Topographic 3D objects make use of ocean plastic waste

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

Charles Birshaw is slowly becoming known for his impressive designs. He has a knack for coming up with new creations transformed from waste into desirable art. They don’t just appear as art but also with unique functions.

The last pair we featured was the modular mule that can be transformed into a clog. Again, the Modular Mule explores the boundaries of design. This time around, the designer introduces two new products: a coffee table and a 3D art decor.

Designer: Charles Birshaw

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

The Topographic Coffee Table is made of ocean plastic. It is another product of material innovation and the designer’s desire to explore boundaries of design. The latest collection from Birshaw is the ‘Topopgraphics Objects’ series made from ocean plastic.

The London-based industrial designer aims to make lifestyle products that are more environment-friendly. Birshaw said, “The project stemmed from my current notion and thought process of seamlessly integrating materials that we particularly need to find a use for into lifestyle products. As opposed to the traditional design strategy to use less of a substance we need to avoid entirely.”

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Concept

For the Topographic Coffee Table, the designer used Topographic maps as inspiration and basis for his art. Topographic models have been made to serve as a base for a table. It’s like having a diorama of a mountain or a place and having them displayed in the living room.

Another 3D model is also available, but it’s more of a wall-hung piece of the famous Mount Fuji. This one is also made of ocean plastic but now with a marble effect. The coffee table also has a similar effect, but you can’t really appreciate it up close.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 6

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Sample

Two versions of the coffee tables are imagined and made. One table uses compression molded ocean plastic while the other takes advantage of the cast-ground plastic mixture. These products result from waste plastic separated according to colors and then melted to mold and create blocks. The blocks are then used to make the topographic models using a CNC milling machine. The final product is then enclosed or covered in glass.

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Renders

The designer Charles Birshaw continues to experiment with this topographic 3D art. The Mount Fuji wall hung shows us how recycled ocean plastic can be transformed into something beautiful. The 3D art wall art and coffee table can be considered functional sculptures because of their form and function. One serves as a beautiful and one-of-a-kind decor. The table is a furniture piece that supports your other stuff at home and is usually placed in the middle of a living room.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 5

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 4

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Recycled Plastic 2

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 3

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Design Concept

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Tadashi Side Table comes with a stomach for extra storage

Tadashi Side Table

There is no stopping creative designers from coming up with new side tables. There are plenty of choices now compared to before as the design world is moving towards innovative and aesthetically pleasing furniture items.

There seems to be a theme among Deniz Aktay’s designs. He has already designed a slew of side tables with some bending action on the tabletops. This time around, the tabletop bends on one side, turning into a transport handle. Like his other designs, the Wavelet and the Rool, the Tadashi shows corners that bend. There is no curve, but the lines and edges offer different surfaces.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Tadashi Side Table

The side table appears to be two hallow cubes intersecting. The effect is a space underneath for storage. The area can be used for your books or other knickknacks. It can also be a space for your pet cat or dog where they can just lounge or sleep. It can also be used to store cushions, pillows, and blankets.

The space is like a stomach which can be used to store anything. You can leave it empty for a truly decluttered look. The wood finish offers a natural warmth, so it can fit most interiors.

Tadashi Side Table

Tadashi Side Table

In some ways, this Tadashi Side Table, reminds us of the Plot Twist Bookshelf. You can place it anywhere—the living room, the doorway, or the children’s bedroom. It can work as a side table or a stool where you can tie your shoelace before going out. It can be a toy storage, but the edges may not be safe for younger children.

The side table’s form makes it appear like a sculpture or art piece that can be another conversation starter. You see, the side table doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a furniture piece that can bring life to any room. It can serve as both a table and as a decor. The more unique the design is, the more attractive a table can be.

Tadashi Side Table

The German furniture designer Deniz Aktay is really serious about design. He doesn’t just show off something that looks nice or unique. He makes things that are really useful and innovative. He creates timeless pieces that people of different ages will love.

Aktay is becoming a recent favorite here as his works are really interesting. We’ve seen the Plot Twist Bookshelf and the Pet Table. The Triforce side cabinet is exquisite and we also can’t forget The Levels Table.

Tadashi Side Table

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The PLOT TWIST Bookshelf carries the intrigue of your favourite mystery books

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Bookshelves are no longer just found in libraries. They can be anywhere as long as books are an essential part of a person’s life. You can actually see them in most homes and offices as they have become an important fixture in a room.

Bookshelves have become a place for showcasing the titles you read. They can also work to display your many knick-knacks and collectibles. Bookshelves have become decorative, too, so no wonder brands and designers are coming up with their offerings.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Concept

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Details

Prolific German furniture designer Deniz Aktay has recently introduced the Plot Twist Bookshelf. It’s a piece of furniture that features four separate twisted wooden elements. They are connected to each other, shaping and creating a stable form.

The bookshelf’s design allows it to be accessed from every side. As with most of Deniz Aktay’s product designs, this bookshelf is oddly satisfying. The curves are present as with the designer’s other projects. In addition, most of Aktay’s works have undergone some bending or twisting, as with the Wavelet, the Tie Stool, and The Pet Table.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Design

The primary material is wooden as it is easy to form and shape. The twisted parts are where the books are placed. The shelves can accommodate similarly sized books for a clutter-free look. Every side has an open frame that curves for a smooth and sexy look.

The bookshelf is stable and stands on its own. It doesn’t have to lean against the wall or anything. The weight of the books will be helpful as it can support the furniture piece.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Shelves at home or the office serve many different purposes. This particular bookshelf is really just for the books, but no one stops you from putting on other stuff. We think the Plot Twist filled with books will look nice. This shelf could hold hundreds of CDs if CDs are still popular, but it’s really meant for readers.

The designer is known for his several unique works. He regularly uses wood because it’s easy to form. We recently saw his Nick Wooden Desk Organizer and the GRAB Side Table. We can expect more quirky and fun products with one-of-a-kind designs from the designer.

As for bookshelves, we have seen and featured several exciting designs. Those Book Pills let you have a good time. The Slim Shelf’s minimal design appears like an open book. The Fold Shelf also makes an impression with its innovative wooden hinge. There are more unique bookshelf designs that we think will do justice to every book you own.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Deniz Aktay

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This Reversible Chair is a desk chair and lounge chair in one

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Release

Nicola Stäubli is a Swiss architect and designer who created the Reversible Chair more than a decade ago. So it’s an old project, but it’s one proof that a good design never goes out of style.

You can still have the Reversible Chair and won’t think it’s an old design. The designer thought of creating a seat with very minimal materials. Specifically, he only used textile and a metal frame so they are easy to source.

Designer: Nicola Stäubli

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Design Concept

This thing is reversible as you can quickly flip the rear legs. Doing so will transform the chair into a lounge chair. It also comes with a reversible cover so you can enjoy two color versions of the textile. With the two forms and several colors, you can get different objects.

The set of steel tubes and the fabric is considered smart. You can assemble four different seats to match your need and style. All you need to do is flip over the rear legs to have a new chair.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Price

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair

This contemporary furniture item’s design is brilliant as it is a modular chair made from two simple materials. The pipe pieces can be pulled apart and combined to create a new chair. Depending on your need, it can be a lounge chair or a side chair. The swappable design makes it a winner even after it’s already a decade old.

The design is efficient, convenient, and easy to understand. Just by flipping the legs, you are provided a new seating you can use wherever, whether in the living room, dining room, patio, or even the office. This chair is perfect for those who always want to change things around the house. If you get bored with one look, you can flip the legs or the fabric cover.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Design

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Concept

The shape of the Reversible Chair reminds us of the Reversible Seating from a few years ago. Instead of a new chair, you flip the backrest, and it turns into a desktop. Both modes offer ergonomic body positions, so no posture is compromised. It uses wood and metal, while the Reversible Chair uses steel and fabric only.

The use of fabric makes it easy to clean and change. Perhaps you can customize the two colors you want to inter-change. We see four colors available: Orange, Blue, Green, and something like Gray or Denim.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Details

Nicola Stäubli’s background in architecture comes in handy in designing the furniture piece. The designer knows what works, and his creation is something functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Even if it’s an old design, the chair’s aesthetic works and can fit most interiors.

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Front Stool’s intuitive design allows it to function beyond as an entryway seat

Front Stool Design

When you are an automotive design student, it may feel restrictive to design just vehicles. Perhaps that is what Ji Woong Cha feels, so he decided to work on the Front Stool. He must be interested to see what his design process will come up with. The result is this Front Stool he imagined for a single-person household.

The Korean designer noted the importance of designing for a smaller space. A small household cannot hold many items, so a functional shape is preferred. The Front Stool comes with a modern and intuitive design that fits right at the entrance. It’s more than just a stool as it also works as an umbrella stand and support for when you need to put on or take off your shoes.

Designer: Ji Woong Cha

Front Stool Launch

The Front Stool combines two stools in different materials and thicknesses. The wooden part can either be Walnut or Cypress while the other part made of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) material comes in four color options—Light Gray, Crimson Red, Blue Green, or Dark Gray. It comes packed in a small rectangular box with separate pieces secured and organized.

Stool + Footrest + Umbrella Stand

The Front Stool is easy to assemble with dowel pins and holes and requires minimal maintenance. We like that you can use the HDPE part or the footrest to put your foot on when you need to tie your shoelaces. The level is not the same height as the stool, so it’s convenient to use. When not in use, you can use the Front Stool to store your shoes or slippers.

Front Stool

Front Stool Example

The designer of the Front Stool is an automotive design student. He has designed several concept cars and motorbikes. This is the first time Ji Woong Cha is sharing his furniture design. However, we believe this won’t be the last as what he just presented shows he has the potential to go beyond designing cars. This young designer should consider this industry for he’s got a knack for intelligent and functional design.

Front Stool Sample

Front Stool Detailed Design

His early sketches show the intuitive design and we see an organized design process. He sees a universal need and works to deliver an intelligent solution. As a result, he was able to make a simple furniture item into something functional, practical, and beautiful at the same time. The Front Stool may be left outside your door and remain in the entryway, but we know it can draw compliments for its unique design.

Front Stool Sktetches

Front Stool Illustration

Front Stool Design Details

Front Stool Colors

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This iron attached to a table doubles up so you’ll never have to hide your ironing board again!

The Ensemble is a multifunctional ironing board that transforms into a mirror when not in use so you’ll never have to hide your ironing board again.

The days of shoving ironing boards into our coat closets and sliding them between laundry room shelves are finally past us. So are the days of bending over backward just to use them. Well, almost. Ensemble, an ironing board design concept from a team of designers with Off Garage design studio, aims to transform the ironing board into a multifunctional standing mirror that can spin over its two-legged base to become a horizontal ironing board.

The designers at Off Garage merged the ironing board with the mirror because they naturally go hand in hand. We iron our clothes, we wear them, and we use the mirror to tune up the finished look. It makes sense for both items to be in the same room, better yet, to be the same piece of furniture.

From one side, Ensemble is your traditional floor mirror with a two-legged base that’s connected to the mirror’s center, allowing it to tilt and spin over the floor base. When users spin Ensemble over, the ironing board function is revealed. Turning 90° in one direction, the mirror becomes a fully functional, horizontal ironing board.

Along the backside of the mirror and the ironing board’s front side, Off Garage incorporated a storage compartment where the iron, water, and perfume canisters, and brush plates are kept. With Ensemble, when users want to iron their clothes, instead of pulling from the far reaches of the coat closet, all you have to do is flip the mirror over and choose a brush plate for the iron before tending to the wrinkles of your clothes. In addition to the storage compartment, users will find a perfume steamer below a hanger to apply different scents to their clothes while steaming their wrinkles out.

Designer: Off Garage

The Ensemble has a two-legged base that hinges the mirror at its center to transform it into a horizontal ironing board. 

The Ensemble features a storage compartment at its bottom that contains the iron, brush plates, as well as perfume, and water cannisters. 

When the Ensemble is positioned for ironing, the heat-resistant plastic covering allows for safe steaming and ironing. 

Users can hang their clothes from the built-in hanger and then steam them with perfume scent to get the wrinkles out.

Users can easily pop off brush plates to swap them out for new ones. 

The water canisters are easily removable and can be refilled. 

The Ensemble in ocean blue. 

The Ensemble comes in dark brown. 

The Ensemble comes in cream beige. 

This grungy wooden bench with storage on the underside adds easy customization to your interiors!

Whether it’s at the home bar or a restaurant, bar stools are great to furnish the space when variety is on your mind. At a restaurant, a bar stool allows more seating capacity and gives solo diners confined space to have a drink or two while indulging in a light conversation with the bartender. But when you have a bar chair at home, you’d want one that is more than a stagnant piece of furniture. The innovative design of the No.208 bar chair made that possible with its swappable design. The No.208 bar chair focuses on customization. The user can now replace the wooden seat or maybe change the color and material of the hanging leather basket under the seat. This leather basket doubled as storage and was the standout feature of this bar chair.

With the same concept in mind, but to share the seating with more than one person – whether placed indoors or installed in the public space – the No.215 bench chair is born. The bench is slightly lower in height since it deviates from the No.208’s bar chair image and its design – that appears like a bathtub – allows more than one person to sit next to each other. Therefore, the bench is much broader and comes with not one but two leather baskets attached to the underside. The primary intention of the baskets is to let people easily store their bags or cargo in it while occupying the chair without worrying about them getting dirty.

Here again, the concept is the same – the wooden seating plank is removable from the metal frame, just in case you want to replace it or introduce a new color. As it is for the bar stool, we can swap the leather baskets for a unique appearance. Share the No.215 bench and protect your bags from the dirty, sticky floor in whatever restaurant you are visiting. Presented in a choice of light and dark wood, the No.215 bench can be used independently or may be paired with the No.208 bar chair – whatever adds that special jazz to your space!

Designer: DesignThisIs