The best tech toys and STEM kits

There once was a time when a toy section of the Engadget gift guide would have been a hodge-podge of toys that happened to take batteries, light up and make enough noise to annoy even the most patient of parents. (Yes, that means we probably would ha...

Bandai Namco discounts its Switch library until October 21st

The holidays are nearly upon us. For some, that means a whole lot of traveling. Switch owners can stock up on cheap digital downloads during Bandai Namco's publisher sale to stay occupied during flights, long drives and restless nights in lumpy child...

Oppo made a Gundam edition of its fast-charging Reno Ace phone

As teased last month, Oppo's latest flagship phone, the Reno Ace, is unveiled today. We already knew about the device's 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 feature which charges its 4,000mAh battery in just 30 minutes, thus setting an impressive record in the industry...

Return of the Jedi See-Through Ships: Clear Wars

The spaceships and star bases in Star Wars are some of the most iconic and recognizable in the history of moviemaking. There are lots of ways that collectors can enjoy these ships at home, from LEGO Imperial Star Destroyers to drones that look like the X-Wing fighters. Now, you can add to that list these see-through models.

This set of four ships comes from Bandai Japan, and includes tiny transparent models of an X-Wing Fighter (1/144 scale), the under-construction Death Star II (1:2700000 scale), a Y-Wing fighter (1/144 scale), and the Millennium Falcon (1/350 scale). Each one is made from PVC and ABS plastic, and comes with a desktop display stand with the ship’s name on it.

The set is available for pre-order now from NCSX for about $31, and they expect to start shipping them in late October 2019, which makes them a great holiday gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Dragon Ball Frieza Plush Boss Cushion Gets in Your Way While You Type

Fans of Dragon Ball know that Frieza is kind of a jerk. After all, he’s ruler of Universe 7, and raised up an army to wreak all kinds of havoc on the Gods of the Universe. Now this purple-headed a-hole can get in your way when you’re trying to use your computer too.

Dressed up like a Japanese salaryman, this version of Frieza is designed to sit on your lap while you try to get work done.  Sure, he’s soft and squeezy, but he’s also got a big head that’s gonna block your view unless your computer’s display is on a stand. He also comes with his own keyboard, which doubles as a wrist rest for you – so at least he’s good for something.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for Frieza, or just love weird stuff from Japan, you can order the plush over at Japan Trend Shop for $91. If you happen to be in the area, you can find it for quite a bit less direct from Premium Bandai.

‘Dragon Ball Project Z’ is now ‘Kakarot,’ arriving early 2020

If you've been jonesing for a Dragon Ball Z game that wasn't a straight-up 2D fighter, you're in luck. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (formerly Dragon Ball Project Z) is coming to the Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2020. There aren't many details availabl...

Double Fine’s post-apocalyptic adventure ‘Rad’ arrives August 20th

Rad, the latest game to come from the minds of indie game darlings Tim Schafer and Lee Petty at Double Fine Productions, officially has a release date. With the help of publisher Bandai Namco, the roleplaying adventure game will arrive on August 20th...