CAT-CAT: A Star Wars AT-AT Inspired Cat Condo

Because most people’s cats live better lives than I do, do-it-yourselfer Whitney Fabre constructed the CAT-CAT, an AT-AT-inspired cat condo. She built the condo for her feline friend, Captain Jack Harkness, who was named after the Doctor Who character. Why she didn’t build a TARDIS cat house instead is anybody’s guess.

For those of you interesting in building your own CAT-CAT, Whitney was kind enough to create an Instructable, so you can follow the directions and, provided you have the skills and supplies, wind up with something similar and not just a dangerous pile of wood scrap and nails like I did. But you know what they say: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And the worst-laid plans like mine almost always go awry.

There’s no question it’s a fine-looking cat condo. But even if I was able to successfully construct one, would my cat play in it or purposefully ignore it to spite me for all the time and effort I put into building it? Here, let me give you a hint: We named him Spiteful Bill for a reason.

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AT-AT Aquarium Looks Like Hoth After Global Warming

When you think of AT-ATs, you think of these giant mechanical beasts stomping along the snowy surface of Hoth. But what would happen if the Empire’s war machines ran on fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions, resulting in a greenhouse effect? It might end up looking something like this aquarium scene created by Carly Thompson.

After receiving a model AT-AT as a Christmas gift, she decided to incorporate the Imperial Walker into a small fish tank. She says the scene was inspired by the Kashyyk level of Jedi Fallen Order, and Endor from Return of the Jedi. But to me, it looks like Hoth after the polar ice caps have melted, raising the sea levels, and flooding the land as surface temperatures increased above freezing. The AT-AT has definitely seen better days, now that it has moss growing out of it, but it sure makes a nice home for the red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails who have taken up residence here.

[via Reddit via MyModernMet and GeekNative]

This Bed Lets Kids Sleep Under an Imperial Walker

Can you imagine waking up every morning and looking up to see an Imperial Walker towering over your head? Well, if you’ve got $8500 lying around, your kid could experience that thanks to the guys at Tiny Town Studios. These guys create all kinds of amazing custom builds, from pirate ships to giant alligators you can walk through.

This awesome handmade bed lets kids sleep between the legs of an AT-AT while imagining they’re flying along the snowy surface of Hoth in a T-47 Rebel Airspeeder. Of course, you wouldn’t your kid to be lying beneath this thing when it came crashing down, so it’s best not to try wrapping its legs with a tow cable.

The bed appears to be twin-size, but I’m sure with deep enough pockets, you could convince Tiny Town to build you a version with a bigger bed underneath. I want a California King with enough room for me to roll around on it my AT-AT pilot costume. Or better yet, can I get a version with a ladder, and the bed is inside the AT-AT? And rig it up so the legs move and I can stomp around my neighborhood this winter when there’s snow on the ground.

How Fast is an AT-AT Walker?

Have you ever wondered just how fast the AT-ATs in Star Wars can walk? Well according to Wookiepedia, the answer is a nice round number – 60 km/h, or about 37.3 mph. However, that just seems like an arbitrary figure somebody made up. Sci fi movie fan EC Henry wasn’t satisfied with that number, and decided to do some math to figure out the actual speed of an AT-AT.

Using a single short scene from The Empire Strikes Back, EC was able to use the known height of Luke Skywalker as a measuring stick to figure out the height of the AT-AT, which turns out to be very close to the number provided by official Star Wars literature, 22.5 meters (~73.8 feet). Combining this information with a couple of frames of motion, he was able to estimate the speed at which it was traveling in that scene:

He concludes that Imperial Walkers aren’t nearly as fast as we’ve been led to believe. If AT-ATs moved at the speed that’s been documented, they’d look rather silly running around. What do you think of EC’s analysis? Is there a gaping hole in his logic? It seems pretty sound to me.

AT-AT Liquor Cabinet Perfect for Serving Up Your Johnnie (Imperial) Walker Black

I’ve always wanted one of those fancy liquor cabinets in my house. I’m not talking about the type that look like an old globe either. I want a really cool one. Perhaps something really original, like one that looks like an AT-AT Imperial Walker. Oh, what’s that you say? Somebody already beat me to the punch? Damn.


Yep, what you’re looking at here is the most awesome bar for serving up your finest booze – all in the shape of an AT-AT. Luckily, it has yet to be brought down by a snow speeder’s tow cables, as that would be a horrible tragedy. The cabinet appears to be handcrafted from wood and brass, and stands at least 4 or 5 feet tall – unless those guys in the photo are Ewoks disguised as humans.


I know not from whence this tasty morsel of awesome comes, other than the fact that these photos were posted up on imgur back in 2011. If you happen to have been involved in the construction of this monument to geeky greatness, speak up and take credit where credit is due. I’ll be over here in the corner, keeping warm with a Hoth Toddy.


Fallen AT-AT Tape Dispenser Turns Your Desk into Hoth

You know, for as big and badass as AT-ATs are, they’re kind of cute too. Perhaps that’s why we cheer when the snowspeeder takes one of these down with tow cables, we can’t help feeling a little sad when it falls. Or maybe that’s just me.

AT-ATs are like big mechanical dogs. The Emperor was just trying to take ’em for a walk when those rebels attacked. Anyway, do you love AT-ATs? We all do. So naturally, we all need one of these cool fallen AT-AT tape dispensers created by Hallmark. It looks like an AT-AT that just got taken down by the Rebellion, and has been converted into the world’s largest tape dispenser. It’s the perfect desk accessory for the Star Wars fan who has everything… except a tape dispenser.

It’s a great way to remember the fallen giant from The Empire Strikes Back and to honor the proud mechanical beast. It will cost you $45 over on Amazon. Sure that’s a little pricey for a tape dispenser, but come on, it’s an AT-AT tape dispenser. You know you want to make your desk look all snowy like Hoth and put this bad boy in the scene. That’s the beginning of a great Christmas display right there.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

AT-AT Horse Cosplay: The Empire Bucks Back

We’ve seen all kinds of cosplay around here. we’ve also seen our share of AT-ATs, but we’ve never seen a horse cosplaying an Imperial walker. But when Imperials hit hard times, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes that means outfitting a Clydesdale in AT-AT armor rather than building a trillion dollar walking weapon.

Mike’s Tiny Shop is responsible for this amazing cosplay horseplay. So now we have seen it all. A Star Wars AT-AT costume on a 2,000 pound horse. I hope they take it out trick or treating this Halloween. Maybe instead of candy people can just give this horse a feedbag and send it on its way.

I like to picture Grand Moff Tarkin riding this beast majestically into battle. Sadly it doesn’t fire lasers or crush humans with its feet. Also, a snowspeeder would take this AT-AT down in a second, so Tarkin wouldn’t last long on the battlefield, but it would make for a great painting. I’d also like to see AT-AT races with horses wearing this armor and jockeys wearing AT-AT driver uniforms. That’s what I want to see at a Disney Star Wars theme park.

This might be the most bad-ass horse armor ever.

[via Geek X Girls]

The Force Is Strong with This AT-AT Bunk Bed

We’ve seen our share of AT-AT beds around here and they are all very cool. This one is no exception. As Star Wars fans we have dreamed of sleeping in one of these bad boys, but most of them are just for rich kids or kids with really crafty parents. Well, Rooms to Go can help you make this dream a reality with this simple, but fun AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed.

It isn’t a fully detailed AT-AT build of course. But this fabric covered tented bunk bed is the next best thing for your own child. This heavy gauge steel twin bunk bed has a huge 1:15 scale print of an AT-AT covering one side, making it a perfect Star Wars fort type bed.

Your kid will sleep like a sloth on Hoth. This All Terrain Armored Transport will fire your kid’s imagination and give them some great memories to relive when they are older. It’s one of the Empires coolest weapons and now it is in the hands of your child. I hope they use their power wisely.

Best of all the bed is available at a discounted price of $499.99 – $100 off the regular price. We aren’t sure how long this discount is going to last, so you better grab one while you can.

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17-Foot-Tall AT-AT Invades a Church

It’s amazing when you think about how many Star Wars statues are around the world, some in the oddest places. Kyle Gilbert is one of the people responsible for bringing just a bit of that galaxy far, far away into our world. You see, Kyle created a 17-foot-tall replica of an AT-AT Walker. Well, half of one, which he mounted to a wall as a piece of installation art in his church.

I’m sure it knows if you didn’t put anything in the donation basket, so you better pony up some money. Otherwise, it will fire on you on your way out. Okay, I made that up, but it would be great to see in action and it would make the church a lot of money.

The sculpture was created over the course of four weeks using household materials. “As people walked into the building, I wanted to do something that felt totally unpredictable and surprising,” Kyle says. “AT-ATs have this huge and menacing feel to them—totally iconic.” It’s not every day that you see an AT-AT at a church, that’s for sure.

[via Star Wars via io9]

These AT-AT Bookends Won’t Fall Over with a Tow Cable

While the Imperial AT-AT Walker was designed as a war machine on legs, it really ended up being quite a flop due to its fatal design flaws. That said, AT-ATs do make pretty cute pets, if you housebreak them. They also work great as bookends if you cut them in twain.

These fun AT-AT bookends come courtesy of MokuShop, and are made from 24 pieces of hand-assembled, laser-cut and engraved wood. They look great painted up in metallic silver (shown above), or left alone as natural wood. They also recommend attaching a leash to them, so the dark lord can command the walker to follow wherever he goes.

They come in two different sizes – 6″ x 5″ x 5″ and 8″ x 5″ x 5″, and sell for $55 to $65 unpainted, or $75 to $85 painted.