Level Three Dead Space Costume Ready to Take on Necromorph Cosplayers

The suits that Isaac wears in the Dead Space games are awesome. If only we had a suit like one of those in real life. Well, we do. Well, Steven K Smith has one – and we’re jealous.
dead space rig 620x931magnify

This is the Level 3 suit from Dead Space. At first I thought these images were renders from the game, but nope, these are actual photos of the completed rig and helmet. This suit is so badass. Now I want one soooo bad.

dead space rig1 620x437magnify

The detail is just mind blowing. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to suit up in this rig and kill some mutants.

dead space rig2 620x826magnify

You can read more about Steven’s epic build over on The RPF.

dead space rig3 620x637magnify

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

Dead Space Motorcycle Helmet Lets You Hide Your Emotions Like Isaac Clarke

There’s good news and bad news about this helmet. The good news is that this custom Dead Space inspired motorcycle helmet is all kinds of awesome. The bad news is that you know it will get scratched up as you battle necromorphs in it. But hey, at least you can enjoy it while it lasts.
dead space helmet 620x464magnify

If you have to protect your head, (and it really is a good idea) you might as well do it in style. This helmet comes from Xtreme Kreations and it looks so good you will think you are in-game.

dead space helmet1 620x464magnify

You have to love those painted blue light effects and it’s so shiny. So so shiny. Can you imagine this with a matching bike? That, I would pay to see.

dead space helmet 3 620x472magnify

[via Gamefreaks via Fashionably Geek]

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Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica Uses Real Lasers to Slice Through Alien Limbs

We’ve seen some Dead Space Plasma Cutters before – even some with real lasers, but hey, lasers are always cool, so check this one out and be very impressed. The craftmanship and attention to detail here is simply stunning.

plasma cutter lasers

It was made by Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets. This weapon can actually do some serious damage, which is great if you find yourself on a derelict spaceship full of killer aliens.

Just like the video game gun it can go from vertical to horizontal and back again and as shown in the video, it can burn things of course.  It’s powered by three bright 30mW green lasers for aiming, and a 1.5W blue laser for burning stuff. While Patrick doesn’t offer plans or a build guide for his Plasma Cutter, he will build and sell you one if you have enough money.

[via Obvious Winner]