World’s first Day & Night watch is a bold design that will revitalize every watch collector’s collection

Swiss watches are a stamp of authority. The undying appreciation of their craft has undoubtedly enthused the watchmakers, giving them even more reason to push their limits to create the next timepiece that captures the onlookers’ interest while bringing new functionality to the collector’s wrist. To bring some freshness to the wristwatch industry, one approach can be to artistically represent the visual elements in combination with the balanced design aesthetics that make your sport a wristwatch every single day from the moment you bought it. Perhaps, it’s time to make that move and embellish your wrist with a watch that’s one of its kind, oozing with the harmonious balance of bold design and style that anyone can’t help but notice.

The brainchild of Stefano Braga Watches based in Tramelan (a small town in the Bernese canton in Switzerland) the artistically designed HYPERION wristwatch sporting a stainless steel DLC body represents the perfect amalgam of the celestial dance, as the stunning moon phase and sun phase indicators each cover half of the 40mm dial. The idea of displaying the celestial bodies is unique as the designer merges the fine taste of Swiss watchmaking while reflecting the balanced aesthetics of the smooth transition from the day to the night time. The 3 ATM water-resistant hybrid watch is complemented perfectly by the precise Ronda 505.24 (with in-house SBW-05 modification) Swiss movement and Italian leather manufacturing giving the watch a distinct appeal. Hyperion is the only watch in the world to have a half dial with Sun and Moon’s details marking the phases of the day, making it as rare as it can be.

According to Stefano Braga, every day is a small death and a small rebirth and to represent this complexity perfectly, they’ve crafted the watch with a Ying Yang shape that breaks down the barriers of cultural diversity – as the Japanese call it “Ying Yang”, and the Greeks like to call it “Nemesis”. The idea is to represent the balance of the universe and its governing laws, making this watch contemporary yet embedded with the complexity of mathematical calculations, forming the harmony between balanced design and stylish functionality. HYPERION also resonates with the complex yet delicate balance between Sun, Moon, Day, and Night – that keeps you grounded at all times – giving one the sense of the core motive of creating this timeless timepiece.

The vivid dial color options in white, black, green, orange, red, grey, teal, and more – are truly balanced out by the plethora of straps options that come in premium handmade Barbour leather or classic suede options – again in colors that you’ll have a hard time choosing from. Truly HYPERION has managed to strike the perfect design integrity with its balanced bold aesthetics. As Dylan Thomas stated, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ – with the never before seen Day & Night half dial, you will be the center of attention wherever you walk in with this watch on your wrist.

Designer: Stefano Braga

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HYPERION: The Watch With Half Dial Day & Night Mode

Hyperion is the only watch in the world to have a half dial with Sun and Moon’s details marking the phases of the day.

Day & Night

A day lasts 24 hours and is equally divided between sun and moon, day and night. Their disk moves according to this principle. Over time, the sun replaces the moon and vice versa, showing the perfect cycle of life and balance.


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These smart heated gloves and socks maintain the exact temperature you need to keep you toasty this winter

It’s that time of the year when the winter chill is setting in, and staying cozy warm is on top of one’s priority list. Trust me, I know since I need a heater to keep myself from freezing once the sun drops in the hilly terrains surrounding my home. Dropping body temperatures, especially in the colder regions can lead to numb hands and feet as the body tries to self-regulate the core body temperature. The lack of circulation leads to a host of diseases, so it is paramount to keep them warm at all times. Wearing gloves and socks is one way to get over this problem but it only works to a certain degree – once the temperatures drop to sub-zero levels, heated gloves and socks are needed to keep warm out in the chilling winds while snowflakes are falling down from the skies.

But you’ve got to ask the question – how practical the ordinary heated gloves on the market are? Can they regulate the heat depending on the outside temperature, do they distribute the heat equally to the fingers/joints, and can they last for a respectable duration to be useful enough? These are some lingering issues with the currently available heated gloves and socks. Quanta Vici addresses all these predicaments – giving you an easy solution to keep the hands and feet warm at all times. No matter how cold the conditions are. The smart app-controlled gloves and socks have a real-time heat regulation algorithm; generating a maximum heat of 131 Degrees Fahrenheit (depending on your preferred settings) for over 6.5 hours of operation on a single charge. The compression socks are designed to keep the feet from swelling and they also have an anti-blister cushion which is a good addition for long-duration use. Both these accessories are designed to be breathable, especially the gloves boasting thin and light material (anti-slippery grip texture) for dexterous tasks like operating your touchscreen phone or maybe playing the guitar. Yes, you can do that with the voice-controlled smart Quanta Vici gloves on!

To get that impressive battery of 6.5 hours on peak temperature settings (several days on moderate and low settings), there’s the Smart Sense Apparel Control technology – regulating the inside temperature to the exact temperature you desire – generating the right amount of heat. To extend the usage further, you can connect them to a power bank on the go while they juice up for your mountain hike in the fresh snowfall. On top of that, they both are machine washable (after removing the rechargeable battery), so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them. To make sure you don’t lose them or someone steals them (as they are so irresistible) there’s the anti-theft, anti-lost notification function too.

Now, that’s reason enough to get a pair of these smart temperature regulated gloves and socks to stay warm at all times without having to worry about a thing. The dexterity aspect of these wearables is what gives them an edge over the competition, and the app-controlled functions for seamless operation make them a must-have for daily use in the cold winter season. Plus, it’s a perfect Christmas gift idea for near and dear ones who always complain of frosty toes!

Designer: Quanta Vici

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Quanta Vici: The First Ever Smart Heated Gloves & Socks

The Quanta Vici smart wearables heat up to 55º C/131º F for over 6.5 hours. Features include night visibility light, waterproof, smartphone App and anti-theft/lost notification.

On a single charge, Quanta Vici Smart Wearables can last up to 6.5 hours in cold conditions at the highest setting, or up to several days on the low heat setting.

Their wearables feature their proprietary system of built-in sensors that measure the temperature inside the wearable, regulate heat, and maintain your exact, preferred temperature down to the degree.

Their Integrated Smart Sense Apparel Control is capable of detecting component performance, such as heating and battery performance, and reporting technical issues, as well as acting on them. The devices can receive updates from our cloud through the app, so you can always stay up-to-date with their latest technology.

Tap and connect your Quanta Vici Smart Wearables to your phone to:

– See your wearables’ sensed temperature (C/F)
– Set your desired temperature (up to 55℃ 130℉)
– Voice Control
– Estimated Battery Time Left

Their app is secure through military-level encryption and will be available for both Android and iOS.

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This ‘chameleon’ backpack with modular fascia can ‘shapeshift’ to suit your various needs

If Arya Stark were a backpack, she would probably be the What Pack. Obscure reference? Sure, but it drives home the point I’m trying to make. The What Pack isn’t one backpack… It’s multiple bag-styles built around a backpack’s framework. Featuring a modular setup that lets you replace the backpack’s face to change its visual appeal as well as its function, the What Pack is quite literally the ‘Bag with Many Faces’.

While the swappable face system is What Pack’s most standout feature, it sits on a very reliable base that’s designed to accommodate all your belongings perfectly. The base is a spacious 14L compartment, built to stash all your belongings securely and in dedicated spaces on both the inside and outside. A padded neoprene sleeve fits laptops as large as 16 inches, while additional pockets and pouches let you carry notebooks, A4 folders, tablets, stationery, and other small belongings. Pockets on the outside let you carry items like bottles and umbrellas, while discretely positioned pouches on the base and back let you secure more high-value belongings like cash and cards. The large inner compartment is perfect for everything from clothes to gear, and extension straps help hold all your stuff in place while compressing them to save up on storage space. The base interfaces with the swappable lids using a clamshell opening (which also makes it easy to access your bag’s belongings without having to rummage around) that lets you zip out one lid for another. What Pack’s Monochrome Series features four lid styles that alternate between four different scenarios – Casual, Work, Active, and Travel, covering practically all the bases, and giving you one backpack that carefully considers all your needs.

The four different faces solve their individual purposes with sheer attention to detail. While the Casual face gives your backpack a discreet, no-nonsense appearance, the Work face allows you to carry more, with separate compartments for your work essentials. The Active face is much more suited for trips to the gym, featuring a mesh pouch on the outside for airing out your gym clothes or shoes, while the Travel face gives your backpack an extra 3 liters of storage, bringing the total up to 17L. The swappable faces are also complemented by a swappable strap system, allowing you to choose between minimal Chic Shoulder Straps, or Utility Shoulder Straps with loops to secure your EDC or hang items. The bag even comes with built-in handles on the top, side, and even the bottom, allowing you to carry it any way you see fit, along with a convertible luggage sleeve that lets you strap the What Pack to your travel case while you’re dashing through the airport.

While the versatility feature is built right into the bag’s design-brief, its durable construction helps it be the versatile backpack you need for everything between work, play, and travel (whether it’s to the outdoors or via flight/transit). The body of the What Pack is made from water-resistant 900D Polyester PU, with an X-Pac VX21 base for added durability and wear-resistance. Water-resistant SBS zippers keep your belongings protected from the elements, and Duraflex hardware ensures your bag’s parts last much longer than the ones found on traditional backpacks. Plus, if you want to know more about how your bag’s built, its details, materials, care-instructions, or updates from the baker, a serialized NFC-chip built into the bag’s top lets you easily tap to access additional information about the What Pack on your NFC-ready smartphone. It also serves as a virtual authenticity-certificate, letting you know that the What-Pack you own is unique and original… even though it has multiple faces and identities!

Designers: Edwin Tay, Christopher Ong, Lim Yian Lu & Ivy Huang of Seventy One Studios

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What Pack – The Modular Bag with Multiple Faces

What Pack is a modular backpack that eliminates the need for multiple bags for everyday use, work, recreational activities or even light traveling. From the dreamers and travelers to the hustlers and daily grinders, the interchangeable styles are fine-tuned for the ultimate urban lifestyle.

Called Pack Face – an interchangeable front piece of the backpack. This smart piece creates the freedom to shift, change and explore as you swap between occasions, streamlining your lifestyle. The collection comprises four purpose-built Pack Faces: Casual Face, Work Face, Active Face and Travel Face.

Casual Face – Ideal for Every Other Day

Great for daily commute, leisure and urban downtime. Compact features for on-the-go, perfect for the weekend and simple pleasures.

Work Face – Separate Compartment for your Work Essentials

Sleek with thoughtful organization. Clean aesthetics with business in mind, perfect for the everyday hustle.

Active Face – Dedicated “Air Zone”

Dynamic and practical, perfect for those with a zest for life and energy to move. Dedicated “air zone” for sports gears, employ the extension straps to the exterior for additional items.

Travel Face – Bigger Volume for More Stuff

Simple portable features that make exploring easy and efficient with an additional three litres of volume for a comfortable journey.

Interchangeable Shoulder Straps

Choose from two options: The Chic Shoulder Strap is clean and sleek, while the Utility Shoulder Strap is functional and robust with molle-compliant attachment points.

Inside the Main Chamber

The main compartment consists of one neoprene laptop slot that can fit up to a 16″ MacBook Pro, one document slot that holds A4 papers, one zip pocket that is able to fit an A5 notebook, and two elastic mesh pockets that will fit smaller items such as a mouse, power bank, wet wipes or hand sanitizer.

Lined with a smooth fleece material, you can attach velcro accessories for further customization. There are also six loops (three on each side) that run along the sides of the back panel. These loops work with the extension straps (standard item) to secure loose items when needed.

Serialized NFC Identification Chip

What Pack comes with a serialised NFC identification chip. Using an NFC-enabled smart device, you will be able to check product authenticity, retrieve product information and updates, as well as care instructions.

Other Features

Extension Strap — 2 x Extension Straps for internal and external tie-down, each with a maximum length of 45cm.

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This minimal analog watch revises traditional time-telling by using dashes!

Personally,  I prefer wearing an analog watch — ironically, I type this while wearing a Fitbit gifted to me last year. I understand the useful features that smartwatches offer, such as text alerts, setting a camera timer, sending emails, tracking health stats, etc. However, I don’t need those extra features — I just want to know what time it is.

The “another interpretation of watch” design presents a unique time-telling mechanism. How do you read the face? The watch’s “minute hand” is represented by a series of box-like icons that inch their way around the screen. The “hour hand” is represented by a slightly wider, the shorter block located closer to the center. Does this visual make it easier to tell time … not exactly. But, that’s not the purpose. The purpose of this design is to present a unique, abstract visual. Another attention to detail is the rotating gear that is located in a non-traditional center of the dial – yup, in the center instead of the traditional side placement that helps you retain that smooth circular silhouette this watch boasts of.

I’m personally charmed by this design. It reminds me of the Time Off! watch, an equally simple product that I covered previously on Yanko. Both of these watches have a simple black band and minimal functionality. It would be easy to forget I was wearing one of these two watches – but that seems to be the intent of their design. I prefer analog watches because they are low-maintenance; they don’t need to be recharged or synced to a companion app. They simply blend into your wrist until you need them.

Designer: Sergey Butskoy

Sergey Butskoy watch

Space-themed innovative designs that help us visualize human life on the Moon and Mars!

SpaceX has given a new life to our space explorations. While the idea of a man on the moon or even Mars is not new – things tend to shake up when a radical force, in this case, Elon Musk’s company begins innovating with success. Movies and sci-fi writers alike have painted a vivid picture of what life in outer space can be like, but product designers are not far behind! Be it automotive designs, wearable designs, or even furniture designs – everything in this list will add a touch of outer space to our Earth-based life!

Designer Simon Grytten has thought something out of the box and penned it down in the form of sketches for his version of a bike that’s apt for Mars missions. He calls it the NASA Bike and Grytten has designed the mock-up in a way that makes it just more than a medium of transportation. It can charge its own battery as well as the battery of the base station by harnessing the wind energy courtesy of the prominent storms of the planet. NASA Bike turns into a wind turbine when not in use which is a mindful utility in a space where everything needs to be resourceful. The bike plugs-in to the charging station which is a big generator to keep things running on the hostile planet. For riding the two-wheeler has a very bare-bones basic design for obvious reasons since one is not going to drive it for the thrill of riding, rather get from one place to another, safe and sound.

The Tesla x SpaceX x BTTF combination comes from the mind of Charlie Nghiem, a maverick automotive designer who’s even made a Tesla x Rimowa concept collab. This holy-trinity mashup features both of Elon Musk’s current ventures, electric automobile company Tesla, and space exploration venture SpaceX, along with an unlikely third, the DeLorean from Back To The Future (Musk is a Rick and Morty fan, so maybe he loves BTTF too?) The car looks like a pimped out Tesla Roadster complete with all the trims and the massive afterburners from the BTTF automobile. The car’s even got a hoverboard casually resting against its side, and features a SpaceX logo at the base of the C pillar, because where they’re going, they don’t need roads.

Created by automotive designer Alex Baldini Imnadze, the SpaceTruck is a concept created as a dream collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX. Unlike Tesla’s original semi-truck, the SpaceTruck is more situation-specific, designed to transport rocket parts and the Dragon crew around and between facilities. Citing Syd Mead as his primary source of inspiration, Baldini says the SpaceTruck was created as an effort to embrace ‘Astro-design’, creating a vehicle that visually represented the space-age we’re currently in. The SpaceTruck’s design language mimics the Dragon Crew Capsule, with a similar white and black color combination. Needless to say, the truck is entirely powered by an electric drive-train and features a cockpit that sits above all the machinery, jutting out too, to slightly resemble the SpaceX astronaut helmet.

Bjarke Ingles is the Elon Musk of the architectural world, he loves to explore the impossible and has a penchant for designs that can help save mankind right from his environmentally friendly buildings to Project Olympus. Project Olympus is about finding a way to create a 3D-printed infrastructure for living on the moon using materials found on its surface. Why do we need a habitat on the moon? So that we can launch sustained lunar exploration missions where the astronauts will be able to stay comfortably and carry out their research for extended time periods. The project has also enlisted SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) after it received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) government contract boosted with funding from NASA.

Kurt Hughes handcrafted this tiny home to combine his love for houses and boats, and while we have seen many tiny homes having one that looks like a spaceship capsule is exciting! Why the lunar lander? Because it was a home and a ship. Obviously, it is not as technically complex as a real NASA lunar lander so that living won’t require any special training and it will certainly be more comfortable. Unlike the real Apollo 11 module, this Lunar Lander is very spacious on the inside. The 250 square feet hexagonal pod weighs 3000 pounds and sits on the banks of Columbia river so you have a lot of open ‘space’. There is a small deck for the inhabitants to enjoy the view and Hughes tried to make sure the pod has a minimum impact on the environment around it.

Designed to adapt to your flexible lifestyle, the NOVA lets you transform your health and body no matter where you are without needing to go to a gym. The single exercise device is a heavy-duty portable gym that uses high resistance to provide total body strength training at home, office, or on the go. “The NOVA Gym provides up to 40lbs (18kg) of resistance in each hand in all planes of movement, yet only weighs 2.5lbs (1.12Kg) and folds up to go anywhere,” says Paul Francis who created the design and is also an architect, industrial designer, and inventor. The team uses their patented SpiraFlex technology that provides weightless resistance and was actually the first resistive exercise device used in space (NASA iRED) – Paul Francis is truly an inventor because his technology is ‘out of this world’!

UNDONE’s SpaceXplorer watch pays homage to the 2014 SpaceX Dragon V2 spacecraft. It is a limited-edition timepiece that celebrates achievements that we have made in terms of design, technology, and innovation. Funny, we do the same at Yanko Design every day too! This special watch pays great attention to detail and you will recognize those little things instantly if you are a space nerd. For instance, it features styling elements from the new SpaceX ultra-modern space suits. Then it takes it up a notch by using the Dragon V2 capsule’s design details – the grey dial ring, white indices, and the unique hands which are modeled off of the capsules’ white oblong shaped indices and windows.

Paris-based Interstellar labs have planned to build a network of biomes in the Mojave desert in California to create and study the future of human settlement on Mars. Named EBIOS (experimental bio-regenerative station) the design is a circular village (enclosed on itself) with ‘regenerative life support technologies’. “Sentient life is likely very rare in our universe — complex life may be rare in our solar system,” said founder and CEO Barbara Belvisi. “At Interstellar lab we are building technologies to help its preservation and regeneration on earth now and in the future on other planets. What we need to bring on mars for life is what we need to protect on earth right now. The only path to becoming a multiplanet species is to join our energy in the same direction.” Following this philosophy, Interstellar is working closely with NASA to create the ideal habitat to help humans start the next leg of our journey across the Milky Way. After all, once we settle on Mars, who is to stop us from finding new planets!

The minimal furniture collection uses clean lines focused around an elevated seat, bringing to mind the stunning visuals of the Gargantua black hole portrayed in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The story goes like this – Eugénie von Tunzelmann, a CG supervisor at Double Negative, generated a flat, multicolored ring – a stand-in for the accretion disk – and positioned it around their spinning black hole. Something very, very weird happened. ‘We found that warping space around the black hole also warps the accretion disk, so rather than looking like Saturn’s rings around a black sphere, the light creates this extraordinary halo.’ This warping halo brings to mind the lines showcased in this design. The furniture itself boasts of low tables that work as a coffee table as well as a bench, given the changing width of the design.

The construction industry emits 4 times more CO2 than the aviation industry and that is enough proof they must focus on ecodesign to reduce their colossal impact especially when sustainable materials, like mycelium composites, already exist! This material is created by growing mycelium–the thread-like main body of a fungus–of certain mushroom-producing fungi on agricultural wastes. The mycelia are composed of a network of filaments called “hyphae,” which are natural binders and they also are self-adhesive to the surface they grow on. The entire process is based on biological elements that also help in upcycling waste and reducing dependency on toxic fossil fuels. Mycelium composite manufacturing can also be a catalyst in developing new bioindustries in rural areas, generating sustainable economic growth while creating new jobs. The Living has designed an organic 42 feet tall mycelium tower to show the potential of using mushrooms for stable structures which is just one of many such projects.

The pen’s name comes from the term ‘nominal’, often used for when everything’s going smoothly and according to plan. Designed as a celebration of SpaceX’s recent achievements of being the only private company to send humans to the ISS and bring them back (while even retrieving parts of the spaceship to be reused at a later date – something nobody’s ever done), the Nominal Pen by Mercator London models itself on the Falcon series of rockets (the Falcon 9 Block 5 in particular). The pen comes in a similar light+dark metal finish, featuring four retractable legs that open out, allowing it to stand vertically on its own… after all, it would be quite shameful to have to put a rocket-shaped pen in your pen-stand, right? The Nominal Pen’s retractable legs are operated by a twist-to-open mechanism machined right into the pen’s metal body… while the opposite end of the pen features a magnetic crew-capsule that detaches from the rocket-body! The pen comes in two variants – a matte aluminum, and glossy steel, and an optional Octo-stand to dock your ‘space pen’ on your desk in glorious fashion.

While we wait to step on the moon, here’s a replica of the moon’s surface to keep us mesmerized.

Designed to celebrate 50 years since the iconic Apollo 11 mission which took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon, the Lunar Surface is emblematic of that rare moment that changed mankind’s tryst with space forever. We’ve embarked on hundreds of journeys to the International Space Station ever since, and sent out shuttles and satellites into space, but the moon landing still remains by far one of the most significant events in our history… a feat that hasn’t been repeated since. Capturing the enigma that is our closest cosmic neighbor, the Lunar Surface by DeskX combines history, science, and astronomy, all in one. The replica’s deeply cratered surface is as detailed and inspiring as a painting, making it great for hanging on a wall or propping up on a desk.

Rado revisits its iconic True Square Collection with a modern yellow watch just in time for Christmas!

Rado’s innovative True Square collection rocked the world of watches by introducing the first square watch crafted using injected monobloc high-tech ceramic casing to fill out a square-shaped wristwatch, the first of its kind. Today, Rado has collaborated with British designer Tej Chauhan, and together, they’ve designed their own reinterpretation of the iconic True Square wristwatch.

Reintroducing the True Square watch, under joint creative direction with Tej Chauhan, Rado brings a refreshing revamp to the classic timepiece we’ve come to love. Tej Chauhan’s take on the True Square maintains the timepiece’s square case as the basis for the watch but coats it in retro-inspired, lemon yellow drip with a matte-like texture in order to bring the unique touch that only ceramic molding can deliver. Bright, yellow leather cushioning fills out the strap of the watch to offer maximum comfort for every user, while matte yellow ceramic pieces connect each stainless steel element together. The watch is water-resistant for up to 50 meters and operates using the ETA C07.611 automatic movement.

The back of the square case was produced using PVD-coated stainless steel, which ensures the user’s comfort as PVD-coated stainless steel offers the same feeling as liquid metal, landing softly on your wrist and offering a cooling, metallic accent to the watch as a whole. The watch face itself has a concave glass dome that gives the art of time-telling an immersive touch. Etched along the perimeter of the square timepiece are sleek, thin minute-markers, symmetrically interrupted with bolder, thicker hour-markers. Imitating the look of a sonar radar, twelve concentric circles emanate from the timepiece’s nucleus, giving the True Square watch a focal point to inform users of the time of day or date.

Chauhan designed this wristwatch with the user in mind first and foremost. By using an Emotive Industrial Design approach, this new True Square design embraces both user-friendliness and visibly striking design details, offering a watch that’s both visually approachable and enticing for everyone. The latest addition to the True Square collection from Rado is one that’s intuitive in its impressive technological design structure, but also one that’s as classic as it comes. Up-to-date technological features fill out this watch and unbeatable, singular design color and material schemes comprise a watch that’s so distinguishable and attention-grabbing, it’ll leave even the most devout of watch aficionados suddenly asking for the time.

Designers: Tej Chauhan x Rado

Santa meets Willy wonka in this 3D-Engraved Watch that is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Technology mixed with design gives creators the chance to make anything possible. Through 3D-engraving, even the tiniest of products can be turned into entire worlds, which goes to show that the beauty of rendering in 3D is in the details. Andre Caputo recently took his personal taste and 3D-rendering skills and turned them into a fantastical watch that brings you to the North Pole and delivers you straight to the front steps of Santa’s Workshop.

His finished rendered timepiece is called Majestic and it certainly upholds its title. The watch is ladened with golden cogs and candy accents that instantly inspire visions of whimsical toymaker’s storefronts with snowy rooftops and chimneys billowing with smoke -think Willy Wonka meets watch-making! The watch’s interior depth is hypnotizing for its five-layered dial and latticed network of exposed sprockets and gears. The ultimate timepiece is as zany and flashy as it gets, but the best Christmas movies usually are and this watch brings you right back to the first time you watched your favorite. With all of the details that fill this digital canvas, the timepiece turns out to be relatively easy to read, thanks to the bold, golden hoops that enwrap each big, clunky hour-marker and the smaller hour-markers that dot in between. Just below the dome-shaped crystal, that encases the miniature world of toymaking, reads the days of the week, the specific date is indicated by a red circle that demarks the correct day of the month. Additionally, the candy cane bracelet wraps around your wrist with an armadillo-like cuff and big dials and knobs surround the watch face’s perimeter for easy adjustment of the hour, minute, or date.

Andre Caputo designed this rendering to merge personal taste with technological artwork. Each detail of this watch shimmers like toys from Santa’s factory and sends you right into the spirit of the winter season with brass pulleys and chains, micro Candyland-inspired bridges, and details fit for a fairytale galore.

Designer: Andre Caputo

iPhone 12 + Magsafe compatible accessories by Moment takes your smartphone photography to the pro level

iPhone 12 series is one of the best phone lineup (if not the best) that Apple has launched thus far. The new breed of smartphones come with the MagSafe – a magnetic snap for precise placement on the wireless charger. The feature opens up avenues for tons of innovative accessories that can be used to maximize the utility of Apple’s 2020 iPhones. So, it was obvious that Moment, the popular iPhone accessories maker harnessed this new functionality to its maximum potential.

The Seattle-based accessories company specializing in phone camera gear has created a bunch of iPhone 12 series accessories that inherently have some kind of camera utility. There’s a whole bunch of cases, tripod mounts, and car vent mounts with MagSafe compatibility that add to the functionality of your Apple phone. First up, the cases come in two broader variations – a thinner version for better ergonomic feel in hand and the other a more rugged one for more protection in event of accidental drops. All these cases have wrist strap loops and can endure a 6-foot drop. The cases priced at around $50 are compatible with the M-Series Moment lens system and they also work with the Moment Mounts.

For photography addicts, Moment has a lineup of Tripod Mounts that have a very strong magnetic system for extra strength. These mounts work even without the case and are compatible with ¼-inch to 20-inch tripods, so you are good to go with any tripod. Of them all, the Multi-Threaded Mount that comes at a price tag of $30 is the most intriguing. It can attach your iPhone to anything, as Moment themselves say, “Magic arms, tripods, rig mounts, ball heads, you name it… we let you mount your phone to it with magnets.”

Along the same lines, Moment Cold Shoe Mount, Car Vent Mount, and the Wall Mount for MagSafe work like a charm. The first two cost $30 each while the Wall Mount will set you back $20. All of them are fully compatible with the new Apple phones and well worth the money spent.

Designer: Moment

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3D engraved fantastic creatures adorn the dial of the Astronomia Tourbillon watches by Jacob & Co

Luxury watchmaker Jacob & Co. is an independent watch marque, renowned for its exquisite watches that esteemed horologists hold high up in their collections. Following the success in high-quality jewelry watches, Jacob & Co. has expanded its Astronomia multi-axis tourbillon art collection with a 3D engraved and hand-painted menagerie of animals – real and mythical – under a sapphire crystal dome in 18k gold casing.

The Astronomia Tourbillon is a series of cutting-edge timepieces that both intrinsically and from within, elevate the art of watchmaking above the Earth. The collection is a “poetic visual rendering of the celestial world,” and features four satellites – a rotating magnesium globe, an in-house gravitational tourbillon, one-carat 288-faceted diamond, and a time dial – all of which can be seen rotating around the dial. With the rare 3D engraving of dragons, phoenix, serpents, monkeys, lions, and tigers amid others, the Swiss brand has been able to create several Astronomias unlike anything seen before in the horological world.

3D engraving is seen in a host of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon such as the Astronomia Cobra, Astronomia Dragon, Astronomia Phoenix, Astronomia Art Tigers, etc., which combine engraving and miniature painting. Astronomia dial is an exquisite gallery of a hand-engraved dragon, cobra, and other sculptures that seem entangled within the tourbillon movement and give the timepieces a symbolic character that the watch collectors have turned to repeatedly. These designs are extremely cumbersome to achieve – for instance, the cobra sculpture is conceived over six months with the first three going into finishing the 3D engraves inside the solid casing and another three months seeing an artesian painstakingly chisel, hand-paint the piece of art.

Each of these extraordinary timepieces is, therefore, an embodiment of uncompromised attention to detail, which is immediately evident at the first glance. For collectors who do not fancy the wildlife but relish the cityscapes, Jacob & Co. also has miniature renditions of key landmarks engraved on Astronomia dials. For instance, the handmade and hand-painted Moscow timepiece features 3D-engraved miniatures of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre, and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The watchmaker can customize watches of all the great cities of the world to ensure every collector can have his city replica in his collection.

Designer: Jacob & Co.

Here’s why we’re going gaga over the world’s slimmest and strongest wallet

Airo Collective’s Stealth Wallets make claims that are hard to ignore. They’re touted as the slimmest bifold wallets in the world… and they’re stronger than steel.

Meet the Stealth Carbon and the Stealth Diamond, two of the thinnest, lightest, and strongest bifolds ever made. Designed to combine cutting-edge aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality, the Stealth wallets do everything your regular wallet does, but just better. They hold your banknotes (using a ballistic bungee), store up to 8 cards, secure your money with RFID-blocking, and look stunningly sleek all along. Besides, they’re made to last longer too, given how incredibly strong the material they’re made from actually is.

The Stealth Carbon wallet is made from a highly resilient TPU-infused 3K carbon fiber weave, while the Stealth Diamond wallet is, get this, made from nano-plated diamond leather – a sustainably sourced, heavy-duty, top-grain performance leather stitched and fused with a thread that is 15x stronger than steel. Both the Stealth Carbon and the Stealth Diamond are designed to be unseemingly thin, measuring mere millimeters in thickness, weighing 12 grams and 14.5 grams respectively.

The bifold remains the most traditional wallet format (my dad’s bifold wallet is more than a decade old), but it’s still plagued by the age-old problem of becoming too fat and bulky over time. Aside from being a visual problem, these bulky wallets cause physiological damage when you sit down, and even stand the risk of tearing the notes inside. Designed as a much-needed upgrade, the Stealth Wallets retain the old, lovable bifold format, but bring innovation by using slimmer, lighter, and stronger materials. The wallets feature anti-abrasive fabrics on the outside that are 15 times stronger than steel, yet remain as flexible as any regular leather. The inside of the wallets are lined with premium Italian leather for that classy touch, and the edges are further secured with Airo’s proprietary Diamond Nano-Armor coating for an increased lifespan. Each wallet is made in the USA, and comes with a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee against any defect or damage.

Designer: Steve Schmidt

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Stealth Carbon & Stealth Diamond — The Slimmest Luxury Wallets

Last year, Airo Collective launched the world’s thinnest wallet — the Stealth Razor. It uses a material 15x stronger than steel, was as thin as a razor (literally), and after raising over $600,000, they successfully delivered over 12,000 wallets.

Now, they are back with two new, upgraded, luxury, ultra-thin Stealth Wallets boasting the highest quality, strongest materials on Earth — the Stealth Carbon and the Stealth Diamond Wallet.

Stealth Carbon Wallet

Stealth Carbon is extremely lightweight and incredibly durable. The exterior TPU-infused 3K carbon fiber weave uses the highest quality carbon fiber in the world. Carbon fiber has been used before—in supercars and race cars — but never in a design near this slim. The carbon fiber is specially woven to ensure flexibility and durability and can withstand hundreds of thousands of flexes in its lifetime.

Hold up to 8 cards and 6 bills securely and easily without creating a bulge in your pocket. The two card slots hold up to 4 cards each.

A durable ballistic cash bungee is a modern improvement of the money clip. The pull-tab keeps your bills from ever falling out.

The proprietary DNA (Diamond Nano Armor) Edge Coating protects the edges and keeps Stealth Carbon looking clean forever. Made of a special infusion of actual micro-diamonds (the hardest substance on the Earth), the coating is specifically formulated for maximum strength and durability. Stealth Carbon will stay STRONG for ages to come and will never fray at the edges.

The interior layer is made of sustainably sourced premium quality Italian leather fused to fibers that are 15x stronger than steel. This ensures Stealth Carbon will never stretch and will always maintain its shape.

Eliminate back pain caused by bulky wallets. Stealth Carbon is ultra thin, so it won’t bulge out of your pocket or cause stress marks on your pants and jeans.

The carbon fiber in Stealth Carbon intrinsically blocks out unwanted RFID scans. This protects your payment data and prevents any unwanted transmissions from your cards — all without disrupting the speed of use or thickness of the wallet. Plus, it looks pretty darn incredible.

Stealth Diamond Wallet

The Stealth Diamond has the same thinness and features as the Stealth Carbon but utilizing the toughest leather in the world.

Stealth Diamond is made of sustainably sourced, heavy duty, top-grain performance leather stitched and fused with a thread that is 15x stronger than steel.

The special nano-armor plating with a diamond pattern powerfully enhances the leather’s abrasion resistance and makes it exponentially more durable than normal leather — all without compromising flexibility.

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