Windows on ARM can finally emulate x64 apps in latest preview

ARM-based Windows 10 PCs like the Surface Pro X have been limited to running non-native apps with 32-bit code — frustrating when many apps are either 64-bit only or are more capable using the newer technology. You won’t be quite so limited if you’re...

You can finally play Maxis’ long-lost ‘SimRefinery’ oil simulator

Once thought to be lost forever, Maxis’ SimRefinery has resurfaced. What’s more, you can play it right now thanks to the work of ArsTechnica and one of its readers. The story of how SimRefinery became playable again starts with journalist and game hi...

Xtension Gameplay Arcade Cabinets Are Perfect for Raspberry Pi Systems

I love playing classic arcade games. In fact, I love them so much, I spent several thousand dollars having a custom-built arcade cabinet put together. But you don’t have to spend nearly that much to have a professional looking cabinet these days, thanks to folks like Rec Room Masters and systems like their Xtension Gameplay cabinets.

The cabinets come in kit form, and make it easy for you to put together a great looking, full-size arcade system that won’t break the bank. The base 24″ system starts at $499.99, while the 32″ version starts at $749.99. They come with two-player Suizo-Happ arcade controls and everything you need to build a system – other than the computer, the display, and speakers. Thanks to bargain priced monitors and Raspberry Pi systems, you can add those things for under $250, and complete your arcade system for less than $1000. Rec Room Masters provides instructions not just for building the cabinet kit, but for adding on and setting up a Raspberry Pi arcade system.

If you want to splurge, they also offer an upgraded cabinet called the “Emulator Edition” which adds a real arcade trackball, and 10 buttons for controlling on-screen menus.

Rec Room Masters makes a number of other arcade cabinet designs, including cocktail style, sit-down, and virtual pinball machines. For more information on these and other arcade cabinets, head on over to their website.

The Analogue Mega SG wins the retro gaming console war

There's never been a better time to be a retro video game enthusiast. Playing old video games on modern screens used to require elaborate cabling and detailed electronics knowledge, or you would have to wade into dodgy ROM sites and tinker with confu...