speaker you could bring outdoors. It has the same function as the Concrete Trumpet but is different in its look and construction. The wooden model evokes a more natural, homey, and warm feeling. In contrast, the Concrete Trumpet offers a more elegant mood.

Wood Bugle Cube

Wood Bugle Cube Designer

The Wood Bugle Cube is a functional instrument housed in a stack of 20 layers of squares of 9mm-thick birch plywood. Each layer is carved according to tracing lines determined by the same CAD model used for the concrete version. The cut squares are grouped for sanding to keep the insides smooth. The layers are then glued with a sealant to create a more solid structure and better moisture resistance.

Wood Bugle Cube Design

Like most brass instruments, the sound is made by blowing air into the mouthpiece at one corner of the Wood Bugle Cube. The act causes the lips to vibrate and control the air traveling through the instrument. This Wood Bugle produces similar, yet softer and warmer sounds compared to a brass bugle or trumpet.

Design Wood Bugle Cube

Wood Bugle Cube Demo

This Wood Bugle Cube is made of a medium that is not usually used for brass instruments. However, it still offers the same desired experience as a trumpet without looking like one. The sound it produces is not as refined but just enough to make a signal be heard. The tedious process of making the musical instrument gives it a unique personality, and the meticulous work of the creator put into this is something to be admired.

Design Wood Bugle Production

Wood Bugle Cube Production

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POC Myelin Helmet protects the head with 50% recycled materials, to be easily deconstructed

MYELIN Helmet Design

Cycling is fun and easy exercise, and if you regularly ride your bicycle, you will see health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, an energy boost, and decreased body fat levels. And what’s great about cycling is you only need a bike and a few accessories to start. Even though you don’t need much equipment to enjoy cycling, you shouldn’t skimp on protective gears like a helmet. There are many helmets in the market, but this one from POC protects your head while protecting the environment.

Designer: Claes Nellestam (POC)

Design MYELIN Helmet

Suppose you are considering cycling, whether as a commuter, road cyclist, or mountain biker, you have to ensure bike safety because your life can be at risk with all the possible accidents. Like in most sports, you can prevent these unfortunate events if you follow the fundamental tips like finding the right bicycle size, double-checking brakes, and using headlights. And one of the most important tips to follow: Wear a helmet. A helmet is essential as it effectively protects and reduces the impact of a collision or a fall.

POC believes “the best way to develop a passion is to protect it.” This principle drives the company to offer personalized protection and safety through quality sports products like its latest helmet, the Myelin. This helmet is “highly advanced yet cuts out complexity” to minimize the impact on the planet’s resources.


Unlike other helmets in the market, including those from the brand, Myelin is the first helmet made of 50% recycled materials. This means it is a more sustainable option for people who care about the planet. The company aims to be more environment-friendly, so it’s looking for ways to allow safety and sustainability to co-exist in the products. The Myelin is a product of POC’s move to place on itself “an obligation to use our planet’s resources respectfully,” as per POC Senior Designer Claes Nellestram.

MYELIN Helmet Demo

Aside from the recycled materials used on the outer woven fabric shell, Myelin’s sustainability also comes from its “deconstructable” design. It comes with an interlocking structure with simple fasteners tying the helmet together. The straps’ snap adjuster and elastic sections offer a secure fit to the user, similar to how baseball caps work. The design also means no need for laminators or adhesives, allowing the parts to be easily separated at the end of the helmet’s life. The easier a product can be deconstructed, the easier it is to reuse and recycle the components.

MYELIN Helmet Function

The POC Myelin Helmet can also be a good option if you want a comfortable, lightweight helmet that can prevent overheating, thanks to the EPS liner and ventilated zones. It gives optimized protection even if built with only a few pieces and doesn’t use glue for its construction. Designed for recyclability for the eco-conscious cyclist, this helmet is a significant step forward for POC in helmet design. However, it’s only the beginning as the company continues to challenge the conventional way helmets are made, the materials used, and how they can be deconstructed.

MYELIN Helmet Design

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Cross Chair and Stool will have you always saying X marks MY spot

Demeter Fogarasi Cross Chair and Stool 6

An accent chair provides extra seating for reading or quiet time in the home or office areas with more available space. Interior designers may use such a chair to create an attractive focal point in a room that may look dull without it. This furniture piece can also be a place for conversations, but those don’t flow naturally, so you need quirky elements that can make you think or go ‘wow’ to begin and easily create such a mood. It would help if you had something like a chair that makes you stop and think before you sit.

Designer: Demeter Fogarasi

Demeter Fogarasi Cross Chair and Stool 3

Finding the perfect accent chair can be a little challenging. Even with all the options available in furniture stores today, there aren’t many unique and appealing pieces that would catch your guest’s attention. There are a few like those from designer Demeter Fogarasi who thinks furniture can be like “jewels assigning life to spaces,” and can build an atmosphere for people to interact and discuss. His previous work, the Pinsofa, made an impression with striking looks like a giant pincushion, and the Cross Chair and Stool can do that as well, offering life to a corner.

Demeter Fogarasi Cross Chair and Stool 5

Like the other pieces in the collection, the Cross Chair and Stool series blurs the line between functionality and art. It stirs creative imagination and pleasant emotions by using scale manipulation to make the design amusing and playful. The new pair of seats shows a larger-than-life version of a cross (x) which can make you have fun with it—like a shrinking Alice in Wonderland.

Demeter Fogarasi Cross Chair and Stool

The chair and the stool use an X-shaped seat as their base, with cushioning covered in gray wool fabric. The only difference is that the chair also has an X-shaped backrest while the stool is made up of a single “X” only for the seat. Adding support to the seats and keeping them elevated above the ground are four slanted oak legs positioned underneath each point of the X. The wood material offers a neutral tone and warmth to the design, adding a solid structure and a clean look. The sight of the chair and stool will make you ask what spot the X marks.

The fabric-upholstered Cross Chair and Stool appear cozy and comfortable because of the foam padding. The modern form allows anyone to enjoy being imaginative as the simple yet quirky look will have you guessing what would look great with either piece. We’re thinking of a donut pillow to complete a makeshift furniture tic-tac-toe game. The Cross Collection series may be the missing piece in the equation—the equation of a visually pleasing room.

Demeter Fogarasi Cross Chair and Stool 2

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This reinvented smart bicycle doesn’t need any chain or mechanical power transmission

Rising fuel costs are a major concern for everyone and everywhere in the world. The issue and its effect are reported across newspapers, TVs, and social media each day it is impossible to miss. As much as we want the situation to improve, this dilemma will not end anytime soon. So expect to witness more consumers and businesses grapple with the situation. Many people are now feeling the impact at every trip to the gas station. Some commuters have started complaining about the higher transportation costs. The higher the gasoline prices are, the less spending money consumers will have. There are several issues to address but what most of us can do is find alternative modes of transportation to save money. One of the easiest solutions for everyone is simple: a bicycle.

Designer: Mocci

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec B

Bicycles have become more in demand in the past few years as a proper alternative to cars. E-vehicles are helpful because they don’t require gasoline. Motorbikes still need fuel but they are more economical to run. Among these solutions, bicycles remain the most reasonable and affordable for many people. Cycling is good for health and well-being too, but there are some downsides to it. Bikes are low-maintenance compared to cars and motorcycles but they need proper maintenance. There are parts that need changing due to wear-and-tear which can be costly. There will also be unexpected expenses because you can’t prevent lost or stolen parts. The Mocci Magic Ride’s enters the scene with a goal to offer mobility while reducing the need for maintenance.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

The Mocci Magic Ride features 30% fewer parts which make it low-maintenance and easy to care for. This also means less downtime for repair and a longer service life which is advantageous to the business customers. The bike frame is made from recyclable but robust and durable polyamide materials instead of aluminum or steel. The upkeep is easier because there is only one structural component on the heavy-duty wheels.

There is no more mechanical power transmission because it doesn’t have any chains. The absence of a chain or belt is possible because the pedals drive a generator for the rear wheel hub to move. Digital gears drive the bike but only start when the rider pedals. Pedal up and you get electrical energy that will get the bike generator to work.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Details

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

From the first push of the pedal, you will see the difference in the ease and efficiency of a ride. It is convenient to use because you don’t have to charge up or use fuel, you only need to exert mechanical energy. The reinvented bicycle also brings a new category: Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV). The SPVs still need pedaling but there is a replaceable battery for added support. It holds extra power but is only good enough for up to 80 km.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec H

Mocci Magic Ride is a smart pedal vehicle that is ideal for urban areas. It is digital to allow more urban connections among riders, customers, companies, and the city government. It offers cloud-based interfaces and receives over-the-air updates. The reliable Magic Ride offers real-time monitoring and an emission-free drive. And since the Magic Ride is a pedelec, this means no need for a driver’s license, tax, or insurance.

The name of the company, Mocci, refers to a “magical movement” and that is what the Magic Ride delivers. The smart bike combines hardware with software for a fully-networked experience. At the moment, Mocci targets couriers, service providers, and restaurant chains offering delivery. The Magic Ride allows safe and quick arrival of anything from medicines, to food, and repair guys. It features integrated GPS tracking, matching heat boxes, and luggage racks for customization. It also provides easy fleet management to help companies track and improve fleet operations.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec A

The Magic Ride is interesting for commercial customers because it is digital, fully networked, and adaptable to the riders. It can be configured with custom racks or trailers, making it a smarter choice for everyone. Add to that, the Mocci Magic Ride is low maintenance and doesn’t need any special license. It is one practical solution businesses should consider if they want to counter the rising fuel costs.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Concept

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The Solgaard Solarbank Boombox all-in-one device now features a sustainable design

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox Shell 1

Hatch Duo has been helping different businesses and brands to have a competitive edge in the market with well-designed products and experiences. The company is a product engineering and industrial design house committed to helping startups reach their full potential by providing brand-focused designs. Concept ideas are usually brought to life by Hatch Duo through practical engineering and excellent industrial design while helping groups realize a more marketable version of a prototype. The goal is always to launch things with distinction and relevance, and Hatch Duo can bring you there. This is what happened to the Solgaard Solarbank Boombox, which is now a better version of the original Boombox model. The two worked together to create an all-in-one device with different functions–from a power bank, a wireless speaker, and a solar-powered unit with a more sustainable design.

Designer: Hatch Duo

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox 3

The Solgaard Solarbank Boombox allows you to enjoy listening to music after harnessing the power of the sun. This new accessory can also be powerful enough to juice up other devices like a smartphone or any other small devices. This portable speaker is made with sustainability in mind as proven by the ocean-bound or upcycled plastic materials used.

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox Specs

Finding a decent Bluetooth speaker may be easier because of the many available choices, but for now, the goal is to make the “greener” choices for the benefit of the future planet. The upcycled plastic design described here refers to the Solgaard Solarbank Boombox’s speaker cloth and outer shell from plastic waste. These are supposedly those about to go the ocean but had been upcycled and used instead. It is part of the brand’s initiative to pull about 5lbs of plastic for every product sold.

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox Color Options

As for the solar charging ability, the Solgaard Solarbank Boombox only needs an hour of basking under the sun for extra two hours of listening to music. It allows powerful wireless charging and fast Bluetooth pairing if you want to connect with another device, resulting in an enhanced surround sound experience whenever. The speaker is also now more ready for rugged use as it can survive accidental drops. Furthermore, the Solarbank Boombox is now sand-proof, water-proof, and drop-proof, and can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes and a meter under water.

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox 5

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox 2

Hatch Duo aims for a more sustainable future and we know there will be more similar projects. There are plenty of opportunities to design “greener” products that don’t compromise quality, like this Solgaard Solarbank Boombox. The latter doesn’t just offer beautiful aesthetics because it can also deliver excellent audio performance, thanks to the active + passive bass radiator and a pair of 7-watt drivers. It takes on the success of the Solgaard volume 1 boombox, but this one delivers 60% more bass and is louder by 40%.

Hatch Duo has already introduced to the market several other product designs that can be life-changing and we remember the Krado Plant Sensor that can help get information about the plants. There is the Rubbish platform and Rubbish Beam that can make cleanup drives more exciting and fun. There’s also the slim and compact Walker Juicer that pays homage to Norman Walker and can fit easily into any kitchen.

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox 4

Solgaard Solarbank Boombox 6

Solarbank Boombox Features

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This series of blind cooking utensils allows a multi-sensory experience for the visually impaired

Haptics of Cooking

Cooking is not for the blind because the preparation of ingredients alone can be dangerous to them. But in a world where everything must be inclusive, we must think of ways to include the visually impaired. It can be a challenging task, but the person behind the ‘Haptics of Cooking’ believes there are kitchen tools that can help. The term “haptic” alone tells us this idea can use the sense of touch and motion because cooking may be difficult without the sense of sight. Anything is possible if the design is credible and workable, and that won’t be a problem when it comes to cooking and food preparation.

Designer: Boey Wang

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The Haptics of Cooking is a special series of blind cooking utensils designed by the experience of touch. Presented by designer Boey Want at the DIA 2021 (Design Intelligence Award), this set is for the visually impaired. It received an Honorable Mention Award at last year’s DIA and other recognitions from different award-giving bodies that also focus on design.

The Chinese designer describes himself as a narrator at heart with his ability to tell stories through an object’s visual and functional design. His works usually encourage the sense of hearing and touch for people to experience the world without any established routines. For example, his five cooking tools have been designed for such purposes: Cutting Board, Knife, Tall Measuring Cap, Low Measuring Cup, and a Pan Lid.

Sectional Cutting Board

The Cutting Board allows the visually impaired to cut and slide food without the danger of getting their fingers cut. The round-shaped board is designed to keep the food neat inside, thanks to a flat surface and a groove where the cut food can be collected. There is small storage underneath the Sectional Cutting Board (a small gap) where the knife could be placed when not in use, this way, no one gets hurt.

Haptics of Cooking

The Close Holding Knife removes the fear of danger when cutting food because the knife is handy while keeping a sharp blade. This makes the knife more efficient because the grip is firm, and cutting can be done perfectly without repeating everything. A small knife is preferred by the visually impaired as it gives them total control and balance so this could be an ideal solution.

Haptics of Cooking

The Tactile Measuring Cup comes in two sizes (Tall and Low), but both work the same way; the only difference is the amount of water it can carry. What makes this efficient is that even without seeing, you can know the measure of the liquid by simply putting your fingers on a hole to feel if the amount of water is enough, instead of placing a finger inside. The idea of holes also prevents spilling as you don’t have to fill the cup up to the brim.

Haptics of Cooking 2

The Warm Pan Lid prevents burning, thanks to the wooden pan lid that allows friendly haptic feedback and safe touch. It also comes with a grooved inner edge for an all-rounded grab, while the lid can also carry the cooking ingredients. This way,  you can quickly put them on the pan when needed. So if you have similar smart product designs you want to share, feel free to submit an entry, and click here to enroll for the 2022 Design Intelligence Awards FOR FREE!. Your product design may be the next big thing in changing the way we live like this Haptics of Cooking set.

Close Holding Knife

Tactile Measuring Cup

Wooden Warm Pan Lid

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