Fallout Shelter Puts You in Charge of a Vault from ‘Fallout’

Everyone knows the vault from the Fallout games. It’s usually where you begin in the game. Well, now you can get to know the vault much better. Fallout Shelter is a new mobile game by Bethesda Softworks that puts you in charge of one of the vaults.

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It is up to you to build your vault and then make sure your vault-dwellers are happy, protected and healthy. Hey, these people have to one day repopulate the Earth. It is basically a Sims type game set in the Fallout world, which should seem weird, but I am actually intrigued by this idea. While it’s nothing like playing Fallout, fans of the game will probably still love it.

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Fallout Shelter is available right now for iOS devices.

[via Laughing Squid]

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