This plastic hanger lets you carry shopping bags the easier way!

Designed to free-up your hands, this little plastic contraption acts like a hanger for your bags, transferring the weight of the multiple bags to your shoulder. The Tote-It can carry as many as 6 bags (3 on the front and 3 on the back) to free up your hands, helping you carry your stuff easily and walk faster too. The plastic hanger can carry as much as 50 pounds worth of weight without breaking a sweat… that’s provided your shoulder can carry that weight too! With a relatively flat profile, the Tote-It rests on your shoulders without hurting them, and thanks to its foldable design, it fits right into your bags too when you don’t need it! I’ve got to admit, using the Tote-It may get you a few glances and stares as you strut down the road, but that’s so much more bearable than having to struggle with large bags and aching hands, no?

Designer: Tote-It

The Last Cart You Need

EROVR is the uber-versatile folding cart-wagon system that’s capable of transforming into a mover’s dolly, handcart, flat cart, hand truck or kid’s wagon. It starts out as a folded case with a handle for easy transportation between sites or storage under the bed or in the closet. With just a few simple and intuitive adjustments, the user can unfold and adapt the unit to their specific needs.

Designer: Elvis Henao

Sustainable Hanger Bag

I love this simple and innovative solution to a sustainable carry bag. The H+Bag has a functional edge and combines a carry bag with a hanger. Most often stores give us beautiful, sustainable paper bags to carry our clothes back home. Now if we add a twist to the bag and fashion it as a hanger, wouldn’t that be a great eco-idea! Say, hello to the H+Bag!

H+BAG is a 2012 iF Design Talents Entry.

Designer: Hyo Jun Jeon

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