Braun Motorbike exudes profound historic association + modern influence of brand’s greatest creations

Any kind of association between German consumer product giant Braun and superbikes seems like an odd proposition, but not in the concept design world. Automotive designer Víctor Groten Rico proves that right with his off-beat motorbike concept draped in the iconic consumer brand’s spicy flavor!

The futuristic-looking bike doesn’t just have the Braun namesake but also carries the brand’s century of design philosophy that’s brought eye candy, functional solutions to our needs. In fact, for the 100 glorious years of the brand, late iconic designer Virgil Abloh teamed up with Braun to create a reinterpretation of the 1965 Wandanlage hi-fi audio wall unit.

This sleek bike perhaps is also a tribute to the famous brand’s unperturbed legacy. Those smooth-flowing lines perfectly balanced out with the voluptuous contours, right from the front section to the rear remind me of the Series 9 Shaver and a hint of the Satin Hair 7 HD785 hairdryer is also apparent. The color scheme and the contours look adapted from the Sixtant SM31 Shaver from 1962. The initial sketches derive inspiration from the famous Dieter Rams designs that shaped the yesteryears in more ways than not, for example, the 1959 TP1 Record Player or the KF 20 coffee maker.

The body of the Braun Motorbike has two definitive sections when viewed from the side profile. Everything here is in unison, right from the integrated handlebars and seating to the swingarms and the big wheels. The ultra-futuristic heads-up-display sitting on the fat tank area is so intriguing, I want to take the bike for a spin right now. It displays important telemetry like the real-time speed, battery level and a unique spectrum right at the bottom. The Braun Motorbike concept has the hint of Tron bike influence too – after all Víctor portrays it as a ride for the dystopian world!

Designer: Víctor Groten Rico

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A sleek Nintendo Switch Bike like this would tempt the gamers to step out and play!

A Nintendo Switch-inspired electric bike that carries the definitive design language of the popular handheld gaming console – signaling the imagined form of Nintendo’s automotive character, if ever the company decides to take that road.

Handheld gaming consoles and Nintendo are synonyms that keep the nerdy crowd engaged for countless hours of fun. With the portable gaming console market size projected to touch 16 billion by 2026, it is destined to make up the major chunk of the overall gaming industry. Nintendo’s handheld gaming console commands an advantageous position in the fight for supremacy in the portable console market – and why not – it is designed well and comes with a unique collection of gaming titles!

Taking inspiration from Nintendo’s core beliefs and the radical design philosophy, product designer HTH Han has mustered up the idea of a Nintendo electric bicycle. Christened the Nintendo Switch Bike, this two-wheeler is modeled around the handheld gaming console’s core vision. A belief that what if Nintendo expands into the sports and outdoor market. Han uses the disoriented element of the Switch’s Joy-Con to create the frame of the bicycle. Frankly, this design element looks very nice.

Battery placement is one of the prime considerations in any electric bike, and this one accommodates it smartly in the frame. The lower section of the neon blue-colored frame to be precise, and it can be taken out for recharging with the push of a button. This increases the balanced styling approach of the hubless wheel electric bike as well. Han adapts the comfortable ergonomics, simple aesthetics, intuitive placement of buttons and keys, and the symmetrical interface of the controllers as the designing roadmap for the Nintendo Switch Bike.

The bicycle’s pedal comes with tactically placed LED lights on the outside face for driving safety at night. On the top of the pedal is a light indicator denoting the battery status to the rider for a quick glance at the information. Just like other electric bicycles, the front and rear have bright LED lights to keep the driver safe on the road from the road rage of other motorists. On the front, the flat panel display shows the map, current time, weather and battery status.

Designer: HTH Han

This firefly-inspired Husqvarna bike balances the comfort of car with the thrill of biking!

Imagining how the dimension of mobility will evolve in the next few years, Haochen gives his imagination wings in the shape of this firefly-inspired Husqvarna Devil S Concept bike.

More often than not, motorbikes are tagged as unsafe since they expose the rider’s body to high-speed dangers in case of an accident. Two-wheelers typically have a very open stance that attracts the young generation and adds to the adrenaline rush. More than anything, the ride should be stylish and match the fashion statement of the young crowd. This inspired Haochen (Wenson) Wei to design a motorbike with a very stylish character and a safe design that’s radically different from what bikes are perceived to be.

The rider sits inside the Husqvarna branded bike as one would typically do in a car, and the doors open to resemble the shape of a firefly. These classy doors, in a way, hug the rider in a safety cocoon which is reassuring at high speeds. While doing this, the bike maintains its edgy looks – perfect for a futuristic ride that young people will find irresistible.

Interiors of the Devil S Concept complement the rider’s needs with all the telemetry and vital information displayed on the side panels on the front. The designer wants this bike of the future to be an equally good city street rider as it is out there in the open patches of the outback. A two-wheeler like this one is destined to be a head-turner – just the right recipe for the youth who want their wheels to be fast and furious.

The side profile of the Devil S is truly devilish with a very balanced aesthetic charm. The rider sits very low as the seating position is secured by the lightweight yet reinforced body of the bike. I hope there are airbags, too, as there is ample scope for that in the enclosed interior. Would a hardcore bike racer fancy this bike? Maybe not, but hey, every new thing has to live with some resistance until it becomes a trend!

Designer: Haochen (Wenson) Wei


This modular ebike flaunts swappable battery packs & optional hub motor wheels to go from work to outdoors!

Ebike designs may leave us wanting more simply because of their well-thought-of design and practical functionality. The Pelikan is one of the exceptions with its pure design ingenuity and modular function – letting it change the character depending on the rider’s needs. Designed by industrial designer Fabian Breës, this ebike takes pride in its components like the battery and the hub motor. Rather than hiding their electric-assisted character behind the body frame design, Fabian believes in exposing them. That is the core sentiment of the project, as he wanted to use the “battery and the motor as visual centerpieces for the bike.” This approach brings a very muscular, dynamic flow to the two-wheeler. The result? A sculpted body somewhere between a motorcycle and a bicycle. In fact, you can call it the iPod of ebikes – just like Fabian believes too.

Named Pelikan, the design name takes inspiration from the expanding characteristics of the bird’s beak – apparent in the expanding modular bodywork of this ebike. It took Fabian almost four iterations of the basic design blueprint before settling for this mindful concept design. The bike’s frame bears a very triangular aesthetic with a front-loaded battery pack situated along the downtube. Power to the wheels is delivered via a dual-drive wheel system. The ingenuity comes in the form of a swappable standard rear wheel with Pedelec Motor having a top speed of 25km/h. You can choose the powerful version having a heavier Speedelec Motor with a top speed of 60km/h powered by its own integrated internal battery pack.

Understandably, the Pelikan ebike lets users choose from two battery options for urban commuting or long-distance travel. A smaller elegant battery pack of city commutes or the larger rugged battery for speed enthusiasts on freeways. Fabian even plans to design an off-roading capable version of the Pelikan with a swappable rear triangle for mounting a mountain bike suspension and aggressive wheels. The ebike comes in three color options Jet Black, Serious Cyan, and Beautiful Beige to appeal to urban riders. Genuinely, this is one of the best concept ebike designs I’ve seen lately, as its practical modular functions open up many opportunities to take your life’s adventures to the open roads!

Designer: Fabian Breës

This low slung electric bike is the perfect mix of sci-fi and retro futurism

Who doesn’t long to take a low-slung sexy bike for a spin – especially if it from some time in the future. Yes, that’s what the Monster in Shell 2 by Shuvoneel Chakraborty exactly is. An electric cruiser bike with the ideal blend of sci-fi and retro-futurism. As Shuvoneel told us, the concept creation is an “ode to geometric and minimal design.” The bobber bike is crafted in such a manner, so as to be taken on long drives on the open freeway. The comfortable saddle of the ride suggests the fact, and it does have a semblance of a plush factor too.

Shuvoneel has created the blueprint for Monster in Shell 2 from the inside out – thus giving it the inherent modularity, utility, and minimalism aspect. He imagines it to be powered by a 100 kW battery with regeneration. This allows to stretch the ride distance massively sans any frequent halts for recharging. The power is transmitted to the wheels through the dual hub motors on the inside of the front and rear wheels. To make sure the riding experience is as smooth as possible, this monster has adaptive suspension and balance assist. Take it for a spin at hair-raising speeds and you won’t have to give in to the subconscious fear since all your feel-good hormones are in overdrive!

The battery, motor, and other core components of the bike are tucked inside the carbon composite shell. The frame is in fact the exoskeleton on this futuristic ride and combined with the geometric design language it creates a lasting impression. Steering of the bike is actuated by the single-sided swingarm which counters the weight of the mono link axle. Monster in Shell 2 has that radical yet charming character, one can’t help but notice. Match that with the modular design and the cutting-edge riding assists, and you’ve got a bobber beast rearing to hit the tarmac.

Designer: Shuvoneel Chakraborty

This Iron Man worthy bike is here to give you the ultimate Tony Stark vibes!

Just have a look at this concept bike design by Ziggymoto, and you can’t help but appreciate the visual appeal of the creation. I could associate this set of wheels with quite many things – for instance – a 1930s General Motors Futurliner or maybe the car in the World’s Fastest Indian movie. But this thing looks so inspired by the streamliner steam locomotive of the 1930s – the front looks almost identical to the classic train. Then I can also imagine it as a ride for the cult favorite Tony Stark. The beaming light on the front can be so easily imagined as the arc reactor of the Iron Man’s exoskeleton suit, and the deep red color is another resemblance that’s hard to ignore. Perhaps a worthy ride to part in the Stark’s Malibu mansion!

Ziggy Moto has created the cool-looking bike for Anthony Partridge and they are working with Olliminium Auto Fabrication to further fine-tune the mechanics. Since Ziggy Moto doesn’t have an official name for the ride, I like to call it the Iron Man Streamliner. The sectional vents on the front look just like the armored layers of the Iron Man suit. Going by the design blueprints, this bike is destined to be a drag racer and not much of a practical two-wheeler for circuit racing or for that matter even twisted sections of the road. The Low ground clearance at the front and the extended lower section like that of the Streamliner will make it hard to tilt the bike on corners with the assurance of not losing the balance.

The rear emulates that impending straight-line racing DNA as the wheel is quite afar the center of gravity. The silver frame covering half the bike frame on the front lends it a very sharp aesthetic and contrasts well with the blood-red hue. Overall the Iron Man Streamliner (yes you should imagine it as one) is a cool motorbike, which needs every bit of attention it is getting.

Designer: Ziggy Moto

This Maserati electric concept bike is a mashup of The Alien and stylized Tron DNA!

If Maserati builds a futuristic superbike, it would undoubtedly catch eyeballs, and this concept design truly deserves the Maserati badge. This superbike design by passionate motorhead Tomáš Klečka – a student from Brno, the Czech Republic – is certainly one that’s so ride-worthy. The electric two-wheeler looks inspired by the Xenomorph XX121 alien for its mean machine character. On the flip side, the superbike is just more than its flashy Trident logo.

The air vents on the sides are so reminiscent of the Maserati brand and the cars we’ve seen all these years. Big hubless wheels lend the Maserati electric concept bike the signature Tron bike character – and one can say – the ride is a striking image of the legendary superbike. A badass-styled set of wheels with the Xenomorph XX121 and Tron bike styling. Now, that’s quite rare, to be frank. The dark magenta color with the white stripe right in the middle is so Instagrammable. Add to that the big Maserati Trident logo and the creation is destined to be a dream ride for anyone who lays their eyes on it.

The low center of gravity of the Maserati electric concept and the forward-leaning position give it a street racing vibe. Perhaps it is a true reflection of the Maserati Motorcycles build between 1953 and 1960. Unfortunately, due to intense competition from other Italian motorbike makers, the division eventually shunned. So, as a tribute to the Maserati’s stint with the two-wheelers, who won’t want to own this beauty and park it on their porch? Tomáš has managed to inculcate the rich history of Maserati into the shape of a bike that’ll make you go week in the knees!

Designer: Tomáš Klečka

This animal-shaped autonomous racing bike of the future fears no G-forces!

If you also believe in the future of autonomous driving, then taking humans out of the equation has many benefits. First of all it much safer (Romain Grosjean’s crash in last season’s F1 Bahrain GP is a shocking example), the aerodynamics of the vehicle are much better (the drag created by the rider in case of bikes is eliminated), and the possibility of reaching break-neck speeds that cannot be humanly possible to achieve due to the limitation of human body’s endurance for g-forces. The sport of professional racing is even more dangerous in the case of bikes. Reason enough to give autonomous bike racing a well-needed boost.

The Armadillo by Christian Grajewski is a motorcycle concept that’s envisioned in the Moto Ai X Championship – sometime in the future – for high octane racing to thrill the online fans or crowds at the autodromes. The idea’s uniqueness culminated from the fact that the designer imagines the bike to be the character with an arm, legs, body, and head. To be fair, it indeed looks like some creature, ready to wake from its slumber – boiling to chase down any prey on its two wheels. Since the ride is fully autonomous, the seating position has been done away with – giving it a definitive creature-like shape. It’s more like a swan ( I guess the designer imagines it as an Armadillo) on two wheels, one wheel is bigger than the other for optimized front wheel grip on the road, especially while taking those chicanes.

Tires of the Armadillo are heavy treaded indicating, the motorbike is made for dirt tracks as well. The swingarm of the bike also indicates high-speed racing character, as it is quite thick and reinforced. Along with these unique elements, the ride looks made for the future-ready era of racing to excite the fans with unbelievable maneuvers – on and off the track!

Designer: Christian Grajewski

BMW Ki Concept is an electric café racer for urban Wild Hogs

Concept bikes come in all sizes and shapes, and only a handful of them manage to impress with balanced aesthetics that have a chance of making it through past the blueprint or even prototype stage. Likewise, a café racer adds to the charm of an existing motorbike model for diehard biking enthusiasts – optimizing it for speed, balance, and design aesthetics. Salvatore Ville, a car designer at Tata Motors, takes his bikes seriously, probably why he embarked on modifying the design of a BMW K100 into an attractive café racer.

Salvatore says he wanted to give the bike a sensual appeal by giving it sexy proportions. According to him, the BMW Ki Concept embodies the aesthetic heritage from the yesteryears, in a shape that’s not limited by the norms of the law. The bike is powered by an electric motor and manages to retain BMW’s DNA in totality. The fat rear wheel promises superior grip at high speeds and better handling while cornering chicanes. The beefed-up muscular body done in dual tone of black and silver lends BMW Ki a contrasting personality, complemented by the all-black rims at the front and the silver ones on the rear wheels. While the front wheel has a very classic feel with the wheel spokes visible, the rear is done in a contrasting modern tone.

This concept elevates the classic appeal of the BMW K100 to a level of modern charm – like in the headlight, which is so modern. Rightfully, BMW Ki Concept deserves the attention to one day actually make it past the drawing board as a real café racer machine powered by clean electric energy.

Designer: Salvatore Ville

This edgy cafe racer’s sci-fi worthy design rides on dual sandwiched rear wheels!

When you lay your eyes on a motorcycle and can’t take them off it, then you surely know it is something out of the ordinary. Such are the sharp aesthetics of the Voisin Motorcycle Concept by Andrew Fabishevskiy that you instantly daydream about riding this elegant beast. It does not have any lineage to the Avion Voisin brand or any of its vehicles, still, it has that Fatboy character that is perfectly mated with the edgy lines and cuts of the cafe racer design.

Voisin motorcycle promises a supreme level of riding stability thanks to its dual rear wheels sliced by the swingarm, and the reinforced metal frame design strengthened by the dual suspension setup on the rear. While you could technically call it a trike (since it has three separate wheels) still it is a bike at its heart and soul, as the wheels are sandwiched close together. The leaning forward seating position gives the ride a very sporty appeal, and its front, as well as the rear, gives Voisin that futuristic appeal, perfect for a sci-fi flick.

The light silver and blue theme make this cafe racer ooze with a sense of style on wheels – ideal for a GP circuit skirmish. Since it is that futuristic, it has to be an electric drivetrain two-wheeler – although the designer doesn’t detail in on any of the technical or design specifications – we’re free to let our imagination loose and drape this impressive concept in our own version. So, what’s your take on this future-forward two-wheeler?

Designer: Andrew Fabishevskiy