7 Kitchen Gadget Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Have you ever bought a gift that you loved so much you kept it? These stunningly designed, but eminently practical kitchen gadgets by the Italian design house Alessi will be hard to part with, but you will definitely be remembered for your keen eye for practical elegance if you do gift them.

PancakeBot Prints Pancakes In Any Shape You Want

PancakeBotYou no longer have to be a pancake artisan to make fancy flapjacks, you just have to own a PancakeBot. The PancakeBot is a pancake printer of sorts that allows you to create pancakes in whatever design you wish.

Stickybones Poseable Figure Is An Animator’s Dream Come True

Poseable Artist's Figure image via Stickybones FacebookIf you're an artist or in the field of CGI, you're going to want to know all about this amazing reference tool for the human form. Creative types in almost every medium will get something out of this device. Watch the vimeo and learn more about "Stickybones" and what it can do and how it can do it right now.

‘Ethically Clothed’ Offers Consumers Sustainable Fashion Choices

Ethically Clothed is an Online EcoFashion OutletWhere would you turn for eco-friendly fashions produced by ethical businesses that actually cared where their products were coming from, who made them and how they were produced? Britain's Ethically Clothed has the answer. Discover whose lines they carry, where you can get them and how PETA is connected.

10 Iconic Designs From Ron Arad’s “Restless” London Retrospective

.... Arad is afraid of nothing; no medium, no size, no notion that is unconventional.  He experiments.  He plays... and you get to relive his pleasure through his work.  Restless is a 30-year retrospective of Arad's greatness... and he is still young.

Matuse Produces Quality Wetsuits And Hip Apparel

Matuse WetsuitsThe Matuse line of wetsuits and Matuse apparel epitomize the Matuse mission to meld art and function to create premium products. Not only is their gear sleek and stylish, it incorporates a level of innovation that sets it apart from competitors.