Philip Lück’s imaginative take on everyday objects includes an iPhone 11 with a fidget spinner!

‘Reality leaves a lot to the imagination’, this quote by John Lennon is what I believe must be the inspiration behind this wonderful mix of reality and imagination displayed by designer Philip Lück. Philip, who goes by the username philiplueck on Instagram has been adding a twist of imagination to the mundaneness of our daily lives. What sets him apart is his sense of humor, be it a fidget spinner in place of the 3 cameras on Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro that is causing a wave of fear among trypophobe’s across the world to a dose of creativity you wish you could take every morning. There is a healthy mix of reality, imagination, and a subtle suggestion that asks you to take a harder look at the reality of our everyday lives in each of his renders.

Now here’s a version of the iPhone 11 Pro that adds some fun to the 3 camera setup, and keeps the trypophobia at bay! Not to forget, the hours of screen-free analog procrastination it would provide when the phone was not in use.

Addicted to inspiration is a unique take on the struggle every creative person faces – how do you fuel those creative engines on an everyday basis? Well, a pill as such on a daily basis would sure be helpful!

Are you worthy enough to wield the power of those practically indestructible Nokia phones? Inspired by Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, these phones were all the rage when having a mobile phone became commonplace. Oh, the hours we spent playing the game ‘snake’ on those phones!

I have often actually imagined what a cool washing machine the Instagram logo would make, and this render surely proves me right. Now if only someone would actually manufacture this…

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is the name of the book here!

Meet Cokebomb!

Meet the model inspired by OFFF Barcelona. Born as a festival over a decade ago, OFFF showcases three days of electronic music showcases, from some of the most respected names in the world of underground house and techno.

A direct shot of the good stuff for the day’s life has you down.

Moneymaker grates the cash to find you some change!

An ode to morning routines and rituals with a dose of daily updates! With the amount of data thrown at us on a daily basis, we do end up throwing most of it away without consuming it, making this an apt description of our mornings indeed.

Named heavy times, this image is sure to evoke the weight of passing time on our shoulders.

Sipped is for those days when life gives you lemons!

Inspirational toothbrush designs that have us chucking out our old brushes!

Being a design site that has showcased and even preferred innovative concepts over the years, we can surely say that concepts are very important to our thought process. The concepts are nuggets of inspiration that challenge you to create beyond the regular, innovate and push the boundaries of what we see. And the designers curated here today are churning out some really exceptional renders! What caught our eye this week was the cool collection of toothbrush renders. The designers here have not only showcased great rendering skills but have also utilized design thinking to create a more sustainable, ergonomic and overall innovative collection of toothbrush designs. Can someone please bring these designs to life for us to use?!

A truly innovative removable-head concept with switchable top/ bottom halves to mix and match your toothbrush to reflect your look and feel as well as reducing plastic waste, designed by Alexandre Touguet.

DR STAERCK – a toothbrush because brushing your teeth is no fun anyway by Katharina Stärck.

Render Weekly’s own original render to inspire the community to create innovative designs.

A toothbrush that cares for its near and dear pal, the toothpaste! Designed by Kevin Clarridge.

Dennis Sedov decided to go with some classy 70’s forms rendered in Dental grade aluminum.

The Carbon Brush by Saad Syed.

Nicholas Baker brings out the beauty in simplicity with his old-school render of a hexagonal toothbrush concept.

Bringing you switchable toothbrush head and a gummy head, this design by Mario Arnone gives you a soft handle that can hold the dental equipment you need, giving you complete oral hygiene.

Well-loved brush by Matteo Ercole brings us the other side of those pristine toothbrushes.

Toothbrush with a twist by Lasse Thomasgård brings a literal twist to replaceable brush head with a small pin-like stricture to hold the brush together when in use.

Live2D drawing technology from Cybernoids adds a little 3D spice to your hand drawn images

Live2D drawing technology adds a little 3D spice to your hand drawn images

While 3D graphics have been filling our eyes in cinemas and video games way before Nemo ever got lost, we've typically had to settle for computer generated artwork. Live2D from Cybernoids is a drawing technology that hopes to change that. The software lets animators and game creators give hand drawn 2D images rudimentary 3D qualities. In the video above you can see the character turn her head, and the image -- based solely on the 2D version -- twists and adapts in real-time. There are two versions of the software, one based on polygons, and the other vectors, and there is support for consoles and smartphones -- but no details on specifics at this time. The developers admit it's only suitable for limited movement, such as in dialog-based games, for now, but hope to have the tools to handle full 360 degree motions over the next two years. At least, for now, its way way further down on the creep-o-meter scale.

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Dell Precision R5500 lets four graphics pros work on one PC, we wish it did gaming


Workstations aren't normally our focus, but when Dell shows off a new Precision system that lets four media pros share its graphics hardware at once, you can be sure the company has our attention. If your IT chief springs for a Precision R5500 with four Quadro 2000 cards, each of those cards can take advantage of a graphics pass-through in Citrix's virtualization to render 3D models at speeds much more like what you'd get if the Quadro were sitting in your own PC. Before you have visions of four-player Modern Warfare parties after-hours at work, the inherent barriers of distance and the virtual machine itself will likely rule out any game sessions. We'd add that the Quadro, Xeon processor and the $2,742 minimum price make it an expensive proposition. That engineering simulation will finish a lot faster, though, giving you a bit more time to play back home.

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