Tesla meets SpaceX meets Back To The Future!

Say hello to the automotive mashup of the century! I mean, if your Tesla car can have a bio-hazard mode, how far are we really from your car being able to travel through time and space? If Elon could, Elon certainly would, right?

The Tesla x SpaceX x BTTF combination comes from the mind of Charlie Nghiem, a maverick automotive designer who’s even made a Tesla x Rimowa concept collab. This holy-trinity mashup features both of Elon Musk’s current ventures, electric automobile company Tesla, and space exploration venture SpaceX, along with an unlikely third, the DeLorean from Back To The Future (Musk is a Rick and Morty fan, so maybe he loves BTTF too?) The car looks like a pimped out Tesla Roadster complete with all the trims and the massive afterburners from the BTTF automobile. The car’s even got a hoverboard casually resting against its side, and features a SpaceX logo at the base of the C pillar, because where they’re going, they don’t need roads.

Hey Elon, you dig?

Designer: Charlie Nghiem

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Nike Adapt BB Self-Lacing Shoes Are Packed with Tech

Most of us didn’t get the limited edition Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing shoes when the came out in 2017. Well, now we have another chance. Nike recently unveiled a new version that is more advanced, and thankfully, more affordable. They are called Nike Adapt BB, and they are perhaps the most technologically-advanced sets of footwear ever made.

Like their predecessors, they’re capable of mechanically tightening onto your feet. However, the HyperAdapt 1.0 used physical buttons to lace up the shoes, but with the Nike Adapt BB, users can fine-tune the fit using their smartphone. Now that is a little more futuristic. Each shoe has a custom motor and gear train that senses the tension needed on the foot and adjusts accordingly.

Nike says the underfoot lacing on these basketball shoes is able to pull 32 pounds of force. You can adjust the settings using the app on the fly; or even on the Marty McFly. The app will remember how tight or loose you prefer your laces in different situations like warm-ups, gameplay, or resting. Another neat feature is how they charge – using a wireless charging mat.

These Nike Adapt BB App-enabled Self-lacing Shoes will be available on February 17, 2019, at 10:00AM EST for $350. That is less than half of what the HyperAdapt 1.0 cost when they came out. Pretty sweet.

[via Mike Shouts]

Back to the Future II DeLorean Hovercraft for Sale: Great Scott!

I am so glad that no one has remade, rebooted, or changed the gender in Back to the Future. These movies should be left alone. If they did reboot it they would likely feel the need to give us some new versions of the time-traveling DeLorean. Like this hovercraft version for example.

It’s not really a DeLorean though. It just looks like one. What you’re looking at is a custom-built hovercraft that looks like the time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future II. It will cost you $45,000 or best offer, and you can buy it on eBay.

Here are some of the details:

“This is a hand-made hovercraft that was built between 2008 and 2012 and continuously improved upon since then. I have recently remodeled and upgraded much of it and it is now in the best shape of its life. The thrust engine is about 5 years old and has about 40 hours on it. The lift engine is new and has about 10 hours on it. I spent the last 4 months working full-time to get it in great condition for you! New paint job, new rudders, new wiring, new switches, new led lights, etc.”

What you get:

  • Hand-built hovercraft sculpted to look exactly like a DeLorean. This is a functional work of art, it is not an actual DeLorean bolted onto a hovercraft.
  • Custom flatbed tilting trailer built specifically for this hovercraft
  • Miscellaneous spare parts and supplies including spare engine parts, fans and propellers, nuts and bolts.
  • The hovercraft is based on the blueprints for the Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT
  • Free phone consultations for any technical questions you might have

Sadly, I don’t think it will ever hit 88 mph. Any takers?

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

This Original Back to the Future II Sneaker Needs to Go Back to the Past

Time marches on and in the end, it gets us all. Back To The Future II’s sneakers, like the rest of us, are at time’s mercy. Currently offered on eBay is a single shoe (the left one) of one of the pairs of Nike Air Mags used in the production of the classic 1989 sci-fi comedy.

The back heelcup is just crumbs and the outsole completely separates from the rest of the shoe if you try and pick it up. Regardless of its distressed state, the auction has reached over $86,000 so far… for a single shoe… that is disintegrating.

You need to handle this thing like a sacred relic or it may fall apart further. It’s sad, but time gets us all in the end. Are you as depressed as I am?

[via Kotaku]

Back to the Fury Road

All Hollywood seems to know how to do these days is make remakes, reboots, rehashes, and retreads. One of the movies that they haven’t touched yet is Back to the Future, and they must never be allowed to soil this classic franchise. BUT if they do, there is only one way I will accept it. If they have Marty hitting 88 mph and landing right in the middle of the desert, in a Mad Max car chase. Anything else is just BS.

This ten-second mashup is all the storyboard you Hollywood cretins need, so either leave BTTF alone or make this happen. In this clip from SirSoliloquy, Marty McFly from Back To The Future III accidentally time-travels into a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road. And you know that Marty would rule in this world because his car only needs trash for fuel. He’ll have a whole world of trash. And I’m not just talking about the bad guys.

Then we could have some sequels where Marty has a dingo, and another where Marty has to fight in Thunderdome. Eventually, Marty would meet Rick and Morty. Get on this Hollywood, I’ve just handed you the keys to the kingdom. I’m here waiting patiently.

[via Laughing Squid]

What would a 2018 DeLorean look like?


Spencer Kim envisions a reality where the DMC never went out of business. If their car, the DMC-12 (wildly popular for its feature in the Back to the Future series) was still in production, what would it look like?

Kim’s redesigned DeLorean looks completely different from its original, what with 25 years between them. The New DeLorean sports a more contemporary and organic design, but still manages to retain enough to be called a DeLorean. It sports the two gull-wing doors, the DMC logo on the front, and a characteristic grill on the back that’s quite similar to the one on the original. Like the original, the new DeLorean also comes with a rear-engine and rear wheel drive setup. It even comes in the classic metallic silver color and sports black accents. Other than that, the new DMC-12 feels refreshing and looks absolutely the part for a 2018 remake of the series (if it were to happen).

Designer: Spencer Kim for Drivetribe







Great Scott! Watch an Artist Sculpt a Tiny Doc Brown Sculpture from Scratch

Juliana Lepine makes all kinds of intricate figurines from clay, and it’s always a treat to watch her create new life out of nothing. She usually starts with a skeleton and builds the face right on top like a forensics genius. In the video below she makes one of her coolest creations yet. Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

First she puts some eyes on the skeleton, then adds a bit of skin and that’s when the sculpting magic begins. Doc Brown comes to life before our very eyes. The she builds his body with some wire and a skeleton. There are also some layers of foil and masking tape. After that she adds the skin and sculpts it to perfection. And since you can’t have Doc Brown running around naked with Marty, she dresses him up in some screen-accurate clothing.

The level of detail that she puts into each handmade piece is just incredible. I mean, just look at his sneakers alone. She even gave him his remote control accessory. When it is all done, we have a droolworthy sculpture that any fan would pay dearly to own and add to their collection.

Mr. Fusion Car Charger Looks Cool, But I Wanted Power Laces


Live out your childhood dreams of living in the far away tomorrow of 2015 with this Back to the Future Part II Mr. Fusion for charging you phone.

The charger easily slips into your car’s cup holder and has dual 2 amp USB charging ports and give you an extra 12v cigarette lighter. It’s powered with a 12v plug, so no need to throw your trash in it. Of course the trade-off is that it won’t be able to provide enough energy to power your flux capacitor, so for now, you’re still suck using good ol’ uranium to power your time-travel adventures.

Available from ThinkGeek for $40.  I mean I’d rather have Nike’s self lacing sneakers, but they only released a few hundred pairs, so they go for about $20,000 a pair. I guess I’ll just stick to my car charger for now.

ThinkGeek ]