Chinese digital spying is becoming more aggressive, researchers say

FireEye, a US cybersecurity firm, says that it has seen a concerning spike in activity from what appears to be a Chinese hacking group called APT41. The attacks are being deployed against companies in the US, Canada, the UK and several other counties...

Cisco Systems pays out $8.6 million in cybersecurity whistleblower case

Cisco Systems has paid out a penalty of $8.6 million after failing to disclose security holes in software it sold to the US government. Video Surveillance Manager was used by authorities like LA Airport, the Washington D.C. police and New York City's...

These British cows got access to 5G before most people

There's plenty of speculation around how 5G will impact our daily lives -- from enabling self-driving cars to seemingly instant downloads. But we might learn how it will impact cows before most humans put it to the test. In southwest England, 50 dair...

Facebook groups for buying and selling credit cards still abound

We might think that stolen credit cards and personal information only get traded on the dark web, but the information is moving in plain sight on Facebook. According to intelligence firm Cisco Talos, there are dozens of groups on the social network t...

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