Forget All Your Passwords… This Portable, Military-Encrypted Password Manager Will Remember Them For You

Here’s something I thankfully learnt pretty early in my life… your password can either strong, or easy to remember. It’s seldom both. Easy-to-remember passwords like your birthday or the word ‘password’ are incredibly weak, and the strong ones like a mishmash of alphanumerics and special characters is often really difficult to remember. The solution to this conundrum comes in two categories too – either keep easy passwords and pray that you never get hacked, or invest in a password manager that remembers all your passwords for you. I jumped on the password manager train pretty early, but what I didn’t realize is that even your online password managing service can be hacked. I was one of those few people who’s LastPass accounts were compromised… and up until now my only solution was to painstakingly change all my passwords. It seems like the folks behind the PasswordPocket have a much better solution.

Designed by Atlancube, the PasswordPocket is a tiny, Bluetooth-powered device that securely stores all your passwords offline. When you need a password, bring the PasswordPocket near a paired device like your phone and press the main button on the PasswordPocket device. It connects to your phone/laptop, sees which website you have open, and fills in your username and password in an instant. You don’t ever need to remember your passwords, and you don’t need to worry about getting hacked because not only is the PasswordPocket AES 256-bit encrypted, but it’s also never connected to the internet…

Designer: Atlancube

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The tiny device is no larger than a Tile GPS tracker and is perhaps the most secure way for people to generate, save, and retrieve passwords in today’s day and age. To be honest, the way the PasswordPocket works is actually genius. First, start by installing the PasswordPocket app on your phone. Once installed, pair the app with the PasswordPocket device, and enter all your passwords into it. The passwords get stored on the hardware device and erased from the app. Whenever you need a password, just bring the device close to your phone and press the button. The app retrieves the password securely, and autofills it into the service or website you’re using. You don’t even need to type your password anywhere.

The app merely forms a secure bridge between the PasswordPocket device and whatever service/website you’re logging into. It doesn’t remember the password or store it anywhere on your smartphone… and the PasswordPocket device itself never needs to connect to the internet. It merely needs to whisper the password into your phone and then go back offline. The app also helps you generate unique, strong passwords for different accounts, so you’re never stuck with using your mother’s maiden name or your childhood pet’s birthday as a password… or worse, using the same password for different websites.

The beauty truly lies in this simple yet highly secure arrangement. Bring the PasswordPocket near your phone (or even your paired laptop), keep any login page open, and press the button on the PasswordPocket. A green light glows on the PasswordPocket to let you know that it’s successfully authenticated your device and connected to it. It then auto-fills both your username and password, saving you the hassle of logging in every time… and even supports having multiple logins for the same website (you could have two Instagram accounts).

The way the autofill feature works is borderline genius too. If you’ve actively got the Instagram app, or the Amazon website open on your phone, the PasswordPocket reads the URL, finds the matching credentials in the database, and fills it up. It intuitively knows when to give you your Netflix password, your Gmail password, or your bank account password. This feature also makes the PasswordPocket a great anti-phishing device. It’ll tell you if the website you’re logging into is authentic or fraudulent, so you never accidentally enter your password into a website named Gmai1 instead of Gmail, or any other suspicious website that’s trying to scam you.

The PasswordPocket comes natively compatible with multiple devices, apps, and browsers, so you don’t need to worry about opening Amazon through an app or through a browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Just press the PasswordPocket’s button and it works with your active device seamlessly!

Wondering what happens if someone steals your PasswordPocket device itself? Well, it comes with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that’s virtually impossible to crack. In case you’re afraid of theft, you can back up all your passwords to your phone using a secure master key that only you know, and restore all the passwords onto a new PasswordPocket device. Your phone deletes the backup from its own storage, so your passwords are never really in harm’s way.

The PasswordPocket is a tiny, lightweight device that’s just about as portable as a Yubikey or any other passkey hardware device you’d carry around with you. It’s slim, and comes with a lanyard hole, so you can either slide it into your wallet, pocket, or around your keys. The device has built-in storage large enough to store 1000 passwords, lets you easily import passwords from popular online password managers. The PasswordPocket communicates with your gadgets via Bluetooth 4.2+, working with both Android and iOS devices as well as with laptops and desktops using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. An internal CR2032 battery powers the PasswordPocket, and can be replaced whenever the battery runs out.

Available in black or white variants, the PasswordPocket starts at a discounted special price of $43. It doesn’t use cloud storage, doesn’t need extra subscriptions or payments, and stores all your passwords locally and offline, not letting hackers, governments, or even Atlancube itself get anywhere near your data… and yes, you can store your crypto wallet keys in this too!

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This innovative charger can charge and backup your device at the same time

In our computing-centric world today, there are two important things that people are concerned about: battery life and data. Mobile devices such as smartphones and even laptops need to be plugged in every so often, and the data that they store is too precious to leave up to fate. Charging and data backup, however, require two separate products, mostly because they have different requirements and goals that don’t always intersect, at least until recently. It turns out that the devices that we’d often like to charge are also the devices that need to have their data backed up regularly. Who says you can’t do both at the same time, especially with this wonder pocket-size charger that can quickly top up your device while it backs up your precious data with military-grade security.

Designer: Jacob Hsu

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At first glance, you might presume that this handy block is your run-of-the-mill phone charger. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving because even as a charger, the MemKeeper is in a league of its own. Utilizing cutting-edge GaN (Gallium nitride) II technology, this tiny charger is capable of putting out 65W of power, enough for most smartphones and even some laptops. With two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, MemKeeper can even charge three devices at the same time in a 30W, 18W, and 18W combination.

Military Grade Secure – MemKeeper keeps your data private and secures it with AES-256 encryption.

Massive Storage Capacities – 256GB, 512GB, and a staggering 1TB capacity – ensure effortless and seamless storage for a clutter-free and efficient digital life.

MemKeeper’s real power, however, is hidden in what it can do behind the scenes while your device is still charging. Once plugged in, the charger also functions as a secure data storage solution, automatically backing up the connected device’s data into its built-in storage, available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities. Every time you charge, you are ensuring that your phone’s or tablet’s data is also safe and sound and free from the whims and costs of cloud storage.

Simply connect it to your phone, launch the mSync app, and enter a unique PIN for rock-solid security.

Make a switch and transfer your valuable memories to a new smart device with ease!

MemKeeper’s backup feature is more than just a convenient portable drive. For one, it uses AES-256 encryption, one of if not the strongest encryption standards used in the industry today. Using the mSync app, you can set a unique PIN so that you and only you can access the secured files stored within. You can even store data for up to 32 different devices, whether it’s iOS or Android, on a single MemKeeper, and it will know which encrypted backup belongs to which device. Worried that someone will accidentally back up their device just because they borrowed your charger? MemKeeper is smart enough to back up only authorized devices, so don’t hesitate to introduce your friends to the wonders of MemKeeper.

The backup solution lets you secure data from a whopping 32 mobile devices on a single MemKeeper.

The charger and backup solution in one is also smart in other ways. It can automatically pause the process when you unplug your device and then pick up where it left off the next time you charge. It also automatically detects duplication so your storage won’t fill up with more than one copy of a file. Free yourself from the insecurities of backup service and always have your data within reach with the smart, secure, and fast-charging MemKeeper, only $109 for 1TB of encrypted storage ($39 for 256GB, $69 for 512GB).

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $68 (43% off). Hurry, only 9/90 left!

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This STEM toy cipher takes inspiration from one of the world’s oldest cryptography devices

I’ll admit, that we as a species do take encryption for granted. In the digital age, every aspect of our online activity is expected to be encrypted, so much so that we don’t quite understand how it even works. Whether it’s sending an emoji from one phone to another, or making a purchase on the blockchain – encryption protects us, our data, and our belongings… and even though it’s become incredibly nuanced and complicated in today’s day and age, its basic principle remains the same – hiding information so that only specific people can see it.

The earliest instances of encryption date back millennia, to the times of Caesar, who would often send coded messages that required a key to be decrypted. The technique further evolved into actual physical products like the Crpytex or the Jefferson Disc – a cylindrical cipher machine invented by none other than Thomas Jefferson in 1795. The GeheimMachine Cipher Toy bases itself on that device, with a DIY laser-cut design that actually allows you to build the cipher toy from scratch, thereby understanding the fundamentals of encryption!

Designer: GeheimMachine

Designed to be simple, both to build and to understand, the GeheimMachine Cipher Toy comes with 5 discs with two columns of characters each. Jefferson’s original cipher had as many as 36 discs, to make it even harder to crack. The GeheimMachine Cypher Toy, on the other hand, uses just 5 discs that you put together yourself, allowing you to understand how the device physically works. The entire cipher toy is made from wood and ships with instructions that are about as easy to put together as a LEGO build. Once you’re ready, you can send encrypted messages by setting codes that people have to figure out. Once the code is cracked, the letters on the GeheimMachine read out the encrypted message!

Although it’s a purely analog device, the GeheimMachine is a brilliant STEM toy that helps kids understand the basic tenets of encryption, decryption, and coded messages. Perfect as a toy (for both kids or adults), the GeheimMachine is a great way to brush up your critical thinking skills, and also makes for a uniquely fun messaging tool, whether you’re sharing passwords with your friends, or even as a part of an escape room!

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